The Last Hitchhiker

by mikey2much

Copyright© 2011 by mikey2much

Action/Adventure Sex Story: A demanding wife pushes her wimp husband too far, sometimes a loving wife can be murder

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Heterosexual   Mystery   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Oral Sex   .

The weatherman on the radio was calling for rain as the truck pulled to the shoulder of the road. The old man's eyes held a smile for the hitchhiker as he said. "You know that I still have almost two hundred miles to go, but I'm a little heavy, I got to by-pass some scales up the road. I'm sleepy and it would help if I had somebody to talk to, you are welcome to ride." Hitchhiking was his only way to travel during the great depression, he knew about staying on the main roads, so he added. "We will be on back roads but where I put you out you will only have to go about fifty miles to get back on interstate twenty just east of Birmingham."

Tommy Ray looked at his map, he had a rule about leaving the interstates, but the old man was right. Freeport Alabama was about forty miles north of interstate twenty. One good ride or maybe three short rides would put him right back on a main interstate. He knew better, but the threat of the bad weather helped to override those small whisperings of past experience. He replied. "Well, if you can stand my company then I will ride to the end of the line with you."

The old man let the clutch out and the overloaded truck eased down the exit ramp and turned right. Gentle rolling hills with green wooded mountains in the distance. It would have made a nice landscape painting, Tommy thought and then shut his eyes for a nap.

Clouds hung heavy and low in the sky. Too dark and heavy to rise above, they seemed to snag themselves on the mountain tops and bleed mist down the valleys. The trees and brush were colored by the strange light and made to look like hammered pewter, while the grass shone wet and shiny like a rippled surface of water. For a moment before the truck drove into the mist it was both beautiful and dramatic, and then you couldn't see shit. Close to white-out conditions with visibility limited to maybe two or three car-lengths.

The old man slapped the hitchhiker on the arm and said. "Damn son, I glad you came. Wish I could let you sleep a bit but I need your help" It took a moment for Tommy to remember where he was. He had been in a sound sleep, lost in a dream. He sat up, shaking the sleep from his head running his hand through his hair. "Help me watch the road. I don't want to run up on somebody too stupid to have their lights on." The old man was wiping the inside of his windshield as he talked, obviously he was having trouble seeing the road. " I hate fog like this. All you can do is slow down and try not to let something get too close. Use them young eyes of yours, cause my old ones are just about useless in this soup."

So for the next half an hour he had helped the old man to stay on the road until at last the fog lifted a bit. Once the conditions got better they hit the truck stop and took a break. The old man ordered steaks for both of them and they chased it with coffee and pie. Afterwards they talked of roads traveled and different places they had seen. The rain dampened the scenic views as they rolled through the mountains on the twisting two lane roads. Talking and laughing as Tennanasee turned into Alabama and the mountains became steeply rolling hills. No chance to sleep but all and all a very pleasant time.

Six hours later, looking through the rain spotted windshield, he saw the town of Freeport in its entire splendor. A wide spot on a small secondary road, off all the beaten paths, the town had slowly rotted away. Seeing them now he realized both the town and the road were much worse in reality than they looked on the map. The next few hours would decide if he had fucked up, but right now it was looking bad. He jumped from the truck and reached back up to the door for his backpack. The old man looked tired but home was just down the road now. "Thanks for the ride and for the lunch, it was good." Tommy said as he shut the door, returning the driver's wave as the truck pulled away. He set his backpack down and checked out the small village of Freeport.

Tammy Johnson drove at the speed limit as she returned from Sweetwater. Both the rain and the distraction of her husband's drinking forced her to be aware of the dangers of driving. It would be really embarrassing if her brother-in-law Wade happened to be the cop to pull her over. He wouldn't arrest her or give her a ticket but the self-righteous shit would never let them forget it either. Her eyes swept the street for the deputy sheriff's car as she topped the hill coming into town, but it was not to be seen. However she did see the young man waiting for a ride in the rain as she drove by him.

