Two Sides of the Coin

by Bakerman

Copyright© 2011 by Bakerman

Fantasy Sex Story: The return of your favourite bad guys "Rico and Jonnyb" doing what they love doing, having sex, and not caring about the consequence of their actions. They just do it because they do it without a reason.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Rico and Jonnyb were lying low after their last adventure, Without A Reason, at a house in the suburbs.

Jonnyb had seen this guy loading a RV as they cruised around and Rico, disguised as a jogger, went by and talked to the guy about his "sweet ride" which got the guy on side and he revealed how his family was heading off for 10 days in the RV.

Rico met the hot mom, the cute teen daughter and the snotty brat of a young boy. He was also shown the garage and parts of the house all because the guy thought Rico was a car nut. In minutes Rico had worked out how to break in and once the RV had driven away the boys were inside and making themselves comfortable.

For the past two nights they had cruised all the local clubs and bars but had been unable to score any action by fair means or foul. Presently they were at the local mall trying to scope out any lone female they could move on. The two young men hanging around the mall mid afternoon seemed to have attracted security that just gave them the security stare as they walked around.

Rico followed Jonnyb towards the cinema complex attached to the mall and then into the video arcade to get out of sight but they still drew curious glances, as they did not fit any of the established genres of the gamers present.

Korean boys played the dance games at the front, cheered on by their girls, who would never try and appear better at the game than their men.

Japanese drift races were the next group, being watched by the Med boys, who preferred straight out speed races, and white boys waiting to unleash mayhem in their V8 muscle cars.

Jonnyb elbowed Rico and nodded towards the back where a lone player was at a beat up pool table. Short, slim and wearing black cargo pants and T it was hard to determine the sex of the player until they spoke to Jonnyb.

Long dark hair combed across part of the pale face. Dark eyeliner, stud through the side of the nose. Lots of silver rings on long, thin fingers topped with black nail polish.

Jonnyb asked the gamer did they want to go head to head, as he was pretty good with a cue. It was then that the gamer was revealed as a girl. She told them she was out of change for the table and only had enough cash to buy a cheap meal later. Jonnyb offered to pay for both if she was interested in a game.

Rico was running his eye over Goth girl. Hard to tell age but Rico pegged her as somewhere between 15 and 17. The T didn't reach the pants so Rico could see her bare midriff. Skinny hips held the pants in place but there was still plenty of room as there was not an ounce of fat on her body.

As Jonnyb and Goth girl got ready to play Rico checked out her arse while she swayed from side to side as she got ready for the opening break. In the dark corner it was hard to see much of an outline from her breasts so Rico assumed they were of the petite variety. The next thing Rico noticed was the lump forming in his trousers because he was already subconsciously fucking her.

After days of no sex Rico was not fussy about where he was next pumping his dick, as long as it was hot and tight, and if she squirmed and screamed all the better to add to the thrill.

Now how to get her out of here and back to the house.

The two of them played for nearly half an hour until she'd cleared the table on Jonnyb more times than you could count. Jonnyb wanted revenge and claimed he was a much better player on the table he had at the place they were crashing at the moment. She waved a hand at him and called him a loser.

At that moment Rico moved back in and offered to pay for her meal if she was interested in taking on Jonnyb on his home turf.

"I can have anything to eat if I play loser boy again?" she asked.

"Sure, pick a stall in the food court and go nuts," said Rico.

Rico was amazed that such a petite individual could eat nearly $20 worth of food and still have room for a soda.

Having been fed she followed Rico and Jonnyb back to their car slurping the last of the soda. She showed no fear as she got in the back with Rico while Jonnyb drove.

Jonnyb took a roundabout route to the house to make sure they where not being followed and to hopefully confuse her as to the actual destination.

While in the car Rico found out her name was Ashley, age 16 nearly 17, and was currently without a place to stay as she'd left home because her mothers' latest boyfriend had moved in and was a complete jerk.

She was hanging out with a crowd that lived behind the scenes at the mall.

Once inside, and while Jonnyb racked the balls, Rico offered Ashley another soda, which he had added some alcohol to, and she gleefully accepted. He also offered her some salted nuts to keep her thirsty. He wanted her drunk but not enough that she passed out.

Rico kept up the supply of spiked soda as Ashley whipped Jonnyb at game after game until he was starting to lose his cool.

Ashley and Jonnyb were yelling at each other while they played, she was telling him he was not her mother and couldn't tell her what to do. Rico told them to "cool it" as he had an idea and would be back in a moment to explain.

The two were still sparring and Rico could hear them as he went through the main bedroom of the house.

He selected some clothing, as well as finding a few interesting items hidden from prying eyes.

The hot mom was "maybe late 30's" and had had two kids but she still seemed to up for some action. Rico had found lingerie, vibes and dildos as well as a couple of porno mags.

Buffed, naked men posing with little clothing and big, hard cocks. Hot lesbo action and a straight hetro mag. Rico may have to pay her a visit some time.

Walking back to the warring parties with the clothes draped over his arm Rico explained his idea to the hustlers.

A best of three matches and when Jonnyb lost he had to dress in ladies clothes and play mother, by serving them food and drink for the afternoon. Ashley laughed at the idea so much she didn't even ask what her penalty would be if she some how lost, after so many victories.

Match one went with the script and Ashley wiped the floor with Jonnyb.

Under pressure Jonnyb came through, just, to claim match two.

