Jane's Ski Trip

by Cor

Copyright© 2011 by Cor

Coming of Age Story: This story originated in a defunct naturist fiction forum about six years ago. At that time, it stalled out after some 10 postings with a rather ambiguous scene in the exercise room and afterwards, in a disco. I took the story, cleaned up the rough edges, removed some overly "colourful" (and totally unnecessary) descriptions, (in some cases, I also rounded out some scenes to make them flow better & make the characters' behaviour more normal) and furnished a logical ending for the story.

Tags: Humor   Nudism  

Jane is a sophomore in high school, as is her friend, Jess. Jane's mom, Lynn, is 45. It was the long weekend in February, and Jane and Jess had both needed practice with their skiing before feeling confident enough to go on that year's school ski trip. Jane's mom, Lynn, had set up a little ski trip vacation and had invited Jess to come along with them. That Thursday evening, their bags were all packed and very early the next day, they headed out for the ski resort.

Having arrived at the resort while it was still early, Jane and Jess were still able to book two introductory lessons for that day. Their instructor was a guy about in his 50's named Carl. Between lessons, they did a couple of runs on the beginner slope with Lynn. By three, they were all tired so they headed back to the slope-side chalet they had rented. Leaving the skis and poles outside, Lynn went to her room and Jane and Jess went to theirs. The chalet had two showers but only one was in working order because of the recent cold snap. Because of that, Lynn had been able to negotiate a sizable reduction in the rental fees. They decided to keep the showers as short as possible to avoid running out of hot water. Having won the toss, Jane showered first, and when she got out wearing a bathrobe and drying her hair, she was shocked to see that her mom and Jess were waiting their turn in the living room, completely naked. While both Jane and Lynn had seen each other in the nude in the past, it had not been a household policy to remain that way for longer than necessary.

It was Jess' turn to shower and she headed for the bathroom. After she left, Jane asked her mom what was the occasion.

"Did it upset you that I didn't have any clothes on?" She asked her daughter.

"No, it didn't upset me. I just thought it was weird that my mother was sitting totally naked with my best friend, just chatting away."

She explained that as she and Jess took off their ski suits, Jess had asked if it would be okay if she stayed nude while waiting. Not wanting to make Jess feel uncomfortable, she had decided to stay naked as well.

"Are you two going to stay naked the entire time we're here now?" asked Jane.

"Well, honey, to be honest, it's rather nice to be able to walk around feeling completely free", said Lynn.

"Well, if you guys are going to walk around in the nude, I guess I'm going to feel pretty awkward staying dressed. So, I guess I'll join you both", said Jane, slipping her bathrobe off her shoulders.

After Jane finished drying herself off, she joined her mom, naked except for the towel covering her long black hair. She stayed in the living room, keeping her mother company. When Jess came running down the stairs from her shower, she had still not dressed. Instead, she said, "So, what do you all want for dinner? I'm going out for some."

"If you don't mind," said Lynn. "I'd prefer to go out. I'd like to see what this place has got to offer."

"Fine, we'll go out for dinner", repeated Jess, "but it's my treat. On the way here, I saw a nice Swiss chalet-style restaurant that offers cheese fondue dinners with a rustic fireside ambiance. I also noticed they have a swimming pool, a sauna and a little disco. I could put the entire evening on my credit-card. Since you are already paying for the chalet, will you accept to be my guests?"

Sure, it will be our pleasure", Lynn answered. At 45, she was still pretty enough to turn heads and she kept her body in excellent shape and condition, with daily workouts in the gym and a healthy diet, leaning heavily on a carefully selected menu that she prepared fresh daily.

After her husband had been killed in a car crash, two years ago, she had not been out on the town or had dated anybody. She had planned the ski trip as the beginning of a new period in her life. She was therefore happy to have the company of her nearly adult daughter and her girl-friend. Both girls had attracted a lot of attention when they had appeared on the slope in their brand-new and tight fitting ski suits, that day.