As if he had read her mind Wayne, the man she called her husband, roused himself up and glanced out the window as they passed the man. A single quick glance at his wife, reading the interest in her eyes as they drove pass the young man, answered all the questions he wanted to ask. He popped the tab on another can of beer and waited for her to make her pitch.

He didn't say anything, he didn't have to, she knew what he thought by that stupid look on his face. Sensing the way he would react she held her peace. She continued driving through the storm, both of them thinking of the man in the rain, neither of them speaking. The silence prevailed until they shut the door behind them at home. "He looked very young to me, how old do you think he was?" she asked.

"Its only been a week since the last time, are you so out of control that you can't do without it any longer than that?" There was an accusation in his voice along with a bit of a whine.

"I didn't say I wanted to fuck him." She tried to sound like she had been insulted but it was weak even to her own ears.

"That's funny, because that is exactly what I thought you were saying" Wayne said as he walked away from her, down the hall toward their bedroom.

"Listen to me Wayne. Stop walking away when I am talking to you." She demanded following behind him and grabbing his arm, forcing him to turn and face her. Watching the anger in his eyes, she pushed him a bit harder. "You know we are like two people who own a beautiful swimming pool, but you can't swim, so I only get to go in the shallow end with you. I need a guy that can make the strokes to get me to the deep end"

Sometimes Wayne wondered if he hated her, he knew he feared her. She had threatened to divorce him and force him to sell the house and divide the money. If she took half of everything it would ruin him as well as make him look like a fool in the eyes of everyone in town. His thoughts were interrupted by her hand stroking up the inside of his leg, letting her fingers reach out and lightly caress his ball sack through his pants.

"Come on baby, lets have some fun tonight," she cooed into his ear as she wrapped her arms around him hugging him from behind.

It was all so false, so fucking phony, the way she was trying to play him, all because she wanted to fuck a stranger. Just for a moment he wanted to hit her, the rage soared up inside him, but he pushed it down. He didn't want to hurt her. He loved her. "Baby why don't you let me get you off, you always enjoy that don't you?" He asked her.

She laughed in a derisive manner and sneeringly replied. "You gonna offer me some relief? I like your tongue but sometimes I need a good hard dick." She picked up the phone and offered it to Wayne. "Now why don't you do like I ask and have Wade check him out?"

"You can be a real bitch sometimes." He took the phone as he spoke. "I don't think I deserve to be talked to like this, not by you. You're my wife. You should be on my side and trying to help me through this. We never talked about doing this shit every week, it was an every now and then kind of thing to start with. How much of this shit do you think I can stand? I don't think you care about how I feel?"

Tammy smiled to herself and tried to keep a serious expression on her face as Wayne went on and on about how pitifully he was treated and how he was not going to take it. But while he was bitching he was dialing the phone, doing what she had asked. She knew him so much better then he knew himself.

Like most towns in mountainous areas Freeport straddled a small river running between sloping wooded hills. The main road shared the valley with a solitary railroad track, the two crossed back and forth over the fast running river. The town started at the river and spread out and up as it rose up the slopes of the surrounding hills. Once it had been a very pleasant village in a remote spot, now it was a small town cut off from the life support system of Interstate highways. Rust coated the railroad tracks, indicating little rail traffic. Fully half the stores were empty while the others lingered like walking wounded.

Tommy stood with the rain running down his collar and no cars in sight, now the gamble didn't look as good. The rain got harder and the temperature was dropping like a rock as the afternoon wore on. Rain and fog had hastened the onslaught of the night forcing the cars to turn on their lights and the street lights to come on early.

