It's the Thought That Counts

by nakdsub

Copyright© 2011 by nakdsub

Fiction Story: What do you do when your wife wants to join a swingers club?

Tags: Heterosexual  


This story has no sex or violence. It is in direct contrast to the thousands of stories I see, where the first thought a guy has after seeing his wife with another man is, how hard his own dick is.

I know there are many men out there who share in that fantasy, if not in reality. But I believe there are many more who believe as I, in the sanctity of marriage.

This is a story just for them.

I sincerely hope I get a lot of feed back from this and I hope you enjoy the story.



It was about a week and a half after our 4th of July cook out. We have a nice big yard in back so we put on quite a spread every year. We always invite the whole neighborhood, even if we don't normally socialize with some of them during the rest of the year. As usual, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was a great event.

But that was several days ago now. This was a nice, lazy Sunday afternoon. My wife Cathy, and I had gone out earlier to do some shopping and had lunch at the mall. We had nothing more planned and I was looking forward to a relaxing day in front of the TV.

That's, of course, when the door bell rang. I started to get up from my seat but Cathy was almost there already. I approached as she open the front door. I was a little surprised to see Harry Scott. He and his wife Barbara was one of the couples at our cook out. We didn't associate with them much otherwise. They were members of a swinger's club in the city and I didn't much care for that so I just never really buddied up to them.

Cathy was all smiles and invited him in. I'm not unfriendly so I invited Harry to have a seat in the living room. Right away Cathy asked if he would like a beer. That was my first clue that something was going on. We never kept beer, or any liquor for that matter, in the house. If any of my friends were coming over for a few drinks, they always knew to bring it with them. Either that or I would go to the store a few blocks down and buy some, but I never had it on hand.

He accepted and Cathy went into the kitchen and got one for Harry as well as one for me. Harry was already sitting in the chair kitty corner from the couch and I was sitting on the couch. I thanked Cathy for the beer and was again surprise when she sat next to me on the couch. Usually she is bored with man talk and will find something else to do. She leaned forward and I could tell by her body language that she was a little anxious.

Harry started to talk. "Jim, I'm sure you've heard all the rumors about Barbara and me." He smiled. I was about to tell him I didn't judge but he continued before I had a chance. "Well, they're true. Barbara and I are members of a swing club. We've been doing this for about a year now and we love it. We love each other very much but this gives us both a chance to experience sex with others. It's always with the knowledge and consent of the other and gives our own sex life a real boost. Hell, every time we come back from the club we fuck like rabbits for hours."

"Harry," I had to interrupted him, I really didn't want to listen to this. I didn't care about his sex life and I didn't want him using language like that in front of my wife. I guess I was getting a little angry. "I really don't care what you and your wife do. Was there another reason why you came over?"

"Jim," Harry said, "now don't get angry. I can see it in your face and I'm not here to make you angry."

"Then just why are you here?" I asked.

"Well, Cathy approached us at the cook out and was asking some questions, that's all."

I looked over to my wife in utter shock! She looked back at me with a kind of sheepish grin. We were both in our early thirties when we married. I had been a confirmed bachelor to that point. Cathy had been engaged before meeting me, but her fiancé' broke it off when Cathy found out she could never have children. When I met her I fell head over heels in love. I didn't care about children, I just wanted her.

"Don't look so shocked Jim," Harry was talking again. "A lot of married couples experience sex with others. It certainly has made my own marriage stronger."

I was really getting to like this guy less and less. "Jim," he continued, "don't you want to see Cathy happy?"

I looked at her sitting beside me. So far she hadn't said a word. "You're not happy making love with me?" I asked her directly.

"Of course I am honey. I love having sex with you, it's just that ... well, it might be fun for both of us to try sex with some one else, just for a change that's all. Don't you see, it would just be sex. It wouldn't mean we don't love each other, and it would make our marriage stronger."

Harry interjected again, "Jim, think of this way, if Cathy loved to dance a variety of different dances and you only knew one of those dances, wouldn't you want to see her enjoying herself dancing with other guys who knew the other dances?"

"No Harry I wouldn't. I would expect Cathy to teach me the other dances so we could enjoy doing them with each other."

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