Vacation at Aunt Linda and Uncle Stephen's

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: An incest tale: Kevin is seduced by his Aunt Linda, while vacationing there and doing some work for them.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   Spanking   .


As he recalled it later in life, Kevin thought that the 'vacation' days spent at his Uncle Steve and Aunt Linda's was his Mom's idea.

It was, after all, his vacation and, to her way of thinking, he wasn't really doing anything.

It needs to be said that those were the days before there were any number of fast food restaurant jobs for young people. In fact, if you didn't maybe work at a gas station, where they all pumped the customer's gas, you didn't probably work at all. And it can be noted that Kevin didn't have a gas station job and so wasn't working at all. He actually spent most of his time with a small group of friends, and their normal chosen way of spending time, night after night, was to play cards. During his high school career, Kevin worked his way through pinochle, canasta and finally bridge. It's interesting to note also that this had the subsidiary effect of making Kevin hate playing cards for the entire rest of his life. But all this having been noted, Kevin was 'farmed out' by his Mom to go to Linda and Steve's for a few days.

(It's strange how he never put his uncle's name first, when mentioning those people, but he didn't. It was always Linda and Steve.) Kevin Gardner was sixteen at the time of his 'vacation' spent with his Aunt Linda and Uncle Steve. He was slim, attractive, bright and not looking forward to spending time with the aunt and uncle at all. But they were doing some house and outbuilding painting and it was thought that there must certainly be all sorts of tasks, within the parameter of such an undertaking, for a teen aged boy to do. And they had promised to come and fetch him to take him to their house for the 'vacation'.

(Kevin lived with his Mom and they had no car. So, it was obvious that if Linda and Steve wanted him as a laborer, they'd have to come and fetch him. Remember that those were earlier days, when very, very few teens had cars or access to cars at all. More innocent? Maybe! Certainly they involved a lot more walking than is ever done these days.) The plans were all laid and Kevin was determined to just make the best of it, off to Linda and Steve's it would be.

Kevin's Aunt's real name was Gretchen but everyone called her 'Linda', for reasons that he never was able to discover. She was, at that time, probably about 28 or 29 years of age. She was, in fact, a native of Austria, where his Uncle Steve had me her, while he was in the U.S. Army.

She was a fairly tall, 5'8" woman, with short dark hair and, from Kevin's silent and secret observations, rather attractive, and well shaped.

His Uncle Steve he didn't like at all. He was His Mom's younger brother and Kevin never, ever found anything, throughout his life time, to like about the Uncle. He was Linda's age generally, and, Kevin thought, more than half a bully.

It was to these two that Kevin was about to be indentured! His Mom spent time reassuring him that he'd have a good time. Kevin loved his Mom and wasn't about to give her a hard time about the choice to send him to the country.

That's where Linda and Steve lived, in a very small town in the country, about a good 30 or so miles from the city where Kevin and his Mom, Annie, lived.

As it turned out, Linda and Steve were somewhat busy the weekend that Kevin was supposed to join them, and they weren't able to 'fetch' him until Sunday. They came to the city and spent a little time with him and his Mom before going back to the country.

Uncle Steve talked to him on the way to their house about the project that they had in mind. It was a job painting out buildings mainly. He said that he'd show Kevin everything that he'd need to get the job underway, and that Linda would be available to help and answer any questions. It was all set.

Uncle Steve worked nights at a food processing plant. He went to work in a car pool at about four in the afternoon and then would return at about two AM. The plant where he worked was a fairly long drive away from where they lived.

By the time that they got back to the house in the country it was already too late to do any work on the project that day. Linda fixed dinner--she was not an outstanding cook, as far as Kevin was concerned and they spent an evening watching tv.

They began the next day but then a good part of that day was spent gathering supplies that were needed and getting the job set up.

Shortly after lunch, Uncle Steve had a short nap and then a bit later he got ready to go to work.

Kevin and Linda had a pleasant dinner, though she tended to fix the same food over and over again. Kevin always thought that she just fixed what she was good at and didn't bother with other things. In the evening it was some television for the two of them. They were quiet and fairly companionable. They talked about music, with Kevin discovering that she had a love for classical music, that very few members of the family ever knew about, or at least talked to Kevin about.

