Rache - Naked in School

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: When Rachael has to get Naked In School her world is turned upside down as she faces the unexpected consequences of being late for class, making a mess in the hallway, and a pop quiz in Obedience Training. (This story is not intended for NIS purists and is mostly true! See my blog for details.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Bestiality   Teacher/Student   School   .

"I do?" I blinked at Principal Walters and he nodded gravely.

"I'm afraid so, Rachael." He held a computer printout in his hand. "You're naked in school this week."

"Woo-Hoo!" I grinned, giving Jenny a high five as Midnight danced around us, wagging his tail and barking loudly even though barking isn't allowed in school. Running's okay, but only for dogs, and us girls can bark if we want. It's kinda weird.

"Hey everybody! Rachael's gonna get naked!" Heather yelled and the principal gave her a frown, but nobody really cared.

They were too busy watching me wriggle my hips as my skirt fell into a plaid puddle on the front steps of Our Blessed Miracle of the Immaculate Conception High School. We just called it Immaculate High mostly, since it had kind of a long name and wouldn't fit on our t-shirts and stuff.

"Look at my butt!" I said with a grin, sorta bending over with my hands on my hips and shaking my ass.

"Burny!" Joyce protested as her dog suddenly tried to mount me. I could feel his tapered prick stabbing at my pussy, but I still had my panties on.

"Ladies! Let's control ourselves!" Principal Walters said loudly, kinda spinning around like a top as forty or fifty giggling high school girls danced around us trying to get a better view.

"Ow! Hey! Wait a second!" I swatted at Burny's nose as the rottweiler's teeth pricked my skin. He didn't really bite me or anything, he was just in a hurry to get those annoying panties off!

"Dobie's next!" Suzy yelled, kinda straddling her big Doberman as the dog dragged her through the crowd.

"Ummph!" I opened my mouth to say something, but Midnight wanted a kiss and he shoved his long tongue into my mouth so I could suck on it.

"Need help?" Amy wondered, kinda teasing me as she grabbed my panties and tugged them down quickly.

At least I think it was Amy, but it coulda been Angie, since they're pretty identical. Kylie's Dalmatian tried to push himself up, but not from behind me since he's sorta retarded. He just wanted to hump something, so I reached blindly for his exposed cock and wrapped my fist around it. The dog started fucking my hand eagerly, pawing at my shoulder and tits through my blouse. That felt kinda good actually and about then Burny wrapped his powerful forelegs around my waist and pulled me down to the floor.

Everyone was excited, of course. All my friends and classmates cheering us on as the handsome rottie found my vulnerable sex with his fat cock and drove about half a foot of hot dog meat into my barely ready cunt.

"Yip!" I yelped loudly, on my knees and propped up with my left arm, since my right hand was busy with Spork, that Dalmation I was jerking off. Kylie's little brother had named the dog and he was kinda retarded too.

"Miss Perry!" Principal Walters frowned at Julie as her dog, Trixter, shoved his nose under the girl's skirt and we could all see she wasn't wearing panties!

"Oops!" She giggled and blushed and with her white skin, she looked kinda like a very pretty sixteen year old tomato!

"Samantha! Stop that!" The principal was digging in his pocket for his whistle because this was getting out of hand!

"Mmmph?" Sammie wondered around a mouthful of dripping dog cock. Hamlet, her Great Dane, was the biggest dog in school and she was sitting on the floor beneath him, letting him fuck her face with a lazy, gentle rocking of his hips. That dog was seriously well trained!

A lot of the other girls were playing with their dogs too. While Burny fucked me as hard and fast as I've ever been fucked in my life, and Midnight tickled my tonsils, and Spork's now fully erect penis spilled doggy precum all over my hand ... Pamela was making out with Jet, Fiona had Poppy on his back and kicking the air while she sucked him off, Janey and Lisa were in a sixty-nine with each other. I have no idea where their dogs had gone and I don't think they cared, being total lesbians like they were.

