Libby Left Her Penis Home

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2011 by Honey Moon

Science Fiction Sex Story: Waking up late with a case of Morning Wood, Libby Edwards doesn’t have time to waste taming the beast. Thinking fast, she uses a mini-portal to leave her erection home so she can wear her new dress without an unsightly tent. Before long she realizes she made a fundamental mistake. Her daughter Molly was home alone, with her erect penis!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   NonConsensual   Hermaphrodite   Science Fiction   Incest   Mother   Daughter   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Size   Big Breasts   Workplace   .

Libby sighed happily when she woke up to a bright sunny day, but her good mood was short lived. "Did I forget to set it? The alarm didn't go off! Damn, I'll be late for work again!" she shook her head. "That's what I get for trusting an antique!" she grabbed the nearly one hundred year old first generation iPad and flung it across the room. "And today is the big meeting! They warned us attendance is mandatory!" The thirty-six year old blonde looked down at her sheets and groaned. "Shit, a fucking circus tent too!" she slapped impatiently at the erection causing the rise in the bedding. "I don't have time to take care of that! I wanted to wear my new vintage dress, too! I'd look like a slut if I go out poppin' a pup-tent with my damn cock waggling out at everyone!"

She jumped out of bed to start the day. It took iron self control to not grab her sixteen inch cock and just jerk off. She had been late too many times this quarter to waste time like that. She couldn't afford one more tardy notice! As embarrassing as it was, necessity forced her to pee against the tiles while taking a hasty shower. It was that or attempt a hand stand in front of the toilet!

After the Dryden DNA Disaster almost ninety years ago, the futanari were now accepted and treasured members of society. Who knew that the aggressive retro-virus created to eradicate all strains of Influenza once and for all, would drastically alter the genetic code of ten out of every hundred women exposed to it? A year to the day after successful testing, followed by the world wide mandatory airborne distribution and spread of the Dryden virus, that lucky one tenth of the world's female population spontaneously grew fully functional penises with all related glands and ducts! Nobody could figure out the chromosomal link that made only that one tenth of women with exceptionally large firm breasts susceptible to this change. Researchers worked night and day, but couldn't decide on just why all women world wide were also effected by an unseen subtle but oh so important secondary mutation. When the average futanari penis length was well over a foot, everyone benefited from the startling increase in elasticity of the female reproductive tract!

Males were only affected slightly by their own genetic change. There was a mild, yet measurable lowering of the male libido. It seemed almost engineered to lessen the chances of violence against their new futanari competitors for female affection. The true drawback of this wouldn't be seen for over a generation, as the birthrate of male offspring slowly began to drop below sustentation levels.

Since female and the newly restructured futanari doctors didn't see the change as a problem, the virus ended up being eradicated by a devoted and driven team of male doctors. It was too little, and far too late. The population spanning genetic changes was permanent. The subtle alteration to the human genome was stable and would be passed on to future generations. The age old dream of Japanese comic artists had become a reality! Futanari were now and forever a part of the human race!

Yes, Libby was proud of her gifts. She just wasn't one of those trampy dickgirl show-offs you see from time to time, with their string of devoted mono-sexed female followers bowing to their every whim. You'd never catch Libby Edwards parading around proudly displaying her package under tight inappropriate clothing, or letting her unrestrained erections raise big happy tents in the vintage style dresses she favored! She took a little more pride in her fashion sense! If it would hurt the lines of her precious collection of early twentieth century patterned clothing, Libby would strap herself down tightly to prevent eye catching bulges and tents growing in the fabric every time she caught a glimpse of a pretty girl!

It would have been nice to stop and play. She did so enjoy her little morning wake-up ritual of an auto-falatio quickie before getting out of bed. She just didn't have time for even that today! It always took her at least five orgasms before she was sated and flaccid enough to strap her penis tightly to her flat tummy! Libby paused in her mad rush, and picked up one of the two matched rings on her bedroom dresser. She usually used them only while playing with her best friend Beth Pringle, but today she'd put them to a more practical use! "What a great idea!" she said happily. "Since I don't have time to tame the beast, I'll just leave my penis home today!"

