Lucky Number Eleven

by Pariahsolo

Copyright© 2011 by Pariahsolo

Fantasy Sex Story: C-Man thought his life was the pits. Short, sickly, ugly and from the wrong side of the tracks. So he is utterly shocked when his name was added to the list of possible mates for the Nymphs. Twenty guys on the list for ten Nymphs. He was Lucky Number Eleven.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Magic   .

The Nymph paused, looking back at the metal conveyance that retained only three of her kin, unsure if she could continue. Her sister Fain had brought her to this abode for her to mate with the young mortal male inside but she felt so much inside; Pain, sickness, poisons and love. Ignoring the questioning look of her sisters, she turned back to the abode. Yes, love. There was an abundance of love coming from the abode and most of it was from her proposed Bondmate. She chirped as a smile invaded her features. For all of his pain and sickness they paled in the light of his love. Yes, she would accept this 'C-Man' as her Bondmate.

The abode was different from the previous ones her other sisters had been dropped off in front of. Smaller and more log shaped, not rounded but with a flat dull roof. The skin was faded and her keen eyes spied many creaks and crevices. The ground surrounding the abode was almost lifeless, dominated by dirt and crushed rock. Another metal conveyance was parked under a roof overhang with a smoky tar lined container resting on the other side of the conveyance. A Pit for the mortals to burn their food. More ground and rock spread out to the side of the abode leading to a bigger abode, this one made of poor wood. She heard raucous and blubbering blowhards from that abode but her Bondmate was not there so she ignored the mortals within.

Approaching the opening that held her mate, the Nymph paused long enough to confirm what her other senses had told her. Inside, covered in his bedding was her Bondmate, C-Man, breathing roughly but repetitively. After sliding through the opening she watched him sleep, his dreams troubled. The sickness and pain that had initially flooded her senses when she first spied his abode were present in his dreams. Nodding her head sagely, her mortal was not dreaming the dreams of his fellow young males. No motherly bosoms, no flanks of skin, no demur girls or ruby lips. Pain and sickness suffused his dreams.

This posed a problem for the Nymph. To be his Bondmate, the Nymph had to be the 'girl' of his dreams. Yet this male dreamed of no girl he wanted. There were girls in his dreams but they all represented pain and sickness the Nymph was sure. This was not the first time for the Nymph to Bond so she let the female images present cascade over her. There were full bodied females both with and without exaggerated motherly bosoms, there were lean females, almost gaunt and these too had a wide variety of motherly bosoms, some not from Nature.

The Nymph was shocked to see so many of the breasts disfigured, either with ink, metal or fossilized tar. 'Why would the females do such a thing to their bodies?' The Nymph couldn't help but ask herself. Quickly the Nymph jumped to a conclusion, 'The disfigurement is ... connected with the pain and sickness.'

'That was an easy answer, ' the Nymph concluded. 'He dreams of not a particular female but one that won't cause him pain and sickness. It doesn't matter which form I take so long as it is not disfigured and I give him love and not pain.' This thought pleased the Nymph more than any thought had pleased her in the last millennium.

Like a wisp of air, C-Man's bed linen was pulled from him displaying most of his nude body, a body that did not compare adequately with other mortals that the Nymph had experienced. But his shape meant nothing to her because she knew of the great love in his heart. Sliding down his body she sniffed. She couldn't help grimacing. The sickness was almost overwhelming this close if not for the smell of his Essence. Tainted it may have been, to her it was still life giving.

The mortal mumbled and rotated his hips in his sleep to accommodate the Nymph's removal of his briefs. His penis was matched the size of his body: small and thin. His size mattered not to the Nymph, big or small, thick or thin they all provided the same pleasure to the Nymph.

Thinking of previous Bondmates an image flooded the Nymph's thoughts. 'Albront was a beast of a man, larger than fair, who preferred me in my Natural state.' The Nymph's natural state barely reached four feet tall and reed thin while overflowing with grace and life. 'He was large, too large, yet I gladly took him to receive his Essence. No matter what pain he caused me, ripping me through, it was all worth it, each and every time for his Essence.'

The Nymph chirped another smile; she would not have to suffer to receive C-Man's Essence. His Essence that her life depended on. Nuzzling without touching, her nostrils flared as she sucked in his musk. With her face in his crotch his sickness had no chance and was battered back, overridden by his Essence. 'Yes, soo good!'

