Special Measures

by obohobo

Copyright© 2011 by obohobo

Sex Story: In England, schools deemed by the ‘Ofsted’ (Office for standards in education) inspectors to be under-achieving, are put on ‘special measures’. Often this means the appointment of a new headmaster charged with the task of bring the school back to the required standard. For pupils at this school, ‘special measures’ has an entirely different meaning.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   NonConsensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   .

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental. The ideas and thoughts that follow are pure fantasies. In real life, at the very least they would be unpleasant and probably illegal. Fantasies are like that; daydreams where we can contemplate and imagine the sensations without suffering or inflicting the pain, despair or humiliation.

© obohobo 2011

"Hello?" Miss Tibbs cautiously answered the phone, noting the time being well past midnight.

"Sorry to disturb you ma'am, this is Sheriff Mann and I have three of your pupils at the station."

"You can't have Sheriff, they are all in bed."

"That's where they should be ma'am but three of your ladies escaped and caused some trouble. The misses Sally Flegg, Karen Summerton and Amanda Anslow are being held here."

"What did they do this time?"

"We had reports from neighbours of a drunken, rowdy party in Cumberland Towers and when the landlord let us into a fourth-floor flat we found the three girls and four young men all naked and performing various acts of sexual intercourse, not that is illegal, but all were intoxicated on vodka and high on drugs."

"What do you intend to do with them?"

"That's partly up to you ma'am. We'll charge the four men with drunkenness and possession and use of illegal substances and under the new government they'll probably get a whipping and nine months or a year in the community work force." They both knew only minor details separated community work force prisoners from actual slavery, except that it lasted for a set length of time. "The girls could face the same charges except possession, and would get a lighter whipping and probably a shorter time in the work force but that would make a mess of their careers and give them a lasting police record. From what I've heard of your methods Miss Tibbs, I'm sure they wouldn't get off lightly and could still become worthwhile members of the community at the end of their education. So if you are prepared to deal with them in an appropriately forceful manner, I'll hand them over to you and not put them through the court system. I would appreciate witnessing any chastisement to ensure that conforms to a suitable standard." They both knew he really wanted to watch the three girls get their naked buttocks blistered.

"Of course Sheriff, I'm sure you see that as part of your duty. I can assure you, they certainly won't sit comfortably in the short term when I've dealt with them and there's the matter of how they managed to get out of this building without setting off the alarms, to investigate. I'll also have to make sure their punishment continues on the lines of those in the community work force until their education is brought up to standard. Would you mind keeping them in a cell until the morning please, Sheriff? That will give them something to think about and give me time to plan what to do with them."

"Good evening Sheriff"

"Parents, staff and boys and girls, I apologise for calling this evening assembly at short notice but the matter of dealing with three naughty girls needed urgent attention and I had to arrange it to suit their parents' schedules." The audience in the school auditorium gazed at the three naked girls standing along the front of the stage and spotlighted by the stage lights. The punishment bench stood strategically placed centre stage.

"I bet Tibby goes on and on, and we have to wait hours before we see her make those girl's bums wobble and we get to see flashes of their cunts," Bobby Mason whispered to his companion in the third row.

"Yes, but we get to see their tits and that Mandy Anslow's bush is as black as her hair and there's almost as much of it. The lights make their nipples show up clearly and we can look as closely as we want."

Bobby may have exaggerated the time scale but the headmistress did go into the details of their crimes and praised the Sheriff for being considerate of their future in allowing the punishment to be carried out at school. Turning to the girls she went on, "What you will receive from me will indeed be painful, very painful, but a session in the whipping hall would be far, far worse," she emphasised, "And like the sentence a court would have imposed, my punishment will be in two parts, the physical punishment with the strap, which will be over in a short time, and a period that could last a year or more during which you have to bring your work up to the required standard. I've appointed three teachers who will look after you and they will assist your learning in any way they can. These teachers will be with you at all times you are not in class, including break times, evenings and at night. They have full control over you and are duty bound to punish you for failure to work, disobedience and misbehaviour. We are refurbishing the old attic dormitory as a special measures dormitory for your exclusive use and I've appointed Miss Carol Phillips, our head of English to be in charge and Sally Flegg you will be her personal student. Mr. Keith Green will supervise your progress Karen Summerton and Amanda Anslow is in the care of Mr. Michael Gregson. As you already know, they are undergraduates studying at the college wing of the school and already teach here on a part time basis. In addition, until the weather gets colder, except for light shoes, you will remain dressed as you are now but that does not mean that other students can interfere with you in any way." She addressed the audience, "Touching, and feeling any part of their body is forbidden and they will not be available for the intercourse sessions you are allowed at weekends."

