The First Time

by Many-Eyed Hydra

Copyright© 2011 by Many-Eyed Hydra

Horror Sex Story: A young man goes to a massage parlour to get rid of his virginity and gets entangled in the deadly embrace of a succubus. Can he escape with his life and soul...?

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Magic   Horror   Paranormal   FemaleDom   First   Caution   Prostitution   .

JT Suggs left the note on the counter and walked out of the house. He walked past nice but bland suburban houses as he left his quiet cul-de-sac and turned down the road that led into the centre of town. He walked down leafy lanes alongside a seldom-used railway line. In the centre, opposite the shining glass edifice of the local Tesco supermarket, he hopped on a bus to the neighbouring, bigger town. At the main bus station there he caught another bus that was heading out to an anonymous district on the fringe of the town centre. He didn't have a map; he'd already memorized the route after looking it up on the internet.

JT's heart thudded in his chest as took his seat on the second bus. He trembled with a barely suppressed cocktail of excitement and trepidation. He'd been struggling to keep it all in since he'd made that phone call at lunchtime and been aroused by the seductive, velvet voice he'd heard on the other end.

He was finally going to do it.

The bus reached his stop. He got out, walked down the busy street, turned left and then left again, entering a plain little back street. He identified the door right away. The number was painted on the burgundy surface in white paint. The door was slightly ajar.

JT's heart pounded in his ears.

He walked right by, continuing almost to the point where the side street opened out into the main thoroughfare again. He turned around, walked back, passed the slightly ajar door again.

Yes or no? He wasn't forced to. He could walk back to the stop, catch the bus and return home.

No! He was fed up of having it hanging over him.

Heart pounding, pulse pumping, hands trembling, JT walked up to the door, drew in a deep breath, pushed it open and stepped inside. A small hallway led to a staircase and then up to another short corridor that terminated in a plain white door with an intercom on the wall next to it. Pictures on the walls of beautiful models with come-hither eyes and dressed only in skimpy underwear gave more of an indication of this establishment's function.

JT pressed a button on the intercom. He heard a buzzing sound and a click as the door was unlocked from the other side. The door swung open and JT was greeted by an attractive, busty girl wearing nothing but a skimpy black negligee. Very busty, JT thought, unable to stop his gaze slipping down to the impressive curves of her chest.

"Welcome to Sinful Delights," the girl said. She smiled at JT.

JT mumbled back. His tongue felt like it had swelled up to twice its size and soaked up all the moisture in his mouth. He followed the girl inside.

Beyond both the exterior and interior door, the massage parlour saw no need to mask its presence anymore. JT walked into an open room with a leather sofa against one wall and a stripper's pole in the corner. The walls were decorated with lurid neon tubes twisted into 'XXX' signs and the outlines of sexy devil girls. The room was dim and everything was tinged red in the low light.

Two girls sat on the sofa. One was a blonde with long silky hair and a frilly white blouse, the other was an extremely busty girl with flame-red hair. The redhead wore a tight-fitting, shiny black PVC catsuit. All three girls looked like they'd stepped fresh from the set of a high-class porn flick.

JT had a mental checklist of items that needed to be satisfied for him to go through with this. One of them was the girl needed to have a minimum standard of good looks. If he was going to pay for it, it had to be with a girl he wouldn't be ashamed of picking up in a meat market after a night on the pull.

JT didn't pick up girls at the local meat market after a night on the pull. He wouldn't be here if he could. The principle was still the same. If he wouldn't be interested in the girl if they met under disco lights, why would he want to pay for it with her?

All three were way hotter than any girl he'd have a chance of speaking to under disco lights.


"I'm Sally," the girl who'd led him in said. "This is Mint and Asami," she gestured first to the blonde and then the redhead. "We're all available at the moment."

Both Mint and Asami smiled at JT. Their full, glossy lips glistened in the low red light.

That was another checkbox on JT's list. He wanted the girl to seem interested. He didn't want anyone who looked bored, disinterested or miserable.

The two girls pouted seductively at JT and pushed out their chests, accentuating their already impressive busts.

JT gulped.


"Who would you like?" Sally asked.

JT honestly didn't know. He thought this part would be straightforward. There'd be one girl that ticked his boxes and he'd pick her. He hadn't expected to find three girls way way better than his expectations. What did he want? Sweet, filthy, girlfriend experience, porn star ... He hadn't given it much more thought than getting laid. Maybe they had specialities he could ask about? JT paused while he tried to make up his mind.

"I'll take him," Asami said, standing up from the sofa.

Wasn't he supposed to make that choice? JT thought. He didn't complain, though, as Asami took his hand and led him through a door at the back of the room. She was fucking hot. And kind of kinky in her shiny, tight black PVC.

Intimidating, but kinky.

More importantly, she looked like she knew what she was doing. Given his inexperience, it might be best if the girl took the upper hand. Asami looked like a girl who liked to take the upper hand.

She led him up some stairs--JT admired the shiny curve of her ass--and into an intimate bedroom. Like the room downstairs, the bedroom had been decorated as a neon temple to seedy pleasures. Dim lighting illuminated the psychedelic swirls on the walls. The 'bed' was a transparent orange plastic inflatable that looked somewhere in between a mattress and a beanbag.

"How long?" Asami asked in a velvet voice.


JT was too busy staring at her vinyl-covered body. She was hot. Really fucking hot. Beneath the gleaming curves of her bosom her body tapered down to a perfect wasp waist and then swelled back out into a luscious ass on top of long, lithe legs. Her PVC catsuit clung to her like a second skin and gleamed in the low light. This was his fantasy. In flesh.

