How Straight Are You, Joe?

by TheKinkInside

Copyright© 2011 by TheKinkInside

Fiction Sex Story: A story about exploring the boundaries between the way you see yourself, versus the real you when you find yourself in a new situation.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   BiSexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   .

Way back, years before I met my wife, I was working as a contract engineer, and that meant I was moving around the country chasing work. I could have stayed in one place, as a direct employee, but I was single and the money was much better as a contractor. My first contract jobs were in places where I already knew some of the guys ... they were contractors that I'd met when they got jobs where I was a direct. And that made the transition easy ... because as I adjusted to the workload and expectations that come along with being a much more highly paid engineer, I was at least able to kick back with friends after the workday was over. But contract jobs are often short ... my first one lasted three months. The second lasted four. But sometimes, they last much longer. I didn't mind the moving, though. It came with the job, and I accepted that when I started out. My third contract job was in a Midwestern city where I was completely alone! I didn't know any of the other people I worked with, which didn't matter to me in terms of the job (I was good at what I did, and as a contractor, you learn to just do your job and let the direct employees worry about office politics and so on), but it did mean that after work, I was on my own.

Well, I didn't have problems making friends, so that wasn't really a concern. But, I DID have problems getting laid! See, I was a nerdy fat kid in high school, and I never really learned how to pick up women. I'd been in a few long-term relationships, where I got involved with women after I'd known them for a while. But in between those relationships, there was very little action, because I'd never developed the skills to hit on a woman. I wasn't comfortable using pickup lines, or making the kind of small talk that gets a girl to consider fucking you.

But, one thing that HAD changed since I was young was my physical appearance. With no good friends and nothing else to do, I started riding bicycles, lifting weights, running a little ... basically, I became a fitness geek. It was work out, and go to work ... repeat ... pretty much all the time! After the first year and a half of this, I got into pretty good shape. And because I didn't know any women, and wasn't able to pick up strangers, I got REALLY horny. This went on for quite a while.

Wherever I was working, I'd find a health club and get a month-to-month membership. Whenever I wasn't out mountain biking, I'd be at the gym. And when I was there, I always saw a lot of hot women. There were some tundra pigs, too, for sure ... but I always tried to cut them some slack, having been one myself once. But there were lots of hotties, too, and after I'd finish my workout, I'd wind up going home and jerking myself off thinking about the ones I liked the most. I was alone, still young, and I'd not been laid in years. So I was really horny, and the hornier I got, the more I jerked off. The more I jerked off, the hornier I got. Pretty soon I was jerking off several times a day ... Always before leaving for work, and always before going to bed at night. But before I knew it, I was going home to jerk off at lunch, and then after work before going to the Gym. No shit ... I was literally jerking off 4 times a day, every day ... and this went on for a year. Along the way, of course, I started buying porn videos. A few years later, along with broadband internet, internet porn would become the norm. But at that time, porn was mostly limited to VHS cassettes. Even DVD's weren't on the scene yet! Finally, one night as I jerked off into a towel I'd taken to keeping beside my bed to catch my cum, I realized I was going to have to start trying to meet some women, lest I wind up with calluses on my cock and right hand.

Well, not too long after that, I moved again. This time, I settled in a medium sized town, and wound up being there for a couple years. And like always, I joined a gym, and fell into my routine ... work, go home, jerk off, got to the gym, come home, jerk off, watch some porn, jerk off, repeat. By this time, I've got about 30 or so video tapes of porn. I never wasted my time with classic porn movies ... all I ever bought was the gonzo stuff ... just scene after scene, the raunchier the better. When I bought videos, I'd simply walk through the aisles and pick ones with lots of pictures of good looking girls on the cover. I didn't really care what the 'theme' was ... anal, DP, teen, whatever! I'd usually by three or four at a time, maybe once every month or so. If a tape was OK, I'd keep it. If it really sucked, I'd toss it after watching it.