Snorting without noise, she sniffed again before nudging his penis with her nose; it throbbed only slightly until she exhaled then it not only throbbed but filled. Chirping again she swooped down and engulfed the whole extension into her greedy mouth. She didn't bite or slobber but sucked and pulsed her mouth. C-Man's response was almost immediate, his hips jerked up and down while groans escaped his sleeping lips. As the Nymph drank the Nectar of the Gods, her own naked nether lips quickened and pulsated as pleasure echoed through her body and soul. When both had calmed, she made sure she cleaned him thoroughly with her mouth before lying down next to him.

She chirped pleasantly when she felt an arm reach over to protect her. The Link was there and the Bonding complete. 'No, not complete, in the morn when my change is done then the Link will be complete.' Closing her eyes, the Nymph did not enter Dreamtime but luxuriated in her mortal's grasp as her body slowly filled out.

C-Man moaned as his alarm went off. Feeling an unusual weight on his chest, he looked down to find a sun-kissed arm lying across his chest, almost holding him in place. The head that belonged to the arm was buried in the nook of his left shoulder.

After yawning, C-Man thought to himself, 'Great, one of Cassie's slut girl friends decided to crash in here last night. Fuck! I have got to get a lock that works on that door. Hey, wait, when did Cassie go out? When I came to bed she was crashed out big time on the couch from over doing it at Hilloran's party the night before. Did we? Fuck, I think we did. I don't remember waking up but I definitely remember a ... what? Sex? No, just know something happened and my dick feels different. Damn! Hope this one didn't give me the Clap like Cassie's last friend did.'

Lifting the arm, C-Man slid to the edge of the bed and sat up. Looking back at the half-buried face in his bed he thought further, 'When did Cassie start hanging out with a girl with spiked red hair? Hmmm, no tats, that means she is a newbie, fresh blood or a stray that Cassie picked up somewhere I guess.'

Rubbing his eyes, C-Man stood, yawning again while stretching. This yawn was loud and he chuckled when he thought about his small frame producing such a loud warbling sound. He then looked down. 'Shit no pants. Yep cheese cake decided she wanted some of the C-Man. Silly git.'

Then he heard the voice, he had never heard angels speak but after hearing that voice he suddenly had an idea of what they must sound like. "C-Man, come back to bed please."

Slowly he turned and couldn't help but stare. The beauty in front of him was propped on one elbow with his sheet covering her from the hips down. He saw no tattoos, no piercings and no silicone. Pure, unadulterated female. He pegged her age as maybe a year or three older than him. Her skin was perfection, lightly tanned all around and her breasts looked perfectly average with only slight sag as she was leaning forward reaching for him.

"But I just got up and I need to get a shower" he groused.

"Come back to bed, please?"

"Damn woman, with eyes like that I bet you don't lose many fights." Her only response was to continue to bat her bright emerald eyes back at C-Man. Exasperated, he continued, "Fine but I need to be out of the shower when Mickey wakes up."

He was surprised to see how quickly and thoroughly she molded herself against his slight frame. In truth, he enjoyed himself immensely just holding her, it felt 'right'. But eventually he had to break the spell.

"Uhmm, I don't think we have met before..."

The female only murmured while rubbing her smooth face against his acne ridden one while her leg started to move up and down his legs. She showed her flexibility by lightly grinding his pelvis with her knee on each up stroke.

'Woah, this chickie pooh is trying to get my engine started.' "Uhmm, do you think it is rude if I ask you what your name is? If you told me last night, I am sorry but I don't remember."

Pulling her head back to look at him, she smiled, "I am Pxl'Fair."

'Pixle Fair?!?' "Uhmm, okay Pixie, you certainly have the eyes and ears to go with that description."

That caused her to giggle. "Yes, it is an unusual name but then so is C-Man."

Shrugging with a sloppy grin, "Yeah, that's me. So, uhmm, how long have you known Cassie?"

"Who is Cassie?"

"Cassie is my ... wait; you don't know who my sister is?"

Shaking her head, "No."

"Then how the hell did you get in here?"



Nodding her red spiked head, "Yes Roy and Syl'Fair."

"Wait, who is Roy and who is Silfair?"

Giggling, "Syl'Fair is my Sister, Roy her Bondmate."

Sitting up, "That doesn't tell me anything. I only know one Roy, I go to school with him, he runs track."

