The Pantyhose Rapist
Chapter 4

Copyright© 2011 by Michele Nylons

Thriller Sex Story: Chapter 4 - A serial rapist is operating in the city and SVU are stymied and unable to get a single clue to his identity despite him leaving bodily fluids on and in his victims. Detective Mike Harris and his partner Sergeant Janine Munner are working the case but she does not know that her partner, Mike Harris, is the Pantyhose Rapist, nor does she know he intends to rape the daughter of his latest victim. And she definitely doesn’t know he intends to rape her; his own partner!

Caution: This Thriller Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Lolita   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Blackmail   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Mystery   Cuckold   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Size   BBW   Leg Fetish   Teacher/Student   Public Sex   Caution   Violent   Workplace   School  

"A re-enactment? Are you fucking crazy!" Michele Bouvier hissed into her phone.

"Look, I know it's a big ask; but we have nothing to go on. Forensics is not giving us anything but maybe we can use a re-enactment to establish this guy's MO. What we record during the re-enactment may help convict this guy when we finally arrest him; a pattern of behaviour will add greatly to any circumstantial evidence we might gather," Mike pleaded.

"But it won't be shown on TV, not on Crime Stoppers or such; it will be anonymous?" Michele asked.

"The only people who will see the re-enactment will be a Grand Jury and the jury hearing the case against your attacker in a closed court Mrs Bouvier," Mike encouraged her.

"What would you want me to do?" Michele asked.

"Simply retrace your movements on the night of the crime; we would ask that you dress the same, act the same, and retrace your steps to the best of your ability," Mike answered.

"Just as far as the workshop; I couldn't do more than that, I couldn't go inside," Michele said.

"Myself and my partner, Sergeant Munner, will be there with you all the way. Nothing will happen to you," Mike explained.

"Ok I'll do it!" Michele replied, she was apprehensive but would do anything to help the police catch the man who had raped her.

Mike went on to explain the details of the re-enactment.

The day before, Mike had gone to great lengths to convince his partner that a re-enactment of the crime might help. It was all part of a very dangerous plan he was hatching but the Bouvier women had him entranced and he had thought long and hard about what he was going to do them. This part of his plan was intrinsic to his overall goal of fucking the two Bouvier women at the same time.

"Janine; we have no forensics that are working for us! Probably only half of his victims have reported the crime and their testimony is shaky because most of them won't go into great detail; but certain elements of the crime link this guy as the Pantyhose Rapist! Mrs Bouvier has been very honest with us about what her attacker did to her and that establishes a pattern. If we get this guy, his MO will link him to all the reported rapes so far!" he pleaded.

"It's a long shot but if the Bouvier woman will go along with it I'll endorse it. It will have to be a small team, just you me with a video and audio setup, and I can't be out at the re-enactment much after nine o'clock because I have a previous appointment," Sargent Janine Munner explained to her junior partner.

'Probably a carpet-muncher party, ' Mike thought.

"If I can convince her to do it, is it worth the effort?" Mike wanted to ensure his partner was complicite should something go wrong.

"Sure; give her a call and see if she'll play ball; you seem to have developed a rapport with the woman," Janine said and went back to perusing the pile of thick files on her desk.

And so Mike had called Michele Bouvier and requested she participate in a re-enactment of the night he had raped her. His cock was rock hard throughout the telephone call, especially when he had gone into the details of what was expected of her. And so two nights later, he and Janine Munner sat in a railway carriage watching Michele Bouvier as she travelled home. They were filming her on a small digital camera and Mike was carrying his small digital voice recorder. He had taken a Viagra an hour ago and was rock hard inside his suit trousers.

As per Mike's instructions she had dressed in similar clothes to the outfit she had worn the night she had been raped. She was wearing a grey pinstriped business suit, skirt and jacket combination. She wore a dark green satin blouse, black high-heeled sandals and expensive taupe control-top pantyhose. She was sophisticatedly accessorised with gold jewellery, earings and watch, red-painted fingernails and toenails and wore plenty of makeup.

Her clothes were a tight fit on her large frame. Her breasts pushed against her blouse and jacket, and her skirt clung to her thighs; her skirt had ridden up her legs and the darker welts of her control-top pantyhose peeked below the hem. Her nylons were expensive, and the sheer lycra-nylon shimmered in the bright lights of the railway carriage; Mike's cock pulsed as he stared at her legs.

Michele Bouvier had her notebook computer open, just as she had on that fateful evening; but her mind was elsewhere. She hadn't realised the re-enactment would effect her emotions this much. She was reliving that fateful evening, her breathing was ragged, her mind racing with conflicting emotions of fear, shame, anger and lust. Yes lust! She couldn't lie to herself and deny that she hadn't responded to the rapist's vile ministrations. She was wearing red satin full-cut panties just like she had on the night she was raped and a tiny wet patch dampened the crotch. Her vagina was warm and clammy.

