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Sex Story: A man reminisces about some interesting women he has met during his working career. The time line for the start of this story is in the sixties.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

Richard Wilson, or Rick, as he was known, placed the storage box on his kitchen table and thought that the contents of the box represented his thirty two years of work experience. Rick had asked for, and had just taken an early retirement offer from the large insurance company he had worked for. There was some negotiating of the buyout package the company offered before Rick agreed to accept it but an agreement had been reached to both parties satisfaction. In the negotiations, Rick had indicated that he might write a book and would be discussing some of the company's skeletons and bad business practices that he was aware of. That remark caused the company to increase the buyout offer to two years of his salary which would be spread over four years. He would receive the normal retiree benefits, but he was required to and did sign a confidentiality agreement agreeing not to discuss the company or the buyout offer.

Rick took a cold soda out of the refrigerator, sat at the kitchen table and thought it was a good thirty two years. He really enjoyed doing his job as an Area Claims Manager and thought he had done it quite well. The last year of his work was a bitch which is why he asked for the early retirement buyout. He had a new boss during that year who was borderline incompetent and that just didn't make the job fun anymore. He did have bad bosses in the past, but they were nothing when compared to his present boss. This lady was had to be somebody's favorite which was the only reason Rick could think of as to why she was promoted to her present position. It certainly wasn't because of her ability or leadership skills. Rick, who had a reputation for telling it like it was, could only say "She was a few cards short of a full deck" It was unbelievable that she was in this position, but there were a number of things happening with the company that if the stockholders were aware of, they would be sellers of the company stock.

Rick could afford to take early retirement because of his 401K plan, his personal investments, and the lump sum he took instead of a pension. This lump sum was the amount of money it would take to purchase an annuity from an insurance company to pay him his annual pension. Rick's age, current interest rates, as well as the amount of the pension, were critical factors in determining the amount of the lump. With present interest rates being as low as they were, caused the calculation for this lump to be close to seven figures. The company gave the employee the choice of taking a pension or the lump sum and it was one of the few companies that did.

While sipping his beer and looking at the storage box which contained his personal effects, Rick started reminiscing about his work career. He remembered some of the more interesting claims he handled or was involved with and at the same time remembered some of the women he had crossed paths with during that time. Some women were very interesting, and he thought of some of the sexually exciting situations he was involved in with them.

His work career started after he was released from his two years of active duty in the US Army. Rick had taken advanced ROTC while in college. The military hadn't yet become an all volunteer force and the draft was still in effect. With his Second Lieutenant's reserve commission, he elected the two year active duty commitment which should free him from monthly ready reserve meetings. Vietnam was just starting up and Rick was fortunate to miss it. With his active duty obligation now behind him, he needed to find a job.

Rick went down to his university's placement center and perused the career listings. Of the many listings, the listing that caught his eye was the one for an insurance claims adjustor. It seemed that this could be an interesting career and there was a company car involved besides a decent starting salary.

The interview with the insurance company must have gone well, because he was offered the position and was told he would be assigned to at a claims office that wasn't that far from home.

Rick was an only child. His father was a hard worker and had been successful with the combination food and liquor store he owned. His father had a good business sense and used the profits he made from this business to invest in stocks and real estate. His father knew Rick wanted to leave the nest and offered Rick one of his apartments to live in. This gave Rick the opportunity to be on his own and also have a little bachelor pad that he could invite the ladies to if the opportunity presented itself.

Rick wasn't being conceited, but he knew he was a good looking guy. He was six foot two inches tall, one hundred and eighty five pounds, with wavy brown hair. Both men and women had told him he was one handsome dude. Because of his looks, it hadn't been that hard for him to find female companionship as they, for the most part, would pursue him as opposed to him pursuing them.

Their pursuit of him resulted in a little problem in that some of the women that Rick wasn't interested in, would bad mouth Rick when they realized that he wasn't interested in them. There was nothing he could do to avoid this reaction from them which had him just accepted it. He did get along fine with his male friends.

When Rick reported to the claim office he was to work at, he was warmly greeted by the claims office manager. He was given a company car and assigned to an experienced adjustor for his training. The job wasn't rocket science but it did require people skills. It required empathy with insureds and claimants who had been involved in accidents or reported losses. He later would need to become familiar with the many intricacies of litigation as he learned that a number of injury claims resulted in law suits being filed.