One day, after I got home with a few tapes I'd bought at the adult 'bookstore' I found that I'd gotten one that wasn't what it was supposed to be ... See, on the display racks, they only had the empty boxes ... the clerk had to find the tape itself and put it back in the box when you went to check out. And this time, the clerk grabbed the wrong tape. Well, I'd bought 3 or 4 tapes, and by the time I noticed, it had been a week or two. And imagine my surprise when the tape I put in turned out to be a tape of nothing but guys sucking and fucking one another.

I'm not gay ... and I'd never watched any gay porn before. But unlike a lot of guys, I didn't hate gay guys. I always figured whatever they did was their business. The idea of actual gay sex acts didn't really bother me either. By that, I mean I wasn't grossed out by the idea of guys blowing each other or fucking each other! I also didn't want to be a hypocrite ... After all, I loved watching scenes with two women. Anyway, watching two guys fuck or suck wasn't something I craved, so I'd never have bought a gay porn tape on purpose. But for the short time this tape was playing, I found that the only thing about gay sex that bugs me is traditional public affection type things ... holding hands, kissing, cuddling, etc. I can deal with watching a guy fuck another guy's ass. I'll even admit that I got hard watching one guy suck off another. But once they started kissing, I was reaching for the remote! Look, I'm not saying they (gay men) shouldn't kiss one another ... It's just that I don't want to see it. I'm not judging ... I'm just admitting what does, and doesn't, turn me on. Anyway, once I found out that the tape was all gay, I switched to another one and put that one back in the box (the wrong box, obviously) it came in. And promptly forgot about it. Eventually, I'd have tossed it in the trash once I got a few I didn't want anymore, but I never got around to it.

Well, like I said, I was in that town for a little less than three years. And eventually, I met some people and made a few friends. There was a group of about 10 guys ... I met the first one at my gym, and he introduced me to the others. We all had similar interests (motorcycles, bicycles, fitness), and so we all wound up hanging out at the same places. There was one particular bar that we'd all go to on Saturdays, and eventually, I met a chick there. After the second or third week of seeing her, we hooked up and wound up dating each other, more or less exclusively. Her name was Jennifer, but she preferred to be called Jen. What I liked about her at first was the way she looked like she just decided to go out on a moment's notice. She was really pretty, but naturally so ... She wore little, if any, makeup, and her hair was just pulled back into a simple pony tail. Her clothes were clean and looked like they were chosen for her comfort, instead of as a way to attract guys. She hung out with three or four friends, and the impression I got was that her group was like mine, and she was my equivalent in it ... a little older, a little more reserved, and a lot less worried about her image. It turned out that this was close to the mark. She wasn't reserved, at all, but the rest was pretty accurate. We hit it off from the start. The sex was amazing ... she was just as horny as I was, and we wound up spending at least 3 or 4 nights a week screwing each other's brains out. She liked it all ... anal, oral ... any position! Some nights she wanted to fuck slow and long ... stopping and starting until we both came together after hours of grinding it out. Other times, she wanted quick, rough sex, two or three times, with long periods of naked lounging in between. She was a bit of an exhibitionist. She loved to order food for delivery, and answer the door in a long t-shirt with cum dripping down her leg. She was one wild chick, and nothing seemed to turn her off. The kinkier the act, the more keen she was to try it. She loved to have sex in public, but what she liked even more was to have sex and then be out in public, with some obvious sign that she'd just been fucked. Her absolute biggest turn on was to ride a busy escalator with a short skirt or loose shorts, with no panties, and a pussy dripping with cum.