Jenny knelt to the left of me, playing best friend and trying to get my blouse unbuttoned. Kylie had pulled her panties to the side as Rocky shoved his flat face between her luscious thighs. He was an English bulldog and so ugly it was cute. We all liked Rocky a lot. Julie had totally blown off the principal and she played with Trixter's ears while he lapped at her freshly shaven pussy. The girl hadn't had a whole lot of pubic hair anyway, but she'd shaved it off for health class the previous Friday afternoon. Teacher's pet, you know? Julie always volunteered for stuff like that.

"Tweeeeeeet!" A long, shrill, annoying whistle stopped everything and it wasn't the principal's whistle either, which probably explains a lot.

"What's the meaning of this?" Sister Lourdes whispered and she never talked very loudly; she didn't have to.

Fifty girls swallowed hard with one big gulp. Our dogs dipped their heads and wagged their tails with every ounce of contrite repentance they could muster. Our fun had come to a screeching halt and it was time for school.

"Go to your classes," Sister Lourdes said with a soft tap of her riding crop against her leather boot.

Nobody moved for a long heartbeat.

"Now, please," she said and we all scrambled in a flurry of legs and arms and tails and hair and the only sound anyone made was me.

"Ugh!" I winced as I tried to pull myself off Burny's huge cock. The rottie wasn't really huge like some of the others, but he was still pretty big. Especially in the cock department! His knot had swollen up so big it felt like someone had shoved a bowling ball inside me and we weren't going anyplace for awhile!

"What was that, Rachael?" Sister Lourdes wondered, tilting her head and cupping her ear.

"Sorry, Sister Lourdes, but I'm kinda ... stuck," I told her with a hopeful, apologetic sort of smile on my flushed face.

"I see," she nodded. "And why is that, dear?"

"It's her week, Sister," Principal Walters said, showing the nun his computer printout.

"Oh!" Sister Lourdes widened her sapphire eyes and a small smile crept along her pouting, bee stung lips. "Well, aren't you a special little girl? Carry on, Rachael."

"Thank you, Sister," I breathed, dropping my head to the cold floor with a sigh of relief.

Being naked in school had just saved my life!

"Chin up, Rachael," the principal said after Sister Lourdes had left us. "I have to read the rules."

"I know the rules," I kinda groaned because my pussy was quivering around Burny's cock. I'd somehow managed to control myself in front Sister Lourdes, but that was a fight I couldn't win and my orgasm seemed to explode deep in my belly.

"Rule number one," he read slowly. "The student shall remain naked at all times during normal school hours and during any school related extracurricular activities."

"Ohhh..." I blinked at him.

"Rule number two ... Are you paying attention, Rachael?"

"Y-Yesssss..." I hissed, rocking my hips and kinda grinding my overstuffed cunt around the knot.

"The NIS participant will allow any and all reasonable physical interaction with students and faculty," he smiled at me. "Do you know what that means?"

"Uhhhh-huh!" I gasped, licking my lips as Principal Walters unzipped his trousers.

"Here you go, Rachael," he said pleasantly, bringing his semi-hard cock to my face and rubbing the smooth glans across my lips.

I opened up for him, giving the man my almond eyes as his thick manhood stretched my lips. I was still cumming, still in a wonderfully warm daze, but sucking cock is mostly instinctive anyway, I think. My tongue knew what to do and it wiggled beneath the shaft as Principal Walters slipped his fingers into my dark hair and held my head in place so he could fuck me.

The nice thing about the principal, aside from the fact that he was a very nice man in general, was that he had a lot of experience. I mean, he was the principal of an all girls high school, after all, and so he didn't try and force his cock too deep or anything like that. He wasn't in a rush the way teenage boys often are. Principal Walters took his own sweet time, sliding a few inches past my taut lips and then pulling back, in and out, finding a nice patient rhythm that felt really good for both of us.

"Mmmm ... Your mouth feels wonderful, Rachael," he said with a warm smile. "Now, where were we? Oh yes. Rule number three..."

"Umph!" I gasped as Burny tried to pull himself free, looking over his shoulder as we were butt to butt, but we were still locked tight.

