King Matthew the Sadistic

by Luna Baby

Copyright© 2011 by Luna Baby

Historical Sex Story: A King with limitless power and his brutal hunger for the sexual destruction of women.

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Historical   Rough   Humiliation   Hispanic Male   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Violent   .

When I first met Lady Helen of Haymond, she was a girl of fourteen and new to my father's court. I was twenty five years old then and not yet King, but had been enjoying the power my title as Prince gave me over the bodies of the servant girls in my father's castle since puberty. Carrying on in my father's example, I considered the servants my property and freely used them as such. The other family trait, uncontrolled rage, was just an added perk.

Helen was the fair skinned daughter of nobles, very different from the ignorant, poor servants I so happily exploited for pleasure. She was a docile, obedient young girl raised with high born manners, who therefore rarely spoke. She had light blue eyes and abnormally long, lean legs; nubile under her gowns. She seemed so virginal, so good and pure, that I could not stop myself from fantasizing about destroying her for my own pleasure as I had so many other low-born girls. I approached her once in court to ask for a dance but she'd denied me, explaining that her father felt she was too young for courting.

I battled the feelings of lust I had for Helen at first. I would watch her socializing in court and fantasize about how tight and pink her young pussy must be, and how those full, bow lips would feel wrapped around my cock. Still, I thought that she was virginal, too pure and high born for me to soil so recklessly. I battled my feelings, that is, until the day I saw the little whore in the Imperial Garden, sucking off a lowly gardener.

I caught them through the bushes, hidden in an alcove and seated on a marble bench. The gardener was an indentured servant from Spain, a muscular, middle aged man of considerable strength. Helen sat beside him while he held one strong hand on her thigh to keep her still, and the other on his hard cock as he stroked it. Helen looked upset and kept trying to look away, but the gardener would reach up from her thigh and grab her by her chin, yanking her face so that she had to look. Tears streaked down her porcelain cheeks, and I could see that she was quivering in fear. She looked fragile, vulnerable and afraid- I felt my cock begin to stir inside my pants at the sight of her there, helpless and overpowered.

The gardener then stood and positioned himself in front of Helen. She turned her face away a few times in vain as he attempted to guide his throbbing cock into her reluctant mouth, causing him to slap her several times. Finally, in a rage, he pressed his large strong hand across her nose, holding it there until she was forced to open her mouth for breath. As soon as her lips parted slightly, he shoved his thick fingers into her mouth and forced her jaw open, shoving his hungry cock inside.

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