Often, after an initial speed fuck to start the evening, she would lay on the floor in front of the TV, on her stomach. Oh, man, her ass was so awesome ... I often was amazed at how fast I could get hard again when I was staring at her ass. If she was pointed the right way, so that I could see her slimy pussy as she lay there, I'd get so fucking excited that I'd jump down there and lick her cunt, all the way up to her asshole, and back. I have always loved eating pussy. And my cum never bugged me either, so long as it was 15 or 20 minutes since I put it there. Just like every other guy in the world, as soon as I blow a wad, I lose whatever kinky ideas I was thinking about right before ... but a few minutes later, I'm right back in the land of Perversia! Anyway, one day, she was looking in the cabinet below the TV at my porn tapes. Of course she knew about them ... she'd even plugged a few in, on occasion. This time, she grabbed one and put it in, and it happened to be the gay porn tape I'd gotten by mistake. She hit play, and came back and laid down with her head across my lap. She liked to put her head in my lap, and feel my cock get hard and soft, against the back of her head. She didn't mind at all that I may leak pre-cum or even left over jizz into her hair. When the tape started to play, she noticed right away that it was a gay tape. It took me a second or two longer to realize which tape she'd picked, and when I did, I was a little embarrassed..."I got that tape a long time ago, by mistake. The clerk at the store grabbed the wrong one, and I didn't notice it for a while because it was the last one I watched!" I wasn't worried about what she'd think ... I knew she didn't give a shit about conventions ... And I knew she'd been with at least one other girl. But I didn't think she'd want to watch gay porn ... after all, I didn't! But she left it playing, and pretty soon I noticed she had her hand in her cunt, and was frigging herself. When I asked her if this turned her on, she wasn't at all shy with her answer! "Oh, fuck yeah! This is really hot! Watching those two guys suck each other's cocks is wild. Have you ever sucked a cock?"

I kind of choked..."No way. I didn't even buy this tape on purpose. The thought never occurred to me to get it on with a guy!"

"But what about Tommy?" she asked, "He's definitely hot. What a body! And you work out with him all the time so you've seen him naked, right? Haven't you ever wanted to fuck him, or suck his cock?"

Tommy was one of the guys I knew from the gym. She was right about one thing ... Tommy did have a great body, for a guy. He had been working out all his adult life, and there wasn't an ounce of fat on him. And I HAD seen him naked, lots of times. But honestly, not once did I ever think of doing anything with him. "No, never! I've never done ANYTHING with a guy, or ever even wanted to!" I was simply stating a fact ... I wasn't protesting the way kids do when they're denying an accusation made by some other kid. With Jenny, I didn't feel like I had anything to prove, and I was right. If I HAD ever had a thought like that, she'd have been OK with it, and with me admitting it.

"But the idea doesn't seem to bother you now!" she said. "Why do you say that?" I asked, "What makes you think I'm gay?"

"I DON'T think your gay, dummy ... I KNOW you're not gay. But as soon as these two guys started sucking each other's cocks, YOUR cock got hard as a rock. You do remember I can feel it poking me in the back of the head, right?" She pushed her head back into my cock, and rubbed it around a bit..."Come on, now lover ... level with me! How straight ARE you, Joe ... really?" Her eyes were sparkling with mischief ... she was just loving the fact that she had a reason to tease me. I liked it when she got playful like this.

But ... Well, shit ... she was right! My cock WAS hard. And as I sat there with her stirring her snatch, and watching these two guys suck each other off, I had to admit it wasn't turning me off. The scene continued like that for a few minutes. Then one guy, the 'prettier' of the two, laid on his back on the bed, while the other guy greased up his cock and started fucking him. The guy doing the fucking was standing, and the guy getting fucked had his legs up on the other guy's shoulders. I had to admit, this wasn't making my cock go soft! Maybe it was just that I had a hot chick's head in my naked lap, and she was rubbing her pussy like it was Aladdin's lamp! Whatever, I was hard as a rock, and not at all grossed out by the gay sex we were watching. It went like that for a few minutes, until they broke from that position. They both stood up as the bottom guy moved to get onto the bed on all fours, so he could be fucked doggy. Again, it was hot to watch them fuck, but in between positions, they were kissing for a minute or so, and that totally deflated my cock. When they got back to the fucking, I got hard again. This didn't go unnoticed by Jen. We watched that scene until it ended ... another one started right away, but I didn't see it, because I had Jen sit up and scoot her cunt to the edge of the couch while I got on my knees in front of her and ate her pussy till she came at least a half dozen times. I couldn't see the TV, but I could hear it. Jen, on the other hand, never took her eyes from it. Every time I looked up at her, she was riveted to the screen, and her hands were clamped around my head keeping my face smashed into her pussy.