Now the final and Ashley was looking good to repeat her match one win when Rico started chuckling to himself, "ah man I cannot wait to see you in a dress" the comment was aimed at Jonnyb but Ashley mentally conjured an image of Jonnyb in drag and that was enough to break her concentration and her shot grazed the pocket without dropping.

Next Jonnyb scored a lucky shot and it was game over. She tried calling a foul but the men would here nothing of it. Rico was getting anxious to free his cock and start the main event so he was starting to put a hard edge in his voice as he told Ashley what she had to do as the loser.

He whispered in Jonnyb's ear what he had planned and he took her to the very girlie room of the teenage daughter

"20 minutes to find some girlie clothes and make yourself look like a normal teen girl and not some wannabe Goth, then you have to "serve" us for the rest of your stay."

Ashley tried to walk away but Rico effortlessly tossed her on the bed, "don't make me wait or have to give you another warning." Rico's hand came out of his pocket with his knife, he flicked it open and closed a few times to show Ashley he was serious. He left her alone in the room.

Rico raised his voice so that Ashley could hear as he talked to Jonnyb, telling him to wait outside and watch the window while he kept his eye on the door. Jonnyb made as if he had gone outside opening then slamming the front door. Both men sat on the couch and waited for the 20 minutes to run out.

Ashley had broken into a few houses during her stay on the streets so she was sure there would be a stash of clothes that the mother would not know about. Sure enough, some searching in the closet found a pink mini skirt and a cut off pink t-shirt that showed her bare midriff but covered her barely there boobs.

Long striped socks pulled up over the knee so there was maybe 6 inches between the top of the socks and the hem of the mini skirt showing smooth, pale thighs.

In the back of another draw was an assortment of more mature underwear, compared to the plain cotton panties shoved in the front so she pulled on a hot pink thong to continue the dress colour.

She did her hair into two ponytails and secured it with brightly coloured clips and bows. Some make up, lipstick and no one who knew her from the streets would even recognise her in this outfit.

With maybe a minute to spare she presented herself to the men and was greeted by a chorus of whistles and hoots from Rico and Jonnyb.

At first she just stood there until Rico told her to dance. Ashley strutted around the room like she was in a music video, tossing her hair, grabbing her crotch, squeezing her boobs, bending over to flash her arse under the short skirt.

She stooped in front of Rico, legs spread, but faced Jonnyb, bending, she ran her hands down her legs so Rico had a clear view of her butt. His hand running up the inside of her thigh and across her arse.

She was so supple and flexible she was able to look back between her legs and give Rico a smile.

Now she stood and danced across the room to Jonnyb and repeated the performance but when she looked between her legs she saw that Jonnyb had his cock out of his pants and it was getting longer and harder as he slowly jerked himself while watching her arse.

Ashley stopped dancing and said, "Um guys, I don't like where this is heading" her voice having a slight quiver.

"Oh we think it is heading in the right direction," said Rico, now with his cock free from his jeans.

Before she could move Jonnyb was off the couch and had an arm wrapped around her, hand grabbing a fistful of what little breast there was.

Rico pulled off his jeans and boxer shorts so his thick, hardened cock was pointing straight at Ashley.

Jonnyb forced her forward and a nudge to the back of her knee saw her fold to the floor and right in front of Rico's cock.

"Let's see what you've learnt hiding out at that mall, I'm sure security has caught you once or twice." Rico spoke as his hand moved his cock towards the girls' lips.

Ashley's hand looked so small as it replaced Rico's on the cock. She knew she was in a bad spot but had no alternative but to go along and hoped she got out of this with just a fucking and not with Rico doing some cutting.

She opened her mouth and took the crown of this cock into her mouth sucking it and sliding her tongue over it as she licked the first drops of pre cum. Rico planted his feet and leant forward so she had to take much more of his cock in while at the same time jacking him with her hand. Rico was grunting and grabbed her head and started fucking her lipstick surrounded mouth.

"Come on suck this cock." Rico shouted

Ashley didn't need him to tell her what to do, it was cocksucking not rocket science, and she knew he wanted her to suck him all the way into her mouth.

Rico could feel his balls getting tight and his cock start to swell even bigger and knew what was next but not having had sex for a while there was no way he was going to loose a load from just a blow job so he thrust forward until she was gagging on his cock and then pulled it out so Jonnyb could take his place.

Jonnyb had stripped off while waiting and his hairless cock was hard, the cockhead had a purple-ish tinge to it as blood filled every cell to bursting.

Having to wait had gotten Jonnyb even more edgy so he jammed his cock into her mouth as soon as she opened it, pushing it in before she could get a grip on it.

She tried to cough as the gag reflex cut in but Jonnyb had his hand on the back of her head to stop her pulling away. Tears filled her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as Jonnyb continued to push and shove her head around.

He finally pulled out, strands of saliva stretching between the cock and her lips. He let her cough then as she took a deep breath he punched his cock deep into her throat again. With his hand holding her hair he shook her head to get it in the best position to move it a little deeper.

As soon as Jonnyb began to feel the familiar tingling in his balls he pulled his cock from her face, like Rico he didn't want to shoot a load just yet.

As she coughed Rico gave her another glass of liquor-laced soda that she greedily gulped down to sooth her throat from the assault of the two cocks.

Jonnyb tugged on the ponytails until she stood and he walked her towards the couch. "Sit" was his command.

Jonnyb stood over her and put his cock back in her mouth, the angle was not very good so he could only get the cock head in so he moved a little so she could suck on his ball sack.

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