"Get on with it you old bat," Bobby whispered and almost got caught when his companion grinned.

"Now to the first part of their punishment. Sally Flegg, Karen Summerton and Amanda Anslow, you will each receive two dozen strokes of the senior strap on your bare buttocks, the punishment to be witnessed by those of your parents who are present and by the rest of the school. To determine the punishment order fairly, I earlier asked the sheriff to cut a pack of cards for each, the highest getting the first spot. Amanda Anslow, please place yourself over the bench and allow the staff to fasten you down without a fuss if you please."

Mandy stood crying like the others and half listening to Miss Tibbs speaking. She'd been naked in public often enough but somehow being on display on stage and the object of the headmistress's speech, increased her embarrassment and made her behaviour seem far worse than she deemed it was. For a short while she tuned out the words coming to her ears, she'd heard them several times during the course of the day when Tibby investigated their escapade. Her mind spun through the events and her situation. "The only mitigating factor is the bright lights blotting out my view of the assembly and mother sitting in the front row. Luckily Daddy couldn't get home in time to witness my shame. Good job they made us use the loo before they brought us here otherwise I'd have pissed myself before now. I suppose in a way, it was better for me that she chose to punish us all equally, certainly I expected a more severe punishment for tampering with the alarm system, but the other two wouldn't have the brains to have done it. Sitting in the cell last night, I blamed Karen for being the instigator and the one who arranged it all with the boys but even she didn't expect so much booze or any of the drugs, and once we'd had a couple of vodkas each, we hardly worried. We all enjoyed the beginning of the party and had a riotous time but although we didn't realise it at the time, that was our downfall. Sally will be the hard done by one. She only came along when she heard we'd get to feel some adult pricks inside us and we'd assured her we could get in and out of the rooms without anyone knowing. Well, we could have, if the sheriff and his men hadn't picked us up. Why doesn't that woman shut up and tell us our fate?"

Inevitably, when the announcement came, she wanted to delay it. "Two dozen with the heavy strap! I can't take that many! The most I've had before is six with a lighter strap and I felt the result of that for days." She turned and screamed at the headmistress, "No, please, I can't take that many. You'll kill us!" The other girls added their voices to the protest but Miss Tibbs adamantly refused to change her decision and asked the staff to fasten the girl to the bench.

"Amanda, you have the brains to do very well at this school if only you will apply them in the right manner. I sincerely hope this strip of leather and the tuition that follows, will set you on the right path." Miss Tibbs ended her homily with a crashing stroke across poor Mandy's arse. Mandy screamed at the top of her voice but short seconds later a second loud WHAPP resounded throughout the auditorium. Mercilessly the strokes followed one after the other and Mandy's cries became hoarse groans until she thought her poor arse would split open and she would pass away from the pain. She didn't but had to be helped up by the staff at the end.

"Kneel by the post Mandy," a woman voice whispered, "Use your hands to pull yourself up and keep the weight off your bottom." Through tearful eyes she recognised Miss Phillips as the woman trying to help her. In the background, Sally's shouts came through as she struggled to prevent being fastened to the bench for her session with the strap. Miss Tibbs applied the leather with renewed vigour and soon poor Sally yelled hoarsely and her raw red buttocks flamed with the heat and pain. Finally it ended and the Sally knelt alongside Mandy while the headmistress dealt with Karen.

At last the strappings finished and the tutors helped their charges up two flights of stairs to the attic. Miss Tibbs dismissed the assembly and thanked the parents who came. Karen's father protested at the severity but she dismissed his protest and averred that it was much less severe than a court administered whipping. His wife told him not to be a wimp and said that Karen deserved all she received.

"Would you mind signing the punishment book as a witness please Sheriff and maybe enjoy a glass of wine?"

"Thank you very much indeed Vera, it will be my pleasure."

"Maybe there is something else I offer for your pleasure?" Vera Tibbs whispered and touched his hard prick through his trousers."

