Jeremy Asks for a Trim

by Cleanshaven

Copyright© 2011 by Cleanshaven

Erotica Sex Story: I "manscape" my young friend.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I hadn't spoken to Jeremy for over a year because I knew he was very busy with school. Oh, we would wave to each other whenever I saw him on his way home, but other than that, we didn't have a chance to speak.

One afternoon, I answered a knock at my door, and, lo and behold, there he was!

"Hey Jeremy," I exclaimed, "It's been a long time! How have you been?"

"Fine," he answered. "I just wanted to drop by and say 'hello'."

"Well, come on in."

He walked past me and I was surprised that I actually had to look up at him.

"Wow," I chuckled, "you've been growing."

"Yeah, I'm five nine. I'm taller than my mom now."

"I can see that," I said as I motioned toward the couch. "C'mon and sit down."

Jeremy looked like he was going through that awkward stage of all legs and arms; and big feet. He was obviously going through puberty because his skin looked oily and he had small zits on his chin. I pointed at his clown shoes as he flopped down on the couch.

"My God, what size shoes do you wear?"

"Size thirteen."

"You're kidding! How old are you now?"

"I turned fourteen in February"

"Whoa ... you're a big-shot eighth grader now."

I was thinking about how long we had known each other. We hadn't been sexual in quite some time and back then he had a juvenile penis and no body hair. I wondered if that had changed, so I decided to check it out.

"You know, there's an urban myth about a man's cock and his shoe size. They say there's a correlation between the two, whoever 'they' is." A puzzled look spread over Jeremy's face.

"What's a correlation," he asked. Obviously, he wasn't hitting his dictionary very often.

"A correlation is a relation, a connection. The myth states that the bigger the shoes, the bigger the cock. I don't know if it's actually true, but that's what I've heard."

Jeremy sat thinking for a moment and then stood up to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans.

"Well," he said, "why don't you tell me?"

With that, he pulled down his pants and underwear to his thighs. Out popped his cock surrounded by a bush of brown pubic hair. His cock was already firming up and I could see that the urban myth was indeed true. The cock on this man-child was at least seven inches long, thick, and wet with pre-cum.

"Wow, Jeremy, that thing is incredible!"

The grin on his face told me that he was obviously pleased with my reaction. I reached out, almost automatically, and grabbed his stiffening cock. I squeezed it and stroked the length from the base to the head and a pearl of pre-cum oozed out. He released a huge sigh.

"That feels so good!"

I leaned forward and slid my lips over his turgid rod. After I licked the drop of pre-cum off the head, I bathed it lovingly with my tongue. I took him all the way to the root and nuzzled my nose in his bush. He probably hadn't showered since that morning and his crotch smelled sweaty from the day. However, I didn't care; I just wanted to eat him up.

I took several long strokes down his shaft and I could feel it stiffening up even more so I decided I'd better slow things down. I slid off his cock and a thread of spittle formed between my lips and his cockhead and then broke. He seemed disappointed when I stopped, but I just leaned back into the couch as we both watched his cock begin to soften and relax.

Instead of pulling up his pants, he sat down half-naked and untied his shoes. After throwing them aside, he pulled his pants the rest of the way off his legs and threw them in a pile. Then he started casually stroking his cock back into an impressive hard-on. We sat there silently for a few seconds looking at each other; me with my mouth watering and him studying his growing manhood. He seemed to be mulling over a question.

"Will, do you still shave your balls?"

"Of course I do. Why?"

"I was wondering if you would shave mine."

"Well, sure," I answered, "but there's a little more involved than just shaving. You have to trim the area around your crotch, too. It actually takes quite a while."

"Well, I want you to trim me the way you are. Can we do it now?"

"Yeah, I guess so." I was anxious to oblige him, but I wanted to do it where it wouldn't make a big mess with pubic hair all over.

"I'll tell you what. Let's do it in the bathroom. Take off the rest of your clothes and go take a shower. While you're doing that, I'll get my clippers and the scissors. Be sure to wash your crotch real good, okay?"

Jeremy nodded, finished pulling off the rest of his clothes, and padded naked into the bathroom. I heard him turn on the shower as I searched for my hair clippers and scissors. A few minutes later, I knocked on the door.

"Come in," he said.

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