Vampiric Boobies

by Many-Eyed Hydra

Copyright© 2011 by Many-Eyed Hydra

Horror Sex Story: Arms Dealer Chris Schreck is celebrating a successful arms fair with friends at a strip club in Valencia. The girls are from Romania and as they make the inevitable vampire jokes, one of them says she has vampiric boobies. Schreck takes her upstairs and discovers her words were not a joke...

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Horror   Vampires   Big Breasts   Caution   Prostitution   .

"I have vampiric boobies."

The Romanian girl said it in such a solemn manner the table couldn't help breaking out in laughter. The girl, she'd said her name was Acarina, tried to hold her serious expression, but she couldn't manage it for long before her face cracked in a wide grin.

"I wouldn't mind getting my dick up between them and letting them have a good suck," Chris Schreck said, setting off another round of laughter.

They were a very nice pair, he thought. He watched as she scrunched her pillowy bulges together beneath her tight little black dress.

She was perfect. Her figure, especially with those large tits, was on the milfy side. Schreck liked that. He didn't like his girls to be stick insects. Acarina was voluptuous without tipping into fatty. Her slinky black dress clung to her curves like a coat of oil. Long raven-coloured hair cascaded onto her shoulders. Her blue eyes were big, bright and sparkled with mischief. Sure, she looked a little older than the other girls on the table--three perfect blonde Romanian exports--but Schreck was fine with that. There was nothing like an experienced woman for a truly filthy experience in the bedroom.

Yes, Schreck had already decided which girl he wanted to take upstairs. He had a strong desire to press his face right into those big, fluffy breasts.

The club was called Villerias. Schreck didn't know where it was exactly--somewhere hidden amongst the back streets of Valencia. Maximilian Blasko, the brash American in their party, had given the taxi driver the internationally recognised signal for strip club--two hands cupped in front of the chest as if holding up a pair of invisible basketballs--and they'd ended up here.

And very fine the scenery was too.

One wrinkly old hag had tried to latch on to their group, but they'd quickly shooed her away and found themselves a nice table with four of the hotter girls, including the phenomenally well-stacked Acarina. Then the beers had started to flow. And flow. And flow.

Why not. Schreck had personally secured a couple of multi-million pound contracts. The company could take the hit for this one. He deserved it.

"What do you do?" Acarina asked in heavily accented English. It contributed to her exotic allure.

Blasko whistled, dove his hand onto the table and made a sound to represent an explosion going off.

"We blow shit up," Gareth Lee said.

"We work for companies that manufacture munitions," Schreck elaborated. "There's a big trade fair taking place in Valencia this weekend."

"We made a killing, baby," Lee said, clinking his bottle of cerveza against Blasko's.

"Shock. And. Awe," Blasko said.

"Apart from Francis over there," Lee joked.

"I'm here to drown my sorrows," the short man, Francis Oldman, said. "Because my boss is an incompetent fucking knobhead who can't do shit outside the old tie network."

"Oh baby," the hot blonde with the leopard-print dress sitting next to him said. She put her arms around him. "We'll make you happy."

Acarina leaned forward. Mischievous interest sparkled in her wide blue eyes.

"Who can make the biggest bang?" she asked.

Blasko banged his bottle down on the table.

"I work for Hammer Arms," he said. "We manufacture the M8-97, the most powerful landmine known to man. There's enough bang in one of those suckers to flip an Abrams tank right on its back, and those fuckers weigh seventy tons. If a man had the misfortune of stepping on a primed M8-97, his balls would end up racing his brain to the moon."

Schreck shook his head. "No subtlety, matey," he said.

He knocked a cigarette out of the pack on the table and lit it.

"You'll have to excuse my American friend," he said. "Like most of his fellow countrymen, he has an unhealthy preoccupation with big bangs and bright explosions. The M8-97 might turn a human being into a spray of fine red mist, but tactically it's rather limited ... like his concept of foreplay."

Schreck winked at Blasko. The American guffawed.

Schreck took a long drag on his cigarette.

"You see, most anti-personnel devices--the good ones--are designed not to kill. Blow a man to pieces and his fellows will wipe the jam from their faces, say a prayer for their departed chum and soldier bravely on like the good little drones they are."