"Never get off the Interstate" He said laughing as he shook his head. This lesson has been learned so many times and yet here he was again. Once up in Pa. he had walked for two days without catching a single ride until he had covered the forty miles to Interstate Eighty-One. Once out in Kansas the police had picked him up on the Interstate. They carried him twenty-five miles across a waste land into some one horse town, where they decided to 'cut him a break' and let him go. It was a big joke to them. He had to walk all the way back to Interstate Forty, there wasn't a shade tree the whole way and it was in the summer. Now, he had done it to himself again, smiling and shaking his head he considered if he might be too dumb to learn.

Standing there watching the day fade into a gloomy evening, he saw every hitchhiker's natural enemy coming right at him. This was truly the last ingredient in a receipt for a bad day. He felt like a swimmer far from shore sighting a fin in the water.

The cop didn't see the man until he was almost on him, even though he was going slowly, watchful for any sign of him. Two people had called the station, one of them his own brother, wanting him to check this stranger out. The windshield wipers were working at the fastest setting but the rain was coming down even faster making visibility very bad. Centering the car on the boy keeping him pinned in the high beams, he stopped ten feet away. Warm and dry inside his car the rather fat cop motioned with his hand for Tommy to come to driver's window.

"You got some I.D. boy?" His tone of voice and demeanor left no doubt that he had been bullying people since his school playground days.

Tommy had hitchhiked across the country more than once and had been hassled by cops several times. He knew what the facts were. Fact was this conversation could be taking place with him bent over the hood, his hands cuffed behind his back, but for the fact, the pig didn't want to get wet. Tommy took his license from his wallet, handed it through the window, without a word the window slid back up. He said nothing, trying to keep a respectable expression on his face. Feeling the water run down his collar, feeling like a dog who is not allowed on the porch, watching the cop do his job.

After calling in his information the cop, whose name tag identified him as Officer Wade Johnson, turned his attention back to Tommy. Forcing the hitchhiker to stand in the downpour had been fun but it had not drawn a response from the guy as he had hoped. Pushing the button he let the window down again. "Well there Mr. Ray, you are aware that it's against the law to hitchhike aren't you?"

Tommy answered, "I thought that was only on the interstates, not on the two lane secondary roads."

Before the cop could reply the I.D. check came back over the radio, no warrants outstanding. Officer Wade Johnson gave the drivers license back to Tommy with something close to a sneer that was trying to be a smile. "Hitchhiking is against the law inside the city limits." The sneer gave up trying to hide and came out into the open. "I am sure enough about that, I will throw your smartass in jail if I see it happening inside the city limits. Now lets see what you got in that backpack."

Here it was, this was the moment, when you knew the pig was stepping over the line. What did you do about it? Tommy understood the truth about rights. You didn't have them in a police state. He could refuse to hand over his backpack but the pig would arrest him over some trumped up charge, like hitchhiking, and take him to jail. Then the backpack would get searched anyway. He took off the pack and handed it through the window. When it was just you and the law standing side the road, you had no rights and few choices.

Wade pushed his hands through the clothing in the pack encountering a toilet kit that contained only toothbrush, tooth paste and razor with blades. In the bottom his fingers found a hunting knife in a scabbard, he pulled it out. "This has a blade longer enough to be considered a deadly weapon. You know that?" He held the knife, pulling the scabbard away, exposing the seven inch blade to the rain.

"I use it for fire wood and when I camp, and I whittle a lot with it." Tommy hoped the guy would be content to push him around a bit and then let him go.

The fat pig shoved the knife into the scabbard and pushed it into a side pocket on the pack, which he then dropped out his window into the water soaked grass at Tommy's feet. "You need to carry your sorry ass on down the road until you get past the city limits before you stick your thumb up again." The cop gave Tommy his meanest look and explained, "that means you walk facing traffic on the other side of the road." The window slide up and the cop pulled away.

The anger of having to take this shit from the pig was something that was hard to ignore, but you had to put it aside and go on with you trip through life. Picking up his bag he crossed the street and started to walk along the side of the road facing traffic, the rain hammering down on him the water soaking his feet walking in the wet grass.