Finally, I had to come up for air. She grabbed me and drug me into the bedroom where we fucked ourselves into a coma. My cock was actually getting sore by the time I blew my last load of the night into her asshole. We fell into a spoon position and were instantly asleep, my cock slowly deflating and departing her juicy butt sometime after that.

I woke up several hours later to an empty bed. I wandered to the kitchen to get a drink, and found Jen watching the gay porn tape again. She was on the couch with her fingers in her pussy, eyes glued to the screen. I looked at the TV just in time to see a huge cock spray three or four long strings of cum into the face and open mouth of a young guy who seemed to love it. He swallowed the cum that had landed in his mouth, and rubbed that which had landed on his face and chest into his skin as the scene faded. Jen came as it did, and my cock throbbed ... I don't know if it was Jen, or the gay porn, or both, but I was ready to go again. Jen noticed me, noticed my cock, and we went back to the bedroom and had a nice long, slow, intense fuck that lasted till the sun started to rise, and we again passed out into a peaceful sleep.

We didn't talk much about that night ... not that we were avoiding it or anything, it just didn't come up. It was a month or two later before it came up again, and it was because of some pretty weird happenings within my group of friends.

Two of our friends were pretty young... 21 years old, or so, 10 years younger than myself, and 7 or 8 years younger than the rest of the guys. These two guys were roommates, having gotten jobs at the same company at about the same time. But while one had come from a small town just a little ways away, the other kid, Eric, was from a large city on the west coast. They were both nice guys. Eric was blond, and looked like a surfer, which he probably had been back home. He got a lot of attention when we went out on the weekends. His roommate, Scott, was dark haired, and a little shorter. Both were good looking guys and would have had an easy time picking up girls if they weren't so shy. When the guys in the group started teasing them about why they didn't fuck girl x or chick y, it finally came out that both kids were virgins. Now, I wasn't surprised about Scott ... he came from such a small town (as I had) that I understood how this could happen. I was kind of surprised about Eric, though, since I figured that by now, California had probably outlawed 20 year old virgins. He was 'pretty' according to Jen. She liked Eric a lot, and she seemed eager to get him shed of his virgin status. Whenever the subject came up, Eric would get quiet and shy. Scott, on the other hand, liked to make big noises about how he was ready, willing and able to fuck any chick that 'met his standards'. Scott was shy and scared too ... but didn't want to come off that way. But there was something about Eric that made me want to help him, too. I remembered my own first time ... Simply the act of getting past the first awkward fuck was a big step. On one hand, I was envious, because the first time can be so incredible if it happens with the right person. But on the other hand, the pressure to 'not be a virgin' can cause you to rush and make bad decisions. I could tell Jen wanted to help him, so I knew I'd be 'helping' somehow, too. I just didn't know how...

A week or so later, Jen told me that Eric was going to be coming over to my apartment after work on the coming Friday. She wanted to get to know him better, she said, so that she could help him be less shy around girls. She was convinced that Eric was desperate for someone, but he needed help to get past the 'hump'. Her words.

I detected some alterior motive in her plan ... but I didn't know just what. I asked her if she was planning to fuck him, which seemed to surprise her ... not the idea, but that I'd ask her that! "Would that bother you?" she asked, "He's a virgin, so he's obviously not got any diseases. And he certainly isn't going to replace you ... he's just a boy! But he IS cute..."

"So is that a yes?" I asked.

"No ... I mean ... well, I hadn't really figured it out! At first, I really DID just want to get to know him better ... I think there are a couple girls I know that he'd really like, and they'd like him. But, I also know that if he goes into a relationship with no experience, the girl will have him wrapped around her finger in no time, and so I started thinking that I needed to prepare him so that doesn't happen. Problem is, there's really only one way to 'prepare' someone for that..."

"By fucking him, you mean?" I was smiling now ... not accusing ... The truth is, I could understand Jen wanting to fuck him. He was good looking, and a virgin, and I think girls get off on being a guy's first. And she would definitely be a good teacher. She really did care about people. This kid could do a lot worse, and if she wanted to go that far with him, I'd let her.