" ... While in the NIS program, you'll refrain from any attempts to cover, seclude, or otherwise restrict yourself from the attention of your classmates, school faculty, or authorized visitors."

He meant parents mostly, although I suppose the guy who fixed the copier in the office probably counted too. I sorta hoped he'd show up this week, since he was kinda cute. Probably it was his white coveralls, you know? I just like guys in uniform for some reason. Maybe that Marine recruiter would show up too. Wow! And the Crime Dog, McGruff, who handed out rape whistles that said, "Blow Me!" on the sides. I'd do him in a heartbeat too!

This could be the best week of my life! And would be, if I had anything to say about it.

"And the last rule," Principal Walters said, clearing his throat to make sure I was paying attention. "The student will be expected to report a positive pregnancy result within four weeks of completing her participation..."

The man spread his fingers, getting a little better grip on the back of my head as he began to fuck my mouth a little faster. I knew he had to be feeling good. My mouth was hot and wet and my tongue was all over his cock. I'd been going a little crazy with it and Principal Walters liked it when I tickled the soft spot just under the glans. I swallowed quickly as my mouth continually filled with spit and precum, knowing that I'd be eating something else in a minute or two. He was getting close!

" ... Failure to conceive will require the student in question to repeat the NIS program under the supervision of the school nurse and may result in disciplinary measures."

That just meant I'd have to take fertility drugs and spend an hour after school in the gymnasium with my head stuck in the world's smallest confessional. That's what we called it anyway; actually it was just a box with a bible in it so I'd have something to read while the Lord did his best to knock me up with a parade of eager teenage boys from St. Joseph's, the other catholic high school in town.

It wasn't much of a punishment and like most of my friends when they'd gotten naked in school, I'd be praying not to get pregnant just so I could go through all this again. I'd been waiting fifteen years to get naked in school and I was afraid my week would be over before I knew it. Like Christmas morning, or the best birthday ever, here and gone in the blink of an eye.

"Oh! Here we go, Rachael ... here ... we ... go! Ummmm..." Principal Walters held my head with both hands, arching his back as his fat cock pulsed quickly between my lips.

"Ulmph! Mmph! Unmph!" I swallowed as quickly as I could, tasting his cum like salty cream as it slid down my throat and into my tummy.

My cheeks bulged outward though, and I coughed and choked a little as there was just too much of it for my little mouth to handle all at once. Some of the principal's semen squirted from the corners of my mouth and dripped down my chin like pale molasses. I managed to swallow most of it though and I felt kind of proud of myself as I spent another minute or two making sure Principal Walter's softening cock was nice and clean before he put it away.

"Thank you, Rachael," he said, wiping at my chin with his thumb and pushing it between my lips. "That's just what I needed to start the week."

"Me too!" I giggled and then, "Ah!"

I gasped sharply as Burny finally yanked his prick out of my gaping pussy, knot and all. A thin wash of cum, his and mine, spilled down my thighs and dripped onto the floor. We made quite a puddle, to tell the truth, and I reached between my legs and explored my tender sex with gentle fingers. I felt as if I'd been turned inside out and my labia were about twice as big as they should have been. They were hanging limply like wet butterfly wings and inside, my cunt suffered that strange emptiness that I hated after being stuffed full of cock for a good ten or fifteen minutes.

"Let me help you," Principal Walters said, kindly offering his hand and pulling me onto my wobbly legs. "Go ahead and finish getting undressed, I'll have Ms. Hagen clean this up."

"Yeah ... Yes sir," I nodded, smiling and feeling sorta stoned after cumming so good. It always took me a long time to come back down after a great fuck.

"You can pick up your clothes in the office after school," he told me, as if I didn't know that.

"Okay," I agreed as I slipped my blouse off my shoulders. I hadn't worn a bra, so that was pretty much all I had to take off except for my black shoes and knee high socks.

"And, um..." he looked at Burny who was busy licking his cock clean, " ... see to it that Joyce gets her dog back."

"Sure, Mr. Walters," I said, kinda standing on one foot as I peeled my sock off.

