Just a Date

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2011 by DG Hear

Romantic Sex Story: I wasn't sure I'd ever meet the right woman. This was just a business date.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Swinging   Interracial   School   .

Thank you to Estragon for editing this story and making it a much better read.

DG Hear

I heard that to get people interested in your story you have to do it in the first paragraph. I don't know much about writing so I guess I should do it. So, I will start out by saying I had sex with my brother's fiancée. More on this later.

My name is Dan Welling. I'm twenty-nine and still single. I was born into a wealthy family. My dad owns Welling Manufacturing. He has three plants at which we make auto parts for the car companies as well as for some businesses. Two plants are located in Michigan and one in Ohio. I have an older sister Nina who is six years older than me, and a brother Bob three years older.

Our family is fairly close but because of our age differences we all lead our own lives. Nina and Bob both graduated from the University of Michigan. Nina has a degree in Business Management and is the head of personnel in Dad's main plant. She's married with three kids. Her husband Bill is a dentist.

Bob was an athlete. He actually received an athletic scholarship for football. He had visions of going pro till an injury sidelined him in his junior year. He is now in charge of marketing in Dad's two Michigan firms.

That leaves me. I have an Engineering degree in manufacturing and a Masters Degree in Management. Right now I oversee the manufacturing operation at our Ohio plant.

In college I was what you'd call a geek. I had the smarts and learning came very easy to me. I actually received a scholastic scholarship at Michigan State. My siblings called me a traitor, but it was all in fun.

To look less geeky I went to the parties. At least every other week someone was having one. I went maybe once a month and usually to the big ones where I could more or less blend into the crowd. I knew I was underage for drinking so I just stayed with beer and only drank a couple. I met a few jocks in my classes who were having trouble with different subjects. I offered to tutor them for free. That made me some good friends and got me the invites to the parties.

I wouldn't do anyone's homework for them but helped them with their problems. I dated some in high school and even got laid a couple of times, but college was a whole new ball game. At some of the parties, sex was just like you see in the movies.

It was so brazen watching couples fuck right there in front of everyone. Some of the partiers actually were couples. How could a guy fuck his girlfriend in front of other people? I guess that was one of the big surprises for me. I always thought that someday I'd meet that special woman and we'd get married and have kids.

In my sophomore year I did find one woman that I had become attracted to. Her name was Tracy and she was a senior.

I'd seen her dating one of the jocks but they always went behind closed doors to have sex. One day Tracy came up to me and said that Rob, her boyfriend, said I was smart, actually he said I was a geek, and would I help her with two of her subjects?

She would come to my room twice a week after cheerleaders' practice. We studied and I showed her ways to remember events, dates and things like that. In mathematics we would keep going over the problems until she actually understood how to do them.

She was so good looking, as are most cheerleaders at that level. I asked her if she and Rob were serious and she told me that they weren't, but were just good friends. Her goal in life was to find a decent job, a good husband with a good position so they wouldn't have to struggle. She also wanted a few rug rats.

I never told her about my family and how wealthy they were. I didn't want anyone to know. If I found a woman I wanted it to be because she loved me, not my financial situation. I knew Tracy was a few years older than me but I was having some strong feeling for her. After one study session I leaned forward and kissed her. She didn't stop me or back away.

In fact she did the opposite and we began a make out session right there on my bed. I slipped off her shorts and panties and went down on her. She was shaved and I went right for her clit. I licked and sucked on it till I could see her juices making her wet. It wasn't long before we were fucking.

There was no booze, drugs or anything thing else involved. Just two people fucking and giving it everything they had. From that day forward we had sex after every study date. I even stopped going to parties for a couple of months. I had the woman I wanted in my own room.

The only 'I love you' came during passionate sex. We never talked about being a couple. I honestly don't know if she knew how I felt about her. I knew she talked to Rob since he played ball and she was a cheerleader. What I didn't know was, she was still having sex with him.

