Party Time for Teen Titans

by Paladin

Copyright© 2011 by Paladin

Science Fiction Sex Story: Despite preventing apocalypse at the hands of her father the demon Trigon and after Raven destroying him Raven remains as withdrawn and as gloomy as ever.Other Teen Titan girls decide [ along with the evil and sensuous Madame Rouge ]that Raven needs a special sleepover party with lots of lesbian loving to cheer her up. The evening goes just about perfectly for all concerned!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   Fan Fiction   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   .

The scene is Titan Tower on the arc of the bay on which Jump City stands. On the twelfth floor, in the roomy lounge, around a large table, sits three teenagers. The first is a tall and lean girl, with thin wiry arms and thin though shapely legs, her breasts are surprisingly large and rounded given her slender frame. Her crowning glory is a magnificent mane of copper red hair.

Her outfit is minimal and revealing; consisting of not a lot in truth! Thigh boots, the briefest of micro skirt, a wide belt clasps her narrow waist. Elbow length but fingerless gauntlets sheath her arms, one thin bicep is circled by a metal ring, and her bounteous bosom is restrained by a crop top that leaves her flat belly bare. She has no navel! Her entire outfit is a mix of dark and pale blue.

This is the meta teenage hero Starfire; the Tamaranian princess and former heir to the throne of that world. Both her companions are also teens and also much more than human.

The girl with the bizarre coiffeur, that divides her pinkish hair into two horns, is the reformed teen meta criminal Jinx. She wears a long sleeved mini dress of black and blue and thick soled black boots. Slender like Starfire her breasts are firm though less spectacular than the currently gloomy Tamaranian.

The third occupant of the room, still nibbling at a slice of pizza, seems the odd girl out since she wears a white blouse, a mini kilt, knee socks, sports shoes, and a vest bearing a school badge. She is more slender than either of the other two girls; possessing a boyish though slightly rounded figure. Her hair is a river of gold that parts in the centre and hangs almost to her waist. This is Terra another meta; and now restored to human life from the form of a stone statue.

Pioneering work by The Batman and Star Labs has returned the teenager to her living form ... And school sadly for her! Her normal outfit is, one must say, somewhat dykish! Her usual attire, away from school, is thick soled boots like Jinx's, shorts with many patch pockets, heavy gauntlets like a welder or construction worker, and a crop top which also reveals a flat belly. But she does possess a navel being earth born. Starfire, face wreathed in the aforesaid gloom sighs deeply.

"I have tried so hard to entertain and amuse friend Raven but nothing seems to have worked. None of us Titans have managed to change her ways. Cyborg invited her to drag races and monster truck meetings. Beast Boy offered to take her to the zoo! Robin asked her to attend an opera but she declined that also. I have attempted to involve her in Tamaranian festivals and she remains aloof. I am sad for my friend but I know not what more to do!"

Jinx, only recently a guest at Titan Tower, speaks first.

"Look SF she's what, thirteen or fourteen? She's a teenager like the three of us here. What does she do for fun? I mean we're sitting here eating pizza and drinking fizzy drinks that make us burp. That's what girls do! We have sleep over's and show off our new clothes and we go to visit malls. What does Raven do for fun?"

Starfire's gloom seems to deepen!

"She remains in her suite, reads books, and meditates!"

Terra sighs deeply and turns to the puzzled Jinx.

"She's right Jinx baby! Rae's idea of a good time is to sit in a lotus position, float two foot off the ground, and repeat "Azerath Metrion Zinthos" with her eyes shut! That's how you are when you're raised by a group of psychic monks and nuns of Azeroth! We thought after she defeated her demon dad Trigon she might lighten up but no such luck."

Their conversation is interrupted by the warbling of a phone. Starfire floats from the sofa she was seated on and soars across the room to pick up the handset.

"Titan Tower! Starfire is speaking to you! No I regret the Robin is not here! Am I able to be of assistance?"

Her eyes grow large and round and she presses the mute button on the phone as she turns to the other two metas.

"It is the Madame Rouge asking for permission to enter the Tower and speak with me!"

Terra sits bolt upright at the mention of this notorious international meta criminal.

"I thought she was still in gaol?"

Jinx grins and looks tough!

"I zapped her with a hex good style when she went too far and tried to get me to kill Kid Flash so she doesn't scare me! Besides if she thinks she can take three top metas like us she's delusional! Bring her up here and if she wants trouble she can have all she can handle!"

