Oh, Grandpa!

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My introduction to sexual pleasure came from my grandfather. You'll see why I love him so very much.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Grand Parent   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

When I was fifteen, almost sixteen, my grandparents, my Mom's mom and dad, had invited me to come and visit them for three weeks during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in high school. Though I love both my sets of grandparents, these were my favorites, they were older, of course, but they didn't act old, they just seemed younger than most.

So, I flew to visit them and my grandpa and grandma picked me up at their airport, grandma is still working, she's a nurse practitioner, my grandpa's retired. But it was Sunday so we got my bag and soon drove home where I was put up in the guest room just down the hall from their room.

The next morning, I got up just dying to pee and went in the bathroom and as I opened the door, I realized someone was in the shower. There was another bathroom downstairs but I knew I couldn't make it in time so I quietly lifted the lid, lowered the boxer shorts I usually slept in, sat down and let it all run out of me. I could see that it was my grandpa in the shower, I knew my grandma had to work, and his outline showed up on the frosted glass from the light shining through the window in the shower.

He was under the spray and, as I was finishing, I stood up, silently lowered the lid without flushing, then heard what sounded like a slapping sound from the shower. His back was toward me so I couldn't tell what it was and quickly left.

I went and got a robe on to go down and have a shower of my own and, in the hall, noticed that the door to their room was slightly ajar and I peeked in.

There was my grandpa, naked on his bed. Then his hand reached down and took his penis and began rubbing it. I'd never seen a man's penis before, not even my dad's, not even any boy's, and I saw it grow as he rubbed it up and down. As fascinated as I was watching him, I didn't dare get caught so I went right in and showered.

Over breakfast, I sat there wondering about the sounds from the shower, so I screwed up my courage and asked him if he was all right.

"What do you mean, princess?"

"I ... um, I heard some sounds from the bathroom a while ago and was hoping that you're all right."

"Oh, that. Don't you know what I was doing, Susan?"


"Well, um, maybe I'll show you in the morning. Now, though, we need to get ready to do the weekly shopping, I've got some menus planned out and you and I can do some cooking today."

That was one thing my grandfather really liked to do, cook. And he was good at it, too. I liked to cook as well so we always spent a lot of time together in the kitchen.

The next morning, I was drowsing in bed, half awake, half asleep, when there was a knock on my door.

"Come in," I said knowing it must be my grandpa.

The door opened and I looked up and there was my grandfather standing there naked, his penis standing out, hard and pointing upward. Now my grandfather is not old and bent-over and fat. No, he stood there trim and solid, his dick surrounded by smooth skin as he asked me if this morning I wanted to watch what he was doing the morning before in the bathroom. I wondered about him not having any pubic hair, maybe men got bald down there when they got older, I didn't know. Then he said for me to get up and come with him.

"Um, grandpa, I've just got boxers on, it's all I wear to bed."

"Come on, Susan, you see what I wear to bed, right? What's a pair of boobies? If you want to watch I'm ready," and he turned and I got up and followed him into their room.

He sat on the bed, opened the drawer of the nightstand and took out a small bottle, then laid down and patted the bed next to him.

"Come close, Susan, you need to learn these things, girl, you're almost sixteen now. Have you masturbated a boy yet?"

Omigod, what a question. But, he seemed to expect an answer so I told him no, I hadn't.

"Well, you watch," he said as he dribbled some of the liquid on the head of his penis and began moving his hand up and down.

"See, it's really pretty simple. Right on the top is where it feels the best, that and right here underneath," he told me as he pointed to the tip, then to the area right below on the underside.

"This is what guys do when they want to have the enjoyment of sex when there's not a nice willing lady around," he told me as he is hand went up and down. "So, you haven't seen a guy cum?"

"No, I know what it is but I've never seen it happen."

"Would you like to make it happen? You can do this for me if you want to."

Well, it sure seemed sexy and I knew it makes guys happy when they get it done that way, I'd listened to a number of my friends talking about how they did it to their boyfriends, so I reached over as he let go and I took over for him.

Wow was this sexy. Now, you might think that masturbating my grandfather wasn't the most erotic thing there is but, remember, I'd had little sexual experience, none really, and this was pretty thrilling to hold a grown man's cock in my hand and jack him up and down. Remember, it's all new to me.

"Am I doing it okay?" I asked and he said it was feeling wonderful, lots better than when he did it.

"It's kind of fun, Grandpa, it really makes you get hard, huh?"

"Well, it helps to have such a sexy young girl doing it, one whose little boobs look so nice."

I reached down to his hand and brought it up, telling him, "You can touch them, I'd like that," and his hand rubbed over them, then his fingers rolled my nipple around as he asked, "If you bend over, honey, I'll suck them for you," and I leaned down to place a nipple on his lips as he began to suck.

Every suck was thrilling as it sent a little tingle right to my pussy which I began rubbing with my other hand. I had never been so sexed-up in my life. Even going to a friend's house and watching porn on her computer as we both rubbed ourselves silly.

This was better, oh, so much better, it was really sex. Sex with a man.

My heart was racing as he sucked my nipple while I jacked him off. I'd seen it on the internet but doing it, really holding a real, live, hard dick and doing it, doing it myself, well, that was so hot.

"Mmm, nice, honey, you're making grandpa feel so good," he moaned.