Soon enough it was bed time.

The sleeping arrangements in their smallish house were very strange. They certainly made Kevin nervous. There was a main bedroom at the top of a flight of stairs and separated by a wall from that bedroom was a small alcove like room, where Kevin was bedded down. There was no actual door between the two rooms. It was rather a wide, six or seven foot, doorway with no way to divide the rooms otherwise at all.

Kevin, at his Aunt Linda's suggestion, took a bath before turning in. There was no shower in the house. Then he got into bed wearing his normal pj bottoms.

It was only a short time later that Linda herself went to bed. She stopped at his bedside for a kiss on the forehead; she was wearing a floor length quilted robe at the time.

The house was quiet for about fifteen minutes. Kevin was nervous, or more likely turned on by the proximity of his Aunt Linda, who was, to his way of thinking pretty much a babe. He wanted to make sure that he waited a while, if at all, to jerk off, thinking about it.

His thoughts were interrupted by her voice:

"You know, Kevin, I'd never have trusted your brother like this."

He didn't know what to say, so he chose a kind of safe: "Ohhh!"

"I mean our being so close in here and all. I'd never trust him; but I trust you."

"Thank you, Aunt Linda," he said then.

After just a few minutes, Kevin heard a bit of rustling of material. He was trying to ignore everything and simply settle down. Then he heard his Aunt Linda's voice:

"Kevin," she said softly.

"Yes," he said, turning his head, as he said it and involuntarily said: "Ohhhhh!"

She was standing in the doorway between the bedroom and his area. She was wearing only a pair of panties.

"Aunt Linda!" he said softly.

"Kevin, honey," she said, "If I come in there, will you promise to not tell Uncle Stephen?"

(She always called him 'Stephen'; Kevin thought it strange but that didn't matter now.)

"Uh, yes," he said, and then, getting some wits about him, repeated: "Yes, I promise."

"Honey," she went on addressing her stunned nephew, "So, you want me to come in there?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said his voice almost strangled, "Yes, Aunt Linda."

"Shall I, uh, wear these or not?" she asked next.

He liked the look of her in her panties, and said: "Yes, for now."

"Yes, fine," she said, "Just for now."

She moved over to where he was laying and he decided that he'd best sit up. He sat up on the side of the bed, and the movement caused his erection to pop out of his pajama bottoms.

"Oops!" Linda said and giggled.

He grinned and put it away.

She said again: "For now!

This time he agreed: "Yes, for now."

She approached then and stood right in front of him.

"Honey," she said softly, "If you want to feel, you go ahead; I'd like that."

"Feel," he said, almost pondering, and then it came to him what she meant and he grinned and said: "Feel, yes!"

He stuck out his hand then and ran it down the soft, shiny plane of her belly. It felt satiny with the covering of the pretty panties that she wore.

"Oh, I like your touching," she said, and shivered.

She looked at him intently and said: "Kevin, honey, this might not be exactly right but it feels wonderful."

He had kept rubbing his hand along the plane of her belly. She grabbed his hand then and held it, once it got to the mound that outlined her pubic hair. She held his hand there and, learning very fast, he let her hold the hand there and he moved his fingers actively.

"Yes," she said quickly, letting his hand go and then turning around to show him her panty covered ass.

He resumed his rubbing and stroking the, running his hands down her ass cheeks and squeezing them a bit.

"Feels so nice, Kevin, honey!" she said.

"Kevin, Honey," she said then, "Will you do something for me?"

"Sure, Aunt Linda," he said, "Anything."

"Be right back," she said and went to the bedroom.

She came back with a kind of knife and he gave her a strange look.

"It's okay, honey," she said, "It's just a kind of old fantasy of mine; it's one that I have never told your Uncle Stephen about."

"Okay," he said, "Anything."

"Here take this," she said giving him the knife, "And I'll show you what I want you to do."

She guided his hand, as he held the knife, and put a slit in the front panel of her panties. Then she guided his hand and put another slit on the other side, both slits were at her hips, and now they showed her skin through the cut material of her panties.

