I Couldn't Believe It

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Romantic Sex Story: A new girl joined our Little League team and changed my life.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I was pretty good at baseball, enjoyed it a lot and was involved with the Junior League of our local Little League, that's the series for my age group, thirteen and fourteen; I'm fourteen.

We often played at a ball field near my house and, since my parents both worked, I usually walked there for practice and games or rode my bike. If there were games at other fields, there was always a mom or dad of one of my teammates who would give me a ride.

I knew most of the kids I played ball with pretty well, there were boys and a few girls, and there would occasionally be some turnover in the team when someone would be injured, lose interest or move away. This meant a new player or two would enter and the one that entered out team during the time I'm telling you about was Brandy Whitfield, who was in the same grade as me, in eighth, she, also, was fourteen.

Of course, she had tried-out for the team, many of us had met her then but she was still introduced around when she came for her first game. I couldn't help put notice how pretty she was.

She had shoulder-length dirty blond hair which she mostly wore in a ponytail and she was fairly small, about five-one. One thing I noticed right off was that, even in her uniform, she looked nice, she had a figure that was better than the average eighth-grader.

Several of the guys started being her friend right away, of course, what guy my age isn't horny, right? I hung back and mostly admired her from the sidelines.

But, then, after practice, one afternoon, she asked me to walk her home; it turns out that she only lived about a block from me.

We were at a school ball field so we could use the showers and we all brought a change of clothes from our uniforms. So, after that, I met her outside and we began walking home.

"I was wondering," she asked, "do you, like, have a girlfriend, Joel?"

"No, not really, I've been to a few dances but, well, not really dates or anything. How about you?"

"Girlfriend?" she laughed, "That would shock people, wouldn't it?"

"I meant, boyfriend."

"Oh, I know, I was just kidding. Um, no, I'm still meeting people, I did have a boyfriend in California but, well, this is Pennsylvania and all new to me."

"I'm sure you'll meet someone nice," I told her.

"Seems like you're nice," she said softly as we walked along.

"Yeah, I guess I am, at least I try to be," I offered and I felt a small twinge in my pants. Well, at fourteen, my dick was a constant companion reminding me of its presence almost all the time. This was one of those times.

She stopped, then said, "Well, here's where I live. Would you like to come in, have something cold to drink?" a lovely smile across her face.

I told her I would and I followed her in after unlocking the door. She dropped her gym bag there as I did and she led me back to the kitchen where she got us some lemonade.

I took a few gulps, I was thirsty after all, then she sat her glass down, stepped to me, put her arms up around my neck and pulled my head down for a kiss.

And, it was not an ordinary kiss; her tongue was darting in and around my mouth as her arms dropped down to pull me close. She was really pressing herself into me. I had a hard-on, of course, I mean, who wouldn't? And she began grinding herself into me rubbing herself on my erection.

Then, she pulled back and said, "Bring your lemonade, come on," and she led me back to her bedroom; it had to be hers, it was all pink and girly.

As soon as we were in her room, she asked, "Have you ever been naked with a girl, Joel?"

Look, the kisses were nice but this I sure wasn't expecting.

I sputtered out, "Um, I ... uh, no," as I felt my face get hot.

"Would you like to?" she asked as she pushed her palm against the bulge in my shorts and rubbed up and down. My heart raced as I answered, "Um, yeah."

With no hesitation at all, she quickly had her shirt off and was undoing her bra as I began to pull up my teeshirt. As it came off over my head, the first thing I saw were her two perfect boobs, just perfect cones, each tipped with a small, red nipple.

She bent, pulling down her shorts, then her panties and stood there, absolutely beautiful as I tried to remember how to open my belt. I finally did and got my shorts off and stood there in my white briefs.

"Well, come on, Joel, I want to see it," and she reached over and pulled them to the floor. As I stepped out of them, she was still kneeling there as I felt her warm, moist lips surround my dick and take it in to begin sucking.

I stood there, totally surprised at everything that had happened, especially at Brandy giving me a blow job, something that was part of school ground lore but not, until now, experience.

Her hand was up under my balls rubbing gently as her head bobbed back and forth while she looked up at me so sweetly. Then, she lifted off and said, "There, did that get you interested?" as she stood up.

I now saw that her nice tan was all over and that she was either too young to have pubic hair or she was shaving her pussy. Either one, she was stunning. This petite little sex goddess who was now asking me, "Have you had sex, Joel. Are you a virgin?"

"Yes, no, I mean, no. What I mean is no I haven't had sex and yes, I'm a virgin. But I don't want to be if that's what you're asking."

She laughed and told me it was exactly what she was asking me.

"So, would you like to lose your cherry? Like right now?"

"I don't have any condoms, do you?" I asked nervously.

"I'm on the pill, Joel, so not to worry. Come on," and she pulled the covers back and hopped on the bed patting the spot next to her.

"Have you ever kissed a girl's pussy?"

I slowly moved my head back and forth as she spread her legs open and raised her knees up, "Wanna do mine? I'm already in the mood but it'll make me even wilder. I just love my pussy licked. I'll let you do it any time you want."

I got up between her legs and just did what I thought she would like. It quickly seemed that I was on the right track with licking up and down her slit, especially when she reached down and spread her little lips open for me to get my tongue up inside.