"Would you be OK with that, if I did?" she asked. I explained my feelings. Her eyes got big as she considered what I was saying. I could tell she was getting hot thinking about fucking a 21 year old virgin surfer boy. I was getting hot thinking about her doing it, and I told her so. "I kinda wish I could watch you do it!"

"Well, why can't you? He's going to be here with both of us!" She REALLY liked this idea. "Oh, wouldn't it be cool if it turned into a three-way? I've never had two guys doing me at once!"

"Whoa, Jen ... you're gonna freak him out. His first time ought to be special, not a kink festival. It's not that I'd mind, but I think it's more important that he feel comfortable. I'm not so sure he'd be receptive to sharing a chick his first time out. Would he do it? Probably ... but is it the right thing to do?"

She was quiet for a moment, while she thought it out. She was pretty good about looking at both sides of an issue, that's one of the things I really liked about her. "You know, how bout we just play it by ear. He may not be willing, or ready for anything to happen!".

"I think that's a great idea." And we left it there.

Friday came soon. It was a real frantic week at work, so I was ready to relax on the weekend. I was through my third 7&7 when Jen showed up at my apartment. She reminded me that Eric was coming over, and I kind of groaned, having forgotten about it. "Are you still OK with him coming over?" she asked?

"Sure, I had just forgotten about it. It's been such a bad week that I was only thinking about getting a good buzz and hanging out on the couch. No problem, though!"

Eric showed up a little while later than that. I said hi, and welcomed him in. I offered him a drink and once we got settled I kind of shut up. This was Jen's deal, and I wasn't sure how much or little she'd told him. So, I was just gonna sit back and let her drive!

"So, Eric..." she began, "I was wondering about you this week..."

"What do you mean?" he asked, with a puzzled look on his face.

"Well, it's about the virgin thing..." she started, and the look on his face left no mistake that he wasn't happy about the subject coming up. And it dawned on me that he probably wasn't happy with me for telling her ... just because all the guys knew, that didn't mean he wanted it advertised. I looked over and met his eyes, with a 'mea culpa' look ... I felt bad for the kid, but I figured he'd get over it ... especially once he found out about Jen's motives...

She'd noticed his look too..."No, it's not like that! I think it's cool, you being a virgin ... if that's what you want!" He looked at her like a puppy, head cocked to one side, eyebrow raised ... But still, it was like he was just waiting for the jokes and steeling himself in preparation ... She went on..."I mean, if you're waiting because you want to wait for marriage, or because you want to be in love first ... well, that's great! But you also seem pretty shy, and I was wondering if you were a virgin because you just hadn't worked up the nerve to seduce someone yet?"

Eric looked at the floor, then the ceiling, then the wall, and everywhere except Jen or me. And he sort of stuttered, something that was unintelligible. Jen asked him to repeat himself, and he paused for a minute ... like he was about to reveal some big surprise ... then he kind of slouched and spoke "I guess I just haven't found the right girl. I'm not looking for marriage ... but I don't find most of the girls I meet all that irresistible!"

Good for him, I thought, there was nothing wrong with being picky your first time. You can't get that first time back, so you might as well save it for someone you at least think is deserving. Jen wasn't buying it, though ... something he'd said, or something about his look made her think he wasn't telling her something. She was pretty perceptive about shit like that. "Come on, Eric ... You're not telling me something..."

"Why do you want to know, anyway?" Eric asked, "what difference does it make to you?"

Jen smiled. "I'm asking because I know lots of girls. Some of them are pretty cool, and they're available ... But, before I try and hook you up with one of them, I wanted to know more about you ... I don't play matchmaker generally, but nice guys are hard to find and I think you might be one. So, I'm trying to help you AND someone else. Even if I don't find you a perfect match, I can get you laid ... but I want to know if you're even interested in that before I waste anyone's time!"

Eric was stunned. I was used to Jens direct ways ... she was the first woman I'd met that was like me in this regard, and I enjoyed it immensely. But she came off as pretty strong to guys that were used to quiet girls. Eric lightened up, though ... it was like once he heard that, he realized he wasn't about to be the brunt of a joke, so he relaxed. Still, he wasn't exactly embracing the idea. "Wow ... I didn't expect this. But it's not necessary, really ... Thanks, though ... Uh, I think that I can, um, handle things OK..."