Nervously Starfire un-mutes the phone and speaks into it as she presses a button unlocking the main ground floor doors.

"Please take the lift to the twelfth floor Ms Rouge and we will be waiting for you!"

The express lift wafts its way fast to their floor and the doors slide open. Into the room stalks a severe but madly attractive woman. Laura De Mille, alias Madame Rouge, is a tall woman with superb legs and fabulous breasts. Her features are harsh and angular though fascinating to study. A chiselled jaw, wide mouth, high cheekbones, and a blade of a nose, combine into a stunning face. Her silky sable hair is cut off at her jaw line and trimmed into a fringe just above her arched eyebrows.

In her scarlet micro dress, thigh boots, and opera gloves reaching well above her elbows, she positively sizzles as she sways across the floor. Her narrow waist is cinched with a wide belt of black and silver!

"Halt and come no nearer miscreant! What deeds of evil are you planning now?"

The woman shrugs and holds up her hands.

"Starfire my young darling I want no trouble. I'm legally out of prison and part of my release is to bring you this."

One hand holds a thick manila envelop and her arm extends perhaps twelve or fifteen feet to hand it to the startled Starfire before it snaps back to its normal length. Ripping open the thick paper the Tamaranian pulls out a sheaf of papers and scans them rapidly.

"You have been granted parole for cooperating with the legal authorities, and part of your parole is that you reside here in Jump City and report, not just to a parole officer, but to the Robin and the Teen Titans?"

"That's right darling! I blew the gaffe on one of The Brain's secret laboratories and the police, with a few meta crime fighter guys and gals, scooped up a fair few wanted meta crooks. So here I am free as a bird!"

Glancing at the table Rouge's face lights up.

"Pizza! You got pizza! Got anything to wash it down with?"

Starfire is just too friendly and basically too nice a person to refuse food even to a super crook like the Madame!

"We have cans of Sugar Rush Cola and Martian Dew Ms Rouge!"

"I was thinking maybe coffee darling not teenage tooth rot stuff!"

"Humph! We Titans do not drink coffee but over there in that cupboard you will find a jar of instant decaff we keep for our guests!"

Refusing to be put off by a mildly chilly reception Madame Rouge is soon settled on the sofa next to Starfire, chomping pizza, and gulping hot black coffee.

"So you see darling I'm legit and won't cause you any problems but I have to report here every two weeks to one of the Titans and tell you when I find a job. My address is on the paperwork you've got along with my phone number."

She stops talking and looks around at the three serious looking teens.

"Well I didn't expect a parade but for three nice meta babes you don't look too pleased with life!"

"It is not because of you formerly evil meta! We are concerned about our friend the Raven!"

"Oh you mean the ice queen? Little Miss Steel Panties! What's her problem?"

"The Raven seems to not enjoy the pleasures that we do and we find we cannot seem to bring her happiness no matter how we try. She will accept none of our invitations to accompany us to fun locations. I fear we have run out of ideas!"

Rouge ponders a while, tugging at her nose; which stretches out perhaps six or seven inches.

"What you need to do is have a sleepover or a slumber party here and what Miss Frigid needs is a good slice of lady loving! An all girls together session with bring her out of her shell!"

Jinx smirks at the idea while Terra grins knowingly at the evilly smiling Rouge. Starfire, in contrast, looks blank!

"And what friend ... er perhaps not friend, Rouge, do you mean by lady loving?"

"Hey Star darling how old are you?"

"I am 27 zorthogs by Tameranian reckoning but why do you ask?"

"Well what's that in Earth time darling?"

Starfire wrinkles her brow, counts on her fingers, and screws up her eyes.

"I am fourteen years and eight Earth months by your counting but what does that matter?"

"Well my sweet and innocent Starfire you appear to be kinda clueless about sex!"

"I have read all about the birds and the bees of Earth! And I am fully aware that when a human man and woman mate the egg and sperm can unite to provide a human baby nine months later. Babies are so cute!"

Rouge winks at Jinx and Terra in turn before turning back to the still confused Starfire.

"Starfire sex is fun and it ain't just for making babies! And sex also ain't just for mommies and daddies. Mommies and mommies can have a wonderful time together!"

Starfire goes cross eyed trying to figure things out.

"You mean two ladies can mate here on Earth?"