She glanced across at Detective Harris and recalled how he had held her in his arms and comforted her when her husband had lost his temper and knocked the coffee from her hands and stormed from the room during their second interview with police. She also recalled how his cock had thickened against her body and how she had kissed him gently on the lips. The wet blotch in her underwear began to spread.

Janine Munner operated the camera but her mind was elsewhere. Her life-partner was attending an important cocktail party where she was to be presented with an award. She looked anxiously at her watch. She had to be there at nine-thirty and it was close to nine o'clock now.

One stop away from her station Michele closed down her notebook and dropped it into her new black leather shoulder bag. She looked over at the detectives.

"I stood up here, ready to get off," she explained.

Janine nodded and waved for her to carry on with the re-enactment. Michele stood up and held onto the post next to the door; Mike ogled her just as he had on that fateful evening, his eyes crawled over her body in anticipation.

Michele stepped off the train when it stopped and strode purposely down the almost deserted station, her high-heels clicking and clacking on the bitumen platform, the sound echoing off the tiled walls. She was shaking and tears had formed in her eyes. She willed herself not to cry. She approached the workshop door and then lost control and fell against the wall and began to heave.

"This is it! It happened inside that workshop!" she sobbed.

Janine snapped off the video camera.

"Thank you Mrs Bouvier; you have been very brave. I can guarantee you that if we catch this guy there is a good chance this re-enactment will help convict him," she said agitatedly looking at her watch.

"Look I'm sorry but I have very important appointment; Mike will escort you home; his car is parked in the car park."

Janine stroked Michele's upper-arm in a comforting manner and then strode purposely away obviously in a hurry. Just as Mike had hoped she would.

"Bitch!" Michele hissed.

"Come; sit down for a bit," he led Michele to a nearby bench.

"She does have a very important gathering to attend; but she could have been a little more subtle," he smiled.

"Are you ok?" he looked into her heavily mascared hazel eyes sympathetically.

"I'm fine, just a little shaken. I didn't realise all these emotions would well up inside me," she replied and offered a shaky smile.

"You were very brave," Mike said shaking a cigarette out of a packet of Marlboro Lites.

He lit it and then offered it to Michele who took it in her trembling fingers and took a deep drag. Mike lit one for himself and sighed, he leaned against the back of the bench. They sat in silence on the deserted platform for a while and smoked.

"Harold would kill me for smoking this," she smiled wanly.

"Yeah; I'm sorry to hear about you separating from your husband," Mike sympathised.

"Fuck him! How can he be jealous of a rapist?" she began to cry.

Mike crushed out his cigarette and put a comforting arm around her and she leaned her head on his shoulder. She took a last drag of her cigarette and dropped it on the ground and crushed it with her shoe. Mike stared at her nylon-clad foot shod in her black high-heeled sandals; he breathed in her perfume.

"He made me like it you know," Michele murmured.

"What?" Mike asked, confused as to what she meant.

"The rapist. He made me like it. He made me orgasm," she whispered.

"I'm so ashamed," she sobbed.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of. I hear about it sometimes in my job; it's just your body reacting to a stimulus, you can't control it. He forced you and you didn't want to, but your body responded. It doesn't mean you liked it and it was still rape," Mike consoled her.

Michele lifted her head and gently kissed him on the lips.

"You're nice Mike," she smiled through teary eyes.

Mike smiled back; his erection was tenting his pants and he was glad she was looking at his face and couldn't see it.

"You know what? Fuck it! Let's go into the workshop and I'll show you what happened. I've gone this far I might as well go all the way with the re-enactment. I want you to get this guy and want you to convict the asshole!"

"Are you sure?" Mike asked surprised at her resolve but secretly ecstatic that his plan was working.

"It might be cathartic," Michele replied.

"I need to get over this and I want to help you as much as I can," she resolvedly.

She stood up and held out her hand. Mike stood and took her hand in his and she led him to the workshop door. She took a deep breath.

"Ok let's go inside," she reached for the door handle but it was locked.

"Shit!" she said.

Mike pulled out a key ring and unlocked the door. Michele looked at him, more than a little surprised.

"Cops carry keys to all the municipal buildings?" she asked a little incredulously.

Mike smiled.

"No but I have a copy for this door because it's still a crime scene."

"Oh," she smiled.

Mike opened the door and they both entered the musty workshop. Michele began to shiver and Mike squeezed her hand. He surreptitiously slid his hand into his coat pocket to ensure the digital voice recorder was still recording. It was!