I went to one of the last parties of the semester. I wasn't going to go but Tracy told me she was going. I ended up showing up around midnight. I looked around for Tracy and was told she was in one of the other rooms. When I got there she was on the bed and Rob greeted me.

Tracy was having sex with a few of the football players. I was shocked to see Buck, one of the large black linemen pumping away in Tracy. Everyone around her seemed to be having a good time and she kept asking Buck for more.

Rob told me that Tracy said she wanted to go out with a big bang and was getting it. I could go next if I wanted to. I told him that I didn't think so. I tried to act tough but it wasn't easy; inside it was eating at me. I said goodbye to Rob, took a last glance at Tracy and went back to my room.

I never saw Tracy again in college after that party. She called a couple of times but I didn't answer. She graduated and I went on with my life telling myself not to get serious with any girls. It seemed they were all there to party and that's all I would do.

By my junior year I was used to seeing all the sex and even being part of it. A few of the jocks even liked to share their girlfriends. I couldn't count the number of women I'd been with. I had even become a bit of a party animal.

I didn't want to get close to any woman. Everyone I was with knew that I wasn't looking for any attachments. Especially when the women at college were with multiple men. I just couldn't see myself being with them the rest of my life. I figured I'd probably end up alone.

After graduation I talked with my dad and he asked me if I would mind working in the Ohio plant. I worked there every summer, learning the ins and outs of the business. I even worked on the assembly lines to get a feel of what we expected from our employees.

I had no problem working there. I knew a number of the employees and it was a good work force. I received my degree in Engineering and worked with upgrading the equipment. Lily, who has been with the firm for over twenty years, was my secretary. I put a lot of trust in her.

She was married with three kids. One was about to start college, another in high school and the youngest in middle school. I met her husband a number of times and they had the kind of marriage I thought about when I was younger.

I kept busy with my job as well as taking night classes to get a Masters degree in Engineering Marketing. I knew that some day I would be the plant manager here. Roy Wilson would be retiring in five years, and most everyone knew I was probably next in line to take his place.

I would see my family fairly often. We were only two hundred miles apart. The holidays were a bit rough for me. Whenever I went home, my brother always seemed to have a new girlfriend to introduce to me. My sister was already married and she seemed happy. I often wondered if she was at all wild while attending college. It wasn't something she ever talked about.

Bob on the other hand would tell you about most all his sexual adventures. He thrived on it. I probably had as much sex as he did but I never talked about it. I liked being known as the geek younger brother.

My parents would always ask me why I never brought any girls home for them to meet. It happened every Thanksgiving and most times at Christmas and New Year's.

A holiday didn't go by without them asking me if I had girlfriends or dated. Why didn't I bring anyone home for them to meet? I tried to explain to them that I did date but I wasn't that close to anyone to invite them to meet my family. If I ever found the right woman, I would be sure to invite her to Thanksgiving dinner or whatever other holiday was near.

This went on for years. Mom tried to play matchmaker a few times but it didn't work out. The women were all nice but I didn't feel the sparks or any sort of love for the women.

When I came home a few times Bob wanted to double date. I have to say I always had a pretty good time with the blind dates because if they knew Bob then I knew I would be getting laid.

I was now having sort of another problem. The women I dated knew about the company and my family's financial status. Now I had to wonder if they dated me for who I was or my bank balance. I can't knock any woman for looking out for her future, but if I married, I wanted it to be for love. I guess I'm old fashioned that way.

The following Thanksgiving I went home and got the surprise of my life. Bob brought home his latest girlfriend and it was Tracy. She smiled at me and gave me a hug. Apparently she mentioned to Bob that she had met me at State.

I had no idea what she had told him so I played it along the friendship line and we talked about me helping her with her homework.

"Dan, it's so go to see you again. I work in an insurance firm, and one day I met Bob and I couldn't believe it when he told me his brother went to State. So, how have you been? Bob said you work in the Ohio plant."

"Yep, I'm an engineer in the plant. I really like it there. I did get my degrees and everything is going well for me."