She dashed into the shower, herself, but was back again barely as soon as she had gone, "Okay, lets go, but we have still two hours left until we should go for dinner."

Totally ignoring her nakedness, she went for the telephone and after looking in the local phone directory; she called the Swiss Chalet and ordered a table. It was now 5 p.m. and the earliest table reservation available was for 8 ... What to do in the meantime?

"Let's go visit the sauna and have a little swim before dinner," suggested Jess.

"Okay! Good idea." said Jan and Lynn agreed. They dressed in their rooms, put their swimsuits and make-up kits in a bag and walked to the Swiss Chalet, just a few hundred yards down the hill.

As they arrived, the sun had just disappeared behind the big mountain, and the long shadows and the pink glow of the peaks created a romantic atmosphere that inspired the girls and Lynn alike. They felt free and adventurous when they entered the reception-hall of the Swiss Chalet.

The young lady at the reception desk described the services offered by the complex. "Welcome to the Swiss Chalet. Next to the restaurant we have our spa. There, you will find our massage center where our qualified therapists can offer you diverse techniques; Swedish or California massage therapy, hot stones, sea water, shiatsu or acupressure, amongst others, as the client would wish."

"On the other side of the lounge, we have our aquatic center ; Finnish sauna and Turkish steam bath and, on the terrace ... yes, outside ... we have a heated salt-water pool, a whirlpool bath, a heated mineral bath, an ice water bath or, if you prefer, fresh snow for after the sauna. You may chose to try any, or all of these in water order you wish; detailed instructions are posted in several areas around the complex. If this is your first time, I would strongly suggest that you follow the recommended procedure."

"The entire complex; hotel, chalets, restaurant, spa and swimming pool is part of a chain of winter-sports complexes located in several parts of Europe and the owners, Europeans as well, insist that every hotel offers the same services and are run according to the rules of our parent company and so, I must advise you that the sauna is 'mixed' and that total nudity is required for all activities."


"If you prefer, I could call the hotel down the road and book you an appointment at their aquatic center; their installation is less elaborate, their pool is indoor and is filled with chlorinated fresh water end they only have the pool, a whirlpool bath and saunas. However, the saunas are segregated and wearing a bathing suit is requires for the pool and the whirlpool bath."

"It doesn't bother you to propose the services of a competitor?" asked Lynn.

"Not at all, we do it all the time; quite a few of their clients who would want to try the experience or would have wanted to use the aquatic center but had forgotten to pack a bathing suit come to us. When everything is totaled up," said she with a smile, "I think we come out ahead. Would you care to try it or shall I call the other hotel?"

"How much is it?" asked Jess.

"Except for the massage therapy, there are no added fees – it is included in your package."

The three women looked at each other ... thinking of their little nude episode of an hour ago while waiting for the shower of their chalet. "Let's try it!" all three answered unison.

The woman confirmed the table reservation for 8.pm and suggested that they go to the sauna first. "If you like, we could come get you a little ahead of time so that you may get dressed for the restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant is not 'clothing optional' tonight."

"You mean to say that, occasionally, the restaurant is nude, as well?"

"Yes, usually, the first Wednesday of the month, except when that day is a holiday. By the way, the lounge is equipped with floor to ceiling windows on the side facing the hill but you do not have to worry ... they're equipped with one-way glass."

They entered the spa and found themselves in a spacious lounge decorated in a Grecian theme, with columns, vines and couches. In the center, there was a fountain with Aphrodite pouring water from an amphora. The end wall, with its one-way window, showed the great view of the valley and the mountains. On each side, there was an archway. The one on the left was marked 'Therapy' while the one on the right was marked 'Baths.' They chose the right-hand archway and suddenly stood among a group of men - all naked and ready to enter the sauna. In spite of what the young lady at the reception had stated, Jess, Jane and Lynn had not expected to be confronted with such a presentation of male nudity. For the girls, it was the first time they saw a naked man.