"You ok?"

"Sure; let's get this over with," she replied.

Michele pointed to the workbench. He did it to me there; against that bench. Mike just nodded sagely but his cock was throbbing.

"He was wearing a stocking mask, but he had cut a hole in it for around his lips. I suppose that was so he could kiss me," she shuddered.

"He kissed you?" Mike asked; knowing full well he had.

"Yes. I didn't like it at first; but later..." her voice trailed off.

"He held the knife to my throat and made me turn around like this."

Michele turned her back to him and leaned over the workbench. She spread her legs and Mike stared wantonly as her skirt stretched taunt against her ample ass; his eyes followed her legs, her sheer pantyhose glistened in the harsh light of the fluorescent globes.

"So he raped you like this?" Mike said, his throat dry.

He moved behind her and she looked back over her shoulder at him and he could see the lust in her eyes.

Michele's vagina was moist and steamy, she was getting aroused re-enacting what had happened to her in this workshop. She couldn't help it, she was becoming very horny as the memories came flooding back.

"No, he em ... he got very close behind me and he ... he put his hand under my skirt," Michele whispered.

Mike took the cue and slid a hand under her skirt and stroked her leg from calf to thigh, revelling in the luxurious feel of her silky pantyhose. Michele shuddered.

"Like this?" Mike groaned.

"MMMMmmm yes; like that. Then he rubbed his penis on my buttocks; I could feel it through the material of my skirt and his trousers."

Mike pushed his engorged member against her butt.

Michele could feel Mike's erection rub against her through her skirt, just like the rapist had done.

They stayed like that for a little while; Michele leaning against the bench while Mike dry humped her large round ass. Michele's panties became wetter and Mike could feel pre-seminal fluid leaking from the eye of his cock.

"He ordered me to open my legs and he kicked my heels to try to get my legs apart but my legs wouldn't open any wider because my skirt was too tight," Michele said, her voice thick with lust.

"He tore my skirt open at the back-seam and kicked my legs open," she went on.

"I don't think we have to be that precise about the re-enactment," Mike smiled, still rubbing his cock against her soft round ass.

Michele pushed back against him and wriggled her butt.

"I want you to. I want you to tear off my skirt and do me right here, right now, just like that bastard did! I want you to fuck me Mike, but this time I'll enjoy because I want you to, not because I'm being forced to!"

"I want to take back control of my life; I want the memories of my rape replaced by the pleasurable memories of you fucking me," Michele sighed.

Little did Michele realise she was asking the man who had raped her in this workshop to do it all over again! Mike was hoping to seduce Michele tonight but this going far beyond his wildest dreams. He decided to oblige her.

He reached down and tore the back-seam of her skirt and the two halves of her skirt hung from her waist framing her legs. She was wearing her panties over her pantyhose, just like on the night he had raped her.

The same magnificent sight greeted him. The large globes of Michele's ass-cheeks stretched the fabric of her red satin full-cut panties tight across her buttocks. Michele spread her legs wider for him.

"He dry-humped me like this Mike; what my daughter calls a panty-pop," Michele wriggled her ass against Mike's groin.

Mike unzipped his fly and extracted his rampant penis. Michele leaked more juices into her panties when she heard his fly unzip and felt the girth of Mike's penis press against her rump.

Mike pushed his groin against Michele's plump buttocks and began to dry fuck her ass. He revelled in the feel of the sleek satin rubbing against his sensitive glans. He lifted the leg opening of Michele's panties and slid his cock inside them and nestled it in the crease of her buttocks. He rubbed his cock along the crevice of her ass, the base of his penis sliding over her pantyhose; the glans sliding under her satin panties. He pushed down with his hand so his cock remained wedged in Michele's ass-crack whilst the fabric of her pantyhose and panties encased his throbbing cock.

"Oh my god, this is just what he did to me; just what you are doing now," Michele moaned.

Mike answered with a groan. Mike fumbled with his belt and dropped his pants; he unbuttoned his shirt and threw his jacket on the bench making sure the digital voice recorder was close enough to record every sound they made.

"He came on my body then; he came on my backside. That's why there was so much semen on my panties when they took it them for forensic examination," Michele explained between groans.

Her cunt was dripping secretions into her panties, it was inflamed and itched; wantonness spread through her body like wildfire. She wanted to be fucked!

"Don't come on me Mike; come in me! Fuck me! Fuck me like the harlot I am!" Michele squealed and spun around.

She kissed Mike fervently and drove her tongue deep into his mouth and lifted her ass up on the bench and locked her legs around his waist and pulled him to her.

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