Jen wasn't buying. "Look Eric, I'll level with you ... Most women will take advantage of a guy with no experience. Even my friends are weird about things like that ... If you walk into some kind of relationship with the first girl you fuck, she's going to own you. And if you're not careful, you could wind up being her bitch, and resenting her for it. I don't want to see that happen to you!"

"It's not that I'm waiting for some kind of relationship. And I'm not stupid ... No one is turning me into their bitch!" Eric wasn't mad, but it did sound like he wanted to change the subject. Good luck with that ... Jen was tenacious... "So, how come you're still a virgin? Are you just scared to make a move on a chick? That's easy, we can take care of that! I'll help you!" she was on the scent, now, like a hound. I wondered how she was going to steer him toward fucking her ... She hadn't come right out and said that was her plan, but I knew it was... "Shit, Eric, I'll sleep with you, if you're at all freaked out about doing it for the first time with a stranger!" Well, that's how, I guess! And Eric practically choked on his tongue ... he coughed, and then took a second to process what he'd heard to make sure he'd really heard it...

"You'd WHAT? Did you say you'd sleep with me?"

"Yeah, I did. Look, I'm not being completely selfless, here ... I think you're cute. So, it's not like it would be a miserable experience for me to do this ... it would be fun, safe, and you'd get the benefit of advice from a girl about sex ... and trust me ... there are a lot of guys who could use my advice!"

Eric looked at me, a pleading look that screamed 'help me out here'. I just smiled..."look Eric, I know she sounds crazy, but it's really not such a bad idea. I wish I'd known someone like Jen when I was your age. I went through some of the same things she's talking about. If I had it to do all over again, and someone like her made me that offer, I'd take it!"

"But, she's YOUR girlfriend! How can you be so calm about this?"

"Well, first of all, Jen and I have a unique relationship ... I know she cares about me, and I know that even if she does this, that won't change. And I know you won't go blabbing it around, because you're not that kind of guy ... and I'd clobber you if you did! And I like you, too ... you could learn something, and enjoy yourself doing it. This isn't like long division ... this is one lesson you'd enjoy learning!" I paused ... Jen starting talking before I could continue..." Eric, my theory is that you're waiting because you're afraid you won't be any good at it. I knew this guy that could have had his pick of any of the girls in high school, but he was so clueless about sex and girls that he never did anything about it. After a while, they all stopped paying attention to him, and half of them started saying they thought he was gay! You don't want that to happen, do you?

Eric's faced dropped when she said this. I saw his expression change, and it hit me about 1 second after. And about ½ of a second after that, Jen got it to. "Oh, My GOD! ... You're GAY?!" She said it like it was a question, but it was obvious she already knew the answer.

Eric turned white, and scrambled to come up with the words to deny it ... He wasn't going to admit it, but it was obvious he was ... I really felt bad for him now. Jen's badgering had outed him, and he obviously wasn't ready to be outed ... But I figured we could fix that ... since we certainly had no desire to hurt him..."Look, Eric..." I spoke softly, "We're sorry, we never imagined! But it's OK ... We're not going to tell anyone! If you want to keep it a secret, then it's still a secret!" Jen was still a little shocked ... I think she was kind of upset that she hadn't been able to tell ... like I said, she's pretty perceptive, and she had no clue Eric was gay. But then Eric started to speak, and we both just shut up...

"I'm not sure WHAT I am..." he said, "I AM a virgin ... I've never had sex with anyone ... girl or guy! I've gotten turned on looking at girls before ... but most of the time, it's guys I notice..." He choked up a little at this point... "I've never told ANYONE any of this before ... my family would be devastated if I were to wind up gay ... and none of my friends would have anything more to do with me ... Well, apparently you guys aren't like that ... but most of them are!" He was right about that. No one else in our circle would be very understanding.