Nodding her head aggressively, "Yes, that is him. He brought me here and told me to come in your window."

"WHAT?!? Why?"

Leaning close to kiss his nose, "So we could Bond!"

C-Man paused to make sure he had understood the sweet looking pixie in his bed. "So, did we Bond?" The female smiled ear to ear, showing off her sweet dimples. ""Did you ask me? I don't remember you asking me?"

"I asked your body and your body gladly said yes."

Snorting, "Shit, that doesn't mean anything. I am a teenaged male; a stiff wind gives me a woody. You sure you didn't rape me?"

The girl jerked, like she was insulted and was going to return volley before she meekly looked down. "You are right I did not ask your permission. I took you and I am sorry for that slight." C-Man 'harrumphed' but she cut him short, "Never, not in a all the Moons I have experienced has any mortal male turned me down, indeed all agree that it is the highest honor to Bond with me."

"Yeah, well, I am not most guys. I have enough trouble with Cassie and her friends hopping in my bed, so forgive me if I am just a little bit choosier than your average Joe Slob."

Pxl'Fair nodded then jerked her head up, eyes wide, hand reaching to touch his chest, "You don't feel me?"

"Feel you babe? Of course I feel you. Your skin touching mine is almost electric."

Now she was almost crying, "The ... the Bond?"

C-Man was oblivious, "The Bond? Nope, don't know anything about that. You said we did it last night. Or at least you did it to me. What exactly did you do to me?"

"I feasted on your Essence, your Nectar of the Gods."

Nodding his head, he pulled away from his bed guest, "Time to hit the shower. Need to be up before Mickey."

Pxl'Fair could only sit in shock, questioning their Bond, questioning her whole existence, 'I feel it. I feel the Bond; it is strong, but definitely there.'

C-Man interrupted her musing when he came back in the small bedroom wearing just a towel around his mid section. His dirty blonde hair was dark with water, matted to his skull and neck.

"You are still here sweet cheeks. I thought you would have jetted by now."

Startled, "Where would you have me go?"

Shrugging while he dried his hair, his small penis flopping as his arms jerked, "Uhmm, I don't know, maybe home? Or are you a stray?"

"I don't understand you. I am home. You are my Bondmate; I am to be with you!"

That caused C-Man to stop, "Wait, wait, wait. I think we are not communicating clearly enough. The way you sound when you say 'Bond' implies marriage. To me, it means sex. We hooked up."

"We are more than married! We are Bondmates!"

The vitriol coming from his mouth slammed into Pxl'Fair, "Bullshit. We did not get married last night. You hoovered me, that is all. There was no ceremony; I wasn't even awake for it. Slut-bag, face it, I am just a teenager. I am too young to be getting married. I still go to high school for Christ's Sake. Hell, look at me. I am no bigger than you." Looking downward, "My Johnson, hah that is a crock of shit, that Johnson, as Cassie likes to say, is a fucking peanut. I have asthma; I am a shrimp with really bad acne and NO FUCKING CHIN!"

She matched his fury with her massive emerald eyes, reflecting bright in the morning sun from C-Mans window, pooling liquid building, "You are my Bondmate. I chose you, you agreed to have me. You will provide me with the Nectar of the Gods and I will do everything for you!"

C-Man stood there, his heart pounding, chest blaring, slightly wondering why he wasn't in the middle of a coughing fit while realizing he was losing to this red headed, gorgeously normal looking pixie in his bed. Crying quickly followed by his mother yelling for him jerked his attention to his door. "Shit, Mickey's up and Cricket is bitching already." Pulling a pair of cut offs on, "I told you I had to be up before Mickey woke up."

Pxl'Fair was eventually able to pluck up her courage to join her Bondmate in the main room of his abode. From the short hallway she emerged, seeing two resting areas covered in dead animal skin, which made her grimace at their vulgarity.

"Who the fuck are you? And where the fuck is your clothes?" Underneath a sheet of animal hair lay the chestnut haired female, from her Bond she knew this female was C-Man's sister, Cassie. On the other side of her was a table and chairs holding up C-Man and two other females. The older one again she knew was C-Man's mother, Cricket.

It was the second female that took all of C-Man's attention and the majority of the love in the domicile. Mickey.

It was obvious to Pxl'Fair just how much C-Man loved Mickey, just as it was equally obvious to her that Mickey was of extremely ill health.