"Do that, honey," she said, "All around. I'd like that."

He never questioned her about it, or thought of questioning her about it. He just did it, making slits in her panties all along. Some of them he cut so that the material simply flapped. She turned her back, giggling at it now, and he made similar slits all along the back of her panties. When he finished, she was still giggling and the panties were in tatters. The leg bands and waist band were still intact but they were certainly 'peek-aboo' panties.

"Thank you, honey," she said then, taking the knife from him and returning it.

She came back swishing her hips in an exaggerated fashion and stood in front of him again.

"Now you can reach inside, if you'd like," she said.

"Oh, yes!" he said and fitted his hand inside one of the slits and grabbed one of the cheeks of her ass.

"Oh, I like that," Linda said, "You feel it so softly and strongly at the same time."

Kevin reacted by reaching his other hand around and inserting it in one of the other slits in her panties to capture the other ass cheek.

"I'm going to do something now," she said.

Then, with him staring at her, she slipped the panties down and off. She handed them to him and said:

"Honey, you keep these in your luggage. That'll be fine. I'll maybe want them tomorrow night again."

"Thank you," he said, wondering what was next.

"No, thank you," she said, standing in front of him naked.

"Have you felt enough?" she asked softly.

"No, if you don't mind!" he said.

"I love how polite you are! Your Uncle is brusk and not nearly as sensitive as you; I don't mind at all."

She stood closer and he got a chance to feel her tits and play with her nipples, all the while getting special kind of mewing noises from her. Then he ran his hands down her body and put one of them on her pubic mound

"Yes, Kevin, honey," she cooed. "Feel that now! Feel how wet it is, I am now!"

He inserted a finger into her pussy then, and she jumped as he did. Then he added another and kind of moved them around a bit. He'd heard and learned enough to know about her clitoris and then found that and began to rub it, with his Aunt getting more and more excited and jumpy.

He was surprised that she suddenly started trembling and kind of jerking around then. It took him a moment or two to realize that she was actually cumming.

"Sorry to do that so quickly," she said, "But this has me really excited and I couldn't help it."

"Now, Kevin, honey," she went on, "I know this is sudden and maybe strange so I want to do one more thing and then I'll go back to my bed. I want you to think about it all. If you don't want to do this kind of thing, just tell me 'no' tomorrow. You only need say that. If you don't say that to me, I'll know that this is okay for you. Alright?"

"Yes, Aunt Linda," he said.

"So, then there is this," she said and went to her knees in front of him.

"Oh, you're going to... ?" he said.

"Yes, I am!" she said, reaching into his pajama bottoms and coming out with his erection.

"Oh, nice!" she said, "It's bigger than Stephen's! I like that."

She mouthed the head first, jerking it with her hand at the same time. Then she stopped her hand motion and did all the work with her mouth, sliding it up and down on his shaft, glancing up at his grinning face all the while. She moved and began to suck on the underside of his cock head, and he groaned for her then.

"I love that sound from you, Kevin, honey!" she said, and did it again with the same results.

He came then and she swallowed and swallowed to take it all in and keep it in her mouth. When she was finished swallowing and he was finished cumming, she raised her head, after cleaning him off, and she grinned at him.

"I liked that!" she said, "I certainly hope that you did!"

"Oh, yes!" he said.

She bent down and kissed his forehead. As she did, he put his hands back around her and inserted them into the slits to feel her ass again. She giggled.

"You're getting to know your way around!" she said. "Now please think about what I said, honey."

"I will, Aunt Linda," he said, and she kissed his head again.

She began to walk away and thought of something and came back. This time, she held his head between her hands and she kissed him again, a passionate, lingering kiss, ending with her licking his lips.

"Good night, Kevin, my treasure!" she said.

"Good night, Aunt Linda!" he murmured back at her almost totally blown away by what just happened.

He remembered his manners only at the last minute and said to her: "Aunt Linda, thank you!"

"Oh, honey," she said pleased, "You're so polite! I like that. Your Uncle will be home at about 2 AM; I hope he doesn't wake you.

