Did It Really Happen
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - did it really happen like I remember it

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Anal Sex   Pregnancy  

I woke in the shop wondering, "Did I really just speak with my dad?"

I knew that Dad could not have been on board the ship since we were off the coast of Beirut. My Dad was sick at home and the Navy would not have let him on board even if he was able to be there.

I had the feeling right then that something was wrong at home.

About two hours later I got called to the chief engineer's office where I was informed that my Dad had passed that morning. He asked if I wanted to go home for the funeral. Dumb question, right?

Well, it wasn't long before I was on a boat to a helo ship and from there to a carrier. The next morning I was on my way to Cypress and a flight to the states.

I got home the morning of the funeral and my sis met me at the airport.

She had been crying so hard that her eyes were red.

"Oh, Karl, I miss him so much."

I held her close and let her cry and talk for the longest time setting there in the parking lot.

After she quieted down I told her how Dad had come to me and how we had spoken for over four hours.

She asked what we had talked about and I told her, "Dad said I am to take good care of you since he would not be able to. And he also said that I am supposed to do for you what he has always done. What he meant by that I have no Idea."

Dot said "Don't worry about it. I'll explain later."

We went on to the house and met the rest of the family. Mom was a wreck and held me tight as she tried to get it out just how much she missed Dad.

I held her for quite some time and as I was holding her I could feel the way her body felt against me and since it had been nearly six months without a woman I was starting to respond in the same way any man would while holding a well-made woman.

I felt like a real heal getting a hard on over my Mom especially at a time like this.

We set around the rest of the evening and finally everyone left except me.

I was the only one without a place to go so I was going to stay with Mom while on leave.

I got up to go get ready for bed when Mom asked me to stay with her a while longer and would I hold her again. I moved over to her on the couch and put my arm around her and held her close.

Eventually she seemed to go to sleep on my shoulder as I had my arm over her arm and as I started to dose off my hand must have slipped down onto her breast where I cupped the breast that I had fed from 21 years ago. She did not move my hand and I could feel her nipple begin to harden so I slid my thumb back and forth across it.

Mom moaned softly and said, "You know we should not be doing this." But she did not stop me from continuing to caressing her breast and playing with her nipple.

After about fifteen or twenty minutes of this she said. "I think it is about time for bed." So I reluctantly moved my arm and hand from around the best feeling breast that I have ever had the pleasure of feeling and playing with.

As I got up and helped Mom to her feet she asked me to come with her to her bed room so I did just that.

Mom said, "Please stay with me tonight. I have to have someone to hold and feel next to me."

I told Mom, "I need to get something to sleep in since I normally sleep naked."

Mom said, "Don't bother on my account. You can sleep that way if you are more comfortable nude it is okay with me."

I decided to take her up on it and commenced to get undressed as did Mom. She peeled off her clothes and as she took off her bra the most beautiful breasts I ever remember having seen were out there for me to see. All I could do was set on the bed and stare at them. At thirty-nine years her breasts had very little sag and the nipples were so hard and pointy I felt stunned. I asked Mom, "What size are your breasts."

She said, "Why. Aren't they large enough?"

I said," Oh god Mom they are perfect."

"Well," she said. "In that case they are 38c."

I told her, "I am really impressed. I mean there is absolutely no sag and the nipples are so inviting that all I want to do right now is to suck on them until you tell to stop."

She then took off her panties and I could see why Dad never strayed from home.

I saw the most perfect pubis in the world. The bush was full and thick. It was dark with the most wonderfully shaped triangle you could ever want to see. My dick got so hard at that sight that it actually hurt.

Mom said, "Well let's get to bed." Lifting the blankets so she could get under them, she held them up to allow me to get in beside her.

I reached over and told her good night and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

She held me close and kissed me again and said, "Please love me tonight. I haven't had sex since your Dad got sick six years ago. I need it so bad."

I ran my hand up to her breast as I kissed her deep and with passion. I played with her nipple for a while then moved to her other one and started to lick and suck the first one as she began moaning softly saying, "Oh god that feels so good."

I moved my hand down to her stomach and moved it over her skin she reached down and took my hand moving it to her pubis saying, "Please."

I felt the place I had come from twenty-two years ago. Having felt it I just had to see it up close so I slid down the clovers and dropped down between her legs so I could see it up close and personal. I was able to smell her aroma and absolutely salivated over the thought of munching on this particular puss.

I lowered my face down into the valley of her thighs and moved my tongue onto her lips for the first time and tasted the most delicious tasting woman I have ever had the pleasure of doing.

As I slid my tongue up the slit and touched her clit I thought that she was going to strangle me with her legs as she wrapped them around my neck and grabbed me by the hair and let out a loud grunt and said, "Oh that is so good. I forgot just how good it is to have a tongue on my pussy."

I continued to lick and munch on her until she convulsed with her first male induced orgasm in over six years. I sucked and licked until she had cum at least four or five times and was pushing me away saying, "Too much. Oh god it's too much. I can't take anymore right now."

Moving back up to face her my face covered in the best tasting pussy juice anywhere, all I could think of was just how good it was and then Mom reached over and kissed me and licked the juices off my cheeks saying, "Wow that was fantastic. Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?"

I told her, "I had a very good teacher when I was in high school."

Mom asked, "Do I know her?"

I said, "I believe so."

"Well. Who was it?"

I said, "I don't think I should tell you. You'll get mad and just go ballistic on me."

Mom said, "I promise I won't. You can tell me."

I had been running my fingers on and around her beaver this whole time and I slid up over her and taking hold of my dick I moved it up and down the slit of her puss until I could start it into her hole and as I sank into the place I had come from I just knew I had found a home.

Mom moaned out, "Oh my god you are bigger than your Dad was. I've never had a dick that big in me before."

As I bottomed out in her puss I said, "It was Dot."

Mom's eyes got huge as it hit her that the one to teach me eat pussy right was my own sister. She started to laugh and said, "I can't believe that girl. She taught your Dad how to do that when she was only sixteen. I don't know where she learned it though. She wouldn't tell me."

I began to move in Mom's puss and she forgot about talking in coherent speech. All she could say was Oh god. Oh god.

Suddenly she clamped up and yelled out, "Oh my god I'm coming. Oh shit I'm going to cum so har-r-r- Arg-g-g-g."

After she came back down to earth she just looked at me and smiled.

I started up again and was soon pumping her with a furry that I didn't know I had. I banged her so hard that it was like I was about to go insane. I blew my load deep inside her and would not have been surprised if my toe nails had been in there with it. Mom was right there with me as she cum again with me.

When I came down we just lay there and looking at each other smiling like Cheshire cats that had just finished off the whole bird cage.

She finally asked me, "How on earth will I ever go back to a dildo after that?"

I said, "You can come back to the base with me when I go back and live with me."

She said, "You know that I just might have to."

I asked, "Why."

She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well. I just might be preggers after this. I haven't been on birth control since before your Dad got sick."

We went to sleep after that and didn't worry about anything until Dot walked in the next morning.

"Well, well, well. What have we here?" she said.

As we set up and looked at her she told us to hurry up and get dressed because the rest of the family was on the way.

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