Rouge rises in one smooth motion from where she is sitting and extends six feet of arm to take Starfire's hand in hers.

"Have you got your own rooms here darling? If you have then come with me because talking won't explain things. It is time for a little practical lady loving lesson!"

As Rouge tows a bemused Starfire out of the room Terra and Jinx stare at each other and burst into laughter at what is about to happen.

After some passage of time a dishevelled but grinning Starfire almost limps into the room with her arm around Rouge's waist and occasionally nuzzling the severe beauty's neck. Twin red spots burn on the cheeks of her pixy-like face.

"Oh friends Terra and Jinx the Madame Rouge was MOST instructive! Have you ever experienced this "lady loving" she teaches? I found the lesson mightily pleasant and would have more soon! We must introduce friend Raven to this practice quickly and I am sure we can, as the Madame says, hatch her from her shell! Madame also said I am a "fast study" at lady loving and that I'm a "real hot fuck"; or so she told me."

Rouge stretches lazily and with a look of satisfaction on her face.

"That's bring her out of her shell baby not hatch but yeah you're an amazing fuck so now you need a few more babes for your orgy er I mean party! You two are in aren't you?"

As one it can be heard from Terra and Jinx.

"Oooohh yeah!"

Jinx grins like a Cheshire cat!

"We'll ring around and see who we can rustle up. How about Bumble Bee?

"Good idea Jinx! The Bee's pretty much up for anything!"

Next Terra makes a suggestion that surprises even herself.

"Madame Rouge you'll come won't you? You could be like our den mother?"

Rouge smiles a sexily evil smile that would have a nun spreading her thighs and begging for sex!

"Sure will girls so you just ring me when you got things set up!"

With an impossibly sinuous swaying of her hips, that has all three teens ogling her, Madame Rouge ambles over to the lift and departs. Now plans are afoot and phone calls to be made Starfire leaves for the roof, and fresh sea air, after her brief but wonderful exertions with the flexible Madame Rouge.

Soaring out onto the flat roof and its helipad she sits to watch the sun setting over the bay.

"Hello little sister I see you look more pleased with life than the last time I saw you!"

Spinning as she rises Starfire's jaw drops before she recovers and speaks.

"Blackfire! Sister! How are you here? You were consigned to the dungeons of Tameran for attempting to seize the throne!"

The young woman before Starfire has a startling likeness to her younger sister though her mane of hair is a silky black and her body is lusher and fuller. Her outfit is identical to her sister's though appropriately black and a darker blue.

"The ruling council decided I had suffered enough and released me so here I am visiting my baby sister."

Starfire bristles and her eyes glow dangerously. Glow literally since Tamaranians can project energy beams from their eyes!

"If you have come here to cause trouble older sister then remember I have defeated you in single combat once and can do it again!"

Blackfire's smile to her sister is honey sweet!

"Dearest sister I am a changed woman now. All I wish is to enjoy myself here on Earth and have fun like I did last time I visited!"

"Well in that case sister ... Wait you're here to have fun? Older sister have you experienced that which the Earthlings call lady loving. Coupling with one of our own sex? I have and I have found it an amazingly pleasurable thing! We are planning what humans call a sleepover or maybe it's a pyjama party, I get confused with Earth ways sometimes, to amuse the Raven. And we intend much of the lady loving that night. Would you care to join us?"

"Oh by the gods of Tamaran my little sister is fucking women! About time too sis and I'd love to be there when we all bring Raven to the boil!"

"Well then older sister let us fly into Jump City centre to the "House of Pizza" and "Al's Hamburger Home" to make the order for our refreshments for this great occasion!"

The two busty beauties soar off into the darkening sky side by side.

Meanwhile further parts of the plan are in progress deep below Titan Tower where Robin trains ruthlessly in the combat centre.

Performing three back flips and a cartwheel the Boy Wonder avoids a series of slashing blades and lands besides a combat robot to flatten it with his staff. Spinning in a flash he karate kicks a second before drop kicking a third in its head. Practice done he bows to the fallen bots and turns to find Terra waiting for him and offering a towel with which to wipe his sweating face.

"Robin us girls were wondering if you boys would do us a really big favour?"

"Of course I can't speak for the others Terra but if I can I'll try to talk them round. What is it you want?"

"Well Robin we were planning a slumber party on Friday night and we were wondering if you boys would mind being out so we can be just all girls together."