But he did. Kevin lay there and heard his Uncle rummaging around and getting ready for bed. He also then heard Aunt Linda refuse to have sex with him:

"Kevin's in the next room!" she said, "You can wait a few days."

"Okay," he said, not sounding as though he liked it, and then there was silence.

But Kevin was grinning.

They were up fairly early the next day, especially since his Uncle Steve wanted to get the work underway on all the painting that had to be done.

Kevin had no idea whatsoever about how to act around his Aunt Linda. He decided to be laid back about it and not assume anything. When he went into the kitchen, and could hear Uncle Steve stirring upstairs, he simply said a 'Good Morning' to her and got a normal, pleasant 'Good Morning' in return.

They sat and had some breakfast, and then they went outside, where Uncle Steve set up the work to be done and how they'd do it. Kevin was assigned one of the outbuildings to paint and everything was gotten ready for that. He worked hard at it for hours that morning, and a little later Aunt Linda came over to him:

"Kevin, honey," she said, "We're going to have a break now and have some cinnamon rolls that I baked."

"Thank you," Kevin said pleasantly.

There was no hint from her, not then or at any other time during the day, even when they had a moment alone, that anything untoward had happened between them the night before. Kevin thought about it and was sure that this was the way she wanted it. He also realized that, if he wanted to, he could certainly speak the word 'no' to her, and that would end what had gone on. He had, however, no intention of saying 'no' to her.

After their break, they were back at work until noon, when it was lunch. Uncle Steve was pleased with the progress that they'd made and said so. Aunt Linda also said a 'thank you' to Kevin for being willing to be there and help with the work.

"It's no problem," Kevin said softly and the adults smiled at him.

They took a mid day break and worked for a while before Uncle Steve had to get ready to go to work.

Kevin was feeling tense, once Uncle Steve went to work but still refrained from saying anything to his Aunt. He had decided that it was up to her to do or not to do anything. He stuck with that.

Linda saw Steve off with a hug and a kiss, and the two of them were alone again. She said nothing and went about the work of helping Kevin clean up from the painting that had been done that day. They worked companionably with each other.

She told Kevin that he had some time for himself before dinner, and that he could use their computer. The speed of the computer wasn't very good, but Kevin did fool around with it for a while.

They ate dinner, in companionable silence for the most part, at 6 PM, and Kevin volunteered to help with the clean up.

They were at the sink doing the dishes, when Linda said to him:

"Kevin, honey, I noticed that you didn't say the word 'no' to me today."

"No, Ma'am," he said, "I didn't."

She turned to him and smiled: "I just love how polite you are! You're Momma must be proud!"

"Thank you, Ma'am!" he said.

"Good then," she said, "You thought about it and we're okay with what happened?"

"Oh, yes, Ma'am," he said.

"Well," she went on, "After we get these dishes done, we can watch some tv and then it's bed time. We worked hard today, especially you. Will you want a bath before bed again tonight, honey?"

"Yes, Ma'am, please," he said, and she smiled at him.

There wasn't a great deal on tv that night but they sat and watched it for a few hours. Around 9 PM, Linda got up and said:

"I'll run a bath for you, love."

"Thank you, Aunt Linda," he replied and she went off to do that.

Kevin was feeling the tension at this point like never before. He didn't know what to expect, and realized that that was part of what was great about what had happened, and, he hoped, was about to happen.

She came to him after just a little bit and told him that his bath was ready. As she turned away, she said to him:

"Kevin, honey, would you please put out on my pillow what I gave you last night?"

"Yes, Aunt Linda," he said softly. Then he went to the bathroom, having gotten his pajama bottoms first from the bedroom alcove that was his, and went to the bathroom and settled himself in the bath. It felt good, especially after the hard day's work that he put in.

He was bathing himself, when the door opened and Linda came into the room. He gaped at her; she was wearing only the slit panties

"Sweetie," she said, "Do you mind? I really have to pee!"

He got kind of red in the face but said a quick: "No, I don't mind!"

He watched her with owl eyes, as she slid the panties down and sat down on the toilet, smiling at him all the while.

"Do you know why I do these things?" she asked softly.