Lynn tried to save the situation: "I think they are all having a birthday because they are dressed in their birthday-suits". The girls giggled and looked for empty lockers. They hesitated. Two hours ago, Jane had been quite stunned by the nudity of her girl-friend and of her Mom - and now they were expected to strip in front of these men?

"Hi, nice to see you again, ladies" - a deep and sympathetic voice with a foreign accent came from behind a half-opened locker door. It sounded somewhat familiar to them. And then, when he shut the locker door, they saw him in all his naked glory. It was Carl, the Tyrolean ski instructor who had been supervising their lessons on the slope this morning. It was obvious that being a professional ski instructor kept him in excellent shape.

The two girls didn't know where to look but Lynn wasn't bothered; she had spent several years in Austria and knew that this was their way of doing things, but she hadn't expected to see it in the America, however. She replied "Hello again. Nice to see you, too" and made some small talk about the lesson and how a sauna was great after exercise. While they were talking, the other men left the locker room.

The girls had a look round to kill time, as neither of them wanted to undress in front of a naked man. Jess and Jane took off their heavy coats and pullovers, still hesitant, when a group of four women had come in from the sauna; all were naked. Even more surprising, her mother was casually undressing as she talked to the instructor!

"So ... are you ready for the great leap forward?" asked Jane.

Jess replied; "I don't know. It seems that everyone else is comfortable going nude. Are you?"

"When I was just with you and my mom, yes. But now there are other people here."

While they were discussing it, a family came walking into the sauna; parents with three kids; a boy of about their age and a pre-teen boy and girl. Lynn was still talking to the instructor. She was talking and talking and talking. She appeared perfectly happy to speak in German after so many years, adopting the melodic accent she had picked up in Vienna when she had been working as secretary and translator. She didn't seem the least bit ill at ease that while she was talking, she was also stripping down completely in front of Carl. Carl, on the other hand, was happy that he had found someone he could talk to in his native dialect. The girls approached and stood there with their mouth open, amazed by what they saw. Jane hadn't seen her mother so happy since her dad's sudden death.

Deciding to grab their courage in both hands, the girls looked at each other and rapidly peeled off all their clothes and threw them in their locker with their sports totes and joined up with Lynn and Carl. Lynn was in heaven and Carl smiled with all his Austrian charm.

Speaking in German, Carl said, "Let's go for the showers and then the sauna. Have you ever been to a sauna? If not, I will give you an introduction".

Lynn interrupted him: "Please, we could use a lesson, but could you be so kind as to give it in English, so the girls will understand you?"

Carl told them all they needed to know as beginners and they went for the showers. These did not have any cubicles, but rather, were arrayed as in a men's locker room, all along one wall. Carl seemed much taken with Lynn and watched her eagerly as she was moving under the water; he was very much attracted to this woman of 45. When she was ready, he stepped into the shower, washed himself off quickly and then told his students to follow him to the sauna. Along the way, Carl pointed out the pile of towels and suggested that they each take one. In the sauna, the girls, overwhelmed by the heat, took the towels and spread them on the lower wooden bench the way Carl showed them.

After ten minutes, he rose and, inviting them to follow, stepped outside and dove into a snow bank. The three women, stunned hesitated at the door so, to encourage them, threw snowballs at them. Within seconds, they had completely forgotten their inhibitions, started snow ball back at him and wrestling together in the snow, laughing like little children.

Five minutes later, the cold finally started to seep in and they returned to the sauna. After three turns, instead of heading back outside, they went to the showers and then into the salt water pool. After a half hour of horsing around, they showered one last time and returned to the lounge to rest up on a sun bed in front of the windows, looking at the skiers as they descended the ski hill under the lights.

Carl invited them all for dinner. Jess explained that she had wanted to pay for the meal, but Carl told her to keep her money and to save it. They ordered a fine Swiss cheese fondue for four, with bread, dips and salads; the girls had soft drinks while Lynn and Carl had some deep red wine from the Swiss part of the Lago Maggiore. In the background you could hear live music, played on a Zither, an instrument with about 40 strings. They finished off the dinner with Grappa and mocha and the girls had some Tiramisu.