Schreck leaned forward and lowered his voice.

"However ... Maim that man, cripple that man, take off a foot or a leg, now that's a different matter entirely. Your little tin soldiers, well they can't leave their mate behind, can they. They've got to stop, patch him up, tourniquet the stump. Then they've got to get him back to safety."

Schreck stubbed out his cigarette.

"That's the difference. People are dumb. They don't know when to let things go. Leave a man crippled and alive, and you don't take out just him, you take out his entire squad as well."

He tapped his head.


The girls giggled. They only pretended to be shocked. Their bright eyes glimmered with bloodlust in the low, intimate light. Years of civilization meant nothing. Everyone was a savage underneath.

"Doesn't it bother you," Acarina asked, "that your company makes weapons that kill people? How do you sleep at night?"

She wasn't accusing him. He could see it in her eyes. She was only teasing.

"Like a baby," Schreck said with a wide grin. "People kill people. Not guns, not mines, not missiles, not bombs. Me, I've never killed anyone in my life."

Schreck raised his arms and glanced upwards.

"Why, I'm as innocent as the angels up in heaven."

Then he burst out laughing and the rest of the table joined in.

"I thought there were international laws against the sale of landmines," Acarina said after they'd ordered another round.

Schreck liked her. She was smart. There was a spark in her blue eyes.

He slapped his wallet down on the table.

"See that," he said. "That's our law book."

The table erupted in laughter again.

"So where are you girls from?" Lee asked.

Their pale skins and accents clearly marked them as not local.

"Romania," Acarina replied.

"You're a long way from home," Schreck said.

"There's good money out here," the blonde girl in the leopard-print dress shrugged. She lit up a cigarette.

"Romania, ain't that Dracula country?" Blasko asked.

The girls laughed.

"You're safe," the blonde girl with the red cocktail dress sitting next to Lee said. She opened her mouth to show off her perfect white teeth. "See. No fangs."

"The only thing we like to suck is cock," Blasko's girl said. The American squirmed in surprise and then broke out in a broad grin as her hand went down into his lap.

"I must varn you," Acarina said, exaggerating her accent. "I have vampiric boobies."

"It's two hundred euro," Acarina said once she and Schreck were upstairs in one of the rooms.

"That includes everything?" Schreck asked. "Full service?"

"Yes, full service," Acarina replied.

Schreck nodded and started to take off his shirt.

The room was small and intimate. Low red lighting washed over their bodies. The bed was a mattress sitting on a ledge that extended the whole length of the far wall. A long, cylindrical pillow sat at each end of the mattress. The back wall and ceiling above the bed were covered in mirrors.

Acarina unpeeled the slinky black dress from her body. Underneath she was wearing a black bra and panties with frilly white trim.

"Your skin is very pale," Schreck commented.

Her skin was white, almost alabaster.

"I keep out of the sun," Acarina said. "It's bad for the skin ... makes it rough and hard."

She unhooked her bra and Schreck stared at the lovely sight of big, bold breasts bouncing free. They were beautiful, absolutely perfectly formed.

"Here, feel how soft and smooth they are," Acarina said.

Schreck didn't need a second invitation as he placed his right hand on her left breast. Her skin was smooth--baby smooth. He relished the texture as he slid his palm over her soft, yielding curves. Soft. Squeezably soft, he thought as he pressed his fingers against her malleable flesh. He placed his other hand on her other breast and squeezed her boobs together. He loved the way her pale pink nipples jutted outwards.

He pulled her forwards and ducked down to press his face into her bosom. Her breasts felt like the softest pillows. Acarina laughed as he rubbed her face against her as if wanted to burrow right into her cleavage. Her laughter changed to coos of pleasure as he turned his head to the side and lapped at her nipple with his tongue.

"I could dive right in and drown in those," Schreck said as he stood up straight again.

Acarina looked right into his eyes and nudged him backwards until he was sitting down on the mattress.

"There's another part of your body I wish to drown," she said.

She crouched down, undid his belt and pulled down his trousers and underpants. Freed of its constraints, Schreck's erect cock bobbed up.

"Nice and eager," Acarina said, poking it with her finger.

She got up and fetched a bottle of oil from the dresser. Schreck watched as she poured some of the clear liquid onto her chest. She rubbed the oil into her large round breasts until they glistened.