"No, Aunt Linda," he said, and hastened to add: "But I really like it!"

She giggled and said: "Early on your Uncle Steve made it plain that sex wasn't any kind of game, at least not a game where my rules were used. This is my first chance to play my kind of games."

"I like your games, Aunt Linda," he said.

"I know, honey," was her reply.

"Oh dear!" he groaned then.

"What?" she wanted to know.

"Now I have to pee!" he said.

She got an even broader grin on her face and said to him: "Get out of the tub and come here."

He did, not certain what she was going to do; his cock was half stiff and covered with soap.

"Come closer," she said, and he went closer until she could use her hands to guide him so that he was standing directly in front of her. Then she reached down and took is cock and put it in her mouth.

He was even more wide eyed. He said: "Really?"

"Really!" she answered. "You go now, and I will too!"

He heard the sound of her peeing into the toilet and let himself go. Her cheeks puffed out, as she made an effort to keep up with his peeing but she was successful, and kept his cock in her mouth right up to the end, licking off the head, when he was finished.

"Wow!" he said, and she grinned at him saying: "Thank you, Kevin, honey."

"Welcome," he said.

"Now you get back in the tub now, honey;" she said then. "I want you all soapy in another minute, when I'm finished here."

He sat back in the tub and watched her, as she finished at the toilet, then wiped herself and pulled her tattered panties back up.

"Do you like the way I look, Kevin?" she asked.

"Oh, I do!" he said.

She sat on the toilet lid then, and said to him: "Now I want you, honey, in my mouth; I want it soapy to put soap in my mouth for my wickedness but I want it big and hard to fill my mouth too. Can you do that for Aunt Linda, honey?"

"Oh, yes!" he said, getting up, his erection sticking straight out from his body now.

He approached her and she sat and opened her mouth wide to receive him. She let him glide into her mouth all the way at first, sucking off the soap from the cock, and looking satisfied at having done that. Then she let it pop out of her mouth again and approached it with her tongue. She licked the head first and then took the head into her mouth totally, running her tongue all around it, especially underneath the head.

"I heard you last night!' he said.

"Yes," she said, around the cock in her mouth.

"I heard you refuse to take Uncle Stephen's thing in your mouth," he said then.

She chuckled, "His cock you mean?"

"Yes, his cock!" he said, confirming her words. "You refused; you told him that you didn't like to do that."

"I know," she admitted.

"But I know you do!" he said then, pushing his hips to enter her mouth farther, and getting a throat noise from her.

"Know my secrets," she said, licking up and down his shaft, and smiling at him.

"Some of them," was his reply.

Then, taking a kind of risk, he said to her: "Tonight I want you to do it; I want you to give Uncle Steve a blow job; I want to hear you doing it."

She took his glistening cock out of her mouth, and ran her hand along it, stroking it slowly and grinned at him all out:

"You wicked, wicked boy!" she said, "I'll do that for you. I'll tease him a bit and talk about it and use the words and make it hot for you!"

"Yes," he said, "That's what I want you to do!"

"Good, then I will," she said, and went back to sucking him off.

He put his efforts into it now too, now that he'd told her what he wanted and was successful with it. That made him tingle, getting his way and ordering her to suck off Uncle Steve!

He came in her mouth and grabbed her head, pulling her face into his crotch, as he did, until her lips were touching his pubic hair. He allowed himself to be rougher than he normally would be, and was a bit ashamed, when it was done.

"Sorry, Aunt Linda," he said contritely, his moment of dominance completely over at that point.

"Don't worry about it, honey," she said, licking off the residue from is cock. "You get into the tub again and wash our friend off and then we have some other things to do."

He did as he was told then, getting into the tub and giving himself an extra wash. She was ready for him, when he was done, with a towel outstretched. She helped him to dry off and then, when he was dry, turned him around and kissed him.

It was a life changing kiss for Kevin. It thrilled him, knowing where her mouth had just been, and what it had been doing, and now having it offered to him this way. Her tongue darted into his mouth and rolled around, and he did the same with his tongue. When the kiss broke off, she said:

"My my, where did you learn to kiss like that?"

"From you just now!" he said, smiling at her.