Cricket looked up at Pxl'Fair with envy, "When did you get a main squeeze?"

C-Man looked up from taking a bite of his cereal, chewed for a second then holding his hand in front of his face, "How do you know she is mine?"

"From the way she looks at you. You being a shit for brains male don't have a fucking clue. Moron. Yeah that bitch is yours." Pxl'Fair was perplexed when Cricket suddenly untied her thin robe and pushed up her stretched and self-scarred breast. "Ha, she may be young and tight but her tits can't hold a candle to me!"

C-Man ignored his mother but Mickey did not, standing in her chair proclaiming, "Nekkid!" as she took off her pajama top. Her three year old bosom was non-existent.

C-Man tried to stop the wave, "Mickey, it is not naked time, naked time is bath time and you had your bath last night. Put your pajamas back on and finish your breakfast."

"No." But after she slipped out of her bottoms she sat back down to eat some more.

"Bitch, I asked you a question. Who the fuck are you?" Pxl'Fair looked from Cassie to C-Man and back.

"I am your brother's Bondmate."

"Him? What the fuck do you want his ugly peanut dick for?"

Pxl'Fair responded plainly, "His Essence, we are Bonded."

Cassie scoffed, "You asking me sweet cheeks, you could have done a hell of a lot better. Hell, I think I am going to take you from my limp dick brother. How does that take ya'?" Throwing back the covering, Pxl'Fair saw Cassie dressed in simple bed clothes stretched tight over her chest and crotch, before she too joined Pxl'Fair and Mickey in their nudity.

Walking over to Pxl'Fair she rubbed her more than generous mounds against Pxl'Fair's shoulder and chest. "Like that slut? Gonna be my bitch?"

Pxl'Fair couldn't help but shiver, the energy and lust she felt from the mortal female was enticing. Reaching up she lightly caressed Cassie's cheek, "As delectable as you are, compared to the feeding your brother gives me, you would be but a morsel in my mouth."

After a pregnant pause, Cassie screeched, "You would chose peanut dick over me? Are you off your rocker? I have tasted limp dick there and he is nothing to write home about."

"To you, yes. To me he is the Nectar of the Gods."

Cassie glinted, "Fine chickie pooh," grabbing Pxl'Fair's crotch, rubbing up and down on her red orange downy curls, "but you do bat for the other side don't cha'?"

Smiling while running a finger lightly up Cassie's flank to her left shoulder, which left the poor mortal girl quivering in minor ecstasy, "Of course I will be willing to lay with you but only after C-Man has fed me and I have satisfied all of his needs."

When Cassie got her wits back, while still leaning up against their visitor, "You hear that Percy, slut bags here says ya' have to share!"

Pxl'Fair perked up, "Percy? Do you go by another name other than 'C-Man'?"

After both adult females stopped laughing Cricket asked, "You mean to say you are Bonded with my boy and you don't know his name?"

"No mother of Bondmate, I was just told his name was C-Man."

"Cricket, not now!" C-Man tried to take control of the situation fearing where it was going when Cassie took it there.

"Ha, peanut-dick's name is Carmen Percival Rankin. When I am feeling generous, I call him Percy. Mom calls him a waste of an abortion attempt. Dad's biker buddies call him Ranky Stanky; actually that is what he was called in grade school too. He was also called Girlie-man and Semen because of the Carmen."

Pxl'Fair looked at C-Man with her eyes wide, "I like the sound of Carmen, it is very sweet sounding. Much better than C-Man."

C-Man nodded his head before shrugging his shoulders, "Tough, I have been C-Man for almost three years now. It is who I am." Picking up Mickey he set her down next to the table and swatted her lightly on her rear, "Let's go squirt. Time to get you dressed and outside so you can enjoy the weather."

Pxl'Fair was surprised when that is exactly what happened. Mickey tried to resist but finally acquiesced to panties and shorts, going top less like the man who loved and adored her. Outside they went to the other side of the abode where there was grass, a rubber circle hanging from a tree for Mickey to swing on and a few toys for Mickey to play with Carmen.

Time passed as Pxl'Fair watched them play, on the more rough housing style of play Mickey deemed to include Pxl'Fair which made her heart flutter. While Mickey was playing by herself with figurines craved out of dead wood, 'that poor tree', Pxl'Fair engaged Carmen to find out more about him and his land since so much had changed since the last time she was awake.