Blessing the nameless early twenty-first century computer-geek who had somehow come up with a way to replicate a device from his favorite video game, Libby took one of the three inch portals and slipped the head of her cock through it. Libby giggled as her troublesome organ slowly vanished into the transdimensional device. It looked kind of hot to see her penis slowly and majestically rising up out of the matching ring still sitting on the top of her dresser. When she had the ring fully seated against her body, she activated the molecular binder. It was now locked firmly in place against her skin.

The seal was pretty good, except for the slight rise created by her rather large and protruding clitoris. There was a little gap created there. Beth loved to drive her crazy by wedging the tip of her tongue into the tiny space, and teasing the base of her throbbing cock between swipes at her clitty! It always made Libby more interested in deep throating herself. With cock fully lodged in her throat and the portal right against her face, she could just manage to get the tip of her tongue to touch Beth's, even as Beth's tongue was slipping over her clit! They both loved the simple perversity of it when that happened!

"There, that's much better!" she said with a contented sigh. "I do wish I knew why they named the company "Cake is a Lie" industries." With a shrug, she pulled open a drawer to select one of her gauzier less sturdy panties. Today she wouldn't have to deal with strapping down or anything! She hated the tight confines of the sturdy Kevlar reinforced phallic girdle that squeezed her girth hard enough to prevent any unsightly erections while her eleven inch while flaccid cock was strapped firmly to her tummy. Today she could wear something pretty! The old dresser shook slightly as she tugged the drawer pull. The upright standing sixteen inch penis wobbled, and then toppled over. She made a grab at it but missed, and the organ bounced over the edge and fell head first to the floor below.

"Ouch! Oh damn! Oh fucking double shit!" Libby cried out as she hopped around the room from the sudden pain of impact. She held her hands flat against her crotch as she danced around, even though all that was there now was her vagina, and the silvery gleaming disk of the non-working side of the portal "Thank God I have carpeting in here! I could have bruised myself severely if this was a hard wood floor!"

Libby took a deep breath. "I better put this thing somewhere safe!" She said as she picked her now flaccid and floppy but still hefty penis up off of the floor. The blonde brought the organ right up to her face and peered cross-eyed at the bulbous head. "Thank goodness there's no damage!" It was hard to resist giving the head a sweet little kiss, but her resolve was firm! One kiss and she could kiss off getting to work in time for the meeting! If she indulged herself, she knew she wouldn't be able to stop until she was bathed from head to toe in warm gooey semen! "Dammit! I don't have time! I need to pick somewhere it will be comfy while I'm gone." She thought a moment, and then with a contented sigh, buried her pride and joy carefully in her underwear drawer.

She gave a little shiver as her warn flesh was enveloped by cool silk and lace. It instantly began to stiffen and grow again while nestled safe and snug amidst her panties. "No time for that!" She shouted at her organ as she slid the drawer shut. "I'll suck you like a popsicle when I get home!" She giggled. "Maybe I'll even treat myself to a little auto-anal if Beth is too busy to come over tonight! Damn her anyway, for getting me hooked on shoving my cock up my own ass! Better stop at the store and pick up some olive oil on the way home, just in case!"

She admired the lines of her dress in the mirror. "I look great! For once I don't have to worry about people staring at my bulge!" Mono-sexed women were all drawn to the "Blessed", much to the chagrin of men. Even devoted and happily married women were not immune! Laws had actually been re-written. Infidelity with a futanari was no longer grounds for divorce, even if a one night stand resulted in pregnancy. Futanari were also fully exempt from all rules concerning child support involving married women. No futanari could hope to pay for all the offspring they sired onto happily straying married mono-sexed women! If any male objected too vocally, he was charged with the very serious offence of Futa-bashing, a hate crime that could land them up to five years behind bars!

Male lobbyists were still desperately fighting to overturn all of the sweeping futanari decisions. They regularly lost, and would keep on losing as long as the Supreme Court retained its strong female majority. Still they fought on as if their very existence was at stake. That actually did seem to be the case, since it was getting rarer and rarer for males to actually be born. Experts claimed males would be extinct sometime in the next hundred years or so, since futanari only spawned pretty little girl babies, or a happy healthy futanari every fifth or sixth birth! The males didn't dare rock the boat too much though. Most mono-sexed females were very clear about their feelings. Men were only for if you couldn't get into the pants of a friendly neighborhood futanari when your biological clock said it was time to be a mommy! There were even several cases before the court, attempting to challenge the age of consent. Popular consensus stated that for futanari, it should be lowered from eighteen, to ten years old. There were a whole lot of eager nine year old futanari with rapidly budding breasts and surging growing cocks crossing their fingers over that!