She took his hand then and began to move out of the bathroom but she hesitated first and took off her panties, giving them to him again.

"Keep these for me!" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

"My lovely, lovely polite boy!" she cooed at him, kissing him again and rubbing her nakedness against him, "Who kisses so well, has this wonderfully big cock and pees into his Aunt's mouth, when she she asks nicely!"

"And demands that you suck Uncle Steve's cock tonight!" he added, grinning at her.

"And demands that I suck Uncle Steve's cock tonight!" she agreed, and kissed him one more time.

"Please come with me now," she said, "I want other things."

They went to his bed and she lay down on the bed, with her arms out inviting him to lay down on top of her.

"Have you ever done this?" she asked.

"No, I've thought of it though!" he said.

She giggled: "With whom?"

"You for one!' he said and she giggled again.

"And?" she went on, barely suppressing her continuous giggling.

"My Mom!" he said.

"Oh, you're as wicked as I am!" she said with great glee.

"Thank you, Aunt Linda," he said, straddling her then.

"I want to begin this way," she said. "Just slide it inside of me, I'm all ready for it. Please! Please!"

He put the tip of his cock inside her pussy and halted there.

"Honey, please!" she begged.

"Let me spank you one time and I'll go on!" he said in a determined voice.

"You wicked, wicked boy!" she said with great satisfaction, "One spanking is allowed, at least one! Now fuck your Aunt!"

He pushed himself inside of her all the way now, and she let out a barely contained scream, as he did.

"Oh, yesssssss!' she yelled into the night. "Yessssss! Kevin, you magnificent fucker you! Yessssss!"

She stopped him in just a little bit and said, her voice sounding all but strangled:

"On the floor, I want to be fucked doggie style!"

They moved, and she got down on the floor on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at him. He laughed and slapped her ass; she squealed.

"Oh! I like that! But want to be fucked now," she said panting and looking over her shoulder at him.

He pushed himself inside of her again, and began to fuck her vigorously.

"Lean on me, Kevin," she pleaded, "Bite my neck! Reach around grab my nipples and pull on them, pinch them! Say dirty things to me, Kevin, my darling; make me yours!"

He did what she'd asked him, leaning down on her and grabbing the skin of her neck with his teeth, causing another squeal from his Aunt. He grabbed a nipple with each hand and pinched and twisted. Then he let his imagination go and rasped at her:

"Fucking my cunt of an Aunt!" he said, "Aunt with the big tits and hairy cunt, Aunt who's a piss drinker!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" she said, panting, "That's who I am! I'm just that! Yes!"

"Aunt who's gonna suck off Uncle Steve tonight because I told her to!" he went on.

"Yes, exactly," she said hunching back against him, as he slid his cock in and out of her pussy.

He stiffened then and came, and with one last pinch of her nipples, she came also, collapsing and shouting into the carpet on the floor as she did. They lay there for some minutes until she stirred.

Before they went to their own beds, he said to her: "I'll put your panties in my overnight bag. You can get them from there, if you want them."

She turned to him then and said: "Thank you, Kevin; and thank you for being such a good and attentive lover!"

"Mmmmmm," he said, getting a last kiss from her.

He raised himself on his knees to get up and a thought hit him; it made him smile a wicked smile and he expressed it:

"Aunt Linda," he said.

"Yes, love!" she answered.

"When you suck Uncle Stephen's cock tonight, I want you to bite it just once!"

She giggled: "You wicked, wicked boy! I love you, love you, love you, and 'yes', I'll do it!"

"I love you too," he said, knowing that he meant it truly.

He was awakened by Uncle Stephen getting back from work. He looked at the clock, which said that it was 2:45 AM. His Uncle Steve had come in and was undressing in the other room. He heard the rustling and then he heard:

"Lin, you awake?"

"Hi, love," she said in a sleepy voice.

"How are you?" he asked softly.

"Oh," she said, obviously stretching, "Kind of horny!"

He chuckled at that.

"Kevin asleep?" he asked.

"I think so," she responded,"He worked hard today. But you come here. I don't want to be making a lot of noise with rolling around and all, that can wait until he's gone but I will do this."

