At the Faire

by MattHHelm

Copyright© 2011 by MattHHelm

True Story: We met at the Renaissance Faire. What happened and what is our future?

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Here I was, seated on the concrete bench resting my aching back. I'd been standing at the loom for five hours now, handweaving a shawl for m'Lady's comfort during mass. Father Thomas was certainly full of himself and he'd go on and on. I'd seen him go over three hours more often than not. Is it any wonder why he was losing parishioners?

The yarn that mistress Dawn had spun for this is quite fluffy and the fine strands had a tendency of catching on each other as I drew the fiber across the warp (strands that were horizontal on the loom). I might mention I was using the five-foot setup on the triangular loom, as m'Lady is a slight woman. The Baron's mother is thin and willowy and would not need the size that the eight-foot loom is capable of. Fortunately, it would only take eight hours to complete.

The thick yarn of the top was died a rich blue and plied together with a similar black fiber. I had enough to weave the first eight inches with that yarn. When that part was done I switched over to a lighter weight white angora fiber that was plied against a black ribbon to give the rabbit fur strength. I'd spent awhile working the fiber last weekend.

I only worked the RenFest on Saturday's. I'd completed work on a shawl early last time and started this one. It had stood for a week partially complete. Then last week was school days during the week and someone had tried to demonstrate on it. I had to pull about 4 rows out to correct the errors. You have to be meticulous when handweaving. Whoever it was, wasn't. Now you can see my pain.

As I sat trying to stretch out my ache, I saw her walking towards me. Shari had come into my life at the fair. How do I describe her? Before I go on I owe a description of myself. I'm 6'1 and 180 pounds. I've always been a little on the thin side. If you picture one of the players in Monte Python and the Holy Grail, you'd get a pretty good picture of me in my costume of browns and green. Except for the grey of the hair and goatee. Oh yes, and the glasses.

She wore greens. Her corset of green pushed her flesh in so that just the tops of her large C cup breasts were visible. Her gumdrop shape nipples(so she tells me) were not visible. It was unlike most women there who were overexposing their chests. Hers were teasing me with the way she covered them. The most striking feature was her stature. She stood just four foot nine. And the fullness of her skirts indicated that she was full-figured. Last week I discovered how big she really was when she gave me a full body hug.

As a fan of the Big Beautiful Woman, the Renaissance Faire is the best place to be. It is a voyeur's playground. Usually the jiggling tit flesh caught my eye. It was her modesty of dress, so different from the others that attracted me to her.

I found she was a friend of my Master and Mistress and we had chatted several weeks ago. At that time, I got a hug and we talked. It was then that she had placed her hand on my chest as we talked. It caused an immediate reaction in me. My heart started speeding up and blood was sent towards the small head, even while the large head continued talking.

Later that evening she stopped by the shop again and we hugged, and as my head bent down she extended up, I'm guessing on tiptoe, and our lips met. It was electric and at the end our tongues engaged in oral combat. I was instantly hard, and had to back off. I didn't want to offend her.

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