Walking through town he had time to form an opinion of the place. It wasn't a good one. Basically they had a dozen churches, four filling stations a scattering of clothing and hardware stores all strung along the highway that was also the main street. He noticed the lack of the fast food chains, a sure sign that a town was doomed. On the other end of town stood a super market and a few hundred yards outside the city limit sign one really rocking bar. Tommy walked until he was well beyond the city limits and across the road from the bar and waited for a car to come by.

Tammy was by the phone when it rang but she waited for Wayne to answer it.

"Hello," there was a short wait and then, "Hey, thanks, you know how women get, I'll tell her there is no reason to be concerned. Thanks for checking" and hung the phone up.

Her patience expired. "Well you gonna tell me what Wade said or what?"

"He said the guy is clean, no warrants outstanding just passing through heading south."

Feeling helpless he turned to face his wife, "he told him he had to walk through town before he could hitch a ride"

Tammy smiled and went to her husband throwing her arms around him hugging him. "Thank you for making the call for me, and thanks for loving me enough to let me b e myself. I really do love you." She found saying shit like that easier if you didn't have to look at the guy when you said it. Her hands slipped to the back of his head, pulling it down to meet her face, kissing him deeply. Her eyes tightly closed.

She could feel him responding to her actions, his breathing got deeper and faster. His hands came between them as he tried to grope her breast. His fingers unsure of the nipple's location he squeezed the whole tit like he was trying to juice half a grapefruit ... She let him enjoy a moment of heavy breathing and then pushed away from him. "No, not now, I've got to take a shower."

"Come on babe" he whined "we got time to do it and still get the guy."

Tammy turned to her husband, "Wayne, don't make this any harder then it has to be on you. We both know that when it comes down to it, you want to do what I say. Now you go and gas up the car while I take a shower." With no other thought for her husband she closed the bathroom door, confident that he would do as he had been told.

Darkness had swept over the valley, making the neon signs on the roadhouse across the highway shine even more brightly. Tommy had been here for over an hour now and seen maybe a half a dozen cars drive by. Traffic was almost nonexistent with fully half of the cars that managed to fight their way through the wind and rain turning into the bar's crowded gravel parking lot. Each time someone would open the door, a blast of the country music blaring inside of the place would escape, sometimes accompanied by laughter or loud drunken chatter. Considering the weather the place was doing a very good business.

With the darkness and the rain the chances of catching a ride were getting slimmer by the minute. Rides got harder to get after dark and if you were still standing by the road at midnight you were pretty much there for the night. As he was thinking over his options another car cruised past him. If they saw his thumb in the air they gave no sign.

Wayne drove slow as he passed the stranger. Nice enough looking guy he guessed but nothing special, nothing to get excited about just another dick attached to a stranger he would never see again. He hurried to the station, filled the tank and on an impulse got a cup of coffee to go. On the way home he passed the stranger again, this time he slowed to a stop as he came up to the hitchhiker.

Tommy was taken by surprise when the car stopped since it was going in the wrong direction. He stayed where he was watching the window slide down and an arm extend itself toward him, holding a white paper sack.

"I just ran to the store and saw you standing in the rain, thought you could use a warm drink. There's sugar and cream in the sack. Good luck." Wayne looked the guy over, he looked to be twenty to twenty five years old, maybe one hundred and fifty or so in weight. Some people look tough like they don't care, some look like they could be a friend. Even standing in the rain, soaking wet, he smiled as he thanked him for the coffee. He was the sort that liked to smile, a friendly looking sort of guy, Wayne thought to himself, who wants to fuck my wife...

Tommy accepted the offered sack, the smell of the coffee filling the air as he opened it to pour in two packets of sugar and two creamers. "Thanks, thanks a lot ".

"Glad to help, it's little enough." The window started to close and the car pulled away disappearing into the foggy rain. He took a sip of the hot brew. Damn it went down good. He drank the hot coffee fast before it had a chance to get cold, grateful to have it.