"Are you dating anyone?" asked Tracy.

"You sound like my family. They ask me the same thing every time I come home for the holidays," I replied.

"I figured you would be married by now. There were a lot of girls that liked you at State," remarked Tracy.

"You're kidding me," Bob jumped in. "You never told us you dated. I thought all you did was hit the books. In fact Tracy said if it wasn't for you she might not have graduated."

"Tracy did fine. She just had a couple of problems with a few subjects."

"So, what about this dating scene Tracy mentioned? Did you meet anyone special that you're not telling us about?" asked Bob; even Mom was sitting there interested.

"There was one girl that I fell for but she didn't feel the same way I did. We dated for a couple of months my sophomore year but it ended when I saw her with other guys at a party. She wasn't ready to be with one guy, I guess."

I saw the look on Tracy's face. She knew she was the woman I was talking about. I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable so I asked Bob how he was doing.

"I'm doing great." He put his arms around Tracy. "In fact, Tracy and I are getting married in February. I want you to be my best man." He was grinning from ear to ear. I was dumbfounded.

Mom and Dad had already known. I had to wonder if I should mention anything about having sex with Tracy or the fact I watched her getting gang banged. Should I keep this a secret from my brother? Mom was extremely happy Bob was getting married and I know it would hurt her. Mom broke the thought when she told us all it was now time to eat. I did feel a bit odd sitting across from a woman I had sex with a number of times, and now she was marrying my brother.

I did get a chance to talk to Tracy alone later in the evening. She told me she was sorry if she had hurt me but she didn't know that I cared for her that much. She did tell me that she was falling for me but knew it wouldn't last, seeing she was graduating. I told her I had seen her in her gang bang and she had tears in her eyes.

"Please don't tell Bob. I really do care for him. If he finds out he probably won't marry me."

"I take it he doesn't know we made love either, does he?"

"God no! He must never know. He gets jealous when he sees other men even talk to me. He's doing better and I know I can make him happy."

"You have my word I'll never say anything other than we studied together. I do have to tell you that you really did break my heart, but I'm it over now."

She hugged me, and moments later Bob came in the room. Luckily we were apart at the time. "Well, are you my best man or not?"

"Yes, I'll be there for you and for Tracy. I wish you both the best."

"I expect you to bring a date of your own. You have three months to find someone." He started laughing.

When I got back to the plant after Thanksgiving Lily asked me how it went. I told her I had a nice time and even ran in to an old friend. I told her Bob was getting married in February and I was the best man.

"Why so gloomy? Anything I can do?" asked Lily.

I told her that I was expected to have a date for the wedding. I explained to her even though I dated some, that it wasn't the type of women I would want to take to my brother's wedding or introduce as a possible girlfriend. I've just never met what I always called that special woman.

"That's because you don't date women that you would want to end up with. I think you're afraid of commitment. We have a lot of nice looking women here at the firm but you have never even dated one of them."

I could always talk to Lily as though she was my mom or near best friend. "Lily, I told myself when I started here that I wouldn't date employees. Work place romances can really turn out bad."

"You're right, but there have been a lot of good ones too. I guess it's how honest you are up front. You're a great guy and a have lot to offer any woman. Try dating the kind of woman you would like to be with and forget about your lounge girlfriends." She smiled at me, knowing I went out with a lot of dancers and a few professional people.

I often took escorts to sales events and business dinners. I knew I would never get serious about them. I guess the real fight I was having about dating was with myself.

When other people were around Lily always talked professionally. "Mr. Welling, Mr. Adams is verifying the dinner engagement for Thursday night. He asked if it was all right to bring his wife?"

I told her to tell him it was fine. Afterwards, I mentioned I needed an escort. If he was taking his wife I should have a date.

"Bob, Mr. Adams is a big account. His wife is a big church member. I don't think an escort will cut it this time. If I'm not mistaken isn't this meeting about on time shipping of products?"

