Teasing Elderly Neighbour: the Beginning
Chapter 2

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True Sex Story: Chapter 2 - How I started teasing my elderly neighbour, prior to our special relationship we now have.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Slut Wife   Exhibitionism  

Now we continued around the store, Frank getting his items and sharing the trolley and me on very opportunity bending over or stretching up to either accentuate my arse or so that my skirt rode up a bit exposing bare leg and a bit of thigh.

On one such time I lent over a freezer my skirt riding really high up, to mini length, my bare legs easily visible. I raised on leg and opened my legs slightly to try to give him a view up my skirt as best I could.

My tits were freezing but my nipples were rock solid and as i turned around Frank made yet another comment..." Cold in there Anna!" and he laughed, staring at my tits.

I looked down and pretended to be embarrassed, " yes it was! sorry Frank I'm popping out here!"

He said " don't be silly don't mind me"

As we went on I could feel him all the time ogling my legs and y to be honest i was so wet down there that I thought he may have seen some juice dribbling down My thigh ... I hope so!

We finished our shopping.paid and left. at which point I obviously offered him a lift home and he of course readily agreed.

I mad a meal of putting the shopping in the boot, again sticking my arse out, leaning over to give him a good view of my tits and trying to get my skirt to ride up ... I had started to wish I had just put on a mini skirt to start with as I was desperate for him to see as much of me as possible, even though we where in public!

We got into the car and i hitched up my skirt to allow me to drive and of course to expose my legs to frank as much as possible,

he was making no attempt to hide the fact he was looking at my legs and said..." how do you drive in those heels Anna?"

i glanced at him and said it was OK as I was used to wearing heels for work and as i looked at my legs i hadn't quite realised how high my skirt was up!

My thighs were on full view for him and he was staring at me. I felt so incredibly dirty and slutty letting this man, who is maybe twice my age, be ogling me this way, but my now I was so turned on that I was past caring.

I said " sorry Frank I don't mean to embarrass you" making reference to how far my skirt was up. To which he replied..."don't worry Anna Ive seen you wearing a lot less in the summer when you have been sunbathing or when you have been going out all tarted up with your friends"

The "tarted up" comment almost made me cum... !!!!! He thinks I'm a tart I thought to myself!!

I smiled and just kept driving now not caring how high my skirt was.I was behaving like a total slut and loving it.

Once out of the car I again made an absolute meal of getting the shopping out etc and Frank must have got some really good up my skirt views from behind me.

I helped him in with his shopping always making sure he was behind me so he could see up my skirt, at one point I stood at the top of his section of stairs, legs spread as wide as I could dare and he must have seen straight up to my sopping, knickered cunt.

Once finished he invited me in for a cuppa and I agreed.

I actually thought about letting him try it on with me at this point, I'm sure he knew I had been blatantly letting hm see as much as I could all morning.

Once in, again I made sure he got plenty of leg on view, as I sat opposite him and let him see me cross and uncross my legs.My skirt up again to virtually mini length and my heels dangling off my feet as I did so, i know that drives some men crazy ... Mike being one of them!

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