The First Time

by Paladin

Copyright© 2011 by Paladin

True Sex Story: A chance meeting in a railway station coffee shop leads to a night of wild lesbian loving.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   True Story   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   .

As I leave the train I'm glad my case is one of those with wheels and a pull out handle. My eyes are gritty and my feet hurt but one more connection and I'll be on my way home. In the main station concourse there's an information booth manned by a young black guy and a chunky brunette so I head for it.

"Excuse me but can you tell me from which platform I can pick up the next train to Seaport and at what time it leaves?"

The black guy taps a couple of computer keys and then turns to his co-worker; they mutter together for a brief moment or two. The brunette gives me the bad news but at least she gives it to me with a smile.

"I'm so sorry Ma'am but there's been a derailment on that route and we're not sure how long it will take to clear the line. If you can come back later we'll have an update for you!"

Smiling at her automatically, and thanking her, I turn away whilst deciding what to do next. The obvious first move is to find somewhere to sit down and rest my throbbing feet. So when I spot the station coffee shop I head for it towing my case behind me. It's pretty busy which makes me wonder if a lot of the customers are, like me, awaiting news of when they can travel on.

A lot of the tables are part or fully occupied but I find one in the far corner that's free. Maybe because it still has used coffee cups and dirty plates scattered around. I pile all of them on a tray and leave my case under the table. If a thief goes for it I'll likely spot it but right now I'm past caring. Dumping the full tray on another pile of dirty trays I order myself a large latte and amble back to find my case thankfully hasn't been stolen.

Rummaging in my shoulder bag I find my sweetener dispenser. I'm a hefty lady and extra sugar would just waste all my hard gym work. Stirring in three calorie free tablets I inhale the coffee scent and then savour my first creamy mouthful with appreciation. Taking off my specs I rub my tired eyes and as I put them back on a woman is standing across the table from me and smiling.

"Would you mind if I join you? There aren't many empty seats left!"

She's well worth looking at! Clearly a lot younger than me, tall, willowy, though with large breasts that on her narrow ribcage look even larger. Her blond hair is shoulder length and moves like a silky curtain as she tilts her head. Like me she's wearing a skirt suit and like mine her skirt is pretty short though hers is pencil line while mine is flared. My suit is black and hers a deep blue. We both are wearing men style shirts, deep green for me and royal blue for her.

Her long legs are sheathed in sheer nylons and she's wearing towering heels that I daren't attempt to wear. I realise that I've been staring at her for so long she must think I've been struck dumb. However after spending three days at a business conference, and sharing a hotel room with the straightest of straight lady's, I'm working on a philosophy of if you can't touch then enjoy the view.

The problem was, Gail Norman, my room-mate, was, though tiny and lean, a smoking hot lady. However if I'd made a pass at her she'd have screamed and run a mile. So after three tortured days of seeing her half naked and a couple of times stark naked I'm suffering pussy withdrawal symptoms on my way home.

"Oh sorry do please join me. I was miles away."

As she pulls back a chair to sit down I can see she's got a wheeled case very similar to mine which she parks by the table. She gives me a sort of lazy grin before she speaks.

"God I'm shattered and now they tell me I've no connection because of a derailment."

She puts down on the table top one of those wide mugs that they call a breakfast cup. It's full to the brim with some sort of dark coffee. My ears prick up right away.

"Do you mean the coast line? I'm stranded like you. I'm heading for Seaport; what about you?"

After taking a hearty gulp of coffee she flexes her shoulders to ease any stiffness before replying.

"I'm on my way home to Marston but God knows when from what they've just told me."

My stop is around thirty miles further on from Marston but if we do get a train I'll have very attractive company heading home. However she seems to have much more recent information than I do.

"What have they told you now?"

"They say there's no chance of the line re-opening for maybe another eight to twelve hours. They're hoping to lay on buses but they've no idea when they'll be ready."

Not knowing anything about this tasty blond I can take a chance and flirt a little, or maybe be a tad risqué, unlike my situation with Mrs Norman.

"Well at least I get the chance to sit and talk with a well dressed attractive lady so everything isn't a disaster."

I'm ready for any response from her but I get that lazy smile again followed by words that I really like.

"Well I can say the same can't I? Oh my name's Michelle by the way!"

Time to try a little false modesty?

"What me? Just a middle aged lady is all! You call me Les please Michelle."

"Don't put yourself down dear! You've clearly got an excellent figure!"

I do like the way this conversation is going and I'm starting to get faint but positive vibes from her. If your idea of an excellent figure is a tad over medium height, big breasts, wide hips, a real fine rear like a full moon and surprisingly good legs for my age, then my body's cool! I instantly decide to see how she reacts to my next sally.

"Nice of you to say so Michelle and if I might say so your body's fantastic. Chorus girl legs and breasts like yours are a terrific combination."