Carl had tears in his eyes, for this whole evening was reminding him so much to his village in the Tyrolean Mountains, close to the Swiss border. Lynn seemed to understand his mood and softly placed her arm on his shoulder and gave him a soft kiss and whispered something sweet in his Austrian dialect. This was too much for Carl. This strong, silent man was close to breaking down. He took Lynn by the hand and led her to the dancing floor and they started dancing, holding each other very closely. The girls were confused. What had happened?

The waiter, who had seen all while serving and who knew Carl quite well, came to the girls and suggested to them that they go to the disco in the basement, where the younger guests were having their daily après-ski party. "I will tell your Mom where you are, but I think they want to have a little time on their own."

The girls went down to the disco and met two boys their age. It was close to midnight when Carl and Lynn came by the door to the disco. Lynn told her daughter that she was free to go home or to stay and that she would like to spend some more time with Carl.

Jane and Jess took Lynn up on her offer to stay and spent another hour at the disco, flirting a little bit with the boys their age, before making their way back to the chalet and to bed. Lynn and Carl, after talking to the girls, left the hotel and made their way to Carl's flat. Seconds after entering Carl's place, they started kissing like teenagers. Carl took Lynn up in his strong arms and carried her like a feather into his bedroom, where they stayed until morning. They had fallen deeply in love and there was no holding back anymore. The next morning, at five o'clock, Lynn left Carl's flat and snuck back into her chalet on tippy-toes so as not to wake the girls.

That morning, after their ski lessons with Carl, and where they had again met up with Lynn, the three ladies decided to spend the rest of the day at the spa of the hotel. The girls and Lynn had stripped off all their clothes within a few seconds. They tried out the hot stone and salt water therapies, worked out some in the gym, had a massage and went to the solarium. While at the spa, they finally understood that being nude the entire time, they had never felt so well and free. They had totally put aside any false shame or embarrassment for their bodies and when they met Carl in the lounge, it was the first time the girls felt totally comfortable being nude in front of him.

The girls, leaving Carl and Lynn together, went back to the gym and started to flirt with some boys their age who were doing their workout in the nude.

"Don't be too flirty, Jess. Take pity on these poor boys and don't overstress the situation," Jane whispered into the ears of her friend when Jess started parading and presenting her curves in front of the young men. The boys' reaction had become obvious; they were hunched over their machines, trying to hide their physical interest in the girls.

The three boys wrapped their towels about their waists to hide their excitement and approached the girls. They introduced themselves as Jack, John and Miles and said that they had seen the girls the previous night at the disco. Jack, a well built 18 year old blond guy with steel blue eyes, asked: "Will we see you again tonight?".

Jess blushed, embarrassed, and giggled when she noticed that Jack was still obviously impressed. "Sure, we will be there."

That evening, Jack, John and Miles were sitting at a booth at the disco; wondering if the girls were going to show up or not when Jack spotted Jess and Jane heading their way.

"Hi, girls, have a seat." and the girls joined them in the booth.

They sat at the booth and had some sodas and talked. Every once in a while, two of them would go up to the dance floor and dance. After a while, it became evident that Jack and Jane seemed to be dancing together, more often than not. Jess, on the other hand, was quite happy to receive the attentions of John and Miles, equally.

Around midnight, Jane and Jack stepped out for some air while Jesse stayed behind with John and Miles. They had been walking slowly around the resort, hand in hand, for about an hour and were heading back towards the hotel when Jess caught up with them.

"Jane, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Can't it wait?"

"Ah, Hormones! Gotta love 'em," she muttered to herself and then, louder; "No, it can't. Say 'Good night' to Jack. I have to talk to you now ... it's important."

"Oh! Oh, well, alright. Good night, Jack, I hope to see you tomorrow."

