Beginning at Home

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My first time was with the two people I love the most.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

Do you remember your first time? Was it wonderful? A memorable experience? One that you've looked back on with fondness? I hope so, mine was.

I can remember some of my earliest sexual feelings as a little girl in the bathtub, perhaps like many little girls, washing myself down between my legs; I was, perhaps, seven or eight, maybe nine.

After that, I would rub myself to sleep most nights, simply enjoying the calming, relaxing feelings my fingers gave me.

There were other sexual feelings growing up. Sitting on my dad's lap, for example, as he softly stroked my hair, running his fingers through the strands as I carefully moved on his lap to give me nice feelings as he did it. If he knew I was rubbing my pussy on him, he never let on to it and never stopped me.

Then, of course, as I turned ten and eleven, my breasts started to form and I found that they could feel nice when I rubbed my nipples, I even had a silk scarf that I used which really felt nice. I also would draw it back and forth between my legs which also felt really nice.

I had also discovered the pleasure my finger could give me when I put it up inside me and rubbed around or drew it back and forth in and out. These feelings were becoming more intense each year until I had my first orgasm just before I turned thirteen.

I'd heard about them, of course, my friends, some, at least, were having them, even one friend was having sex with her boyfriend every afternoon after school and she loved to tell us all the details as I hung on every word so enviously.

My mom, of course, had talked to me about sex and when I was twelve had given me a dildo, explaining that funny word for that odd-looking object that began giving me such marvelous feelings and, then, orgasms.

For my fourteenth birthday, I was given a vibrator by my parents, both of them watched me unwrap it, watching me blush so darkly when I pulled it out of the box as they laughed. I laughed as well but was quite eager to go off to bed earlier than usual to try it out. It was a two-headed model that gave such intense orgasms that I had a difficult time holding my screams of joy back.

At breakfast the next morning, my mom asked me what my favorite present was and I told them, smiling widely, that it was the vibrator. They both laughed and told me I was growing up.

I wasn't dating much, none of the boys that ever seemed interested in me caused much interest from me, so I was not going out a lot but wasn't really unhappy about it.

Then, I turned fifteen and was nearing my sixteenth birthday when at supper one evening, my mother told me, "Dad and I think it's probably about time to take you for your first ob/gyn checkup and get you on the pill. What do you think?"

"Sure," I told them and a few days later I started on the pill.

It was about three months later at the dinner table when my mother asked me, "Are any of your friends having sex, Sandra?"

"Oh, um, well, you don't want any names, do you?" and Mom laughed and told me no, so I told her, "Well, yes, there are some of my friends who are, even a few who started in middle school. Why?"

"Well, we were wondering when you might want to have sex yourself. We think it's a special time in a girl's life, it certainly was for me, and we think you are now old enough and mature enough for you to experience sex."

"Wow, really? Yes, I've thought a lot about it and all and I think I would. I guess all I need now is a boyfriend, huh?"

"Have you thought about the kind of sex you want? Like with a male or with a female or with both?" Mom asked.

"I know I have friends who do it with other girls and most do it with boys, I guess some must do both. I don't know, really, I haven't thought about that part of it, just mostly about boys. But, well, the thing with girls is something I might want to try sometime."

"Well, sex is one of life's most enjoyable pleasures, Sandra. Your mother and I enjoy it quite often, perhaps you've even heard us at times," my father said.

I laughed and told them, "I have, in fact, I've even parked right outside your bedroom door at times listening. You two sure sound like you're having fun."

"We are, dear, and we think you should be enjoying the fun and enjoyment of sex now that you're getting to be sixteen."

"We know, of course, that you've been masturbating for some years now and having orgasms that you give yourself. Those are quite lovely, even sometimes, quite wonderful, but when you have intercourse, with his penis sliding so wonderfully in and out of you, well, it's indescribable, just the most pleasurable thing imaginable."

"And, we think that having that wonderful experience of your first time, here at home, where you feel comfortable and safe would add greatly to the pleasure of you would have," Mom said.

"Yes, I guess that would be lots better than the backseat of some boy's car," I said.

"Being with those you trust, those you feel comfortable with and those who love you would make it the best and safest experience possible, don't you think?" asked my dad.

That made me wonder what they were getting at. Was it Dad that would be my first lover?