"Carmen, I am confused, I am a Wood Nymph and have no use for coverings but each time I awoke from Dreamtime mortals insisted on more and more coverings. I have watched you and your family and those mortals in yonder open abode and other than covering of the middle, none of you seem overly distressed for more coverings. Is this normal?"

C-Man grunted while he tried to parse what she was asking. "We don't wear a lot of clothes around here, is that what you are asking?" After she nodded, "Well, we are on the outskirts of town and honestly, we are on the bad side of town so everyone pretty much leaves us alone. Lot of us are poor, have a hard time keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter. So we just make do. It is summer time, so we wear a little as possible. Plus everyone around here is bikers and the guys think it is manly to show off their hairy flabby chests and the girls follow suit. Makes everyone happy I guess."

"Do I need to cover up then?"

"Around here? Not sure. If you go into town? Oh hell yeah! Sheriff is a prick and if he sees you naked you will definitely get hounded up. Of course a lot of the willy-nillys will be screaming for him to do it too."

Nodding her understanding, "I have no coverings."

"That is okay, Cassie is a bitch but she will let you borrow something."

"I am confused about something. Mickey."

Carmen couldn't help but glare at her, "What about Mickey?"

"She calls Cricket 'mom' but I feel a stronger pull from Cassie, only she..."

"Oh. Yeah, that. Cassie is actually Mickey's mom but pretty much refuses to have anything to do with her so Cricket keeps telling Mickey to call her 'mom'."

"But you are not?"

"No, I am not Mickey's dad. Or if I am then Cassie did a better rape job than you did on me because I didn't have a clue where babies came from until Mickey was born. I helped with her birth. Cassie was in denial about being pregnant and the whole water bursting. Cricket was passed out drunk as usual; no wait she was being gang banged in the garage and couldn't be bothered. So I delivered her, well helped Cassie get through it. I thought Cassie was going to treat me better afterwards but other than bugging me in the middle of the night a few times she has maintained being a bitch to me."

"And after Mickey was born?"

"Cricket helps a little but she is more of a hindrance. Teaching a three year old to do the signs while saying, 'Peace, Love, War, Fuck Off Pig' to the Sheriff is not funny. No, Cricket keeps up the gang, so long as they provide her with the beer and a few bones for the rent she lets them hang out all they want and her legs are open twenty-four/seven, even if she is passed out."

Pxl'Fair followed Carmen as he looked over at the open abode and saw his mother being tag teamed while lying across a smaller two wheel conveyance. That was the third such grouping since the three of them had been outside. Cassie had made an appearance, twice she was on her knees swallowing the Essence of two men. "You are not happy here. You miss your father."

Carmen grunted. "Yeah, fucker left. Just up and left. Told us before-hand. Mickey had just been born. She wasn't a happy baby, no matter what I did for her. Came home from work one day and said the road was calling and he could no longer resist its siren call. Ate dinner with us, I think I made spaghetti and meatballs that night, and loaded up his Harley and left. Cricket didn't care; he slept more with Cassie than he did with her. Cassie cried and cried. Didn't stop her from being a bitch to me and especially Mickey. Haven't heard hide or tail of him since. Could be dead, could be in jail, could be still fornicating the road. Fucker."

Pxl'Fair cried because his pain was her pain, molding her body to his only helped so much.

"You are not happy." Again a statement.

"No. Look at me. I am ugly, I know I am. I am really small for my age and I probably won't get any bigger. When the old man was here he paid for me to get these steroid shots, had to shoot myself up every night. Man I hate needles. But when he left, so did the money for the steroids; the Doc said that I had one chance with the shots and if I didn't take them until I turned eighteen the growth wouldn't last. I am stuck at five fucking two and no chin, and an over sized nose just to add spite to the mix. Then there is the damn acne, I wash my face three times a day and shit just does not clear up. You have seen and worshipped my nuts, peanut size is about right."

Mickey decided at that time she wanted a hug and after rushing over to them, unceremoniously pushed Pxl'Fair off of her 'Bubby' to give him her best hug. Carmen hugged her fully, smothering her hair in kisses, "Thank you Mickey girl! It is good to know someone loves me."

Pxl'Fair sighed, "Carmen, we are sharing something momentous, something mortals have killed for."

Scoffing, "What, love? I don't love you, I hardly fucking know you!"