"Indeed Ma'am that might help to relieve the tension created by the superb performance you gave us."

In the attic dorm, things were not so pleasurable.

"Lay them side-by-side on one bed so I can examine them together," Matron instructed and proceeded to gently prod the swollen, blistered bums, eliciting further cries from the pain-wracked girls. "I doubt you'll get much satisfaction from them tonight or in the morning so take them into the showers and let the cool water flow over their rears for a while and then bring them back and I give them a sedative so they, and you, get a good night's sleep. I'll come back early in the morning to check on them again."

"Well, get your kit off boys, and get into the showers with them," Carol Phillips grinned as she enforced her senior position within the group, "We're going to see everything each of us has in the coming months and the fact that you're already erect," she nodded at the bulges in their trousers, "Will mean that I get to see what the girls and I have to look forward to."

"I thought you weren't into men, Miss Phillips" Keith commented.

"Only some of the time and I think we should all be on first name terms, even with the girls, while we are up here."

The girls moaned and cried at having to move again but matron insisted it would make them feel a little better and she'd give them something to make them sleep afterwards, and eventually they allowed themselves to be docilely led to the showers and washed by their new keepers, for that is what they began to call them. Half an hour later, with the girls now sleeping in one bed, Carol called a conference.

"I'm must apologise for your living conditions and I'm sure they are far worse than your accommodation at the college but we've only had a day to clear this old dorm and put three double beds in. The community workforce could only supply two people at short notice but more will be available tomorrow and will start painting and bringing in desks and furniture but for the coming week, we'll be roughing it with a capital R. The hospital are loaning us curtain partitions to place between the beds and they will provide a little privacy but the with open ends we'll just have to get used to seeing each other with our girls."

"Will we keep the same girl all the time?"

"Yes and no, Mike. You'll be in charge of Mandy for the whole time but we are free to swap around at nights by mutual agreement and you, being a maths and science specialist, will tutor all three when necessary and Keith and I will do the same with our subjects. We should be able to arrange things so we get a little free time even if the girls don't and we'll cover for each other when we have classes. Most of the day the girls will be at lessons anyway, except that tomorrow is Sunday but I guess we'll need to care for our girls and find out how far behind the others they are.

"I know Miss Tibbs suggested we use a zero tolerance policy on the girls behaviour and work, are we all in agreement with that?" Keith asked.

"Yes, we ought to be very strict with them at least for the first month or two, until they acknowledge we are their bosses and what we say goes, whether it is work or in bed, after all the bed part is about the only perk we get out of this. If we give them an inch, from past experience I know they'll take a mile. We must appear hardliners, Matron will no doubt be soft on them but that's not a bad thing. She's a kind of mother figure that the girls take too. I guess she'll give them painkillers and cushions in the morning while we force them to move their stuff and get their prep work done. Don't be afraid to bend them over a desk and give their tender bums a swat if they object to doing as they are told, or screw them hard if you fancy it. That's how community workforce people are treated and we must treat special measures girls in like manner."

"They're not kept naked though but I'm looking forward to fucking Mandy whenever and however I like. Most girls in my class have looked down their nose at me because I've no interest is sport and don't have the physique that attracts them."

"Don't put yourself down Mike, your appearance is okay and you've a decent prick and I'll be trying it out shortly. Yours too Keith although I gather you haven't had the same problem with girls."

"No but I'm looking forward to trying an older woman. Note that I said older and not old."

"The CWF people don't have free time and work Sundays so I hope they make a start in here in the morning and at least bring up desks and chairs." She paused and smiled, "You've stared at me long enough and I can see your pricks are ready and only waiting for the opportunity, so please fuck me now while I don't have to compete with the young girls."

"Aaahh, urggh."

"That sounds like Mandy, Mike, you'd better see to her and quieten her down before she wakes the others and we can at least have a few more minutes peace. What time is it? Need to get a big clock in here. Must make a list."

"4:20 Carol. Yeah I'll see after her." Fortunately Mandy slept on the outside and with whispered threats and still a little groggy from the sedative, she stood shakily and allowed Mike to support her to the bathroom. "Unless you need to poop, you may find it easier to use one of the urinals. They are working because I used them last night."

"You're not going to watch are you?"

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