The statuesque blonde finished getting ready, and ran for the door. "I'm back on schedule!" she cheered, as she locked up the house. She had no idea just how much trouble her hasty decision was going to cause before the day was through!

It was so refreshing to walk down the street without drawing a crowd of mono-sexed female followers. If Libby ever popped a boner in public, women of all walks of life would ask her out for coffee, invite her up to their rooms to "Look at etchings", or even just stop in the street, pull down their suddenly damp panties and hand them to her! Libby firmly ignored them, trying to preserve her dignity. She was one futanari who wouldn't bang just anyone! You wouldn't see her slipping down alleyways with giggling happy mono-sexed women tugging at her clothes to get at her cock! Her resolve was firm, except for that one time she slipped.

Once, a dear sweet little old woman had boldly come right out and offered Libby ten thousand dollars if she could see a futanari impregnate her great-granddaughter as a happy eighteenth birthday gift for the beloved child! Everyone knew it was good luck to lose your virginity to a futanari. The birthday girl would be thrilled! The adorable little granny had then gone on to say that the women in her church group would gladly help cover the cost if they could all watch too.

The great-granddaughter's mother, her sponsor's grand-daughter, even offered to match the ten grand, saying she would make it a double header birthday bash and give her only child a sibling as a very special gift! Libby was shocked speechless at the wild offer! She still felt embarrassed whenever she wore any of the clothing she bought after paying off both her mortgage and student loans. She usually was quite firm in turning down all the embarrassing offers, but this one had come right when she was nearly drowning in bills! Getting her finances into the black was hardly consolation though. Libby had humiliating herself by acting like one of those futanari stud-mare harlots out to shove their cocks up anything in a skirt!

Libby tried not to think about how she had hired herself out like some cheap hooker! The church's basement meeting room had thundered with the cheers and applause of almost a hundred grinning old ladies! Libby, with just ten seconds to spare, had even landed the five grand completion bonus! She managed to forcefully ejaculate into both mother and daughter the agreed upon three times each before the two hour time limit had expired! The old woman designated as spotter had watched for, and announced loudly, all six times she saw the underside of Libby's cock pulse and throb when she popped off a load! She even patted Libby's ass after each explosion, like she was the prize performing pig at the county fair! At least the promised cake wasn't a lie! She would have made a hasty retreat with her money, but the humiliating ordeal had left her with a ravenous appetite. Libby hungrily wolfed down four big pieces of sinfully delicious birthday cake while the deliriously happy and very messy mother and daughter recovered their senses!

Libby even had to guard herself from her own daughter's futanari phallic fascination, ever since the mono-sexed beauty had hit puberty! She loved her daughter dearly, but was so very relieved when the eighteen year old decided to experience dorm life while attending the local college. Dodging Molly's daily attempts to at least get a peek at her naked penis was quite wearying! Not to mention the guilt she always felt when Molly's lovely figure forced her to pop a boner any of the many times the naughty girl would parade around the house in just bra and panties! She did not want to break the taboo of incest with her daughter! That was the one thing she just could not do! Libby had made a pact with herself the day after Molly had been conceived. She would never make that mistake again! Libby was totally reformed. Incest was WRONG!

Although she wouldn't change anything for worlds, Libby was still embarrassed about how Molly came to be born. It was a secret she kept even from her closest and dearest friend, Beth. She couldn't bring herself to admit she had ambushed her own mother while the woman was obviously having a sexy dream. The giant tent in the sheets had just looked so tempting and inviting! Libby couldn't help herself. On the night of her eighteenth birthday, she couldn't resist pulling down the sheets and had climbed onto that magnificent pole to go for a ride! Popping her girl cherry on her beautiful mother's huge cock was the best birthday present she ever had! Libby meant to stop at that, but went just a little too far. She rode on, bringing herself dangerously close to release. Then, momma's pretty eyes had opened! Libby froze, but just knowing she had been caught tipped her over into a soul shaking orgasm!