"That was one decent guy" He said out loud but it didn't matter because there was nobody here but him and the rain.

He looked up the road where the sign told him that Sweetwater was fifteen miles straight ahead. He looked back toward the bar, the lights on the building and the signs in its windows smeared bright colors on the wet pavement. Behind the bar was the glow from the streetlights of Freeport. Looking the other way, only darkness waited on him. He gulped his coffee until the cup was empty and then turning up his collar against the wind he started to walk, away from Freeport, into the welcoming dark.

The house was quite when Wayne walked inside, no sound of the shower running so he walked down the hall to the bedroom. Tammy lay naked on the bed. "I been waiting for you, I think that I need a little warming up before the big event, you in the mood to help me out "?

Shame filled his soul as he walked toward the bed. Each step he took placed him one step closer to becoming someone he didn't want to be. But walk he did until he fell to his knees and buried his face in the sweet warm space between her legs. His sighs mingled with her moans as he took her to one peak after another. He got nothing in return but the pleasure of pleasing her. He enjoyed giving her pleasure, it was almost enough to make him happy, but he kept seeing that big smile on the face of the guy who was going to fuck his wife

Maybe if he wasn't so selfish it would be enough. He almost laughed into her cunt when he thought of how he was feeling guilty because he didn't feel happy to be 'warming up' his old lady for a stranger to fuck. Wayne was well aware of how wimpy his behavior with her had become. He felt her starting to rise into another orgasm and felt a sense of pride, because he could get her off so well. A prideful moment immediately followed by guilt over his feeling proud over such a wimpy thing.

Tammy couldn't be bothered with the details of what he wanted, she only thought of herself. There is a giver and there is a taker in any relationship. Most of the time the guy is the taker and the woman the giver but not always, sometimes there are women like herself. Sometimes there are men like Wayne, who need a little help and are willing to accept the role of the 'giver' to be in a relationship. There is nothing more false than a 'top' or taker putting the bottom's or giver's needs over hers. The way to avoid topping from the bottom was to be an honest top and put your needs first. "That it," she whispered loudly, "Now just lock your lips around my clit, don't suck, don't move. Hold as still as possible until I say to stop".

Tammy allowed herself to enjoy the small movements that Wayne couldn't help but make. The slight suction as he swallowed, the feel of his breath, so hot on her skin, the adjustments he had to make to stay in his position, all these things teased her like fanning a bed of coals. Damn but she was ready for the night, needed this night to fill her up and wear her down. "Goddamn Wayne, you sure know how to press my buttons. Get up, I got to go pee." She grinned at him as he sat back on his heels, "unless you feel really kinky tonight?" She gave him a moment and then got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom.

He did enjoy getting her off. It gave him a sense of power, of control over her. He could send her into spasms by the way he used his mouth, he could tease her and draw it out or he could push her over the edge with power sucking and licking. Being proud of his abilities at muff-diving was one thing, sucking a man's cum from a fresh fucked pussy was a whole different thing. The last guy, that's what she wanted when they got home. and he had did it. He didn't like it but he had did it. She was always pushing him a little further, a little deeper into this perversion that they called a relationship. It really wasn't a marriage anymore, not when the wife jokes around like she wants her husband to drink her piss.

He wanted to stay here in this warm bed holding one another, but she was up already and the mood was busted. The happiness in her eyes was plain to see, and he felt a warm glow of satisfaction from his performance. "I'll be wanting some more of that when we get home". She said giving him a sexy little smile as she wrapped her self in a blanket and ran barefoot out to the car and climbed into the back seat.

He felt like a condemned man stumbling toward the gallows as he walked around the car and slid under the wheel. Did she really think that he liked sucking some other man's cum from her pussy? The thought made his dick twitch, maybe he did like it and was too ashamed to admit it. He started the car and slowly backed out into the night. The rain was falling harder now maybe the guy would be gone. He hoped, he always hoped the guy would be gone but most of the time they weren't.