In looking at the women in the claim office, he found that their ages varied considerably. There were some women that were attractive in all these age groups. Rick had made it a rule in his socializing with women of not dipping his wick in the company ink well, but as with all rules, there could be exceptions.

One exception to his rule was Lana Kress. Lana was about two years younger than Rick, with auburn hair that came down to her mid-shoulders, and a body that was dynamite. She had to have one of the nicest figures on a woman he had ever seen, which she emphasized by wearing knee length tight skirts, as well as tight sweaters or blouses. Her butt was nice, but her breasts, at probably a thirty eight double D size, were her strong point. She was a head turner when she walked around the office.

While Rick appreciated her looks and would watch her, he thought he caught her watching him at times. He didn't know when the opportunity would arise for him to see if he could have a relationship her, but he just had the feeling that something would happen between them.

A number of the people from the office wanted to join a Friday night bowling league and they asked Rick if he was interested in being on the team. He told them he didn't want to be a regular bowler but he would be a substitute if a need arose. The need did often arise and when he bowled he had a chance to talk with Lana, who was a regular.

Now Lana wasn't the smartest girl he had ever met but her two big breasts made up for that shortfall. It was obvious that she knew what she had attracted men as she had a way of displaying herself that made for the interesting observations Rick had of her. After bowling one night, she asked Rick is he could give her a ride home because the girl she came with wanted to stay longer and have a few more drinks. The talk around the office was that this girl friend had something going with one of the property claim adjustors.

Rick wondered if this was the opportunity he was hoping for. He thought it could be when Lana entered the car and slid over on the bench seat to where she was sitting right next to Rick. He put the car key in the ignition, but he didn't start the car. His right arm went over onto the back of the front seat and this was all Lana needed in the way of a signal. Her hand reached out to Rick's cheek and turned his head to her where her lips met his.

Rick's hands where on her body and he liked what they were telling him. There was no objection from Lana as he explored her body. One thing led to another which increased their passion and resulted in Rick asking her if she wanted to see his apartment where they could be more comfortable. She said she was hoping he would suggest that. Driving to the apartment was a little bit of a challenge because of his anticipation of what he expected to happen there. Her hand was rubbing his thigh while he was driving, which served to further increase his anticipation.

Once they were in his apartment he confirmed what he already knew, that she did have one hell of a body. He also found out that her nipples were sensitive and that she preferred the superior position when they made love. This suited Rick as he enjoyed nursing on her breasts. It was one heck of a night and one that was repeated as the bowling season continued.

Lana didn't tell anyone in the office of this affair, but Rick was sensing that some of the employees knew. Rick could tell that Lana was looking for more commitment from him in their relationship. Rick didn't want anything more from her other than sex, so he cooled it with Lana. She sensed this cooling, and started to date another adjustor in the office which somewhat solved Rick's problem. He missed partaking of her considerable physical charms but he didn't want to lead her on.

About three years into his working career, Rick received a phone call from his mother telling him that his father passed away from a heart attack. He was saddened by the loss, as his father had been a straight shooter as far as Rick was concerned and this was a big loss for Rick.

His father's will left three quarters of his estate to Rick's mother, and one quarter to Rick. When Rick computed what the equity was in the four flat apartment building and the value of the shares of stock he was given, it came to quite a tidy sum. The income generated from these investments would be about double what Rick was presently making in the way of an annual salary. Rick was too young to retire, and while he would use some of this income to improve his lifestyle, most of it would be reinvested.

As a casualty adjustor, the claims Rick handled required him to investigate and if warranted, settle the injury claims. Most of these injury claims arose from automobile accidents, but there were some that came from the homeowner policy liability coverage with dog bites being the predominate ones. For the most part the dog bites were minor and involved neighbors where no one was looking then to get rich on the claim. Payment of the medical bills and some minor payment for the pain and suffering resolved the issue.