Momma had been quite cross when she woke up to her daughter's cock spurting and pulsing on her breasts and face, just as her own exploded up into Libby's tight, formerly virgin and fertile body. She gave quite a lecture about how incest was wrong, smart people used condoms, and why the hell didn't Libby have the decency to wake her up so she could enjoy taking her daughter's virginity? Much to Lucy Edwards's unspoken and secret regret, her daughter seemed to take the lecture too close to heart, and never tried anything with her again!

Libby made the Portal station in less then twenty minutes. She ignored the stares of men and women alike. At least with her cock safely home, she didn't seem to be emitting the pheromones that usually had the mono-sexed females following her like eager ducklings after their mother! She boarded the little roller-coaster type car, and along with fifty other commuters. They made the ten mile trip to center city in less then ten seconds on the one hundred foot long length of track. Libby always used to wonder why they didn't just let people walk through the portal. Somebody at work had told her it was to prevent Portal Jumpers from dashing through without buying a ticket.

Since she was no longer late, and it was such a nice warm summer day, Libby treated herself to an extra-large mango iced tea. She happily sipped as she strode purposely to work. She always enjoyed her daily walks to and from the portal stations. Especially as it helped keep her strong shapely legs firmed up and toned.

When she got to work, her best friend Beth looked at her and actually licked her lips. The five foot redhead eyed her six foot ten friend from head to toe. "Wow Lib, that's a nice number you're wearing!" She grinned. "How do you manage to find antique dresses that accommodate your overly generous bust?"

Libby blushed. "Cut it out, Beth! You know that whenever I find a vintage dress I like, I take it to "Casual Futanari: Big and Tall"! They have the best seamstress software in town. Their synthesizers can replicate anything I find in my size!" She tapped her chest. "Even here!" Aside from her height, the other "gift" of the futanari was in the dairy department. All futanari were, shall we say, top heavy. A few mono-sexed females could sport the larger chest sizes, but it was extremely rare for them to carry off being a double "F" with no hint of sagging the way Libby did. The girls rode high and proud, making it look as if she were smuggling two beach balls under the psychedelic mini-dress that had been patterned after a vintage little number from 1963. Thank goodness her Amazonian frame was sturdy and athletic enough to display them to proper advantage!

The redhead gave a soft whistle as she looked at Libby's legs. "Damn honey, those things go on for miles! I like the purple fuck-me heels, too. I don't know why you think you need 'em. You're already tall enough, and everyone knows you like to fuck!" She giggled. "You're not even wearing a bra! I hate you! On top of everything else, you dick-girl giants don't sag! Oh, that reminds me. Should I have the heat turned up?" she laughed, noting how prominent the thick two inch nipples were beneath the stretchy clingy fabric. "You look a little chilly."

"Beth!" she complained. "That is inappropriate talk for the workplace!"

"That's not what you thought yesterday in the supply closet, when you begged me to let you cum down my throat! It's a good thing for you that I forgot my lunch. I was hungry!" Beth slipped behind her, and put a hand to Libby's crotch. "Hey, where the hell is Big Bertha?"

"Shut up!" Libby grinned sheepishly. "I didn't want to ruin the lines of the dress, so I used the mini-portal and left her home."

"Shit! That's not fair!" Beth giggled. "Next time think about your friends feelings before making a decision like that. I was planning on getting another belly full of nice hot "soup" fresh from the tap, to go with my sandwich at lunchtime!" She looked at the nearly empty cup in her lover's hand. "I guess you left it in the sink. I'd love to see it there all by itself, doing its business!"

"Sink?" Libby froze. "Oh Sugar cookies!" she exclaimed. "I forgot about THAT!"

"Where did you leave it?"

"Oh God, I left it in my dresser drawer!" She had been aware of a growing need as she entered the building. Iced tea always seemed to go through her just as fast as she drank it. That need had suddenly become of all encompassing paramount importance! "Oh Hell, I gotta pee! Everything will be ruined!" She whimpered. "Then I'll get diaper rash on my stupid cock if it sits in the mess all day!"

"Calm down dummy!" Beth grabbed her friend's hand and dragged her to the ladies room. (Mono-sexed females didn't mind sharing facilities with futanari in the least!) "Just slip off the portal and do your business. When done, slip if back on!"