They drove by the bar but there was no sign of the man, he wanted to go home but Tammy insisted that they go a little further down the road. The dark road unwound before them as the headlights pushed through the almost solid sheet of rain. Every curve revealing an empty stretch of road ahead until at last they rounded a curve and the lights picked the man's shape out as he walked beside the road.

Tommy had had enough for one day his feet were cold and wet and he figured he had walked at least four or five miles past the city limits so the cops shouldn't be checking this far out on a night like this. He started to look for shelter from the rain an old shed, a barn, a bridge, anything to keep the rain off him. The first shelter he found he would get under it and roll his sleeping bag out and sleep. Let the cold and the blowing rain get alone without him, he would start again in the morning. He was beginning to wonder if they had any bridges when he came to a railroad overpass. It wasn't what he wanted but considering the conditions he was facing he thought that it would have to do. Having made up his mind to call it quits for the night, he paid no attention to the car that was approaching until it stopped beside him.

The window on the passenger side slid down and a voice came from the darkness within.

"How far are you going?" A male voice asked.

Tommy looked with a certain amount of longing at what would have been his spot under the overpass bridge then, with a silent sigh, he answered. "I'm trying to get to my home in Mobile, Alabama." That's when he recognized the car as the one that gave him the coffee earlier.

After a short delay the front door of the car was pushed open and the same voice told him, "Get in."

Since only the front door was open, Tommy put his backpack on the front floorboard and settled his legs on either side of it as he sat down in the warm interior of the car. A little self conscious about how wet he was and the water that was running off of his clothes, he said. "It's a bad night to be on the road, thanks for stopping. I want to thank you again for the coffee, it was really nice of you"

The car pulled back onto the road, the windshield wipers fighting a losing war against the rain, the warm air from the heater a soothing heat on his cold and wet feet. Tommy let himself sink into the soft comfortable seat but he couldn't completely relax. There was something wrong in the car, a tension that put him on his guard. He did a quick sweep of the car with his eyes, surprised to find a third person under a blanket in the back seat.

The driver, a man of fifty years of age or so, seemed to sense his discomfort as he said. "That's my wife Tammy, my name is Wayne. What's your name?"

Tommy still couldn't get the sense of unease out of his mind as he answered "Tommy"

A small female voice came from the back seat. "Hello Tommy."

Wayne, turned to look at Tommy as he spoke. "You looked so wet and cold out there that we thought we should stop and let you warm up and dry out for a bit." After a short silence he continued. "We had a problem and we thought that you might be able to help us, and at the same time have yourself a bit of fun."

Tommy became curious even as he turned in his seat to better defend himself, if need be, from both the driver and the woman in the back seat. "What exactly did you guys have in mind?" He asked, watching the man but keeping the woman in his view also.

"A few years back the doctors found that I had prostate cancer, they caught it in time and I am now in remission but there were unfortunate side effects of the surgery." Wayne had been looking out the windshield but now he turned to face Tommy as he went on with his story. "One of the side effects is that now, I am impotent."

An awkward silence filled the car as they waited, giving Tommy time to digest the information. After a moment Wayne continued, "I love my wife, but I can't make love to her. I don't want my wife to do without but I can't fill her needs, at the same time I didn't want her to be having affairs behind my back or with people that she might become emotionally involved with. After some time and thought we have come up with a solution that works for us."

Tammy picked up the conversational ball and ran with it from the back seat. "We didn't want anyone to know about our problem. Wayne and I didn't want to run the risk of meeting a man who had screwed me when we went out to eat or something. Honestly, I never want to see any of the guys again. It has to be a one time thing, this actually is as good as it's gonna get. It can get as good as it wants to, as good as you and I can make it, but it is a one time thing. What happens tonight can never be more than a great memory".