There was one dog bite claim that Rick fondly remembered. He was at the home of the girl who had received a minor dog bite and he was talking to the mother. The injured girl was in school. Rick noticed some of the pictures that were in the home, and commented on one of another girl the mother said was in college. This was a little confusing, as the girl was probably about twenty years old and the mother seemed to be no older than thirty five years old. Rick mentioned to the mother Sharon, that she did not look old enough to have a daughter that age. Sharon thanked Rick for the compliment, and explained that the girl was her step-daughter. While this conversation was going on, Rick was getting looks from the mother and that if he was reading them right, were telling him that she was interested in him.

As he was leaving, he told Sharon that he would be over next Tuesday to pick up the bills and leave a draft. Sharon asked him if he could make it Thursday instead, as she was having guests on Tuesday but would be alone on Thursday. Rick agreed to come over Thursday and wondered what her comment of being alone then meant.

When Rick came back Thursday, he didn't need to wonder for long. Sharon was dressed in a tight short skirt, a blouse with a few buttons unbuttoned and it was obvious she had spent some time in putting her makeup on. After settling the claim she asked Rick if he would like to see her house. He agreed to her request and she took him straight her bedroom. There she turned, put her arms over his shoulders, and made some remark that she thought he would like it if they started here.

Rick bent to kiss her and she met him more than halfway. Her hands were undressing him, while his hands were becoming familiar with her. On the bed, she demonstrated to him that she was very proficient in the ways of making love. She just didn't want to stop and her actions enabled Rick to make love to her three times. This was his personal best in the number of times he could make love in a short time. Sharon of course had helped by giving him head and running her finger nails lightly over his torso which would bring him into a state of readiness. Her finger probing into his anus was also very stimulating.

She later told Rick that her husband was considerably older than her and was having difficulty maintaining an erection. She just wanted to make love as often as she could, and told Rick that he was a good lover.

This was not a one time incident however, as Sharon had enjoyed making love and wanted to continue this affair. They would meet at a motel or Rick's apartment during the day. All Sharon wanted was to get laid, nothing more. Rick was more than happy to meet her needs. This affair was on an off and lasted till Rick was transferred to another claim office.

Another incident Rick reminisced about, involved Mary Murphy. While Rick normally investigated bodily injury claims, he was given an assignment to take a statement from an insured who reported a large claim involving the theft of her jewelry. The insured Mary Murphy reported that while on vacation in Hawaii, someone had entered her hotel room and had stolen her jewelry. She had reported the theft to the Hawaiian police.

Rick had phoned and made a late morning appointment with Mary. When she opened the door at her home he was impressed by her physical appearance. She was fairly attractive and well-groomed. In taking her statement, he asked to see her driver's license for identification purposes, and asked her questions about the loss. Because of this information, he was able to ascertain that she was five foot six inches tall, weighed one hundred and thirty five pounds, was forty two years old, divorced, a school teacher, and had brown eyes and brown hair.

While he was taking the statement, Rick thought Mary was giving him a good looking over. Well, that made them even because he was giving her a good looking over and he liked what he saw. Yes, she was older that him, but she had a nice body to go along with her attractive face. She seemed to be an intelligent lady and an interesting person. Today he guessed she would be considered to be a cougar.

Rick thanked her for her time and went back to the office to write a report and turn the statement in. He just couldn't get Mary out of his mind and the attractive picture she presented. He phoned her to tell her that he had turned her statement in and that someone from the office would be in contact with her as to her claim. He took a chance and asked her if she was free for dinner, and she said yes she was.

Dinner was interesting, but it was just a prelude to what he thought he was expecting to be happening later. Back at her home his expectation became a reality. She was all over him when the door closed, and was quite experienced in the ways of making love. She told him she enjoyed oral sex, both the giving and receiving. So did Rick and while engaging in that with her, he was pleased that besides her arousal scent, he also noticed the scent of the perfume she had liberally applied to her treasure. She had a rather large clit that his lips were able to clasp it. He hummed on her clit and that drove her up a tree. Mary said when he did this, he was better than her vibrator.

He stayed the night, and made love to her once more in the morning. She never dressed after they showered per his request. Mary said that this state of undress made her feel somewhat self-conscious but if that was what Rick wanted she would do so. He wondered if what she said about being embarrassed was true because it seemed like she enjoyed displaying herself to him.