"Cut it out!" Libby protested weakly as Beth pulled her into a stall, and closed the door behind them. "Beth! Not in here! We'll get in trouble if we're caught again on company time!"

"Just relax, honey!" She lifted the dress, and slipped her hand down the front of Libby's panties. "I'll get it for you." She paused. "Lib, which ring did you use?"

The set was a very special one. It was designed for a specific kind of adult fun. Libby's eyes opened wide. "You're kidding, right? I used the Master ring!"

"Sorry kiddo." Beth said while trying hard not to laugh. "You mixed them up again, just like always. You're wearing the Slave unit!"

"Oh fuckin' shit!" The Slave unit was quite literally named. When using it, she was always Beth's slave! Beth owned complete control of her cock, until she used the Master unit to release Libby from the molecular bond of the Slave! She was stuck fast with her cock in the portal, and the only way to release it was more then ten miles way! "I gotta get home, and fast!"

"Lib, the meeting is about to start. Even if you run to the portal station, you wouldn't be back for almost two hours!"

Libby moaned, trying to ignore the growing pressure within. "I think the matter is moot. I, I don't think I'll last another twenty minutes!"

Molly Edwards opened her eyes when the phone rang. "Shit! I don't have classes today! This better be good! Everyone knows I sleep until noon on Mondays!" She struggled out of bed and put a chip clip over the phone's lens before answering. She knew she had bed head, and didn't want anyone to see. "Hello, this better be good!"

"Molly, I need a big favor." Her mother paused. "What's wrong with the video? Young lady! You don't have a sleepover guest in your dorm? You know how I feel about that!"

"Jeeze mom, you know I'm still a virgin!" Not for lack of trying to get into her mother's pants! "What's wrong?"

"Listen carefully! Go to the house!" Libby blushed. "You'll find something hidden in my underwear drawer. Get it out, and very carefully put it in the bathroom sink." She paused a moment. "Better make it the kitchen sink, it's bigger."

"What's hidden in your drawer?" Molly asked curiously.

"Never you mind, young lady! You'll know it when you see it!" her face grew redder. "Uh, you, um, you might want to put on rubber gloves first. Then, and you'll know when, please rinse it off with warm water, okay? Then you can leave it in my colander, the extra large one, so it'll stay dry. Oh, and put that in the one hundred quart pot your grandma left after we had that big clam bake, in case I, uh, it does it again before I get there. For Heaven's sake, don't forget the lid!" Libby didn't want her penis to just sit out in the sink. She had a bit of a phobia about bugs. What if one crawled up out of the drain? She never saw it happen, but one never knew what insidious things a bug would do! "I'll get home just as soon as I can to take care of things from there."

"Sure mom." The puzzled girl promised. "I have no idea what's going on, but I head on over after lunch."

"No!" he mother wailed. She clapped a hand over her mouth, looking around to see if anyone had noticed. "No dear, momma needs you to go there right now! Please honey, it's very important! You have to hurry!"

Molly cut the connection. "Mom is so weird sometimes! I wonder what the hell she left in her drawer." She just shrugged and pulled on her workout clothes and hid her pillow mussed golden curls under a hat before heading out the door.

Beth laughed as Libby sat perfectly erect, trying hard not to look like someone who feared her bladder would burst at any moment. "Molly is gonna be shocked when she opens that drawer."

"Shut up, Beth!" she whimpered, doing her best to think dry thoughts. "Oh Hell, I forgot to tell her to call me when it's safely in the sink."

"She doesn't have to call, dummy! Your kitchen sink is stainless steel. It'll feel cold against your cock when she sticks it in!"

"Oh yeah." She smiled ruefully, rocking slowly back and forth as the pressure mercilessly grew. "That's right!"

"You should have told her just to point it at the toilet." Beth giggled. "That way you won't have to clean the pee out of the sink!"

"Don't say pee!" Libby moaned. "I don't want her pointing it at the toilet! She's my daughter! I don't want her holding my penis while I'm peeing! I don't want her to hold it one second longer then absolutely necessary!"

Beth burst out laughing. "Can you actually hear how insane that sounds?"

"Oh, shut the fuck up! The meeting is about to start!"