"Oh," he said, "You're gonna do..."

Then he cried out, and just barely suppressed the cry: "You bit me!" he said, "You bit my cock!"

She giggled and said: "Then stop moving around and let me get at it, if you want this blow job!"

Keven lay in the dark and just grinned. He listened carefully and heard her. She was slurping at it, and sucking at it, and being very, very wet and noisy at it. He loved the sound, a sound that she was making because he'd told her to do it.

"Getting close, lover?" she asked softly.

"Yes, yes," he said, "Don't stop now!"

"What'll you do for me, if I continue?" she asked.

"Whatever you want!" he said desperately.

"Do me next?" she asked nicely.

"Uh, okay!" he said, not sounding to Kevin as though he were really convinced.

Then the wet sounds began again, and Linda was obviously slurping at his cock again.

He listened and imagined exactly what her head, and mouth were doing, what position they were in for each of the sounds that were made.

In a little bit he heard a strangled cry from Uncle Steve and knew that he was cumming.

Kevin waited to hear what happened next.

"Swallow?" Steve asked and then said:"Hey, you spit that on my stomach."

Kevin's grin broadened.

"Yes," she said, "You know I don't like to swallow that stuff. I'll get a cloth and clean you up."

Kevin waited to hear what would happen next. He heard sounds of Linda cleaning Steve's stomach and then taking the cloth back to the bathroom. Then there was the sound of her getting back in bed.

Next he heard her say in a soft voice: "Me now, Steve?"

"I'm tired, Lin," he said, "Some other time."

"But you said..." she almost whined.

"Hey," his voice was gruff, "You suck my dick once in six months and I'm supposed to eat your thing in gratitude. You could be a little more accommodating and do it more often and then you'll get results."

"Okay," she said pleasantly. "Kiss?"

"Hey," he said then, "I know where your mouth has been!"

"Go to sleep, love," she finally said.

"Love you," he said and she echoed the sentiment.

It left Kevin lying in bed and smiling, and thinking about the agenda for this day. At least he knew what he had to do. He'd never done it before but was sure that she'd love to teach him how to do it. He had a huge erection from listening to his Aunt Linda give Uncle Steve a blow job, knowing that it was because he told her to. That was a huge turn on for him. Those were the thoughts that were on his mind, when he went to sleep.

Breakfast the next morning was a quiet one. He suspected that she was still not pleased that Uncle Steve had reneged on his promise of last night. But he also remembered that the topic of anything between him and his Aunt was simply off the table for the most part, during the day.

After breakfast, he got underway with the day's painting job. He also saw that he was going to run out of paint. Soon.

His Uncle Steve came out closer to noon and told him what a good job he was doing. He mentioned to Steve that he was going to need more paint. It seemed to brighten his Uncle up, giving him a chance to go fetch the paint instead of painting himself.

He went in and shouted to Linda that he was going to buy some paint at Taylor's and that he'd be back in about an hour and a half.

Kevin went back to his painting. After a few minutes he heard his Aunt calling:

"Kevin, come in for some tea and a roll; take a break."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said and headed for the door.

It was then that he noticed that she was standing in the doorway grinning and wearing only the cut up panties.

"Oh, shit!" he said loudly.

"Language, young man!" she said grinning.

"Sorry, Aunt Linda," he said, "But you look like such a christmas present standing there.

"Then come in and get what I have for you!" she said.

When he got inside, he'd made a decision. He went into her arms and kissed her first, letting his hands take possession of her ass cheeks but then, when she told him that she was going to give him a blow job, he said:

"No, you sit here!"

"What?" she asked, and immediately saw his intentions.

"You're gonna?" she began but he already had her panties off and was kissing his way around her thighs.

"Make sure that I do it right!" he said.

"Oh, Kevin, you are such a prize! I'll make sure, and later I want that cock of yours in my mouth, and I want it sweaty and smelly and cock smelling and tasting. That's what I want. But Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

He'd begun to lap at her pussy at that point. Kevin took his time. He was exploring such an area for the first time, and enjoying it. He kept in mind all the pleasure that she was giving him these days, and the constant unfolding of her kinky whims and fantasies. It spurred him on.