When they were alone, Jane asked, angry; "WHAT?!"

"Jane, you're sixteen years old. Are you ready for the whole pregnancy scene; the mood changes, the bloated belly, having to get up on the hour, day and night, to go pee, being woken up in the middle of the night for a two o'clock feeding and changing shitty diapers?"

"No!" she replied, disgusted.

"Well, you were headed down that route at a hundred miles an hour with your eyes closed. Look! I love walking around naked; I'm proud of the way I look, I loved flaunting my body at Jack, John and Miles this afternoon and it pleased me no end when I saw that I got a rise out of them. It's a great power trip. But there is only ONE reason why I can do that, why I can wrap any warm blooded guy around my little finger; Babies! That's why we were built; it's a biological imperative. The thing is; if we're not careful, it's just as easy for us to get caught up in the current and only wake up when it's too late and we're pregnant."

"You're right. Thanks for waking me up in time. Let's go home."

"No, I don't think so. Let's go grab a coffee at the restaurant if it's still open. There's something else I have to talk to you about."

When they got to the restaurant, most of the place was dark and blocked off but the management kept one person on staff and a couple of tables set for people who were not able to sleep. The girls each ordered a coffee and a Danish pastry. While the waitress left to fill their order, Jane asked;

"Okay. So what else is there?"

"I didn't tell you yet what made me decide to go after you. About a half hour after you left, I left the disco and went to the chalet, hoping to find you there. As I entered, I heard some noise coming from your mother's room so I eased the door open to peek. Your mother was in bed with Carl. When I saw that, I closed the door quietly and started looking for you. I was a little worried that I might be too late and that you would already have been in Jack's room at the hotel, so I was glad to have found you, still strolling along the grounds."

"You mean to say that my Mom was making out with a guy? And that it was that that made you go after me from stopping me from doing the same thing? Why would it be all right for my Mom and not for me?"

"Jane, calm down! First of all, it' not 'some guy'; it's Carl! But that's beside the point. Think about it; put aside the emotional wallop you got now that you found out that your Mom is sleeping with another man and look at the facts. Where do you come from? How was it that you appeared on this earth? Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Your Mom was a sexual being long before she was your mother. When she was about twenty or twenty-two, she had met your father and they decided to explore their sexuality together. You might have been an accident or you may have been the result of a deliberate choice, it doesn't matter. Once they discovered that your Mom was pregnant, they assumed the consequences and worked together to raise you the best they could."

"Jack is a good looking guy; he's handsome, he was obviously willing and he's available. Your body was telling you that it would be a great time to start on the next generation, which is why you were all hot and bothered when I interrupted you. But you know nothing about him; you might not see him again. Even if he did stay, he might still have dumped you if and when you became pregnant and you would have been all alone, holding the baby. Literally! You said it yourself; mentally, you are not yet ready to accept those consequences so it is better that you avoid any accidents."

"Your Mom is in a completely different set of circumstances. She's been there, done that and she's gotten the postcard ... you! I've known you since grade school; I've known your Dad and I remember how broken-hearted your Mom was when your Dad died. Since then, all she did was take care of you and raise you to be what you are. You are almost ready to leave the nest. What do you want her to do when you leave home; roll up into a little ball and die or will you let her have a little fun to celebrate a job well done?"

"I remember your Dad telling a bunch of people at a party, one time, how he had met your Mom at Donaupark, in Vienna, one warm summer afternoon when he tripped over her while she was sunbathing. Something about the way he said it sounded 'off'. I was curious and looked it up on the Internet and I found out that most of the people sunbathing in the parks in Vienna do so in the nude in front of everyone. That's why I proposed going nude when we first arrived; I wanted to test my guess. I've been watching your Mom; since we've been walking about in the nude, she has seemed as if a great load had been taken from her shoulders and, after she met Carl, she has never seemed happier. I wasn't surprised at all when she didn't come home last night after the sauna until five, this morning."

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