Molly got to her mother's house almost a half hour later then she expected. She would have been quicker, but she had been distracted by, and followed a futanari for four blocks in the other direction. The skin tight clingy Lycra cat-suit she wore displayed the hugely erect sausage like bulge sticking right up into her massive bra-less cleavage. The poor thing had to stop every few steps. Just walking was giving her a continuous ambulatory self induced titty fuck! Finally, people cheered and applauded when she erupted right up out of the top of her jiggling cleavage. Simply massive amounts of splooge plastered all over her chin. It had been breathtaking! Molly had held back, but several women ran to her aid, and a bitter argument sprang up over just who would be the lucky one to take her home and clean up the mess.

"I wonder what all the fuss is about." Molly mused as she opened the top dresser drawer. She rummaged around in the disheveled pile of undies, and felt something firm thick and long.

Beth was squeezing Libby's hand under the table. "Hold on!" she whispered as their boss drowned on and on about the company's five year plan, and how they would be fiscally responsible towards the surrounding communities.

"S-She's not there yet!" Libby groaned through tightly clenched teeth. "I, I can't hold back much longer! I'm gonna explode! I'll have to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of clothing! Oh Lord, how will I ever clean up the dresser? It's an antique! It'll be ruined!"

"I'm sure she'll be there soon, honey!" she gave her friend's hand a little squeeze. "Maybe she got held up in traffic."

"It, it's only a twenty minute walk from her dorm to my house!" she lowered her voice when Miss Anderson paused in her boring speech to glare at her. "Oh thank God, I felt something! I, I think, Yes! She's there! She's picking me up right now!"

Molly pulled the big heavy object out, and came damn close to dropping it in surprise. "Mom, only you could do something this crazy!" In an instant she knew what all the fuss was about. Her mother had for some reason used a mini portal to hide her cock in a drawer. "I guess she must have thought she'd be right back!" She giggled. "Or did her legendary absentmindedness strike again? It would be just like her not to think of the call of nature striking while she was out!"

Molly ran toward the kitchen, but a strange and dark impulse took over. The eighteen year old detoured, and ran into the bathroom instead. Virgin or not, Molly had a couple of quiet little fetishes she liked to watch videos about late at night online. In her humble opinion, any liquid nature intended to spray out of a cock was thrilling to see! She kicked off her running shoes. Carefully switching the penis from one hand to another so her mother wouldn't suspect what she was up to, Molly quickly undressed. "Come on mom," she whispered to the penis as she climbed into the bathtub. "This is my golden opportunity, if you pardon the pun! You can let go now, and I can have a little fun without anyone ever knowing!"

Over ten miles away, Libby moaned in desperation. "What's wrong?" She's just holding me! I felt a breeze. I think she's waving me around! Shit, I didn't feel anything cold! She didn't put me in the damn sink!"

Beth felt a stab of jealousy, and had to smile at herself. How could she be jealous of a daughter's love for her beautiful mother? For as long as she had known Libby and her daughter Molly, the beautiful teenager had held an obvious crush on her mom! Who could blame her? It must have been a pure torment to go through puberty while living with a futanari who was so dead set against anything that hinted at incest! She was so close to that glorious member, yet wasn't permitted to so much as touch it! The poor kid must have dreamed about that beautiful cock every night! "Calm down. She's probably just holding it over the toilet, just like I said she should. If I were you, I'd let it go now, before you burst!" She didn't really believe that. She suspected Molly was trying to perform a little "Golden" experiment, and silently cheered her on! "Relax now honey. Let the river flow!"

"Oh, o-okay!" she whimpered. She tried to clear her mind. After a few tense moments, she sighed. "Ahh, that feels better!" she breathed, as she felt the pressure slowly recede.

A trickle dribbled forth, and Molly gasped. In seconds it became a steady strong stream. Trembling, she turned her hand. Without even really thinking, Molly was aiming the dildo like living penis right at her legs! "Oh God, it's so hot!" she moaned as the golden rain played over her thighs. She giggled as she centered the aim, drenching her pussy the flowing liquid "Mom will never know!" she said softly, as she lifted her aim higher. She pointed the head right at her breasts, and reveled in the feeling of her mother's warmth flowing over, between, and down her own not inconsiderable cleavage.