I had to look around for my panties. Someone had put them in the drinking fountain. Hahaha ... I rolled my eyes and frowned at the teeth marks. Burny ignored my dirty look though and Joyce owed me a new pair of panties, I figured.

"Alright," the principal said as he bundled up my clothes. "Have a good day, Rachael."

"Oh! I will!" I giggled, slapping my bare naked butt to get the dog's attention. "Come on, bonehead ... Let's find your bitch."

"Late for class?" Sister Bambi clucked her tongue.

"I was, um..." I shrugged and sorta pointed over my shoulder.

"Being naked is no excuse for being late, Rachael," she told me with a roll of her sky blue eyes. "Where's your hall pass?"

"Uhhh..." I offered the nun a meek shrug and the rest of the girls giggled happily as they watched our little drama unfold.

"No hall pass either?" Sister Bambi asked sadly and I shook my head.

"I guess I forgot to ask for one, Sister."

"And you've got a bit of sperm..." she stroked the corner of my mouth with one delicate finger, " ... right there."

She held up her finger so I could see the semen glisten beneath the fluorescent lights.

"In the chair, Rachael," she told me and all my friends grinned and exchanged excited looks and whispers.

"Yes ma'am," I sighed, glancing at the old fashioned wooden chair sitting next to her desk.

"Be glad I don't give you detention, young lady," Sister Bambi told me with a toss of her thick blonde hair. "Go on now. Sit. And not a peep out of you."

I nodded my head and of course everyone had to watch me as I sat down. I'd been on the chair before, but only once, so I sorta knew the best way to do it. I spread my legs wide, giving my classmates a really awesome view of my raw pink pussy and gaping hole, which was still dripping cum, by the way. At least that would help as I positioned myself over the monstrous purple dildo that had been mounted to the seat. It had to be about ten inches long probably and super thick, like even thicker than Hamlet's massive prick and he had the biggest one I'd ever even heard of!

Of course, I'm sure there are bigger dildos out there someplace and maybe ten inches doesn't sound like a lot, but you have to remember I was just fifteen years old. Even with my pockets full of rocks I wouldn't have weighed more than ninety pounds soaking wet and that dildo was going to stretch me out in places I'd never even imagined, you know?

"There she goes!" Heather giggled.

"Ouch!" Sandy gasped, staring as the bulbous head stretched the mouth of my pussy around it.

I bit my lip and stifled a soft groan as I worked my trembling pussy down the length of the dildo. Some girls like to do it fast, figuring it's best to get it over and done with, but I wasn't one of those. I had to take it slowly and the deeper that cock went, the bigger it felt! Towards the bottom of my sex, it really started aching too. Like a dull cramp sorta, because even the biggest dog cock didn't stretch a girl all that much down there. I mean, lengthwise, sure, but not the other way. The soft walls of my pussy were being pushed outward and they didn't much care for that!

"Ladies..." Sister Bambi warned them. "Let's continue, shall we? Snell's Law governs the path sound takes through water ... Excuse me, Brittany? Is there something wrong back there?"

"I think Frito needs relief," the girl replied, stroking her dog's head as he sort bounced his butt off the floor.

"You didn't take care of him before school today?" the nun asked and Brittany smiled weakly.

"I woke up kinda late," she apologized as Frito bent his tongue to his cock and offered a thin whine of agreement.

"And now your poor dog has to suffer," Sister Bambi chastised the girl.

She looked around the room and all the other dogs sat very quietly next to the desks, some of them with their heads across a girl's knees, a couple of them laying down. They'd all noticed me as soon as I'd walked through the door, naturally, scenting Burny's cum mixed with mine and it had gotten them a little excited. They were well trained though and it wasn't something new, finding a freshly fucked girl in their midst, so they were content to ignore me ... All except for Frito, a rather good looking young boxer with a stout six inch prick already dripping wet with anticipation.

"Sorry, Sister," Brittany said at about the same time I'd finally gotten the last inch of stiff rubber phallus up my hole.