Mary said that she had a boyfriend, but she didn't want this time with Rick to be a one time affair. Rick told her that he enjoyed being with her and she should call him when she wanted to get together again. Mary did phone him a number of times and he visited with her at her home in the afternoons. His dalliances with her taught him the many ways one could make love. All of Mary's orifices were available to Rick which he found very enjoyable as did Mary based on what she said.

While he was an adjustor and investigated claims, there were occasions when he needed to use a court reporter. Portable tape recorders had not yet been refined to where they were later used. When recorders were used they just about eliminated the need for adjustors to use a court reporter to reduce what was being said to writing. One of the instances where a court reporter was used was when a police officer was interviewed, because it didn't take that long for the officer to be interviewed and this enhanced his cooperation.

While there were a number of court reporters available to use, Rick was using Bernice Williams fairly frequently. She was about the same age as Rick, and had a nice personality. Her looks were average but she was pleasant company.

After doing a police interview one evening, Rick was driving Bernice back to her office and noticed that she was sitting closer to him on the car's bench seat than she ever had. From his experience, where a girl sat on this car seat was usually an indication of her intentions. When they pulled into the parking lot where Bernice's car was parked, he turned the ignition off and put his arm over her on the back of the seat.

Bernice leaned toward Rick and started kissing him. He returned her kisses and they were soon off to the races. His hands where going all over her, and she wasn't objecting to his actions in any way. Her hands pulled his zipper down and extracted his now erect shaft. Bernice bent down and put her warm mouth on his shaft, giving him excellent head. She didn't spill a drop when he came.

They cuddled after she had zipped him back up. She told him she had wanted to do that for a while, and hoped it wouldn't affect their business relationship. He told it wouldn't and she could do that anytime she wanted. He remembered her saying with a twinkle in her eye that she would keep that in mind.

Rich wondered what would happen when they did the next police interview. About one month later, they did another interview and his questions were answered. They hadn't been driving for more than five minutes after the interview, when Bernice opened his pants zipper and extracted his shaft. She gave him head all the way back to the parking lot where her car was. He had gotten a hand in under her sweater and lifted her bra over her breasts. He was cupping them and pinching the erect nipple while she was giving him head. Once they were in the parking lot, he was kissing her, and at the same time, he had a hand under her skirt in her panties which enabled him to finger her to an orgasm. She was a satisfied lady when she left his car, and so was he for that matter.

The next time he was with Bernice after the interview was concluded and they were driving back, they passed a McDonalds. Bernice said her throat was dry and asked if he could stop to get her a soda which he did. While he was purchasing the soda Bernice went to the restroom.

Back in the car as Rick was driving Bernice unzipped his pants and was nursing on his shaft. When Rick put his hand under her sweater he discovered that she was sans bra which she must have taken off when she went to the rest room. Her nipples were hard which he enjoyed teasing as he drove. At the parking lot he discovered that she had also taken off her panties. She apparently was expecting him to finger her and he did.

He never did have intercourse with her because she said she was a virgin and was saving that for her husband. Rick couldn't figure out her reasoning for this because of her actions but he was satisfied with the present arrangement.

Rick received a number of promotions which brought him inside the office as a file supervisor. This somewhat reduced his opportunities for further sexual adventures. He wasn't celibate and he made some adjustments which enabled him to follow up with his love partners. For the most part, his female companionship now was with women he met outside of work. He knew there was the opportunity with some of the ladies he met at work by their looks and conversations. He thought this was a dangerous area for him to get involved in and one that he needed to avoid.

In mid-October, which was about seven and a half years after he was first hired, he was called into the Regional Claims Manager's office and was told he was being promoted to the Area Claims Manager position in an office that was located about a three hour drive from where he lived. He would need to move to that location.

Rick thanked the manager for the promotion and said he would try and do his best. Rick's immediate boss, one who was in charge of that office along with six other offices, told him about his new office. He said it was somewhat of a problem office because it was located in a heavily litigated area and the employee attitude surveys that where conducted there were on the low satisfied side. He also briefed Rick on some of its employees and what his opinion was of them.

Rick drove into town on Saturday morning, having made prior arrangements to meet a realtor to see some furnished apartments. He was satisfied with the second apartment she showed him, signed a one year lease, and put down a security deposit along with one month's rent. His thoughts for the rest of the weekend were on what he could expect when he went to the office on Monday.