As the stream was slowing, easing up, drawing to an end, Molly surrendered to impulse. Pointing the disembodied member at her head, she wet her hair, and then opened her mouth and let the last of the hot zesty golden stream play over her tongue!

When it was finally over, the young woman smiled serenely. "Thanks mom! It's a shame you'll never know, but that was my very first golden shower! Thank you!"

Libby smiled happily and relaxed in her seat. "Oh God, It's finally over! What a relief!" she cried out gleefully, coincidently as the speech drew to an end. Miss Anderson gave her another nasty look, but Libby knew she was safe and the tight-ass little bitch wouldn't fire her or anything. Libby knew her job, and did it well. Besides, Miss Tight-Ass Anderson liked to have her puckered little anus loosened up every once in a while whenever she could force Libby into some very special overtime work.

The smile slowly drained from her face. "What the hell, she isn't putting me away like I told her to!"

Beth laughed. "What did you expect, Lib. The poor kid has been trying to get her hands on your cock since she was ten years old and figured out what it was for! This must be like a dream come true for her. Let the girl have a little fun!"

"What, are you insane?" Libby glared at her best friend. "That's incest!" she hissed. "I will not permit any daughter of mine to play with my cock!"

"Honey-love, I don't think you're going to have much of a choice!"

Molly stood in the tub, rapidly cooling aromatic fluid beaded on her skin and dripping from her hair. She stared at the pretty penis in her hand and smiled. "Okay mom, you said to rinse it off. I guess I had better!"

She turned on the shower, very carefully adjusting the temperature so as not to scald her mother's sensitive member. "I'll clean you up right here, while I wash off your pee!"

"Oh, she's finally rinsing me off." Libby gasped, when she felt the stream of warm water hitting her penis. "I was worried there for a moment!"

"Are you clean yet, mom?" Molly asked the penis as she held it to her breasts. "I'll make sure you are!" She slipped it between her breasts, and hugged them tightly together.

"Eep!" Libby squeaked. "I gotta get to the phone! I feel something! I have to call and tell her to quit fooling around!"

"What did you feel?" Beth asked, curiosity burning bright. "Come on, I want details!"

"Tits!" Libby whined. "Oh Shit! She stuffed me between her naked tits! Oh God, they're so soft against me! I have to stop her!"

"How wonderful!" Molly whispered as the penis began to swell and grow. "Does that feel good, mother? Do you like how my breasts feel against you? I love how you feel against me!"

Moving stiffly, Libby ran to her office, with Beth hot on her heels. "I'm going to scold her properly!" she shouted, trying hard to ignore, well, how hard she was growing!

She called her own phone. "Pick up!" she shouted. "Answer the damn wall screen already!"

The phone rang in the living room. She knew who it was, and made no move to answer it. She gracefully knelt in the tub, and stuffed the stopper in the drain. Switching the water from the showerhead to the faucet, she sat down and let the tub slowly fill around her.

The answering machine picked up in the other room. Molly laughed at her mother's attempt at a commanding voice. "Young lady! You put momma's penis away right this minute! I'm not kidding! I will be very cross with you if I don't feel you put me in the colander pretty damn quick!"

Molly giggled again as she poured a generous amount of lavender bath oil into the soothing warm water. She used the thick sixteen inch long wand of flesh to slowly stir the warm water around her. Who did mom think she was kidding? Everyone knew that futanari never said no to a little friendly fun! She leaned back in the tub, and set the penis down in the water at her side. Ten miles away, water started to pour forth. The seal wasn't exactly water tight at either end and it did nothing to hold back the tide! Molly grinned wickedly at the rising bubbles slipping out from where the ring encircled the hard flesh at its base. "She's sprung a leak! Damn, I wish I could see her reaction to that!"

Libby squealed again. "Oh shit! Beth, get me towels, get me a bucket!" She held up the hem of her dress, as warm water began to trickle down her legs. "Help me! She's drowning my cock!" she cried frantically, as the water reached, and began to seep into her shoes.

"You big dickgirl dummy!" Beth laughed as her lover squirmed. "A penis doesn't need air, not where they like to go!"

Libby whimpered as the water just kept on running down her legs. "She's taking a bath with me!" she cried, as she jumped up and squelched to the door in her now ruined shoes.