"Yes is it. A few months ago he received three late deliveries. We let the assistant shipping manager go because of way too many errors."

"I know we hired a new person that has just been here two weeks. She spent two weeks in Michigan learning the shipping requirements. Harold, head of shipping, said she is already doing a great job and has a great on-time delivery rate. Why don't you ask her to go with you to the business dinner?"

"Who is she and why haven't I met her?"

"Her name is Laura Ames. The reason you haven't met her is because you took a week off for Thanksgiving. Would you like me to ask her to come up to the office or would you prefer to take Harold to dinner?"

"Ha-ha, just ask her if she would come up to my office. I'll ask her about the meeting. By the way, how is she to look at? I mean, crap, you know what I mean." I had to watch out for political correctness. I don't like it when I can't be totally honest with people but I guess it's what we're supposed to do.

"Dan, just for the record she has red hair and is beautiful." Lily laughed as she walked out of my office.

Just after lunch a woman came to my office. "Mr. Welling? I'm Laura Ames, I was told that you wanted to see me."

I stared at her a bit too long. I think I made her uncomfortable but Lily's description of her was right on. This woman was in a business suit and still looked sexy to me. Maybe I hadn't been out enough lately.

"Mr. Welling, is there a problem?" she asked.

Regaining my composure, I told her I was sorry; I was thinking about something else. "Please come in and sit down." I reached out and shook her hand.

I was surprised to see a wedding ring on her left hand. I wondered if Lily knew she was married. Maybe she just thought Laura would be an asset on this account, seeing she worked in shipping.

"Is it all right for me to call you Laura or would you prefer Mrs. Ames?"

"Laura's fine." She smiled at me. "Do you prefer Mr. Welling or Dan?"

"Dan is fine. Sometimes in business I'm obligated to be more formal. I guess you are wondering why I asked you to my office."

"Lily said it had something to do with my job. Am I doing something wrong?"

"God no! Just the opposite. I talked with Harold and he said you have already instituted some major changes in the short time you've been here. I was wondering if you would have dinner with me and a client Thursday night."

"Dan, I'm not dating at the present time ... I'm sorry..."

"I don't really mean a date. This is a business dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Adams. He's the account we almost lost due to late deliveries. I thought you might be able to explain the new procedures you have set up."

"Oh, I'm sorry; I feel kind of embarrassed. Of course I will go since it's company business."

"Are you sure your husband will be all right with it? It is only business, not that you wouldn't be a nice date if you weren't married. I'm sorry, I often put my foot in my mouth."

Laura laughed. "Dan, I should tell you that my husband was killed last year in Afghanistan by a land mine. I wear my wedding ring so I don't get hit on; it doesn't always deter some men."

"I'm so sorry. I promise not to do anything that would make you uncomfortable. No touching, holding hands, or anything that you deem improper." I was very serious, I wanted her to feel comfortable with me.

Laura started laughing. "Why are you laughing?" I asked.

"It's just that I never had a date where a man promised me in advance that he would totally keep hands off and no sexual innuendoes. It's nice in one way that I can trust you but not very flattering in another."

We made our arrangements for Thursday evening. I told Lily that Laura was quite the looker and seemed very smart.

"She graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Marketing. Just so you know more about her, why don't you ask her to lunch tomorrow. I don't think you want any surprises when you are with the Adams's."

I wasn't sure what Lily was doing but I would have no problem having lunch with Laura. I called her desk and her voice really sounded nice.

"Laura, this is Dan Welling. I just talked with my secretary, Lily, and she suggested we have lunch tomorrow and go over what we might tell Mr. Adams and his wife. Do you have a problem having lunch with me? It's just a lunch business date."

I could feel the sound of her smiling through the phone as she agreed to lunch the following day. When I went down to shipping I got a number of looks from some of the employees. I said hi to many that I knew. When I walked into the shipping office there was Laura getting her coat. She looked great.