At this point, Jen was even more interested. Now it was like she was researching a project ... she started asking Eric questions about who he thought was hot (he didn't answer that), and when did he start feeling like this. But she came back to the part where he said he'd gotten turned on by girls in the past, and asked him about that..."Eric, if some girls have turned you on, does that mean you'd be willing to try sex with a girl?"

"What do you mean ... I don't think I want to go out and seduce some girl just to try to fit in..." But that wasn't what she'd meant..."No, I mean, for instance ... when I offered to sleep with you ... I meant it. I still do ... I'd sleep with you if you wanted. Or do you have your heart set on being completely gay?" That last part was said with a bit of a laugh in her voice.

"But what's the point?" he asked. I added "Yeah, Jen, what IS the point ... if he's gay, he's gay! You're not going to turn him back!" Jen looked at the floor, and got this weird look on her face, like a kid that got caught stealing cookies..."Aw, I'm not trying to change him! I'm sorry, Eric, I'm just being selfish ... all this talking has gotten me horny ... We were watching this gay porn tape a few days ago, and I got so hot talking about sex, and gay guys, that I kind of lost my head and just started thinking about getting laid!"

Eric blushed a deep red ... So did Jen. I excused myself to go make another seven and seven, and when I came back, they were back to talking like old friends. Apparently, Eric was relieved to finally be able to talk about it to someone. Actually, I was happy for him.

"Eric", I said when I came back, "Look, I meant it when I said it was OK ... And we're not going to tell anyone your secret. But I just wanted to say that I think you're right about most of the other guys ... They're not gonna be as understanding. If I were you, I'd keep it to myself, unless you get to the point where you don't care what they think!" The truth was, most of my friends were pretty vocal about their dislike for gays. That's their prerogative, I guess. But Eric was a nice guy, and I wanted to spare him the grief, if I could.

"Yeah, I figured that. Still, it's nice to be able to talk to someone. I really appreciate it."

At that point, the phone rang. I went into the kitchen to answer it, and when I returned, Eric and Jen were rummaging through the porn. I knew what they were looking for as soon as I saw them. Jen loaded the gay porn tape back into the VCR and started it. Once she saw I was off the phone, she raised the volume a bit. She and Eric were sitting on the floor at this point, between me and the TV. When the movie started, Jen started asking questions ... Her first one was whether or not he'd ever watched any gay porn before. I found it pretty hard to believe, but he said no. He told us that he'd wanted to, but he was always afraid of getting caught with it. I guess that was pretty reasonable ... But she kept asking, and her questions got more and more personal as they went on..."So Eric, what do you fantasize about?" Eric blushed again, and didn't say anything. Jen asked again ... like I said, she was persistent..."I mean, when you get horny and start thinking about the things you'd like, what is it you want to do? Do you want to give a guy head? Obviously, you want to GET some from a guy ... or girl, I guess ... Everyone does!" ... Eric continued to blush, and continued to say nothing... "do you think about fucking a guy? Or do you think about being the one that gets fucked?" Wow ... that's pretty blunt ... but I guess it pretty much encompasses the whole spectrum, doesn't it? I mean, what else is there for gay guys? They can either suck, fuck, get sucked, or get fucked, right? I guess straight guys have pretty much the same option, except if the girl is willing, we have an extra hole to use! Jen was usually up for anything, so I guess I had it pretty good.

Eric, squirming, clearly hadn't thought about answering these types of questions. He struggled a bit and then started speaking..."Well, yeah, I guess I've thought about all of those things. But I've never done any of it, so I can only imagine what any of it feels like! I mean, I have no idea what it will feel like to have someone suck me. And as for getting fucked ... well..."

"When you jerk off, what goes through your head? ... When I do It, I think about a million things ... I remember sex I've had before, if it was particularly good ... I imagine sex with some hottie I've seen or met ... Sometimes I even imagine it with another girl!" Eric looked up at her when she said this, a kind of puzzled look on his face ... Jen answered the unasked question..."Sure, I think about girls. Some of them are just so sexy ... I've slept with a couple, too. It was nice. I prefer guys, though ... I really need a guy's cock to get off hard! I guess a chick can always use a strap-on ... I've got one ... but if you want a dick real bad, a fake one just doesn't feel the same!" Jen was on a roll, now. Eric was loosening up, and looked like he was starting to enjoy the conversation. Even the questions didn't seem to shake him anymore. But that was about to change, because Jen was getting ready to shift gears...