Monday came around rather quickly he thought as he entered the office. He was greeted warmly by Dan Krist, a casualty supervisor who introduced him to people that were in the office. After this initial greeting, Rick brought in a storage box in that contained some of his work material and organized his desk. He asked for a list of the people in the office and would make it a point to memorize all of their names. He didn't like it when people had to look at the nameplates on the desks to see who they were talking to.

One of the employees he had been cautioned about was a forty three year old female telephone claim adjustor by the name of Della Kurtz. She was purported to be the ringleader of the female employees and a few of the males who were said to have bad attitudes. It was thought that she controlled these employee attitudes. Rick thoughts were that while her facial look was average, he had to admit she did have a nice body and had some style and class in her dress and how she conducted herself. He went out of his way to be especially nice to her.

One of the things Dan suggested was that Rick should go out and meet the independent law firms that handle the law suits that the insureds brought into the office. He was told that most of the lawsuits that come in are filed in this county, and those suits, for the most part were referred to the law firm of Wells and Morgan. Dan said that John Wells handles most of the files we refer there, although his daughter Diane, has started to handle some of these law suits.

Rick made it a point to go and visit John Wells. When he met John, he was impressed by the man. He wasn't what you would call handsome, but he exuded a sincerity that made you believe everything he said was true. This personality of his was the apparent reason why he was so successful in the courtroom. He could persuade a jury that what he was saying was the gospel truth.

John introduced Rick to his daughter, Diane Wells and Rick was further impressed. She was about five foot seven inches tall with long dark brown hair that she wore in a ponytail. She was blessed with a very nice face and figure. Age wise, she was about the same age as Rick, maybe one or two years younger. As he talked with her, she appeared to have some of that same sincerity he noticed in her father. Overall, she was a very nice attractive package.

After Rick left her office, he spoke with John and said he had noticed some of the pictures on Diane's office wall and they appeared to be that of athletic teams. John said that Diane went to the university on a full volleyball ride and was captain of the team in her last two years. She was a very good athlete and had become a good attorney John said.

Rick thanked John for his time and told him that he assumed they would be in frequent contact because of the number of files that were in litigation.

The work at the office and the time involved in reviewing pending claim files to become familiar with them coupled with office administration, made the time go by rather quickly. Christmas was right around the corner, and before that was the office Christmas party. Rick knew he needed to attend this party, but he wouldn't stay long and only put in an appearance so as to not stop the employees from having fun because of the 'boss' being there.

With a few exceptions, most of the employees and spouses or significant others, attended the Christmas party which was held in the backroom of a restaurant. The ladies were all dressed very nice and so were the fellows. The drinks were flowing and it seemed that everyone was having a good time. While they were having their meal, Rick said a few words, thanking all of the employees for their efforts this year and hoping that with their help, next year would be even better. He wished them all a Merry Christmas.

He had one more drink after the meal and was saying his goodbyes in preparation for leaving. Della saw that he was going to leave and asked if he could give her a lift home as Janis, who she had come with, was not ready to go yet. Rick told he would and complimented her on the leather outfit she was wearing.

On the drive to her home, Della broke the news to Rick that she would be getting married shortly and would be moving to Rochester, New York. Her soon to be husband who was in Rochester worked for a large corporation headquartered in that town. Rick asked her if she wanted to keep on working and she said she did. Rick told her he would call the claims office manager in Rochester and see what openings he had and give her a strong recommendation.

Della was somewhat surprised that he would do that for her and expressed her thanks. Rick thought that this was one problem soon to be solved.

At her home, Della surprised Rick when she invited him to come in for coffee or a drink. He wondered if there was more to the offer and soon discovered that there was. She was all over him like a cheap suit when he closed the door. Della was very aggressive and wouldn't take no for an answer when Rick told her this was not a good idea.

She told him she would be leaving shortly and that he had no worries about her saying anything to anybody. Della said it would serve no purpose for anyone to know that Rick had gotten into her panties. Rick had to agree with her about that.

Della further surprised him when they were making love as she was rather vocal and used words in her vocabulary that were gutter language to describe various parts of the bodies and what she wanted Rick to do. She may give the appearance of being a refined lady on the outside, but she wasn't far removed from being a slut on the inside. Rick enjoyed his time with her and she changed his oil a few times and he did hers as well.