I helped her with her coat and told Harold we might be a few minutes late getting back. We were discussing the Adams' account. I tried to be the gentlemen and opened the door for Laura. Some of the female employees stared at her as we were leaving. Most employees knew I never dated anyone from the business. It was just something that went through the rumor mill.

We went to a nice restaurant and sat near the back so we could talk. After ordering lunch we talked. I asked Laura if she would tell me a little about her life and about college and how she ended up coming to our plant.

"I went to Ohio State and my boyfriend worked in his parents' grocery store. Mark joined the National Guard as well. We had been together since high school. In my junior year of college we decided to get married. We could live cheaper together and we really wanted to be together.

"I got pregnant but went ahead and finished college. I missed one quarter to stay home with the baby before finishing. I got a part-time job at a local bank to help with the finances. Shortly before Amy, that's my daughter, turned two Mark was called up to go overseas.

"I was both worried and scared but he told me everything would be all right. He was killed three months later." Laura had tears in her eyes and I held her hands. It was just the natural thing to do.

"You don't have to say any more. I shouldn't have asked," I said.

"It's ok, I'm getting better but it is a sad memory. I got on full time at the bank and took care of my little girl. It was tough but I have good family members around me to help me out. I began looking for a position that would pay more money. That's when Lily told me about the opening at your plant."

"So you knew Lily before working for us?" I asked.

"Of course, silly, she's my aunt. I thought you knew that."

"No, I didn't but I'm happy she told you about the position." That also answered a few questions I had how Lily knew so much about Laura.

"Anyway, I had a local interview and then was asked if I could go to Michigan and interview with the head of human resources. I met your sister and brother. It was your sister Nina who offered me the job. I think my Aunt Lily had something to do with it."

"I wonder why Nina never mentioned it to me at Thanksgiving?" I asked.

"She did tell me to say hello to you when I met you, but that wasn't until yesterday. So, hello from Nina." Laura gave me that beautiful smile with her dimples showing. Damn, what a beautiful woman.

I knew my brother was a big flirt and wondered what he might have said to her. "How did you meet my brother Bob?"

"He was introduced to us. There were a number of new employees going through the introduction process learning about the business and what's expected of us. He was explaining the marketing part of the business to us but kept looking at me; at least it felt that way. I have to say he was quite a flirt but I mentioned to him that there was a rumor that he was getting married. I think it caught him by surprise and he didn't bother me much afterwards."

Our food came and we enjoyed our lunch. Afterwards we talked about the Adams account. I wanted to know more about Laura.

Back at work Lily was smiling at me. "So, what do you think of Laura?"

"Why didn't you tell me she was your niece?"

"I wanted you to see her objectively. She's a wonderful woman and her daughter is the cutest thing this side of heaven. You need to be with a strong willed woman and she needs to get on with her life."

I knew Lily was right. I really enjoyed talking and having lunch with Laura. Tomorrow I would be taking her to dinner. I was happy I had a reason to see her again.

When I picked her up the next evening she looked gorgeous. Dressed in a blue dress, her red hair was down to shoulder length. She smiled, showing her beautiful dimples, when she answered the door.

"Dan, this is my mother Helen, and this little girl is my pride and joy, Amy."

Laura's mom had red hair and so did little Amy. She was one cute little girl. As she walked up to me to say hi, I stooped down to say hello and she hugged me. She backed away and smiled at me. I couldn't help but give her a light kiss on the cheek. I honestly don't know what made me do it.

"Are you gonna come see us again?" asked Amy.

"I'd like to. I'll talk to your mommy about it." I stood up and told Helen it was nice meeting her, and helped Laura on with her coat.

She grabbed her folder to show the Adams's, and we left for the restaurant. Henry and Mary were already seated when we arrived. I introduced Laura and we all sat down. Henry said he took the liberty to order a bottle of wine and thought we could discuss business before dinner.

I mentioned that Laura was our new Assistant Manager in shipping and would be handling his account. She explained the new procedures she helped institute for better on time delivery. Both Henry and Mary were impressed with Laura. Needless to say, so was I.

