Episode 1: Strip Coin Toss

by Naked City

Copyright© 2011 by Naked City

Flash Story: Donna Whitley, and her friends Carrie Kelly and Linda Lambert play a game for the new website that Donna's parents run. In this first game the three 14-year-olds play a game of Strip Coin Toss. The two naked losers get to race outside. The loser of that race gets to do jumping jacks.

Tags: Nudism  

"Hey, everyone! Welcome to the first episode of StripGames USA. I'm Donna. My dad and mom own and run the website. They're behind the camera. And these are my friends, Carrie and Linda."

"Hi there!", Carrie says.

"Hi!", Linda greets.

Donna continues, "And we're going to play Strip Coin Toss. We're each gonna flip coins. And since there's three of us, whoever is the odd one out loses. They lose a piece of clothing. Then the two losers get to race out in the front yard, butt naked."

"Well then, we'll make sure you lose", says Carrie.

"No, you need to lose. Besides, I'd love to see both of you running naked down the street", says Donna.

"I'll make sure you both lose", says Linda.

"Yeah right. A pure luck game? I don't think so. Anyway, let's get started, girls. Pick a coin", Donna replies. The girls each pick up a quarter to use for the game. "Okay, flip 'em." Donna flips tails. Carrie and Linda flip heads, making Donna lose some clothing. "Well, dammit!", Donna exclaims in disgust.

"Yeah!", a happy Linda says.

"Donna! You gotta take something off, girl", reminds Carrie.

"Okay. I'll take my shirt off", Donna says. The fourteen-year-old blue-eyed, brunette Donna unbuttons and removes her turquoise blouse. Underneath is a white bra covering Donna's 34C breasts. Her belly button is fully exposed. She also wears khaki pants socks, and heel shoes. Donna stands five-foot-four, weighs 123 pounds. "I hope you like."

"Oh, I do! You have nice tummy", says Carrie.

"Well, thank you. You ready to lose now?", Donna asks.

"Oh no! You're losing another one", Linda replies.

"It won't be me. It'll be you", says Donna.

Donna and Carrie flip heads, while Linda flips tails.

"Linda has to take something off", says Donna.

"Do I really got to?", Linda protests.

"Yep, that's the deal!", Donna replies.

"Can I take my shoes off first?", Linda asks.

"Yeah. That'll be okay. I just took my shirt off first since I'm used to being naked anyway", Donna says.

"Oh really?", says Carriw

"Yep. All my family are nudists, even though my parents and I are wearing clothes right now", says Donna.

Fourteen-year-old brown eyed, dark haired Linda slips her shoes off. She wears a long red t-shirt and black pants. Linda stands five-foot-seven and weighs 129 pounds. "Okay, there's my shoes."

"We'll put them in the clothes pile", Donna says as she picks up the shoes and puts them with her shirt behind her. "Ready to go again."

"Yep! Especially if you lose", says Linda.

All three girls flip heads.

"Well, it's a tie. So we just flip again", says Donna.

This time, Donna flips tails, while Carrie flips heads. Knowing she's safe, Linda flips tails and makes Carrie a loser.

"Aww ... Carrie ... okay, girl, take something off", says Donna.

"Well...", Carrie contemplates then decides on her light blue t-shirt. The fourteen-year-old blue-eyed blonde pulls the shirt up and off, over her head. Carrie sports a light blue bra and blue jeans. Like Donna, her tummy and belly button are fully exposed. Carrie stands five-foot-three and weighs 122 pounds.

"Ah, check out that sweet stomach."

"Thank you, Donna", says Carrie.

"I like it, Carrie."

"Well you ready to go again?" Donna asks.

"Yep!", Linda replies.

"Okay, let's go!", says Carrie

Donna and Carrie flip tails while Linda flips heads.

"C'mon, Linda. Off with the shirt", says Donna.

"Okay. I'll take off my shirt." Linda keeps her word and removes her red t-shirt exposing a tight tummy and a little navel, along with a white bra.

"You're not bad yourself, Linda. Nice", says Donna.

"Thanks. Ready to lose now?", Linda asks.

"Nope. I'm ready to win", says Carrie.

This time, Donna and Carrie flip heads, while Linda flips tails.

"I lost again?!"

"Yep! What'll it be now?", asks Donna.

Linda unfastens and removes her black pants, showing her black panties along with the white bra.

"Damn! Nice bod, Linda!", says Donna.

"Now let's see you all, too", retorts Linda.

On the next turn, Donna flips tails, while Carrie and Linda flip tails.

"Nice! Somebody else gets to strip", says Linda.

"That's me! Well...", says Donna as she contemplates what to take off next.

"Take your pants off", says Linda.

"Okay, I will", Donna says. She removes her khaki pants, exposing her white panties.

"Wooohooo! Check out my hot little daughter!", says mom, Cathy.

"Yep, I agree with your mom, Donna. Would love to get the rest of it off", says Carrie.

"Well, you'll have to hope it does. In the meantime, it's time for another round."

Donna flips tails, while Carrie flips heads. Linda flips tails and makes Carrie the loser.

"Okay. Don't hate me, but my shoes have to come off first", says Carrie.

"We'll give you a break", says Donna.

Carrie slips her shoes off, leaving her bra, jeans, and panties. Donna still has her bra, panties, and shoes. Linda has bra and panties.

"Strange that Donna still has shoes on", says Linda.

"Well, I can take my clothes off without removing them", says Donna.

"She's had a lot of practice", says Cathy.

"I see!", says Linda.

"Anyway, let's play on", Donna says.

Donna and Carrie flip tails, while Linda loses with heads.

"Carrie, whaddya think? Boobies or pussy?", asks Donna.

"I'd go with boobies", replies Carrie.

"Me, too", declares Donna.

"You wanna see my boobies?", asks Linda.

"Yep", affirms Donna. Linda reaches back and unhooks her bra then slips it off her front, letting her 34C breasts free. She has normal size areolas and nipples.

"Nice tits, Linda!", says Donna.

"Thank you. Glad you like them."

"One more until you're naked", Donna replies.

"Someone else has to win this time", says Linda.

"Let's see", says Donna.

Donna flips heads, and Carrie flips tails. Relieved that she can't lose, Linda flips tails, making

Carrie lose.

"Okay, Carrie, now time to drop trou", says Linda.

Carrie gets up and unfastens and removes her black pants. She then sits back down on the sofa.

"Down to bras and panties. And shoes for Donna."

"We'll have our two losers soon. But here we go again."

Donna flips tails while Carrie flips heads. Knowing she's safe, Linda flips heads and makes

Donna lose that round.

"Okay, girls, I'm gonna take my shoes off. We're down to the sexy wear."

"Now we're gonna get it off of you", says Linda.

"No, you won't!", says Donna.

"Oh yes, we will!", says Carrie.

"No you won't. Now let's play", Donna replies.

Donna and Carrie flip heads. Linda flips tails and drops her head in embarrassment and shame.

"Okay, Linda, show us what you got", says Donna.

"Do I have to?", she asks.

"Yep! Take it off!", says Donna.

Linda slips off her blue panties then covers her bare pussy with her hands.

"You won't be able to keep it covered. You have to keep playing until we have a second loser", Donna says.

"Oh, damn!" She removes her hands.

"Damn that's a cute little pussy you got", says Donna.

"Oh, you like?", Linda asks.

"Yeah! Tell you what. Stand up and slowly twirl around", Donna says.

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