Wayne cut into the dialogue so smoothly; Tommy thought that it might have been practiced. "We never wanted to have to defend our actions to the people living around here. We don't want any sermons pointing fingers at us. We couldn't afford for our private lives to become public. So we started to pick up hitchhikers if they looked like someone we could use. We saw you standing on the roadside this afternoon. When we saw that you were still here we decided to see if you would be interested."

Tommy turned his full attention to the woman in the back seat. She looked like she was closer to his age, at least twenty years younger than her husband, her blond hair cut short. When she realized that she was being appraised she let the blanket slip down to reveal her small but nice breast. He realized that she was naked beneath that blanket. While she would never grace the pages of Playboy, she was an attractive woman. He turned back to the man driving the car.

Wayne seemed to be trying to remove himself from the conversation, giving all his attention to the road and the stormy weather. He gave his wife all the room she needed to get what she wanted. Tommy thought about how much love that would take, to let the woman you love choose other men to give her the satisfaction that he could no longer provide. Something about the way he was gripping the wheel and the stern expression on Wayne's face made Tommy wonder how much he liked it.

He let his mind take in the woman's side of this little situation. She was younger than the man she had married and certainly pretty enough to find all the romance she might want. Instead she was letting him share in the choices as they picked through the nameless men who passed through their area. She had decided she would settle for fucking strangers, over making love to a man other than her husband. The two of them were working through a problem that might easily wreck a weaker marriage.

Tommy felt a degree of respect for both of these people. Over all though the biggest thing he felt was grateful for the shot at the pretty girl under the blanket. The night had taken a turn for the better without a doubt.

Not wanting to seem too eager and yet wanting to signal his willingness to help the young lady out, Tommy turned to Wayne, the husband. "What is your role in this, if it happens? I mean is this some kind of a threesome or do you just watch?"

Wayne seemed to choose his words carefully. "No, I don't participate; it'll just be you and Tammy in the back seat while I stay right here in the front. I have no desire to watch, do you think I would enjoy watching?" Wayne paused giving Tommy time to answer the question. Tommy remained silent. Wayne continued, "I will keep out of it as much as I can. I'll just let it happen between you and Tammy. I won't let you be alone with her. I'll let it happen, but I will not leave Tammy alone with you."

Tommy turned his eyes back toward the dark of the back seat where the light from the dashboard gave the slightest visibility. Tammy's white teeth and blond hair were the brightest things back there as she smiled at him. "Think of it as a date in high school where you and your girl were riding around in a friend's car and you made out in the back seat. That's what it will be like."

"OK, I'm game," Tommy said.

Wayne pulled to the side of the road. "Jump in the back."

Tommy braved the rain and wind for the short time it took to get out and open the back door and crawl inside. Tammy pulled her legs up making room for him to sit down on the seat.

"Put your clothes in the front seat and get under here with me. Hurry before your wet clothes get us both wet," she said with that flashy smile of hers.

Mindful that this could still be a slick con job, Tommy put his wallet inside his shoes before leaving them on the back floorboard, the rest of his clothes he tossed over the seat into the front seat. A quick glance out the windshield reassured him that Wayne was still heading toward Sweet Water, holding a steady thirty-five on the twisting road even though the rain was heavy. He turned his attention to the willing woman who was holding the blanket for him to slip under it next to her warm body.

In one fluid move she wrapped the blanket and her arms around him drawing him close against her. He held her, pressing down on her as he tried to adjust himself to the seat, a bit concerned about how cold his hands were as he felt her heated flesh. Her laughter told him not to worry about it as his hands roamed over her sweet young body. While his hands took an inventory of all her womanly parts, his mouth ground down on hers in an open mouthed kiss which got more demanding as he accepted the fact that she was his.

Wayne sat frozen in place, motionless on the outside, but inside his emotion s were eating him like piranhas. He had been hurting inside since Tammy had first seen the hitchhiker, knowing that it was going to happen again. Every remark she made about the guy had cut him like a knife, the desire in her voice like salt in the wounds. How could she not see how much this was hurting him? If he loved her enough to let her do this, shouldn't she love him enough not to? The sounds of the two of them rutting like animals in the backseat grated on his nerves.