Making love with her was a different experience and one he didn't care to repeat. He didn't need to because she left three weeks later with the promise of a telephone claim adjustor position in Rochester. He heard that she told a number of the employees that she was sad she was leaving, because Rick was a good manager and was the type of boss they all had been hoping for.

Things were going well at the office, but it seemed like every other week they had a case that was going to trial. Rick knew it was a good business practice to attend at least some portion of these trials to see how they were progressing. He made it a point to change from his suit into his casual clothes when he attended these trials so as to not give the jury the impression that the defendant was insured. The jury might have suspected it but they couldn't be told there was insurance, because it was grounds for a mistrial if they were.

One thing Rick did when he attended the trials was to study the body language of the members of the jury. He couldn't read all of them, but he was able to read a few of them and this told him how the trial was going and if he should increase the settlement offer if there was one on the table. The attorneys trying the case were usually too occupied to be able to study the jurors.

During a recess at one trial, Rick told John Wells that judging by her body language, a lady on the jury was in love with him. John asked who that was and Rick told him it was the lady third from the right in the first row. John thought about it for a few seconds and told Rick that was Carol Stallings, Appellate Judge Bill Stallings' wife. John said he used to double date with them when they were younger. Rick remembered it was a not guilty verdict that the jury came back with on that trial.

Rick had changed into his casual clothes one morning, and was getting ready to leave for a trial that was going on, when his phone rang. It was John Wells calling and Rick told him he was getting ready to go and watch the trial that was going on. John told Rick to wait till after lunch to attend the trial. John said Diane was trying the case and it could become very interesting this afternoon.

Rick was seated in the courtroom along with six other people, when the judge entered and asked that the jury be shown in. The plaintiff was a man about forty years of age who had testified this morning and it was now Diane's turn to cross-examine him. Two years ago the plaintiff had been rear ended by Rick's insured. It was a sizeable impact and the plaintiff was alleging permanent neck and back injuries. Rick thought Diane was looking good in the dark blue business suit and white blouse she was wearing.

Diane took the plaintiff through what he had said in the morning about the permanent pain and stiffness from the accident he suffers from and how it has affected his life. The plaintiff said he can no longer do things he once did. In looking at him, Rick thought the plaintiff was believable because it seemed like he was in pain. He appeared not to be able to turn his head without turning his whole body and he had walked to the witness stand rather gingerly.

Diane touched on these activities he said he could no longer do, such as golfing and playing tennis. Diane just touched on golfing but went more in-depth on playing tennis. She said she played a little tennis and asked the plaintiff if this was how he would serve the ball and demonstrated by tossing up an imaginary ball above her head and arched her back in preparation to hit the ball. He said that is how it is done and again confirmed that he could no longer do these actions.

When Diane demonstrated the serve and arched her back, her suit jacket came open and the jury, as well as Rick and the judge, saw that her two fine breasts were straining against her white blouse, threatening to pop a few buttons.

She then went on to demonstrate the forehand return and the backhand return as well as charging the net. Rick had to admit her demonstration was exaggerating these moves and he wondered where she was going with this. He didn't need to wait long to find out because Diane then went to her table and pulled out some papers and asked the judge for them to be admitted into evidence. The papers she was asking to be admitted were the Glen Creek Country Club's June newsletter which had a picture of the plaintiff holding the trophy which was presented to him for being the club's men single tennis champion this year. There was turmoil among the jurors when she mentioned this. Diane further put some salt in the wound when she asked and was given permission to read the article which accompanied the picture.

Diane then said that's all she had for the witness and the judge called for a recess. Rick was leaving the courtroom but he quietly said to Diane that the settlement offer was withdrawn. She told him she had already done that.

Diane later phoned him to tell him that the verdict was for the amount of the emergency room bill, plus one dollar. He congratulated her on a great result. She told him that her girlfriend's boyfriend had advised her of this tennis activity when she had mentioned the plaintiff's name.

