Teasing Elderly Neighbour: the Beginning
Chapter 3

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True Sex Story: Chapter 3 - How I started teasing my elderly neighbour, prior to our special relationship we now have.

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I have been asked more about Frank and how I kinda got started in teasing him. I first noticed that he paid extra attention to me not long after we had moved in, this is about 3yrs ago now.

During the time his wife was alive, though in increasingly ill health, we of course had the deepest sympathy for him, and hope that we acted as good neighbours. Making sure if he needed anything we could get it from local shops for him, making sure he had enough food in etc.

He got to know us quite well over those months and when his wife passed away, we remained close as neighbours.

I had noticed, however that the way in which Frank looked at me seemed to have changed. I caught his eyes taking a sneaky look down my tops or blouses. I would catch him taking a little longer than normal to open his door if I as walking up the stairs, obviously trying to catch an up my skirt view.

At first I never really paid any attention. During one summer morning that changed however.I had been working extra weekend hours and had a lieu day off during the week. This gave me the chance to get some much needed retail therapy in!

I had dressed appropriate to the weather. A warm sunny day, I had put on a short denim mini skirt, plain t-shirt with no bra and a pair of shoes, not massive heels, just a couple of inch or so.

As I left our apartment and made my way down the stairs, Frank came out of his front door, Coincidence maybe, maybe not.

I walked down the stairs and he stood, looked up and I could feel his eyes all over my legs. I felt the stirrings of my usual tingle in my cunt! I was getting turned on by it, I was getting moist at the thought of my old neighbour eyeing me up.

I strutted up to him and said hello, we exchanged a few words and I said I was going into town for some shopping. As I left him I felt his eyes on my arse and again I could feel my fanny getting wetter by the second.

As I got to the car I could see his curtains twitching and I knew he was at the window watching me. I have to admit I made a meal of getting into the car. bending forward to put my bag onto the passenger seat and really making a spectacle for him to view.

This was the start!

Over the next few months this would become a bit of a habit. He seemed to "bump" into me a lot, early morning on my way to work, after work coming home, frequently and often.

I have perfected the car routine. I know where to park for the best angles for him to see me. I have made an absolute meal of getting in and out of the car. of putting stuff in and out of the boot. I have had my skirts ride up so high when getting into the car my tight gusset has been visible.

I have worn stockings to go to work on several occasions, making sure the stocking tops are visible when I bend over to put stuff on the front seat, or when getting in and out... (I have to be careful about this as I don't want to raise any concerns at work, so just to tease Frank I have even worn them to and from work and changed into tights when at work!).

You name it and I have tried to give him a teasing glimpse, up my skirt, down my blouse, no bra in the summer, bare legs and short skirts ... and all the time I have felt him ogling me, eyeing me up and I have been getting wetter and wetter, hornier and hornier about doing it!!

In particular my best two times, apart form the last shopping trip, which I told you about, where I behaved like, as one of you called me in an e mail...

"A fucking grade A cock teasing bitch!"...

... have been last summer and this summer in our shared back garden.

On both occasions he has had good eyefuls of me in bikinis, both one piece and two piece.

The first time was last summer. The young couple who also share it with us seem to take the same fortnight off every years. I think they have a family villa in Florida and all go as one bunch at the same time.

I was feeling really randy one weekend, a culmination of Mike having given me a good seeing to the night before and of my increased tarty behaviour...

I had decided to catch some sun in the early afternoon and suggested the same to Mike. He said he would join me, but that he bet Frank would be out soon after I made an appearance!

This just made me more determined. I was beginning to get wet at the very thought. Mike suggested I should wear my one piece bikini which splits into 2 thongs up the front and really gets snug into my cunt and arse. I thought it was maybe a bit much but he egged me on saying that he knew I would Love to tease the " poor old guy" a bit more!

My mind was made up. the one piece it was. I shaved my fanny lips to make sure of a smoother appearance and in the hope it may ride up into me a bit easier!

I posed for a couple of pics for Mike upstairs, he went out and put up our sun lounger, I Wes hoping the noise of him doing it would make Frank aware.

Once it was set up I had a snog and a bit off a finger fuck with Mike, just to get me in the mood even more!! ... and then made my way downstairs.

I clip, clopped my way down, black high heels on, and my extremely revealing swimsuit ... I felt so fucking horny and dirty.

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