"I'll let it happen." The thought hammered in his head. "I'll let it happen." He refused to wipe the tears from his eyes, letting them run down his face, straining to see through both the heavy rain and his tears. Louder than the wind, rain, or the wipers his ears continued to hear the sounds from the rear seat. "I am letting it happen." The thought reshaped itself. "I am letting it happen, again"

Tammy could tell by the way Wayne was holding his head that he was having a hard time of it. His sex life was hell. She knew he still had all the desires of a man, the need to have and please a woman. He needed to be able to make a woman want him and to be able to satisfy that want. But, he couldn't, so she forced him to suffer through these nights watching and listening while strangers did what he most wanted to do.

The suffering was all he had, she thought, all he could offer to the woman he loved. He proved himself to her by being a cuckold, suffering through being denied the main course, waiting for dessert when they got home.

She let a low long moan of fulfillment escape her lips, just loud enough that Wayne would hear it. She wanted Wayne to know that she knew what it was costing him, but she really needed this and wanted this. She wanted him to know that by allowing these moments, in a very real way, it was him giving her this happiness. Letting Wayne know how much she enjoyed it seemed like a 'thank you' from her to him. Putting him out of her mind she started concentrating on what was happening to her body.

Tommy was hard as a rock, his dick rubbing against the inside of her thigh as it rose toward its goal. Wet and hot her pussy welcomed him when he arrived drawing him inside. Finding purchase with his feet he pushed himself all the way inside the woman, his mouth covering hers as she let out with a grunt. He would have stayed still for a while to let her adjust but she would have none of it. Tammy raised her ass from the seat as her arms wrapped themselves around her new lover, pulling him down into her even deeper. They began to establish a rhythm as they fucked each other, hot and fast, he hammering into her as she rose to meet each stroke.

Every boy dreams of finding a girl who would fuck, every man dreams of a woman who likes to fuck. This woman loved to fuck. Tommy was doing his best but found he was struggling to keep up with the pace she was setting. At this speed he would blow his wad soon, too soon he was afraid. But he was not in control as her body continued to thrust up to meet his every stroke down into her. He put his fears from his mind and let himself get lost in the fucking. No concerns for her, no fears of disappointing her, no fears about her satisfaction, he let go of all his fears and fucked as hard as he could. It was as if the two of them were engaged in a sexual combat.

Tammy was on fire with lust as she met his every thrust, alive in every nerve ending to the feelings that he was inflicting on her body. She heard her head hitting the armrest on the rear door but she didn't feel it. Her vision was blocked by the man's head as he hovered above her face, leaning down to kiss her face and forehead as he fucked into her. She sensed his approaching climax as she felt her own rising to overwhelm her.

It was much worst for Wayne this time than it had been on the other nights. He could tell that there was a strange connection between the hitchhiker and his wife. The fact that she had so completely given herself to this guy added to the way she had talked about him before they had picked him up drove an ice pick into his brain. Now his wife and this stranger were heading toward a mutual climax together in the back seat. It was more hurtful to him than all the others. Not for the first time he wondered if the pain of losing her could be worse than the pain he was feeling now. In the past Tammy enjoyed the men but this time she seemed to have crossed a line, finding a higher level of sexual enjoyment.

He couldn't drive. Without noticing it was happening he had taken his foot off the accelerator and the car was coasting. Realizing how affected he was by what was happening he turned onto a small dirt road and let the car come to a stop. Maybe it was the rain hammering the car creating a waterfall like roar of noise, while the wind shook and rocked the car. Maybe it was the way they were lost in the moment, awash in passion. Whatever the reason, neither Tommy nor Tammy, were aware of the car stopping. Neither felt the weight of his stare. Nobody saw the pain, shiny and hard in the husband's eyes, when the lightning exploded across the sky like the fingers of the grim reaper.

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