Raping Sarah

by Simon

Copyright© 2011 by Simon

Erotica Sex Story: Man kidnaps and rapes a teenaged girl and enslaves her, finding love and romance.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Romantic   NonConsensual   Rape   .

Never thought I'd consider this, or reach this point. Alone, no wife, no girlfriend, late Fifties and now a predator. To be or not to be; a sexual predator is the question. First I converted a basement room, to hold her, she'd be young, a teenager, 15 to maybe early twenties. I'd planned and scouted away from my home, her room was ready. I am lonely and will now take what I want and need.

On the next scouting trip I saw a car, broken down on the edge of the road, it was near sunset and there was a girl walking in the distance. Drove up to her and pulled over my car and asked "need a ride Miss?" and she smiled, thought she was saved. She was caught now, she got in my car smiling and I immediately used some chloroform on a rag, lifted her and placed her in the trunk. Plastic police cuffs on her hands and ankles, hands behind her back, and injected her with a drug sure to keep her asleep. Took her wallet, checked her Identification, drove home. Took her out of the trunk inside my garage, removed the plastic police cuffs from her wrists and ankles. Carried her down to the basement.

Her new room was ready, sound proof and furnished, carried her in, stripped her naked and checked her body nice, sexy, young and nubile. Took a swab of her pussy, for testing to make sure she was clean, and disease free; then sat there. I examined her body as she lay there in a deep, drug induced sleep. Ran my hands over her belly, then her thighs, looked at her cunt, reached up and fondled her breasts, soon her nipples were hard. I touched her ass, it was high, proud and perfect. I checked her body, this girl was just perfect for my wants, slender, shapely and her breasts just right, her ass perfect, and her face was pretty even asleep and drugged. I covered her, and sat next to the bed reading. She woke up crying and begging "please let me go Mister, I promise not to tell, this will be our secret". "Sarah, yes I know your name, know everything about you, have your ID, Driver's License and School ID, read the diary in your purse, and the Cards you had in there. You shall be my sex slave, to fuck, rape and use like a little slut! Do we understand each other?" She was crying and begging saying "please" and I had enough, lifted her up naked, she was still dizzy, placed her over my lap; and spanked her ripe, round buttocks, once hard and then a second time and pulled her up facing me, my hand on her ripe breast.

"All you are now, is mine, I can kill, sell or do whatever I want now with you! If you resist I'll kill your sister Jody, and rape her first, or hurt your family. Do you understand, your only chance is to please me and let me use you!" Tears where streaming down her face and she was out of control, I held her tight, her tits pressing into me. "You behave and you will like your life. Later I will record a message for your family and send it over your iphone" and she cried but nodded. "I am not going to hurt you, I want sex, do you understand?" and she nodded and said in a low voice "yes". I looked over her smooth young body, ran my hands over her, she was dizzy and not recovered. I felt her breasts, then her ass, thighs and caressed her pussy, ran a finger along her slit, and checked her cunt, licking my finger. I kissed the girl and she trembled and laid there still and I put a towel under her butt. "When I fuck you; you will move your little ass and make it good or I shall punish you, am I understood?" The girl meekly answered "yes". Putting my finger in her slit, I pressed in and was stopped by an obstruction, she was a virgin! There was no fore play I laid her on her back and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back baring her neck, and spread her womanly thighs. "Make this good for me slut, do you understand?" and she mumbled "yes"; I corrected her "say; yes Master". I heard her say "yes Master" and I pushed my cockhead inside her and it stopped for a second at her maiden head and then through her virginity and she scream "please" and I was inside her. I fucked her hard and she responded. Pulling her hands up above her head as I enjoyed her tightness, kissing her and pressing my mouth to hers. "For the rest of your life you will remember this, I took your virginity, you gave it to me, the first to fuck your cunt, first cock inside your little body forever I shall be your first" and she was crying and smiling at the same time. In and out my cock like a piston on an engine, she was so tight and her pussy so right for me.

Then finally she orgasmed under me yelling in a babble, and kissing me back. Then as she came down from her orgasm laid naked under me, my cock still inside her I saw the panic in her eyes, her body had betrayed her. "Good slave" I said and kissed her hard, pulling my prick out of her and pushing back in hard and she betrayed two emotions, the first shock, she was being used as a slut and then the second was her desire and she kissed me hard as I rode her. This had been the right one to pick. I fucked her long and hard and she orgasmed over and over, e

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