Honestly, it's not the first time the thought had occurred to me. I've read stories about girls lusting after their dads and, well, he has been in my thoughts as I stroked one of my toys in and out of me so the idea was appealing. My dad was a handsome man, still trim and fit and pretty sexy if you asked me.

"Yes, I think that would be wonderful," I said softly.

"Is it something you'd like to do with us? Join us to learn about sex?"

My heart was pounding and my breathing heavy as I imagined me being in bed with my parents, all naked and enjoying our bodies together. Oh, it was such a hot idea. My pussy was drenched.

"I think so, I think that would be nice, really nice," I said as I thought about it more.

"We could do it any time, Sandra, any time you felt like you were ready," my mom said.

"Yes, we'll leave that up to you, sweetie, we don't want to rush you, not at all," Dad added.

"What if I thought, um, maybe tonight might be good," I said hesitantly.

"It's really up to you, dear, Daddy and I don't have any plans and all we want is to make you happy. So, it's up to you," Mom told me.

"I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be," I said nervously.

"Well, why don't we clean up in here and then go into the den," Mom suggested and we put the dishes in the dishwasher as usual and the three of us went into the den and I sat on the sofa with Mom on one side and Dad on the other.

"I love you, Sandra, and want only the best for you. Can I kiss you?" my Dad asked as I nodded and his arms encircled me as our lips touched in this new way, his tongue slipping between my lips in and out. I had my head back on the back of the sofa as he kissed me more, his hand now rubbing along my thigh, his fingertips touching the hem of my shorts.

As Dad was kissing me, I felt my Mom's hand moving over my breast and I put my hand over her's, pressing it to me as my heart raced and raced.

Dad's first two fingers pushed up under my shorts as he kissed me while Mom moved her hand to pull my shirt up out of my shorts so her hand could go up onto my bra.

Chapter 2

I put my hand down on my dad's lap and, there it was, bigger than I'd thought, a large, long, thick sausage, it felt like, but I knew it was alive and I knew it was soon to be inside me as I felt it. I was so excited, the day had finally come. I began rubbing on him as Mom reached around back and pinched the hooks together, loosening my bra as her hand came back around cupping my breast as Dad's fingertips began working under my panty's elastic.

Mom had unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it back off my shoulders and slid my bra straps down my arms and off as Dad bent down to kiss my boob, then he started to suck on my nipple. No one had ever done that to me before and it was so hot, so sexy. Then Mom bent down to take the other nipple in to suck. I lay my head back as they both sucked while Mom worked my shorts down and off.

Then, both their hands began working down the top elastic of my panties, pulling and tugging as I raised up so they could pull them down where they puddled around my ankles. I kicked them off as Dad's hand went up my inner thigh as I opened for his touches.

My fingers were caressing both their faces as they sucked me. Mom's hand was up on my clit rubbing my wetness around over it as Dad was stroking two fingers along my excited lips as I spread even more. As I'd hoped, his middle finger began working its way inside me as I grew more and more excited.

I didn't know how I would like the attention of my mother but I was liking it a lot, with both of them touching me, pleasuring me as they did, I could feel myself getting nearer and nearer an orgasm and I knew it was going to be one of the best I'd ever had, I could just tell the way it built.

Then, Dad moved down to the floor to lower his head between my legs as my heart jumped when his tongue first licked along the groove hiding among the dampened-down curls between my legs. As he licked and flicked his tongue up and down, I began moaning; Mom's fingertip was still circling my clit as my whole body erupted in a massive spasm, I began jerking and trembling as I cried out as ecstasy swamped me from head to toe.

They didn't stop, either, as I continued to experience the strongest, longest, most wonderful orgasm of my life. Mom had moved her head up to mine and was kissing me, tonguing me as my father tongued me below. It was paradise.

I just lay there, stripped naked, overcome by the first orgasm I'd ever had brought about by someone other than me. It was just astonishing. Then, my dad stood up, reached under me and swept me up in his arms and carried me upstairs to their bedroom and gently lay me down on their bed after Mom pulled the covers down.

Mom was soon undressed as I watched my father pull off his pants and then his boxers to stand there next to the bed with his long, thick brownish cock standing out from his nest of dark fur, its crown glistening with moisture right at the tiny slit on the end.

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