"You're making me feel pretty good, too," I told him as he sucked and sucked as we lay there together on his bed.

"Pay attention now, Susan, you're gonna make me cum, it's really close, watch how it comes out," he warned me and just seconds later, shot after shot came pumping up out the end and falling back down on my hand and wrist and his abdomen.

"Oh, wow, it really shoots like I saw on the internet, really cool. Did it feel good, grandpa?"

He lifted up off my breast and kissed me right on the lips pressing tightly against me in a kiss unlike any he had ever given me before but I think I earned this kiss.

"Yes, baby, you made your grandpa feel really good. You see all this stuff. This is what has a man's sperm in it, you've learned that, right? It's what makes a woman pregnant. Except your grandpa doesn't have any sperm in his. I had an operation a long time ago so I don't have any sperm in my cum. That way I don't need a condom or the woman doesn't need to be on the pill or use a diaphragm."

Then, he asked, "Do you masturbate?" I felt my face grow warm, I really didn't understand why, after all I'd just jacked-off my grandpa.

"Um, I sometimes rub myself there and I've put, uh, a finger up inside."

"Do you rub your clit?"

"Some of my friends talk about their clit but I'm always too embarrassed to ask about it. It's inside, I guess, right?"

"No, sweetie, here, slip these off and I'll show you. You really need to know how to make yourself feel good. You're certainly old enough now," and I raised up and slid my boxers off.

He leaned over and touched me between my legs, sending a shock right through me.

"I'll be gentle, honey, spread open a bit," he asked and his fingertip began rubbing right at the top of my pussy, right about where my slit began below the fine tufts of blond curls.

He pressed down and it really began to feel good.

"I can see you're liking this, right?"

"Oh, yeah, it's really good. So my clit is right there? I don't see anything but it sure feels good."

"Let me rub a little more and I'll show you. It should swell up some so you can feel it and even see it clearly."

I was looking down as his fingers rubbed in the wet slipperiness I was making and it was feeling so good, lots better than I'd ever made myself feel. Now I realized what some of my friends were talking about when they get off, that they have wild, screaming orgasms. Mine had always felt good but, oh, my grandpa was making me feel so much better than ever before.

I felt how warm my face was and, looking down, I could see my boobs and especially the area of my chest just above was flushed a bright pink.

"Now, feel right here, honey, see that knob, that little bump, see how it feels? Rub it yourself, get right on it," he said as he led my hand down between my legs.

"Oh, it feels so good. It's never been that big."

"It's like a guy's penis, Susan, it swells up when you rub on it and get it all excited. Just keep rubbing and you'll have a terrific orgasm."

"Would you keep doing it, Grandpa, it feels so good when you do it," I asked as I widened open more for him. I was still holding his penis in my hand, moving it slowly back and forth, knowing it was making him feel nice. I had several girlfriends who told me about doing this for their boyfriends and how much they liked it. I even had one friend who told me she did it for her little brother.

His hand went back and began making me feel so good again. I also reached up and pulled his head back down to my boob so he could do that, too, they both were making me feel better than I'd ever felt before. He was showing me how to feel so good.

"Mmm, feel good, baby? Making my little girl feel real good?"

"Yeah, better than I've ever done on my own, you've really shown me how to do it. I love how you're making me feel. I'm just tingly all over, especially down there," I nodded to where his fingers were making me so hot.

"Well, baby girl, there'll be many nights when you'll be by yourself and this is just what you need to know to make yourself happy."

"Oh, it's ... omigod, oh, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, UUH, UUH, umm, mmm, oh, grandpa, I've never, ever had one like that. Oh, you really know a lot about sex, even how to get me off so good. That was way better than I've ever done. Thank you for showing me about my clit. That's amazing," and I leaned up and kissed him as our tongues played with each other in our mouths. I was still holding his penis, it was so nice that I really didn't want to let it go.

Chapter 2

"Have you ever thought about shaving here, Susan?" he asked as he petted my pussy, my blond curls all dampened down with my juices.

"Oh, I know some of my friends are. I do under my arms now and my legs once in a while. But, well, no, I haven't tried there. I guess there's no one to see me there but me. Oh, and you, Grandpa. Maybe I should for you, huh?"

"Would you like to have me shave your pussy for you, little angel?"

"Grandpa, I love it when you use those kind of words, it makes me feel so sexy and grown up. I guess you could do it, do you like girls better shaved?"

"I think it looks nicer and fresher. And it's lovely to see and kiss. I'll be glad to do it if you want?"

He really said that, kiss, he said kiss. On a girl's pussy. Oh, I was so hot.

Then, I asked him, "Shave or kiss, grandpa?" laughing because I knew he meant shaving but I was teasing him about kissing me there.

I knew about oral sex, some of my friends were having their boyfriend kiss them there and they all said how hot it felt. Well, I was learning a lot about sex and this might just be worth trying as I told him that, yes, I'd like for him to shave me.

So, we went into his bathroom and he had me sit up on the counter, he put a towel down first so I wouldn't get my butt cold he told me, then he got his shave cream and razor and crouched down.

"Open up, Susan, we're gonna make you look all hot and sexy, girl," he said as he sprayed the foam on his hand and began spreading it on me. Then he glided the razor down my abdomen in smooth strokes, whisking off the fine curly hair and had me put my feet up on the counter and lean back as he shaved my pussy lips.

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