"Bond." Pxl'Fair voice teemed with resolution, "Bond. We are Bonded. You are my Bondmate! You have more than most men would dream of."

C-Man could only shrug, "Until you move on. Leaving me in the dust."

"Yes, you are right; I am Bonded to you until you die. You are mortal and I am not."

"That's right, I, the keeper of the Nectar," his voice dripping in sarcasm. "All I am to you is a dick you get to suck until it peters on you. Please forgive me if I don't jump at your gifts. Hell, I have been getting hummers for the last three years and sure maybe yours are mind blowing but at the end of the day it is still just a blow job and nothing to base a relationship on."

Understanding dawned on Pxl'Fair's fine face, "You don't understand. I am Wood Nymph. I am Immortal. I am one of the Fey!"

"Pixie, I don't care if you are a nymphomaniac, I want more than just physical sex out of my relationships."

Pxl'Fair could only stare with her mouth gaping open; after a bit Mickey dragged Carmen to the swing where she screamed her pleasure.

Pxl'Fair communed with the trees and wind and Mother Earth trying to understand her Bondmate. Summons to her sisters were unanswered, possibly because she was too far away from them. She could sense them and for the most part that all was well with them, they just couldn't hear her. One, no, three of them were moving in her direction and she smiled.

Mickey's caterwauling interrupted her thoughts as Carmen finished the swing by grabbing his sister's daughter and spinning her round and round and round in his arms until both of them grew dizzy and crashed on the grass next to her. When both of them ceased their giggles she leaned forward and kissed her Bondmate on his temple, her plan quickly materialized.

Mickey ran to the open garage followed by the young couple, her arms melded into his right one.

C-Man wasn't sure how this was going to go down. Most of the bikers, Angus and Blue and Geronimo especially, were cool but there was always a bad seed or three lying about. The biker sluts could be the worst. C-Man rubbed a finger over the knife scar on his right rib cage remembering just how bad they could be.

The biggest man present looked up from the slut nibbling on his left nipple ring to greet the three, "Hoi Big Man, how's it hanging?"

C-Man returned, "Hoi Ger. Angus. Blue." He ignored the slut Sally when she wouldn't look up from Geronimo's hairy chest.

"What can we do for ya' Big Man?" 'Big Man' was Geronimo's pet name for C-Man, sometimes he hated and sometimes he felt immense pride in hearing it.

"Got a question, if, you have the time."

"For you Big Man, anytime."

"Thanks Ger. My Rice Rocket is still puttering. I think it is the carburetor but I have checked it twice and can't see anything."

"Yeah Big Man, I heard it put-puttin' so I took a look. Not your 'buretor but close."

"Well, all my Old Man taught me was carburetors and if it is not that then I am stumped."

Nodding sagely Geronimo quizzed, "And did you try looking elsewhere?"

"Yeah man but it is my only ride, Rice Rocket it may be, and I don't want to fuck it up, so I wimped out on any exploratory surgery."

"I can understand that, my Big Man. So I will tell you what the issue is. It is not the 'buretor but the valve that feeds the 'buretor."

"Ahh, cool. Mind if I ask a flavor?"

Geronimo bent down and nibbled on Sally's ear, "Depends."

Pointing to his Bondmate, "I have to take a walk in the woods and then I have work but I will be home around midnight. If you are here, ya' mind hanging 'round me while I go spelunking for the valve. Make sure I don't fuck it up too bad?"

A loud bass laugh echoed through the open garage, "Sure Big Man. I got no plans tonight."

"Cool. Thanks." C-Man couldn't help but show his relief. Geronimo lived by his word. If he gave his word it was Law.

"But I have a question for you Big Man."

C-Man wasn't surprised, "Shoot."

Nodding towards Pxl'Fair, "What is with the naked slut?"

"Well, she claims she's mine."

"Really? No one has seen her before. Are you solo?"

C-Man paused, looking closely at Pixie, who only had eyes for him, "I don't have a solid answer on that one Ger. I ... I don't think she is but you never know, know what I mean?"

"I am following ya'."

Letting out a bit of exasperation, "Only thing I can ask is that no one goes huntin'. If it happens, it happens and all is good. But ... ya' know?"

Geronimo smiled a big smile, "Yeah, I know. Don't be such a stranger any more. Okay, Big Man?"