Jen got up, and went into the kitchen. She came back with a couple beers, and gave one to Eric. He gulped it down in a few long swigs ... I guess letting out a lifetime of secret feelings leaves you thirsty! My own drink was getting low again, too, and I decided to go get another. Like I said, my whole goal was a good strong buzz to help relax from the past week, and I was near to accomplishing that goal! When I got up, I asked Eric if he'd like another beer, or maybe something stronger ... He said he'd take a seven & seven too, if I was already getting up to make one. Good idea, I thought ... you're probably going to need it by the time Jen gets done grilling you!

But, I guess I didn't need to worry about Jen ... She was accelerating her timetable drastically ... when I returned with the drinks, Eric was on his back with his eyes closed, and Jen was bent over him. Her long hair hung down like a curtain, but it was obvious that she was sucking him off. His jeans had been unbuttoned and moved a bit down ... just enough to give her easy access. Jen loves to caress and hold her lover's balls in her hand as she sucks their cock. Every so often, she'll extend the middle finger of that hand, and run it down and press around or into the guy's ass. When she's done it to me, it feels great. When she really gets into it, she lubes up that finger and goes inside the ass ... let me tell you, if you want to cum hard, harder than you thought possible, let Jen rub your prostate while she's sucking your cock, and you'll be hard pressed to remain conscious after she gets you to nut.

Anyway, I doubted Eric was getting that treatment ... But he wasn't complaining. It was pretty obvious that he was struggling not to come already, and eventually he lost the struggle ... he came with a quiet moan, as his ass lifted a few inches off the floor. Jen moaned too, as she usually does when she gets a mouth full of cum. I have been blown by lots of women ... I find that most of them generally like sucking cock ... About half of them are OK with you cumming in their mouth, and about half of THOSE will actually swallow. But even most of the women that swallow don't particularly seem to love the taste. Jen definitely loved it when a guy came in her mouth, and I've never seen her fail to swallow, unless it was to snowball it back to me. The first time she sucked me off, she swallowed it without hesitation. Then she immediately came up for a kiss. I kissed her back, and didn't shy away from her when she started to give me some pretty heavy tongue. I guess I could taste it a little, but it wasn't anything I found unbearable. But it was a huge thing for her ... she later told me that she tried that with every guy she's ever been with, and only a couple had kissed her. For her, it was a big deal, a sign that the guy actually felt she was an equal partner, and not just a set of holes in which to dump cum. It wasn't too long after that before she snowballed my cum back to me ... I didn't really notice a strong taste ... and once I got past the idea, I simply quit worrying about it. I've licked my cum from her pussy, and tasted it from her mouth or her lips, so many times now that I just don't even think about it anymore. Jen told me that's pretty uncommon in guys.

Anyway, she was obviously getting Eric's load, and she seemed to be enjoying it. Eric didn't look like he minded, either. And I have to admit that I got pretty hot watching her suck him off. Hot enough that when she sat up and shook her hair back over her head, I thought she looked like one of the sexiest women I'd ever seen. She got a small grin on her face, and a slight blush, as she slowly rose to her feet. I thought she was just coming over to sit on the couch, but instead she sat on my lap and leaned in for a kiss ... I just kissed her, forgetting for a moment where her mouth had just been. I remembered quickly, though, when she shared part of Eric's cum with me. It was a shock, but I was so turned on that it didn't bother me. His cum tasted better than mine, I remember thinking ... as her tongue and mine swirled it around. I wound up swallowing most of it as the kiss ended. She leaned over and grabbed my drink, and took a sip, then handed it to me.

I took the glass, but I didn't drink right away ... I waited for a minute or so while I continued to taste the remnants of that kiss. Jen noticed, and as I finally raised the glass to my lips, I could see her brain spinning up to full speed. I had a feeling the night wasn't over.

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