If I've gone too far too fast I'll know in a second but I don't think I have. Despite being a lesbian from age eleven I'm not like some of the sisterhood who claim perfect gaydar. With this woman though I'm getting all the right signals!

"So you find me that attractive do you Les?"

"Well yes though I'm sure an old lady like me doesn't have the same effect on you!"

I've picked up my almost forgotten coffee to take a mouthful while awaiting her response when I hear a faint clatter from under the table and I feel a nylon clad foot sliding up and down my leg. She's kicked off a killer heel for a little footsie!

"Don't you think that's my decision darling?"

Fuck I'm turned on in a flash! My nipples had been hardening but now stand fully erect and my clit stirs like a shark under deep water. Leaning towards her I lower my voice to a husky murmur.

"And what is your decision then Michelle?"

Her own voice is soft and low and what she says thrills me to my core.

"Old lady I want to fuck your brains out! Whatever makes you think I wouldn't want a lady as hot as you?"

She's taken my hand in hers now so I grin and squeeze hers back.

"So Michelle what are we going to do about our feelings?"

"I reckon we go find a hotel and book in, get naked, and fuck all night!"

I'm not planning on arguing with that invitation so I rise and grab the handle of my case.

"Let's go honey!"

She moves off ahead of me and I ogle her legs in their seamed stockings and zero in on the "V" of her pantyline through her skirt. Jesus! Sod getting home I want to taste her pussy and have us screw each other unconscious. Outside the station Michelle heads impatiently towards a parked line of cabs, soon she's leaning through the window to ask the Asian driver to take us to a hotel, any old hotel, though not a big fancy one. His grin tells me he likely has relatives in the hotel trade.

"Hop in ladies I know just the place!"

To be fair when he drops us off at "The Taj Mahal" it turns out to be a small but clean and acceptable looking place. There's a young Asian girl at reception, small, dusky, and way attractive, in a midnight blue sari and heavy horn rimmed specs. At any other time, as horny as I am now, I'd consider vaulting the desk and having her on the floor but with this white hot Michelle by my side I resist the temptation.

"Hello my dear! My daughter and I would like a room for the night!"

I suppose we could be mother and daughter! I'm fairly tall and Michelle has an inch or two on me. She's blond and fair while I'm fair and redheaded and we both have blue eyes so I've seen less likely mum and daughter combos. There's a small but modern lift across from reception and once signed in we wheel our cases, and ourselves, into it. The aluminium doors have barely hissed shut when she lunges at me and shoves me back against the wall.

One hand cups a breast while her other pulls my head forward to crush our mouths together. For my part I grab that lovely arse in both hands as our tongues slither around swapping saliva. When the bell dings to announce floor three we pull ourselves apart to scuttle out of the lift and into the corridor. Approaching the lift is a guy and his wife/partner/girlfriend? Or for all I know she could be a hooker he's just finished screwing.

From the looks of her I'd be happy to drag her into our room and make it threesome. Though I'm so turned on by now I've reached the stage where if it has a pussy I'd fuck it. When Michelle unlocks the door we scramble inside, she pauses to re-lock it, and cases abandoned we head for the double bed.

By the time we cross the few yards to it we've tossed away our jackets and then I push her back onto the springy mattress. Straddling her waist I pop the buttons of her shirt with trembling fingers. When I drag it out of the waist of her skirt and wrench it open I can see her big breasts, cradled in the black satin and lace cups of her bra, and my mouth starts to water. Carried away as I am I haven't noticed she's done the same to me, and my own melons, restrained by my green front fastening bra, are being clamped in her hands.

Tugging down the shoulder straps and fumbling beneath her I jerk loose the hooks to toss away her bra. By now she's opened mine and one of my thick nipples is in her mouth. I want her naked just like I want to be naked myself. Reluctantly pulling my breast away from her mouth, and after tugging down the zip, I slide her tight skirt off. Her panties, that match her bra, have a damp stain already. While I'm standing I drop my own skirt to the floor and kick it away impatiently.

Michelle's wearing stockings like I am but whilst hers are self support mine are attached to a suspender belt. As I start to unhook the first one she speaks for the first time in some time.

"Leave them on Les! You look so sexy in them! Like a video porn star!"

If that's what she wants that's fine by me. Dropping my panties and kicking off my shoes I bound naked onto the bed to be seized by a wildly aroused woman. Suddenly I'm flat on my back, she's biting down on a swollen nipple, and her fingers are probing between my thighs. She hisses onto my breast!

"Fuck you're so wet! I'm gonna make you cum so hard!"

All I can do is splay my thighs wider and moan as her fingers enter me deeply. As my cream leaks out of my crease she's biting a circle around my aureole while thrusting hard into my cramping pussy. I'm a big woman and I can't hold still as a first orgasm thunders towards me; she's pressing one hand down hard on the curve of my belly to steady me as I explode into a climax!

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