"Roger that." Turning to Pixie, "Let's go inside so I can get dressed, Mickey too and then we will go to your Sacred Grove."

Mickey made no fuss about getting dressed and they were soon on their way. As C-Man expected, Mickey ran around them but less than a thousand feet from their mobile home she ran out of go-go juice and was clamoring to be carried. He made her walk another fifty feet in the woods before he threw a squealing Mickey on to his shoulders.

When Pixie had asked him to walk to her 'Sacred Grove' C-Man couldn't say no to her and after conferring just where the 'Grove' was, C-Man was confident that the neck of the woods around his mobile home reached into the heavier woods where Pixie indicated. As such he told her that she could go 'au natural' but he took a cover for her just in case. He was dressed in a longer pair of cut off jean shorts, his second-hand high tops, one of his many Harley t-shirts and his 'TOOL' over-sized belt buckle.

C-Man barely made it over five thousand feet before a coughing fit made him stop. Pixie's melodies promptly stopped as she watched him drop to his knees while violent convulsions wracked his entire body.

When he garnered his senses back, he saw Pixie staring at him with incredible tenderness while a large tear slid down her smooth face. "I must fix you. I must do it now."

Her actions confused C-Man until he realized that she was trying to unbuckle his shorts but was temporarily stumped by his TOOL buckle. "NO! We can't do that here!"

Pixie gave him a wide smile, "Yes we can and yes we will. There are no other mortals around."

Unbelieving her gullibility, "Not 'mortals', Mickey!" Nodding to the little girl who was leaning against the most important person in her young life.

Pixie grumbled under her breath before looking around the woods that surrounded them. Suddenly her eyes lit up and she released a shrill whistle that had her two companions grabbing their ears. With a smirk on her face she bounced awaiting her summons while her hands idled over his over-sized belt buckle.

When the woodland creature stepped from behind a tree scant feet away, C-Man wanted to jump and scream like a little girl. Instead the little girl at his feet jumped up and rushed the animal screaming, "Doggie!"

C-Man found himself being held back and was sure that 'doggie' was going to eat his precious Mickey. Pixie moved to his lap and gripped his face in both of her petite hands, "Trust me."

Her eyes swallowed him whole and his fear that the wild badger was going to tear into Mickey evaporated. He did trust his Bondmate. Beyond her spiky red hair he vaguely made out Mickey squealing in pleasure as she rode the very timid badger through the trees and brush.

"Trust me. Now let me heal you."

"Heal me? I thought you wanted to break your fast?"

Smiling, "One and the same. Trust me." Eventually she was able to undo the restraint and she was free to swoop down on her repast. His penis lit up when her mouth enveloped him and he was embarrassed that seconds later he was ready to blow, 'Damn she is good, better than anyone else I have been with and that is saying something because Cassie and the rest of her biker sluts pride themselves on their hoovering.'

Instead C-Man groaned when the pixie between his legs didn't let up and yet somehow was not letting him arrive either. On and on it went and periodically in the distance he heard his niece's sweet laughter. Before he thought he would go mad from pleasure his body revolted and he again started convulsing. Just as he was ready to scream sweet agony, relief came and his senses were overloaded, throwing his head back into the moss he was laying on before blackness overtook him; sweet, sickly sweet blackness.

When he woke, Pixie was there, looking down on him, smiling her wide smile. Before he could talk, another bout of coughing erupted. But this one was different so he scrambled to his knees and coughed, coughed and then coughed more until he was expelling something gross. Black and wet darkness exploded from his lungs and mouth, tainting the ground. On and on it went with C-Man fearing he would pass out before he could get a new breath.

Collapsing to the side he could barely moan. His body hurt, his head hurt, his throat was raw. Spitting he tried to expel the nasty taste that remained. Small hands pulled him up, "Breathe, my Bondmate; breathe deep."

C-Man started to take a breath and clamped down halfway through. Staring at his pixie in disbelief, she encouraged him more, "Exhale and breathe deep again." And he could. For the first time in years, he could take a full breath and breathe deep.

Smiling his revelation Pixie latched on to his lips and sucked. Resisting his attempts to dislodge her, her sucking went from frantic to smoldering as her tongue took part and he gave up all resistance and kissed her back. When they separated, he bit his lower lip while the pixie giggled, "Sweet and clean after the rain." Running his tongue over his teeth he tasted nothing foul and hesitantly leaned forward to sniff the delightful creature in his lap. She too smelled 'sweet and clean after the rain'. 'Unbelievable' was his only thought.