Mary wasn't saying a lot but was watching Laura. When Laura was finished Mary said, "She is not only stunningly beautiful but very smart and articulate as well." I think Laura felt a bit embarrassed but proud as well.

"Thank you, I'll do everything I can to see that you get your deliveries on time. Harold and I have worked on these changes and are quite sure they solve our delivery problems."

"Well, thank you, young lady. I do feel much better after talking with you. Dan, I think everything will be ok. Now let's enjoy dinner," replied Henry.

As we ate dinner Mary noticed the wedding ring on Laura. "Are you married, Laura?" asked Mary.

Laura looked over at me. "Mary, Laura's husband was killed in Afghanistan last year. It's something she would prefer not to talk about I'm sure."

"God, Honey, I'm so sorry to have brought it up," replied Mary.

"It's ok, I'm working on getting on with my life. I do have an adorable three year old daughter; we're doing fine," said Laura.

Henry spoke up. "Why don't we go into the lounge and enjoy a little music?"

We all headed into the lounge and sat near the dance floor. After a couple of numbers Harold asked Mary to dance. I looked at Laura and asked her if she might like to dance also. She took my hand and we began dancing.

She smelled so good and was so light on her feet. I wanted to just put my arms around her and hug her but was trying to honor my promises. Damn it was hard. Could it even be possible to start falling for someone that quickly and easily? By the third song I was holding her closer. At least she wasn't complaining.

Afterwards, we all sat down and Harold said they had to be going. Laura said that we did too, we had to work the next day. Mary told Laura how nice it was to meet her and maybe we could all go out again sometime when it wasn't about business. Laura smiled at her and said how nice it was meeting both of them.

I walked Laura to her door. I thanked her for a wonderful evening and helped saving a good account. I was squeezing her hands at the time. She looked down at our hands and I could see the smile and dimples. It's when I remembered telling her I wouldn't touch her and I danced with her and now was holding her hands. I didn't apologize and I didn't think she wanted one.

I couldn't sleep that night. Thinking of Laura kept me awake. Why did she affect me so? I've dated women and bedded down most of them for years but none ever made me feel this insecure about myself.

The next day, I wanted to see her but felt I needed an excuse. Lily saw that I was uncomfortable and asked me what the problem was. I told her I would like to see Laura but didn't feel right just going to the shipping office. Everyone would wonder what I was doing there. I hardly ever went there, but I was there just two days ago to take Laura to lunch.

Lily laughed at me. "Dan she's getting to you, isn't she? I never saw you having a problem with women before. I've got a solution for you."

I did what Lily suggested and went and bought three dozen donuts and took them to the shipping department. I walked into Harold's office. Of course I walked by Laura's office, and she looked up at me. I did say 'Good Morning' to her. I handed the donuts to Harold and told him it was for the shipping department and for the good job they have been doing lately.

I let him know that Laura's talk with the Adams account went well and they signed a new three-year contract with us. Harold took the donuts out to his department's people, and explained why I brought them donuts. I even had their coffee vending machine put on free vend till lunch. I knew it would cost me a few bucks but it was worth it.

Everyone got their coffee and donuts. They thanked both Harold and Laura. I got a cup of coffee and a donut and sat down at Laura's desk. "Would you go to lunch with me today?" I asked.

"Is this business or a lunch date?" asked Laura.

"Whatever it takes for you to say yes."

"The rumor mill says you don't date employees. What am I to tell people?" asked Laura, but she was smiling.

"Tell them the truth. I'm making an exception. There is something I want to ask you but here at work isn't the place to talk about it."

"Ok Dan, we can do lunch. I need to hear what this is that you have to ask me. Only I'll meet you in your office. I don't want the rumors flying around in the shipping area."

We went to the restaurant and ordered lunch. "OK, what is this you need to ask me?" asked Laura.

"Well, you know my brother's getting married in February. I told my family I would bring a date. I want you to be that woman."