I sat with my legs only slightly spread and no part of the dildo could be seen. I'd taken all of it and now I just had to sit there very quietly, very still with my pussy wrapped tightly around it. I could feel the tiny spasms as my sex seemed to clutch at the shaft, squeezing and relaxing, trying to mold the buttery cum soaked walls of my cunt around the intruder. I have to admit that the experience was pretty intense, even pleasurable, but a real torment too as even the slightest movement would bring a sharp jolt of surprising discomfort. Not pain, nothing terrible, just a wonderful spark of unexpected pressure that made me sorta want to do it again.

"You might have mentioned this earlier," Sister Bambi sighed as she turned her eyes on me. "Off the chair, Rachael. Frito needs relief."

"Ummmm..." I made a face as I held the seat of the chair and pushed myself slowly upward.

If I had a suspicious nature, I might have thought Brittany had planned this. We'd never really gotten along very well. I could see her smiling as my plump labia were tugged outward by the shaft as it gradually emerged from my pussy. My clit was hard too. Well, it had been ever since I'd found I'd be naked in school, but right then it was screaming hard and poking out like a tiny dick almost. My nipples were the same way, hard I mean, and fat with my arousal. This had been kind of a mean trick, getting me on that dildo and now having to push myself off it, but at least I'd get some real cock out of the deal.

Brittany hadn't fucked her dog before school, huh? Too bad for her! She didn't deserve a stud like Frito anyway, not after giving him a stupid name like that. I almost felt sorry for the guy, you know? She'd call him and people would expect a Chihuahua or something. It had to be hard on his ego, but right then I just wanted him to be hard on me ... or in me, I should say.

"Down here," Sister Bambi pointed at the floor and I got down on my hands and knees like a good bitch. "Frito! Here boy!"

A completely unnecessary command if there ever was one! Frito knew what to do as soon he'd seen me getting on the floor. None of our dogs were dumb, except maybe Spork, but even he would've known that mating season was open. I mean, that's why they were in school, you know? To provide companionship and comfort to young women struggling with their blooming sexuality. We were put on this earth to be fruitful and multiply, and to hold dominion over God's lesser creatures, but not at the expense of our feminine nature. Our humility. Our submissive place in God's great plan.

Our dogs were our masters, as Sister Lourdes was fond of saying, and if we opened our hearts and minds ... and our legs ... they would well prepare us for the rich rewards waiting for us in the holy sacrament of marriage. Our future husbands would be grateful to the humble dog whom God, in His infinite wisdom, had given mankind as a reminder that woman is a wanton, bestial creature and her most proper place is on her knees in worshipful thanks for the bountiful blessings she gladly receives.

"Oh God!" I gasped as I felt Frito's long, rough tongue slapping my exposed pussy. "Ummm ... Oh! Oh God!"

"Pray quietly," Sister Bambi admonished me, but I'd already started cumming and it sounded like she said "Xoog Jruzbly."

"Uh-huh!" I agreed loudly, spreading my legs so wide I was practically laying on my tummy! My butt bounced up and down in the air and my pussy shivered inside, frustrated now that I was empty, and I practically begged the dog to throw his cock inside me.

"Mount!" the nun commanded, slapping my ass with her hand and every dog in the world knows what that word means!

"Ugh!" The air exploded out of me with a rush as Frito wrapped his paws around my waist and stabbed his cock into my more than eager cunt.

He had really good aim! Some dogs do, some don't. Some of them need glasses and a flashlight, and I remember the first time I tried anal sex ... That had been a big mistake!

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" I gasped over and over as Frito drove me across the hardwood floor, a recently waxed and polished floor, I might add, and he was getting more traction from his feet than I was getting from my knees!

"Rachael!" Sister Bambi said with some exasperation. "Where are you going?"

The class giggled at that because plainly she had to be joking. I was going wherever the big boxer wanted to push me! That turned out to be the corner near the classroom door which suited the teacher just fine. I could hear her behind me, pointing at the old fashioned chalkboard and explaining the physics lesson, but I couldn't pay a whole lot of attention. Frito hadn't locked me up yet, although his cock had grown to its full and very impressive length. Girth too, believe me! That dog had an awesome cock, not really blimp shaped, but more like a peanut butter jar maybe.