"Would you like these wrapped around your little man," Acarina said. She jiggled her boobs in her hands.

"I think my little man would enjoy that a great deal," Schreck replied.

She pushed his legs apart and went down on her knees between them. She flopped her heavy breasts into his lap and then pushed them together until Schreck's erection was wedged in her cleavage.

"Nice?" she asked.

"Extremely," Schreck replied.

Her soft flesh smooshed up all around his erection. His cock slid smoothly up and down the valley of her cleavage, lubricated by the thin layer of oil she'd rubbed into her chest. Well, not a valley exactly. Her breasts were big enough to enclose his dick in a warm, fleshy tunnel.

"Mmm, when I press them together like this, doesn't it feel like a soft fluffy cunt," Acarina purred. She placed her hands on either side of her breasts and squashed them together around Schreck's cock.

It felt fucking fantastic was what it felt like, Schreck thought.

Acarina folded her arms around her boobs, forming a cradle to hold them in place as she bobbed up and down on his crotch.

Schreck slid further back on the bed, resting on his elbows as Acarina titwanked him. He was going to stick his cock in her pussy at some point this evening, but he'd already decided he was going to finish up over those tits.

If he lasted that long.

The fleshy helmet of his cock emerged from the top of her cleavage like a mushroom. Acarina tilted her head down and licked it. She took the head between her lips and wet, slurping sounds came from her mouth as she sucked on it. Together with the soft pillows of her breasts rubbing up and down his shaft it felt absolutely fucking divine.

"Yeah baby, that's it," Schreck said.

Acarina released the head of his cock. She gave the opening to his urethra a teasing little lick with her tongue.

"Aw, look at the sweet little mole," she cooed down to where his cock nestled between the two hemispheres of her white breasts.

Schreck smiled and raised his head. It did look a little like a timid woodland creature sticking its head up out of a burrow. Acarina's cleavage was big enough to smother him completely.

"Let's send him back down his hole," Acarina said.

She put her hands under her breasts and both lifted them up and pressed them together. It looked like the head of Schreck's cock was sucked down into the warm crevice between them.

"Down, down, down; to sleep between my soft pillows," Acarina cooed.

Schreck closed his eyes as he felt her soft flesh rub against the fleshy ridge below his glans. Acarina teased it with little motions of her chest. Up, down, the friction sending tremors of pleasure through him. If she kept this up, he wouldn't be needing her pussy at all this evening.

She stared at Schreck with her bright blue eyes. "Where my vampiric boobies will hold you, squeeze you and suck you dry," she said.

They both laughed at the continuation of the joke.

Then her breasts throbbed.

What was that?

Schreck's eyes widened. He wasn't sure what he'd seen. Her two big boobs had pulsed. Like seeing some kind of weird optical effect on a TV screen. Maybe it was a trick of the light. Or his eyes were tired. Or...

... they'd spiked his drink with something.

They throbbed again.

He felt it this time--a slow pulse throbbing up the whole length of his shaft. His cock was gripped by a gentle tugging sensation that went right down to his balls.

He looked across at Acarina, his brow furrowed in puzzlement. She tilted her head up to look at him. Her blue eyes gleamed.

"No escape. My titties have you now," she said, pouting her red lips.

What was she on ab--

Her breasts throbbed again. Harder this time.


It felt like he'd just come without coming. There was that sense of relief, and the feeling his cock had sprayed something into the moist space between her breasts. It wasn't semen. His balls felt on the verge, but they hadn't fired off their contents yet. Then what was--


A splash of red appeared on the pristine white curve of her left breast. It bloomed like red dye dripped into water. He would have thought something had leaked down from the ceiling, but the red colouration was clearly spreading out beneath her skin. Had something, a blood vessel, ruptured in her breast? She didn't show any pain. In contrast, her face glowed with feral lusts.

"That tastes nice," she said, running a pink tongue over sensual lips.

Tastes nice? What was going on?

"Oh," Schreck gasped.

Her big round breasts pulsed in his lap. Deep within them, his cock was nestled between two soft cushions of flesh. He felt a strange kind of tugging sensation on his manhood, like a wet kiss wrapped around his full length. It felt pleasant, but also enervating.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

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