A child's glee drew their attention as a mounted striped badger landed next to them, "Nekked." Looking down, C-Man could only grimace to see that he was indeed naked. When he looked up he was smacked in the face. Grabbing the assaulting item he wasn't surprised that it was Mickey's top; followed shortly by her shoes and bottoms. "Nekked."

"Mickey now is not the time to go naked. You can do that when we get home."

The girl's response was, "Doggie" which she was leaning down and hugging tightly, the animal had no care in the world. The mirth coming from the little red head staved off his counter argument, one that he felt confident he would have lost anyway. "So she is safe on that badger?"


"Pet of yours?" He had known people to keep wackier animals.

"No, friend."

"Ahhh, you are one of those."

"One of what?"

"One of those that think animals are people too."

This confused the emerald eyed one briefly, "No, he is an animal but he is also a friend. I have lots of animal friends."

"But not lots of human friends?"

"No." Touching chest C-man felt her on multiple levels, "I only need one. You." He did not resist the kiss that followed. When they heard giggling behind them, she was the one who broke the kiss. "We need to be off if we are going to meet my Sisters."

Pxl'Fair hoped that Syl'Fair would have the answers to her questions because her Bondmate vexed her. He could feel her through their Bond, of that she was certain but he refused to admit that she was more than a special girl. Numerous times she reminded him that she was a Nymph and his steady response was, "Okay Pixie". She cured him of his asthma, soiling Mother Nature in the process and he attributed it to the 'fresh air'.


They were close to the Sacred Grove, and once they were there they were going to meet up with Syl'Fair who was the Senior Sister this go round, two more sisters and their Bondmate, Roy. Hopefully between the four of them they would be able to convince her Bondmate where her oral skills had been lacking.

Mickey continued to ride her 'Doggie' giggling more often than not. She took at quick nap while draped over the accommodating badger. When Carmen tried to retrieve his sleeping charge, he was surprised by the vicious growls that stayed Carmen's hand.

"Pixie, can't you call me C-Man like everyone else?"

"No, Carmen is your given name and it is a wonderful name. Sweet like you."

"Bullshit girl, I am anything but sweet."

Since both were naked, their clothes were wrapped tight by his belt which he used as a handle to carry; she had no issue in fondling his family jewels. "Yes, you are very sweet, one of the sweetest I have every been with."

"Well then you need to get out more."

Disappointed, "Bondmate, I have had hundreds before you."

Nonplussed, "So you like to suck dick. It isn't like I would ever hold that against you. Besides, you are damn good at it. One would hope that you have acquired some experience from all of your past playmates."

Feyfolk are not used to frustration and this youngster was definitely taking her to new horizons. Grimacing, not sure what to say next, she spied movement in the distance then screamed her song of Sisterhood. In the distance three similarly naked females joined the rush towards each other.

The badger and his passenger cared not and ran to a stream to drink.

Pxl'Fair's Bondmate walked past the singing females and when the distance was close enough, heralded the only other human male.

"You I know. Hello Roy." When they got in handshaking range Roy offered his in greeting only to be met by Carmen's diminutive fist on his cheek. All four Faun turned to look at their Bondmates.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing dropping off teenage girls on stranger's front steps? Do you think you are now child services?"

Roy towered over Carmen and his larger, much bulkier frame had easily shrugged off Carmen's pitiful attack. His confusion quickly matched Pxl'Fair's, "You don't sound enthusiastic like you should. I delivered to you a magically sweet Nymph! Why can't you embrace just what a gift that was?"

"Gift? Gift? She is a TEENAGE girl not some toy or reward; I don't care how good she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose! A GIRL!"

A strange hand touched Carmen's shoulder and he turned to face it, "No, a Nymph, not a girl. Not a mortal. A Faun. An Immortal."

Carmen knew right away this was Syl'Fair in front of him and he was suitably impressed, but not swayed, "Bullshit." Behind Syl'Fair, Pxl'Fair was crying while being consoled by her twin Sisters.

"Carmen, we are in the Sacred Grove. A magical place that is our home during Dreamtime, a home to other Fey and Faun. Satyrs and Centaurs. Will-O-Wisps and Pixies. Faeries and Faerie Dust."

Non-believing, "I don't see anything special about this place."

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