Before she touched the door, it flew open. Miss Anderson stepped in. The pretty little raven haired Martinet glared up at her. "Miss Edwards, your behavior during the meeting was unacceptable!" Her British accent was always more crisply pronounced when she was angry. "This is a serious place of business. I will not tolerate any bloody tomfoolery from my staff! You will have a two hour mandatory overtime session tonight, under my, um, direct personal supervision!" She glanced down, unable to hide the triumphant little smirk on her face. She relished those wonderful nights when she had quality alone time with her favorite subordinate! The unflappable woman was actually startled. "Good Lord woman, where's your Willy?" she asked in surprise when she observed no bulge in the rapidly dampening folds of the dress.

"Miss Anderson, I, I'm having a crisis! I used a portal to leave my penis home today!" Libby couldn't help wailing. "My, dau, um, I mean someone found it and won't stop messing with it! May I please leave early today? I, I'll do four hours overtime tomorrow! Can I go home now? I have to go get my penis back!"

The grin spread over Mary-Margaret Anderson's face. "I suppose you won't get any work done in your condition." She squatted down and lifted the sodden dress up. "Let's get these wet knickers out of the way." She said sternly as she tugged the sodden garment down. A stream of water was steadily flowing out from under the bottom of the disk. It ran continually down her legs, almost as if she was having a low pressure high volume pee. The woman leaned closer, staring with wide eyed interest at the shimmering silver surface of the non-working side of the portal. "Oh, there's your problem!" she said with a laugh as she touched where the stream emerged from under the disk to pour out at either side of her engorged clit. "It's just an improper seal over an irregular surface!"

"Miss Anderson!" Libby gasped. "What are you doing? This, um, we're, it's still office hours! You promised you'd never touch me during business hours!"

"Oh hush! The well being of my subordinates is my business whatever the hour!" She brought her wet fingers to her nose for a dainty sniff. "Lavender, that's the bath-oil from the gift baskets we gave out at the company picnic. I'm glad you're using it." She giggled like a little girl. "It would seem that somebody apparently wants your Willy to be her rubber ducky."

"Miss Anderson." Beth said coolly. "That is not proper workplace behavior. You are sexually harassing Miss Edwards!"

The dainty woman stood up, somehow looking imposing at only four foot five inches. "Shall we discuss proper workplace ethics, Miss Pringle? Shall we review the eight security video recordings of you dragging Miss Edwards off to the supply room, where you indulged repeatedly in carnal congress on company time? Shall we discuss the five reams of company letterhead stationary that had to be reprinted after somebody released several loads all over the first batch after a series of obviously protested hand-jobs? I think it bears investigating as to just who's pay packet will have the cost deducted from it!"

"Oh, um, that." Beth grinned sheepishly. "Hey boss, I was only kidding! Why don't you give Libby a break here?"

Mary-Margaret sighed. "Alright, you two get out of here. Miss Edwards is in no condition to try going home by herself. I'll see you both all the earlier on the morrow!"

Beth grinned. "Thanks boss, you're a peach!" Um, those videos, could I get a copy?"

The petite woman indulged in a rare smile. "Do not spread that vicious gossip around. Everyone knows I rule this company with an iron fist! I am nobody's "Peach"!" She sighed. "The video files will be in your inbox waiting for you by end of day tomorrow. Now get her out of here before the carpet is completely ruined!"

"Thanks again boss!" Beth grabbed Libby's arm. "Come on kiddo. Let's get you home!"

Molly picked up her mother's cock and held it up for inspection. "Oh wow! I never dreamed mom's cock would ever be my own personally toy!" She hefted it thoughtfully. "It must weigh nearly two pounds!" She turned it end over end in her hands, examining every beautiful inch, from every imaginable angle. "Oh mom, even just this one part of you is gorgeous!" She couldn't resist, and gave the head a sweet and loving kiss.

Out on the sidewalk in front of the office building, Libby staggered and nearly fell. "Don't you dare!" she cried uselessly at her ten mile distant daughter. "Oh God, Beth, we gotta hurry! Molly. She, she, uh, she kissed me! I felt it! She kissed me right on the pee slit!"

Beth raised an eyebrow. "How did it feel?" she asked softly.

"Good! That's the problem!" Libby wailed. "It felt too damn good!"

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