Kathy Does Bob -- in His Marital Bed
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2011 by Tom Land

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kathy and Larry periodically met with Lisa and her husband, Bob. The two women would get serially black-fucked in an attempt to get a black baby in their belly. This night the two couples meet, but Bob preempts their room choice and takes Kathy to his bed for the night -- and for some bedtime gymnastics.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  

Kathy and her husband, Larry, had arrived at the home of Bob and his very sexy now-pregnant wife, Lisa, to join them for the next in a series of interracial black-fuck experiences. Kathy and Larry had first become aware of Bob and Lisa and their attempts to get Lisa knocked up with a black baby from the Internet and then made first contact when Lisa was going to have her next multi-partner black impregnation fuck. Lisa had been multi-fucked several times by groups of sexy black studs, but hadn't gotten pregnant.

Kathy had even been brought into their first black multi-fuck afternoon when she and Larry joined Bob and Lisa – to just be there in the room to observe and see how the "blacking session" played out. Kathy and Larry had actually bought DVDs of Lisa being fucked in an effort to get her knocked up with a black baby. That had led them to contact Bob and Lisa in an interest that Kathy and Larry had also shared of Kath being "blacked."

After several get-togethers where both Kathy and Lisa had been multi-fucked by the horny black "sperm donors" who had come to the location to fuck the two sexy wives, Lisa did become pregnant. She still wasn't quite starting to showa baby bump, but the pregnancy tests showed she had gotten knocked up by one of the black men who'd gang-fucked her. Kathy and Larry came to visit Bob and Lisa the day before their next scheduled black-fuck session and that night the two couples were going to stay at the home of Bob and Lisa.

Just as the two couples came to the end of their evening together dining out and having fun, it seemed they were ready to part for the night and go to their separate rooms. The four adults were standing just inside the front door of Lisa and Bob's home and Bob turned to Kathy and said, "I'd love to spend the night with you, Kathy." Kathy seemed a bit taken back by Bob's obvious intention of taking her to bed and fucking her. Lisa and Bob were, after all, swingers and this was what they did. Bob looked into Kathy's eyes, waiting for her response and she turned, looking at her husband Larry before she turned to Bob and said, "I'd love to."

Larry watched as Bob led his sexy wife, Kathy, down the hallway to one of the nearby bedrooms and they entered, closing the door behind them.

"Well, that's the last we'll see of those two until morning. I'm going to fuck you here in the spare bedroom," Lisa said as she reached over, taking Larry by the hand, leading him through the doorway of the nearby bedroom. Lisa walked to the large king-sized bed, quickly removed her clothes, and climbed underneath the sheets. Larry began removing his own clothes as he'd watched Bob's sexy newly-pregnant wife get naked in anticipation of fucking him.

Bob had taken Kathy to his bedroom and when they were inside the room, he closed the door firmly shut and then took her in his arms and began to seduce her. His lips were soon closed over hers and Kathy quickly let herself go under the hotness of Bob's sexual approach. Bob loved the eager lusty response from Kathy to his sexual approach and obvious intent to fuck her in his and Lisa's marital bed. He quickly had Kathy out of her clothes and then removed his own as he joined her in the bed.

Bob loved the sexy view of Kathy's large sexy breasts as she removed her lacy bra and then pulled her thong panties off, too, getting totally naked and ready to fuck him. He'd wanted to have a shot at Kathy alone since the two couples had first met, and now he intended to fuck Kathy to his heart's content.

"Mmmm, Kathy, you are extremely beautiful and hot," Bob said as he reached up, cupping both of Kathy's sexy large tits and began to caress and fondle them, making her nipples grow very hard and perky. Kathy didn't know if Bob wanted her to give him head before they fucked but before she could even move down and offer to suck his cock, Bob motioned for Kathy to lie back on the bed in front of him and spread her legs so he could quickly mount and fuck her. He immediately buried his face in her groin and started eating her pussy until Kathy began to orgasm and his sucking her cunt was rewarded with a load of her pussy cum spurting out. Then, Bob wiped his face with his hand and dipped his fingers in Kathy's smoothly shaved pussy and then wiped the ample wetness up and down over the head of his engorged hardon.

Bob's cockhead glistened with the lubricating juices from Kathy's pussy and he moved up on his knees between Kathy's spread thighs, guiding the full hard head of his cock straight up inside her waiting pussy. Bob was intent on fucking Kathy and he was also intent on having his way with her and shooting his own cumload deep inside her hot tight cunt. He knew the whole point of Kathy and her husband spending the night with them was to have her there to be blacked by as many willing black studs as they could, but for this night, Bob was intent on fucking the luscious blonde wife of this hot lusty couple and he didn't wait to mount and start fucking her.

Kathy moaned hotly as she felt Bob mount and penetrate her pussy with his large cock. She'd been fucked by lots of men who were well-endowed in the cock department over recent years, but Kathy and Lisa had both intentionally not had sex in the last few days to make them overly hot to be black-fucked. Her pussy was tight and she loved the feeling of having the large thick head of Bob's cock spreading her cunt lips as he thrust inside her pussy.

"Ohhh, yeah, Bob, fuck me, baby," Kathy moaned as she wondered at that moment what stage her own husband and Bob's wife, Lisa, were in with their own lusty mating for the night. Kathy wanted Bob to fuck her good, but she also got really turned on when she thought about her own husband, Bob, fucking another man's woman. She wanted Larry and Lisa to really enjoy a sexy fuck tonight, too, and she knew that with Lisa now carrying a black baby in her belly, she was even randier and hotter to fuck than before.

As soon as Bob mounted Kathy, he quickly slid his thick cock in and out of few strokes and quickly had his entire length sliding in and out of Kathy's tight wet cunt. She was moaning deeply as Bob was really fucking her good and then Bob intentionally ensured that as he bucked his cock deep inside Kathy's pussy, the headboard was hitting the wall rhythmically, letting Larry and Lisa know that he and Kathy were already hotly in the middle of their fuck together.

Kathy heard the headboard behind her making a regular noise too as Bob lost himself in fucking her and was bucking hotly in and out between her spread thighs. Kathy knew their room was close enough to the one where Lisa and Larry were going to spend the night that they could clearly hear that Bob was already mating with Kathy.

"Fuck me hard and fast, Bob," Kathy moaned as she reached up, grabbing both of his naked asscheeks and encouraged him to thrust in and out of her horny hot wet pussy as sexily as he could. Kathy loved to fuck and she knew tomorrow she'd been taking multiple black cocks and all the black babymaking cum they could spurt in her fertile pussy but for tonight, she and Bob were paired up and Kathy was going to let him fuck her brains out.

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