"Dan, I like you, but you hardly know me. I don't think so; as you know I haven't dated for a year."

"Let me explain. I've never brought a woman home to meet my parents. They asked me if I dated the wrong kind of women or was I ashamed of them, meaning my parents. The truth is I haven't met that woman yet that I would consider a long-term relationship with. I know they would love you and hopefully leave me alone."

"Wait a minute! You want me to go to your brother's wedding so I can meet your parents and you want me to act like I'm your girlfriend so they don't bother you about girlfriends? Dan, I'm disappointed in you. I thought you were a much better man than that."

"Wait! Please! I must have not said it right. Look, my parents and family are always asking me why I don't bring women home for them to meet. My brother Bob always brought his dates home for my parents to meet. I never felt that close to the women I've dated.

"I'm not out to play a trick on my parents. I know we don't know each other that well but I feel comfortable with you. I was hoping maybe, just maybe, we could start dating. If you think we are good together and you feel comfortable around me, maybe you can be my wedding date. It gives us three months to get to know each other better. What do you say?"

Laura stared at me for what seemed minutes but was probably only a few seconds.

"I'll make you a deal. As you know my parents and my Aunt Lily are worried about me not getting back into the real world. They're worried about me and Amy. If you are willing to come and meet the rest of my family, I'll go to your brother's wedding with you.

"I don't want to push the relationship but we'll take it as it comes. It has to be real. I'm not putting on an act for anyone. Christmas is in two weeks and I know you go home for Christmas. So, we'll have to work around it and try and see each other a couple of times. Is it a deal?"

We shook hands on it. I held her hand longer than I needed to. I wasn't totally sure what I was getting myself into but being with her made me feel good.

When we got back to the office I told Lily and she seemed happy. She did remind me that Laura was her niece and she did want the best for her. "Give her time, Dan, I love her and she means the world to me. I trust you to treat her right."

"Lily, you have my solemn promise that I'll never treat her bad. Is it at all possible to have feelings for someone you just met a couple of days ago?"

Lily smiled. "It is if that person is Laura."

I didn't sleep well again that night. Why was I all worked up about a woman I hardly knew? Around noon on Saturday I went to her house without calling first. I just wanted to see her.

"Dan! What are you doing here?"

"I didn't sleep well and wanted to see you. Can we do something together today? Anything is all right with me."

"Come in, the house is a mess and so am I. You should have called first. Please do that in the future." She was scolding me but I rather liked it and of course she was right.

I sat down on the couch, and Laura offered me a cup of coffee. Amy came up to me and climbed up on my lap. "Hi, I knew you'd come back. Do you want to see Santa with me and mommy today?"

"I'd love to and we could go to McDonald's for lunch too. What else were you going to do today?"

"Shopping. Mommy has more presents to buy. Do you like to go shopping?"

I hated shopping but I wasn't about to tell Amy that. "Let's just say I go when I have to. Maybe we can buy your mom a gift. Did you get her anything yet?"

She climbed up and whispered in my ear that she drew her some pictures in day care. Her grandmother watched her most of the time but twice a week she went to pre-school to be around other kids.

Laura came back with my coffee and sat in the chair across from me. Amy got down and ran and got her coloring book and came back and got on the couch and started coloring.

"Ok Dan, what brought this on? Why are you here?"

"I wanted to see you and was afraid if I called you would have said no. I'm following my gut here. I know I hardly know you but I figured I give it a chance. God you're so beautiful," I blurted out.

"Dan, I look like a cleaning woman who just got out of bed." She did smile though.

"I guess you are one of those women who have natural beauty. So are we going to go see Santa today?"

"Are you sure about this Dan? Let me get myself and Amy ready. You can sit there and draw pictures or something till we're ready."

While they were getting ready, I got up and did the few breakfast dishes that were in the sink. Her small house was clean so I poured another cup of coffee and waited. Laura was surprised I did her dishes.

We got into my car and went to the mall. It was fun watching little Amy with Santa. She told us she asked Santa for a puppy for Christmas and Laura kind of shook her head. She wasn't sure she wanted a pet in the house.