Robin's easy smile is both charming and gracious.

"I'm sure that won't be a problem Terra. Cyborg has been upgrading the "T" car so him and me and Beast Boy can drive into Jump City and patrol around and check out the car!"

Next stop for Terra is the door to Raven's rooms. When she raps on the door a huskily attractive voice calls out.

"Who is it and what do you want?"

"It's me Terra! Can I have a few words please Raven?"

Terra calls her by her full title of Raven rather than the more familiar Rae as the two teens have somewhat of a history of spikiness between them. Now the door swings open so let us take a look at the semi reclusive Raven.

For some reason she gives the impression of being short though she is of average or slightly above average height for a thirteen or fourteen year old teen. She seems to be thin or maybe frail but a closer study gives that the lie. Her calves and thighs are sleek while her rear is nicely rounded. At first glance her breasts appear immature but are in fact high and full and almost as large as Starfire's!

Why is this? Perhaps it is to do with the air of stillness surrounding her or that she is "centered" like a martial artist. Who knows? She is however a striking figure in her uniform. Dark blue ankle boots, a skin tight black and long sleeved leotard, and her cloak. The deep blue cloak seems to swirl around her as though it has a life all of its own. The cloak's cowl leaves her face in shadow. She wears items of jewellery that add a little colour to her sombre appearance.

Around her waist hangs a loose chain of gold hued metal links set with large red stones. A brooch with an identical stone fastens her cloak and on either hand she wears a fingerless gauntlet or bracer similar though smaller than those Starfire affects. The back of each of these deep blue metal ornaments carries another of the red stones.

Her skin, where it can be seen, from calves to the curve of her hips, and her face where un-shadowed, is alabaster white. As smooth as porcelain and untouched by sun or any blemish.

"I hope this is important because I'm reading a very good book!"

Even a powerful meta like Terra is a little nervous of the sombre Raven and chatters somewhat.

"Really? What's it about?"

Not that she cares she just speaks without thinking!

"The fall and destruction of the Argonath Empire at the hands of my late father Trigon!"

"Oh well that's nice but I really came to ask you to come to our sleepover on Friday night. It'll be fun Raven!"

"I don't know! I don't socialise much and these things never end well for me!"

"Please Rae baby we've got Bumble Bee coming across country for it so couldn't you just spend a little while with us?"

For a long moment the dark teen ponders before speaking.

"Very well then Terra though the use of "Rae baby" did not influence me. I shall attend on Friday!"

Once the door swings shut Terra skips off along the corridor sniggering while in her rooms Raven gazes at her reflection in an antique full length mirror.

"I don't know why I said yes. It'll all end in tears. Not my tears though!"

Friday Night

Clad in her customary outfit Raven stands before her mirror brushing her lustrous blue black hair. Grudgingly she admits that Starfire was right that this shorter style suits her more, and then changes that thought to "is more comfortable and efficient", since she hates admitting she cares about her appearance.

Can't you just admit that Starfire's right and you look much prettier with your hair that way.

The reflection in the mirror is still Raven but this Raven's outfit is snow white and her voice is heard in dark Raven's mind.

You look great so why don't you go down and join your friends?

I'm not good at parties and things like that. Maybe I'd better stay here and meditate!

Maybe it's time you go and do wild things and have fun?

Dark Raven's smooth cheek shows a brief tic beneath her eye.

I can't risk losing control! If I lose control I might let Trigon into my mind and soul and hell would follow

White Raven heaves a sigh and shakes her head sadly.

Mind sister you KILLED our father Trigon! He's gone for ever!

Dark Raven's fists are knotted and her nails dig into the palms of her hands.

Yes I did and what kind of monster kills her own father?

The white Raven smiles in sympathy.

Sister remember what you said when you stood against him? White like I am you were and you said "You are not my father! You were never my father! Fathers love their children!" That day you were never stronger or more certain when you destroyed our demon sire. The time for hiding in shadows is long gone so go meet your friends.

Dark Raven looks down and when she looks up again her reflection is her normal dark and sombre self. But she has the ghost of a smile on her lips.

Perhaps it is time to mingle and perhaps tonight I will leave off my cowl and let people see my face unguarded.

When she quits her rooms is there a faint spring in her step and an even fainter sway to her hips?