"It's fifty pounds for half an hour, seventy-five for the full hour," Asami said.

JT realised it was the same velvet voice he'd heard on the phone earlier that day.

"Um, sorry," JT said. "Can we start with half an hour and see how it goes?" he asked.

"Of course," Asami said.

She switched on a stereo and the quiet strains of some kind of goth electronica with haunting female vocals added to the background ambience.

"I'm not ... very experienced at this," JT said.

Asami looked him up and down.

"First time," she said.

Was it that obvious? Yeah, JT supposed it was. Twenty-three, and still obviously a virgin. Still obviously a loser.

He nodded.

"You'll be fine." The smile she gave him was pure filth. "Now take off your clothes."

JT kicked off his shoes and unbuckled his belt.

"I didn't think I'd end up doing this," JT said. "Paying for it."

He dropped his trousers and stepped out of them.

"I'm not a heartthrob, I know that, but I thought I'd find someone. Everyone finds someone."

He'd thought that. Two years at a sixth form college, three years as an undergraduate, and now two years into his post-graduate studies hadn't borne it out.

He unbuttoned his shirt. Asami didn't offer any comments. She watched him with an amused smile on her face and a latex-gloved hand resting against her slinky hips.

"It's not the embarrassment, or the jokes, or the sense of missing out," JT explained.

Although they did get fucking annoying--and old--very quickly.

"I'm scared I'm going to meet this girl, and she's going to be just right, perfect and everything, and then we're going to go to bed together, and I'm going to fuck it all up and be all crap because I haven't had sex before, and that girl--someone I really like--is going to be gone when I wake up the next morning."

He took off the rest of his clothes.

"Does it sound bad if I say I'm doing this for practise?" he asked.

She probably thought he sounded like a loser, but was too interested in his money to let it show.

Asami's gaze dipped down to JT's crotch. She moistened her lips with her tongue.

She looked keen. He hadn't expected that. He'd expected someone a bit more ... detached. Professional. Fucking loads of different blokes all the time must get old quick; he was under no illusions there. While he would have liked to have found a prostitute that was girlfriend and porn star all rolled into one, his little checkbox was more prosaic: Gives it more enthusiasm than a corpse.

Asami definitely showed enthusiasm in her bright brown eyes. He could almost kid himself she wanted him. She must be a good actor, or maybe he was letting his own wishful desires superimpose thoughts and emotions that weren't really there.

She was still fully dressed.

"What about you?" he asked.

Her PVC catsuit looked damn hot, but it was going to make intercourse difficult, and that was what JT was here for, to get his damn cherry popped. He wasn't going to be fobbed off with a handjob, blowjob, or any of the other tricks.

"I want to go the whole way," he said.

That was another checkbox--nothing less than full vaginal intercourse. The cherry WAS going.

"You do, do you," Asami said. Her brown eyes twinkled and her moist red lips curled up in a sultry smile.

She reached between her legs and pulled down a zip, exposing the shaved valley of her sex to JT. He saw the folds of her sex--light pink on the outside and darker on the inside.

Blood rushed to his temples. He felt a little dizzy. He was going to do it. He was actually going to do it.

Asami found another zipper just below her neck. She pulled it down, exposing first the shadowy crease of her cleavage, and then pulling it further and further down, revealing more and more of the soft swell of her breasts. Free of the constraints of her tight bodysuit, they looked even bigger. The opened V of her outfit was deep enough to expose the pink circles of her nipples.

Wow. What a body, JT thought.

"Do you like what you see?" Asami pushed the soft pink curves of her boobs together.

"Yea-eah," JT replied.

He couldn't take his eyes off them. What the hell was a girl like this doing stuck in a place like this?

"I can see," Asami smirked as she glanced down at his crotch.

JT looked down. Of course he had a noticeable stiffy.

Asami took two brisk strides, placed her hands on his chest and shoved him backwards. JT fell right into the big, see-through mattress-cum-beanbag thing. It was squishy, but dry squishy. The surface felt like soft, smooth rubber and it was quite comfortable to lie in.

Asami didn't waste any time. She'd already climbed on top to straddle him. One gloved hand pressed down on JT's chest while the other reached down to stroke his twitching hard-on.

"Shouldn't I be wearing a cond--"

He didn't get a chance to finish. Asami positioned the swollen head of his cock at the entrance to her vagina and pushed her hips down, sliding his whole length inside her. She pouted her moist porn star lips and made sultry moans of pleasure as she swallowed him.

JT felt the silky smooth lining of her pussy slide against his unprotected dick. He felt pressure as her tight vaginal walls squeezed up around him. He'd barely been able to contain his excitement since entering the massage parlour and this sensation was far too much. He closed his eyes, released a little sigh and felt his hips give an involuntary twitch as he popped and spunked cum inside her.

Oh, that felt good, JT thought.

Oh, was that it?

He'd come so quickly. This was why he'd decided to give up and pay for it. How crap would it be if he'd performed like this with a girl he really loved? She'd never get into bed with him again.

"Sorry," he said. Even if Asami was a hooker, it still felt appropriate.

She paused on top of him. Her spine was arched back and up, with her head tilted to the ceiling. Her big round boobs were pushed out above JT's chest. She held that pose and JT felt a cold flash of alarm. He'd just spunked his load right up inside her pussy. Without a rubber johnny. He didn't think he was allowed to do that.

Was she going to go all ape-shit crazy on him?

No. She looked down at him with a vulpine smile on her full red lips.

"You don't need to apologise," she said, all velvet and cream. "Not at all."

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