We went shopping and I helped Laura out, mainly by taking care of Amy. We went and looked at the toys and we went over to the perfumes. "That's the kind that Mommy uses," said Amy.

"Do you want to get it for her?" I asked.

"I don't have any money. My piggy bank is at home."

"I'll tell you what. You and I are friends so I'll pay for it and you take it home and wrap it." Amy was so happy and took the biggest combination package there. She had no idea that she just spent a hundred dollars. We went and checked out and had it put in a bag so her mother wouldn't be able to see it.

The minute we got back to Laura, Amy told her she bought her a present but she wasn't allowed to tell her what it was. Laura looked up at me and I told her I promised to keep it a secret.

When we finished shopping, Laura asked Amy if we could go to a restaurant to eat other than McDonald's since I had told her I'd take her there.

"Sure Mom, Dan can take us there next week." I just looked at Laura when she give me the 'What's going on?' look.

We went to an Italian restaurant and afterwards went back to the house. While I was there Laura's mom called and asked where she had gone. She explained that I was there and that we took Amy to see Santa. I talked with Amy while Laura talked with her mom on the phone.

Laura called to me. "Dan, Mom wants to know if you will come to dinner tomorrow? She wants my Dad to meet you."

I knew this was what she was talking about meeting her parents and her getting back into dating. I told her yes, I'd pick her up and she could ride with me to their house. I got kind of a laugh from Laura as she hung up.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"Mom and Dad live three doors down. I figured we could probably walk there."

It was time for me to go so I picked up Amy and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. When I opened the door to leave Amy asked me if I was going to hug and kiss her mommy.

I walked over and gave Laura a hug and a light kiss on the lips. So soft and warm; I knew something was happening to me. The look on Laura's face was one of almost concern. I think we both wondered where this was going.

On Sunday, I stopped at Laura's and we walked together to her parents' house. I couldn't believe how many of her family members were there. I met her father, Roger Mills, her two sisters and their spouses and a brother. Not to mention their rug rats.

They all seemed very nice and asked me about where I went to college and what I did for a living. It was like a third degree. Finally Laura told them that my father was the CEO of Welling Manufacturing and that we both worked at the plant. We were just friends and that Helen invited me over for dinner.

Amy spoke up and said I was her friend too. I picked her up and sat her on my lap. I did notice that Laura was the only one with red hair who took after her mom. Her siblings all had brownish colored hair.

I have to say dinner was great. Helen was quite the cook. It made me wonder if Laura took after her in that department also. There was just so much I didn't know about this woman I was falling for. After saying goodnight to her family we walked back to her house. She put Amy to bed and we just talked.

"Dan, I'm falling for you and it bothers me. I haven't dated anyone other than Mark in so many years. I know I seem strong but inside I'm scared to death. I want to be with you but yet I'm so afraid. Please be honest with me and always tell me the truth."

"I don't know where this is going either. Originally I mentioned to Lily that I wanted to find a date to take to my brother's wedding. The problem was I wanted it to be someone I really cared about. Then, somehow, through Lily, I met you. Now I can't stop thinking about you.

"I want you but yet I don't want to hurt you. I love Amy. I never knew if I really liked kids that much but she is special to me. I would like to make love to you but I know it's way too early in our relationship. I can wait till you're ready. The last thing I want to do is push you in any way. I think I better go home now."

I put on my coat and Laura walked me to the door. I turned to face her and she kissed me. A long soft gentle kiss. When we pulled apart she had tears in her eyes. I wasn't sure what to think. I took her in my arms and held her. I think we both needed that.

The following Monday I called Laura's office and asked her about doing lunch. "Dan, Betty in accounting was asking me about you. She asked me if our lunches were personal or business. She mentioned to me she was always told that you never dated employees."

"So what did you tell her?"

"The truth, that our dinner and luncheon dates were business but I was hoping maybe it could get personal."

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