He simply licked around the area for a while, now and then pushing his tongue against the slit in her pussy lips, and each time getting a strangled cry from his Aunt Linda.

After several minutes of doing this, he ventured, with his tongue, past the lips and into the inside.

"Cunning, wicked boy! Mine you are!" she squealed, when he'd penetrated.

He licked his tongue up one side of the walls of her vagina and then up and down the other side.

"Cunt lapper!" she growled at him then, and he raised his head with a huge smile on his face, saw the beatific look on her face and said:

"That's me!"

Then he went back to the business of lapping at her pussy. He spent some time next pushing his tongue in as far into her pussy as he could get it. Once he'd penetrated to the extent, he wagged it around and got another squeal from his Aunt.

"Never done this? Never?" she squealed at him.

"Never!" he said.

"I'll tell my girlfriends, we'll fill you dance card, son!" she said next, almost out of her head with the pleasure.

Then he went in search of her clit; he knew enough to realize that all was maybe preliminary to this. When his tongue found it and, spreading her vaginal lips, he grabbed it with his lips, his Aunt Linda went atomic. She bounced, she squawked, she squealed, she grabbed his head and made incoherent noises about her 'cunt' and his mouth.

She came, wetting his face, flooding his mouth with it and sat heavily on the floor!

She looked at him with veiled eyes, and said in a soft voice:

"Fucking amazing! Kevin, you are fucking amazing!"

Then, as he smiled, she went on: "Gotta clean up now; he'll be back soon. Next time is all for you, all for you! Now give your Aunt, who has been eaten within an inch of her life here, a sloppy, wet, smelly kiss!"

"But you know where my lips have been," he said in a mocking voice.

"And I don't care at all!" she said, pressing her lips against his.

Uncle Stephen came back and they were back working on the painting for a while, interrupted by lunch that Aunt Linda made for them. As before there was no hint at all in her attitude toward Kevin that anything whatsoever was going on between them.

After lunch, Kevin went back to the work that he was doing. In the mid afternoon, his Uncle Steve cleaned up and got ready to go to work.

He said a cordial 'good bye' to his Uncle, when he went to work that afternoon, and went on with the work that he was doing.

In just a little bit, Aunt Linda came out and asked him what he'd like to have for dinner. She suggested that they go out to a burger place that wasn't too far away. The thought pleased him.

Then she went into the shed that he was working on and in a few minutes she called his name. He went to the door of the shed, and there she was standing in the middle of the shed and wearing, again, the shredded panties.

"I want you sweaty, I want you man smelling, I want you in my mouth and I want you now!" she said, going down on her knees, after making her declaration.

He just gave her a grin and went over to where she was kneeling. She waited for him to get it out for her but instead he said:

"I'm the worker, you do the work here!"

"Oh, yes," she said, "I do the work here! Thank you for the suggestion."

She unzipped his shorts and fished around, finally bringing his cock out. When she had it in her hands, she kissed the head and licked it a little bit.

'Oh, yes," she cooed, holding his cock in her hand. "He smells like a man's cock! He smells a bit sweaty! A bit musty! A bit funky! This is the taste that I'm after, the smell I'm after. This is what I want from my Kevin's cock now, right in my mouth."

Kevin chuckled at her enthusiasm.

"First a preliminary!" she said, after giving the matter a brief thought.

She stood then and took off his tee shirt. She told him to hold his arms up in the air. Mystified, he complied and he laughed as she put her face in his arm pit and began to lick at his armpit hair.

"You are so wild!" he said.

"Only with you, my Kevin!" she replied.

"Oh, yes," he answered, "Only with me."

She spent some time licking at first one and then the other arm pit. Then it was back on her knees and capture his bouncing cock in her mouth to suck on it. She licked it all first. Then she applied her mouth to the underside of the head and sucked on it, driving Kevin nearly wild. She took half of it then in her mouth and pushed her head down so that she was taking more and more of it in her mouth. When her head came back up, she scraped her teeth along it.

"Oh, shit!" Kevin said suddenly out of breath. "Do that! Just do that!"

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