Interlude in Jump City

The "T" car cruises smoothly along the main drag of Jump City and pulls up at the red of the traffic lights. Robin seems to be totally relaxed and perhaps meditating Raven style whilst Cyborg is concentrating on his driving and the performance of the new improved vehicle. In contrast Beast Boy's eyes are everywhere and he can scarcely sit still. Each time a scantily clad girl or woman strolls past he drools a little more. Then his eyes fix on the front of a liquor store opposite.

"Guys look!"

Outside that store, clearly the worse for drink, are three curvaceous women. Women not teens! One of them, petite but stacked, with greenish skin and dark red hair, swivels her way to the driver's window.

"Nice car guys! Got room for three available ladies and the beer we just bought?"

Robin eyes her critically.

"Poison Ivy! And accompanied by Harley Quinn and Maxima the alien killer queen unless I miss my guess? Don't bother with the pheromones Ivy; Batman inoculated me against them ages ago!"

"Just three horny ladies looking for company Robin sweetie. Run us down to the beach and we can party!"

"Anyone who parties with Maxima dies from a heart attack unless they're a Kryptonian; Ivy!"

Cyborg interrupts at this point.

"Robin I don't HAVE a heart I got a nuclear powered pump so I'm cool with her!"

Beast Boy is now drooling from both sides of his mouth.

"Please Robin I know Harley's wacky but she's WAY hot!"

Furrowing his brow the Boy Wonder considers for a moment or two before nodding.

"Okay guys we're too young to buy beer but the ladies have solved that problem. Right Ivy call over your buddies and we'll have that party on the beach!"

The "T" car, now carrying six, pulls away and heads for some hot and sandy pleasures!

The Sleepover Party

When the doors of the lift hiss open and Raven steps out she is struck with a variety of sensations. Her ears throb to the beat of loud music, her nose is filled with spicy aromas, and her eyes are assaulted by a kaleidoscope of colours from the various meta girls' uniforms. Before she can take all of it in she is seized in a mighty bear hug! Starfire has wrapped her arms around her and swung her off her feet.

"Friend Raven I am so happy you have joined us! The loud music is playing; we have large quantities of the junk food, and fizzy drinks. We have the pizza, chilli dogs, and many burgers! Come friend and join our dancing!"

Luckily Raven is possessed of not just her Azeroth powers; but her demon ancestry gives her more than human strength and robustness of body. If not for this Starfire's hug might have cracked a rib or two!

"I do not dance Starfire but I couldn't dance with you holding me two feet off the ground. Please put me down!"

"I am sorry friend Raven I am just so happy to have you join us. Come eat and drink with us."

"I'm not hungry and I HATE cola!"

Starfire's smile has never as much as wavered and Raven's coolness washes over her without effect.

"Which is why, friend, I purchased bottles of the spring water which is filtered through the rock layers for additional purity. I bought them especially for you dear Raven!"

Grudgingly Raven approaches the huge buffet [ most metas eat like starving tigers ] and uncaps a plastic bottle to sip at its chilled contents. As she does Starfire is grabbed by Jinx and tugged into the gyrating bunch of dancers. Raven walks over to a sofa and settles uneasily on it. At the other end sits the fiery attired Madame Rouge who slithers over to sit with her silky thigh pressed against Raven's. Since the dark teen is already at the end of the sofa she cannot move away from the warm flesh.

"Aren't you going to have a dance or three Raven dear?"

"As I told Starfire Madame I do not dance!"

"Ah! You feel that bopping around like that is undignified? There are other ways of dancing! Slow dancing can be so much fun. With the right partner that is! Bumble Bee put on some smooch type music please."

The one named Bumble Bee has as bizarre a hairstyle as Jinx, with her wiry, dark hair, cut into something like Mickey Mouse ears! She is tall and her skin is the colour of dark chocolate and with a figure to die for. Big breasts, that stand high on her narrow ribcage, strain against her black and yellow striped crop top. Her bottom half is sheathed in skin tight PVC trousers that emphasise her fabulous buttocks and dancers legs. From her back spring lacy bees wings!

The apian disc jockey inserts a new CD into the music player and smooth and velvety strains begin to play. Kitten, daughter of Killer Moth, draws Terra into her arms and they move smoothly together in an easy rhythm. Raven sits as moodily as ever until Rouge takes her hand and draws her to her feet.

"But I don't know HOW to dance!"

"Just relax and follow my lead darling!"

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