Can you even imagine the noises a tenth grade girl makes when she's getting fucked by a hot peanut butter jar? It sounds a lot like, "Ugh! Jesus! Fuck me! God! Harder! Fuck! Oh! Christ! Fuck my pussy! You fucker! Fuck!" You get the idea. My heart hammered, my lungs ached, and my pussy burned with the effort of riding that beautiful prick to oblivion and back. I'd peak with a muffled scream and then fall back down just long enough to say thank you before I came again.

The knot just wouldn't stay in my pussy. After Burny had locked me up before class, and then stretching myself even more on the chair, poor Frito just didn't have enough to fill the hungry void. The bulging ball of muscle would pop into my cunt with a sharp punching sensation and just as quickly pop back out. It was driving me a little insane actually because I'd never experienced anything like that before. It was like someone taking a plunger to my pussy and jamming it back and forth really quickly ... except better!

How long the dog could keep fucking me like that, I had no idea and even if I did, my brain was so far gone it wouldn't have mattered. All I knew was that I never wanted him to stop. We could set an all time record for the world's longest fuck and be on television and sign autographs and give interviews and be famous and...

"Ohhhh noooo!" I groaned as Frito finally just rammed his cock as far inside me as he could possibly get it and let loose with a torrent of dog cum. I guess he'd been feeling good too, so I couldn't really blame him, but... "No! Fuck! Fuck me! Don't stop now!" I yelled, rolling my hips and grinding my pussy around his prick. I could feel his semen flooding my womb and that felt good, but I need some more of that awesome in and out motion.

Frito was finished though. He left his cock inside me for a minute or two, giving me one last great cum to praise God for, but then he pushed himself off my back and dragged his still spurting prick out of my quivering sex with a dull, wet plop. That was pretty frustrating! I wanted to lay there like a limp lump of fucked up cum dump, wrapped around the knot and contemplating the meaning of my wanton existence as the sublime afterbirth of a misogynistic deity named God ... But all I could do was moan weakly, finger my barely sated hole, and wonder what I'd done to deserve a monster fuck that!

I'd do it again in a heartbeat, you know?

Halfway to my next class, Midnight caught up with me finally. He was a good dog and an awesome boyfriend, but he could get jealous too. Black labs are like that. I mean, they're amazingly good natured, very friendly and outgoing, but once they get attached to someone ... Watch out! They're huge attention hounds!

"Where have you been?" I frowned at him. "Look at me! I'm a mess!"

"I'll say!" Ms. Hagen, the school janitor said. "Look at my floor!"

"Uhhh..." I looked behind me.

"You leave a trail like a snail," the woman said unhappily, standing with her hands on her hips, legs spread sorta defiantly, and the zipper of her blue coveralls down to her belly button and beyond.

Did I ever mention my thing for uniforms?

"Do you expect me to follow you around with a mop all day?" she asked and I didn't really have an answer for her.


A large dollop of dog semen fell out of my pussy onto Ms. Hagen's once pristine floor and she took a deep breath. I looked away from the woman's hazel eyes and found myself staring at her luscious tits as they threatened to spill free completely. The zipper inched its way south everytime she took one of those deep breaths, you know? And Ms. Hagen wasn't wearing any underwear, or at least none I could see as a hint of brown pubic hair caught my eye.

"I'm sorry," I said, glancing at Midnight as he sniffed the small puddle suspiciously.

"Not yet you're not," Ms. Hagen declared. She crooked a finger at me. "Come on. Let's go, missy."

"Um ... Go where?" I asked as I reluctantly followed her heart-shaped ass down the hallway, retracing the trail of goo I'd left behind.

"My office," she said, pushing open the door of the girls bathroom.

"Oh!" I nodded, as if that made any sort of sense.

"It's easier to clean you than it'll be to clean the floor all day," Ms. Hagen told me. "Up here..." she patted one of the porcelain sinks, " ... and spread your legs."

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