About two months later, Rick was talking to John Wells on a file and asked him on how things were going. John said for him things are going good, but Diane is in somewhat of a tizzy. He explained that Diane's mother is on a committee for this year's hospital fundraising dinner dance. One of the fundraising activities is to have an auction. The mother wanted to auction off a date with Diane, but Diane would have none of that. After considerable cajoling by the mother, Diane finally agreed to the auction, but she would not be paraded in a cattle call at the live auction, but would agree only to do it in a silent auction. Now John said, Diane was worried as to the amount that would be bid for a date with her because she would be embarrassed if there was no bid or it was very low.

After a little thought about this situation, Rick said he wasn't attending this event but asked John to enter a bid of one thousand dollars on his behalf for the date with Diane. John thanked Rick and said he would place the bid but he wouldn't say anything to Diane.

Rick's office opened at eight in the morning. On the day after the auction took place his phone rang at five after eight. When he answered it he remembers hearing, "You didn't need to do that."

He recognized her voice and responded, "Diane, are you telling me I was the high bidder at the auction?"

"Yes you were, and you didn't need to do that."

"Well, it's for a good cause and how else could I get a date with a beautiful up and coming litigator?"

There was a pause on the other end of the phone and then in a quiet voice he heard her say with some hesitancy, "You... , you could of ask."

They talked some more and plans were made for the date. Diane suggested Saturday at the country club, which had a good restaurant and a band playing. Rick agreed and firmed up when he would pick her up.

Rick was in for a pleasant surprise when Diane opened her door for the date. She was in a dress instead of her normal business suit and she was wearing her hair down instead of the ponytail he usually would see her wearing. She had on a little makeup, not that she needed more, and she quite frankly was a very beautiful lady. Rick complimented her on her appearance which caused her to blush.

Rick had a very pleasant date with Diane. She was an interesting lady and could carry on a conversation on a number of subjects. She did have some strong opinions but that was to be expected based on her profession. After dinner, the band started playing and he danced a number of different tempo dances with Diane. Rick really enjoyed the date and he told her it was the best thousand dollars he had ever spent.

Now it would be perfect date if he could say that they had wild and uninhibited sex back at her condo, but that was not the case. It took five more dates with Diane before that happened and it was well worth the wait. He wasn't sure if it was her athleticism, her intellect, or her physical appearance, maybe it was all three but as he thought before, it was worth the wait. He enjoyed being intimate with her and based on her reactions and what she said it seemed that she also enjoyed this intimate activity with him.

Rick came to the conclusion that while Diane wasn't a virgin, she wasn't that far removed from being one. He did show her some ways of making love that she said were new to her and had to admit she was an enthusiastic fast learner. Her comments to him about how enjoyable he was making her feel just made him feel being with her that much better.

He was unaware if she dated other fellows but Rick dated her frequently while he was the manager of this claim office.

Rick's office performance and results were acknowledged and appreciated by upper management, as he was offered a promotion to a larger claim office which he accepted and moved to.

Rick still stuck to his belief that he shouldn't mess around or get involved with women in his office. He did observe and based on some of their individual actions, that a number of women in the office would be interested in getting to know him better. One of the ladies in the office would deliberately flash him when both of them were in the coffee room. He could see her white panties and he would see her watching him when she did the flashing. He thought there were times when she was flashing him, that he didn't see any white panties and he wondered if she was wearing any.

While Rick wasn't involved with any of the ladies in his office, he was involved with ladies he had come in contact with outside of the office. There was a college professor who lived in Rick's apartment building who gave excellent head. The schoolteacher he had met while shopping was an interesting love partner. The married police officer who stopped Rick to give him a ticket for speeding was another conquest. It wasn't like he was having sex every day but he did have some nice adventures with women during these thirty two years.

One interesting lady he met and became involved with was Beverly Thomas. She was the wife of a large electronic store manager. Rick had left a bookstore on a late afternoon and was walking to his car when he observed an angry red headed lady kicking a tire on a car and saying some unflattering things. Rick asked her what was wrong and if he could help. She told him that her car wouldn't start and when she tried, all she would get was a clicking sound. Rick said that sounded like a weak or dead car battery and if he gave her a jump that should start her car.

Beverly said she would be grateful for a jump which because of what could be a double meaning caused Rick to hesitate for a minute. Rick hooked up the jumper cables he carried in his car and Beverly's car started. Rick offered to follow her home to make sure she made it.

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