Mrs. Greene You Have a Lovely Daughter

by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Sex Story: Young Sylvia listened and sometimes watches her single parent mother gratify herself with enthusiastic bouts of masturbation in the middle of the night. The young girl is still a virgin but wants to move on from the simple oral sex she dispenses to her fellow male students in school. She has found the perfect instructor in the kindly Mr. Khan the shop owner with a preference for anal pursuits. Soon, little Sylvia is walking a little oddly with a smile on her face.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   School   .

Candice Greene was an ordinary housewife.

She was an unusually faithful churchgoer and rarely missed a Sunday meeting.

It was not until you scratched under the surface that you noticed some little cracks in her "Miss Goody 2 Shoes" suit of armor. For instance, if you opened her bottom drawer in her bedroom, you would find an interesting assortment of sex toys ranging from impressively large black dildos to long strands of anal love beads that promised posterior delights.

Candice's fridge was chock full of beer. There was enough beer to float a University party on a Friday night. The strange thing was that Mr. Greene had long since departed for places unknown after a particularly stressed period of spousal discord related to his having impregnated an office intern called "Dolly".

Mrs. Greene had gotten quite adept at self-masturbation techniques in recent years and her oral utterances in the middle of the night kept her teenage daughter Sylvia awake in tearful disbelief and shame at her mother's lustful sessions.

Poor little Sylvia was still a technical virgin even though she had only just recently passed her sixteenth birthday. She was often tempted to relieve her own tension after listening to her mother's descent into the throes of consuming passion. The problem was that Sylvia was unable to achieve even the most modest of orgasms in solitude. She had achieved several very satisfactory releases frigging her pussy whilst dishing out oral sex to her male classmates in a secluded spot behind the gym called "Monica Alley".

Recently, her best friend Belinda made her take her fingers up her bum and into her virgin pussy from behind as they sat together on the bus after school. This worked rather well with Sylvia limping home with a sore pussy and very wet knickers.

Little Sylvia was somewhat flat-chested and her bum was not quite as curvy as most of the girls in her class but she did seem to spray a large amount of juice when she was adequately aroused by a close girlfriend or a male class mate with a nicely sized cock.

Even with condoms and pills, she was still a bit fearful of allowing any boy to shove his cock into her little tinkle hole for fear of becoming pregnant at far too early of an age.

When she asked Mr. Khan at the pharmacy to give her some "pills", he shook his finger at her and told her she should be ashamed of herself for spreading her legs for boys. Sylvia explained she only wanted them for insurance in case she ever did get into that position.

The bespectacled middle-aged Indian man told her,

"You should be using your mouth more for the boys. You can even bend over and give them a bit of the brown hole to keep them happy. Never a problem to use your pretty bum and you will never get a round belly from taking a boy's juice in your pretty little bottom."

Sylvia told the older man she was aware of that but was afraid of taking something as large as a grown man's cock into her tiny little pucker hole.

"My brown hole, as you call it, is very tiny, Mr. Khan. I am afraid it would hurt terribly."

The dark-skinned man laughed at her discomfort.

"It is just a matter of lubrication, little missy. Do you see this salve right here. A little dab of this in your wrinkle hole and you will be taking it in with no problems at all."

Sylvia looked at the jar and the older man's laughing eyes.

"Mr. Khan. Can I sit on your lap and you can test the salve on me? I want to see if it will work on my tiny little hole."

Mr. Khan went to the front door and switched the sign from open to closed.

He took Sylvia by her small hand and led her to the rear room of the shop. She was a little nervous because she had no idea how big Mr. Khan's thing was. She wanted it to be big but not too very big because of the tiny nature of her pucker hole. The kindly middle-aged man arranged himself on the sofa and motioned her to straddle his legs facing away from him. Sylvia hiked her school uniform skirt up to her waist and tucked it in. Her cotton knickers were loose and Mr. Khan was able to quickly tug them off her legs. He brought them up to his face to inhale her fresh schoolgirl scent. He was very experienced in these matters and was able to easily discern the virgin status of the young teenage schoolgirl straddling his waiting body.

The older man removed his glasses and peered closely at little Sylvia's pretty white bum. She had one little mole on her left cheek that drew his attention to her mysterious dark crack and the brown hole hidden deep inside.

Sylvia felt the older gentleman's hands grasp her bum cheeks and spread them wide open. She could not help but to whimper a bit because this was all rather new to her. She remembered seeing her mum playing with herself back there in one of her more perverted sessions of self-gratification. Her mum's bum hole had been stretched wide by a nasty-looking black rod that she shoved in deeply in a very vigorous manner. That was poor Sylvia's introduction to the possibility of a male member being inserted into one's posterior for the purpose of pleasure.

Mr. Khan leaned forward and sniffed the girl's bottom. It was quite satisfactory to him and he touched the rim of her tiny pucker hole with the tip of his tongue.

Sylvia was tingling all over.

The feel of the wet tongue on her ass made her shiver with anticipation. She wondered if her admirer would be so forward as to shove his tongue inside her rear door.

Khan was aroused by the little whimpers of pleasure evoked by his oral ministrations. He ventured to push his greedy tongue into the virgin girl's ass just to taste her anal juice.

Sylvia's legs were shaking now and she had a sudden urge to push back into Mr. Khan's face to impale her quivering bum even deeper onto his exploring tongue.

"Oh, Mister! That feels so good back there. You are being so nice to my nasty little hole. I never felt anything like this in my life. I think I want your thing in me back there. Make me take it all in and I will be a good girl for you."

Mr. Khan pushed his fingers into Sylvia's mouth and told her to suck them just like she sucked the boys at her school. She opened her mouth wide and licked his fingers with her juicy tongue. She could feel Mr. Khan fluttering his tongue inside her bum like a butterfly escaping from a tight little net.

Sylvia's pussy was filled to the brim with pussy juice.

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