"Mmm, omigod, Joel, oooh, right there, mmm, up inside, yes, oh, you're doing it good, mmm."

She was twisting and bucking against my mouth as I licked and tongued and sucked; this was sex, real sex, what I'd been dreaming of since I was about nine when I found the book up in my parents closet, a book all about sex and positions and ways to do it. I had read each and every page countless times as I'd jacked-off so many times.

And now I was doing some of those things and was going to do what so much of the book was all about, fucking. Oh, her pussy was nice.

"Oh, Joel, you're getting me there, I'm really close now, just don't stop, whatever you do, keep going. Oh, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, oh, so good, feels so good, more, just do it more," she groaned as I licked and tongued and sucked her pussy.

"Oh, Joel, you did it so nice, mmm, come up here, here's your reward," and she spread wide as I got up on my knees, "Go, ahead, put it in, I'm so ready," she said as I pushed my hard dick into her and began doing the best feeling thing I'd ever done.

"Mmm, oh, Brandy, this is so good, I can't believe we're doing this but I'm so happy we are. You are one hot girl, I never imagined."

"We've just started, my boyfriend where I used to live, we did it all the time. I've wanted to do it again since I moved here but I took my time picking out the right guy. I think I found him."

"You mean me, that you want to do this a lot, like all the time?"

"Yeah, and with you, Joel, I hope you know how much I love this, how much I love to fuck. I just hope you like it as much as I do."

"Well, I've never done it before, this is my first time but, well, you don't have to talk me into it, this is the greatest and you re so pretty and hot-looking. I can't believe how good you look naked. So sexy."

"See, I knew you'd be the right guy, that's so sweet. Remind me to suck you off sometime for being so nice."

That was something I wasn't likely to forget as I kept moving in and out of her. She lifted her legs up onto my shoulders as my hands kneaded her breasts. They felt so firm and nice with such soft skin and her nipples were so hard, they were like little red pencil erasers.

She started moving her hips around in a circle as I fucked her, it just made it feel so good, even better than just going straight in and out of her.

"Mmm, oh, good, is it good, Joel, is my pussy good?"

"Geez, you did say you were on the pill, didn't you, I'm about to cum?"

"Yes, it's okay, just cum in me whenever you're ready. It's your first time, I want it to be good, I remember how good my first time was," and she began turning her hips around even faster which was all I could take.

I shoved hard into her, pushing her up against the headboard as I felt throb after throb of my cum spurting deep into her, it had always spurted up into the air before, now it was where it should be, deep inside a girl, a very pretty girl who had told me that she wanted us to do this as a regular thing.

I just kept going, it felt so good, I just never wanted to stop. She had her legs up over my shoulders, I was glad she had some experience, she knew what felt good already and she was making it even better, I think.

Then, she began to moan and tell me how good it was feeling, "Mmm, mmm, oh, just like that, Joel, mmm, uuuh, faster, mmm, ohh, ooh, uuh, UHH, UHH, umm, mmm, oh, don't stop, just go on, feels so good, mmm, mmm."

We did it a second time that afternoon, it was just incredible. Brandy was so sexy and hot, she knew lots of things to do, even sucked me for a few minutes in between and promised me lots more of that. I just couldn't get over what had happened, she just picked me out of all the guys on our team, brought me home and we had sex. It was incredible and the happiest thing that had happened to me in my whole life.

Chapter 2

Then, the next day, at school, she asked me to come for dinner at her house the next night, a Friday. I told her I would check with my parents but I was sure it would be fine with them. It was so I was on their doorstep precisely at six, pushing the doorbell.

Brandy answered the door, dressed so pretty, she almost took my breath away, gave me a quick kiss and a feel on my hard dick and took me in to meet her parents.

She introduced me to her parents, the Whitfields, and after a few minutes of talking about school, my family, our baseball team, stuff like that, we went into the dining room and had supper.

When we were finished, Brandy and her mom cleared the table, then came back in and sat down.

"That was very nice, Mrs. Whitfield, thank you for inviting me," I said in my best mannered way.

"Well, Joel, thank you, that's sweet of you to say so, we're glad you enjoyed it and we're pleased that you've become friends with Brandy. That's what we want to talk with you about. To set some ground rules."

I looked quickly at Brandy, not having any idea what might be coming, just that it probably wasn't good.

"Yes, Joel, you see, we know that you and Brandy are having sex and we want to talk with you about that."

I felt my face grow hot as her father went on, "Brandy tells us that you are a nice young man and a very considerate lover. That makes Mrs. Whitfield and I very pleased. We want her to have boyfriends who are considerate and caring and she tells me that you are that kind of a boy."

My whole body froze as her mother said, "She also tells us that she would like for you to sometimes spend the night so you two can sleep together and, just so you know, that's fine with us."

"She also tells us that you were a virgin the first time you two had sex so we are very happy that you wouldn't have been exposed to STDs and the like. She's on the pill so that's taken care of. And now you know that we approve of you having sex with Brandy and we'll leave you two alone so you can have all the intimate time together that you want," her father added.

"So, to start things off properly, Joel, why don't you call your parents right now and ask them to stay over, perhaps tell them that we're going to have a fire in our fire pit and that you'll be sleeping in our spare room. We'll talk to them as well if you wish."

I was dazed, just sat there stunned. They were okay with us sleeping together, having sex, having sex just as much as we wanted. I looked at Brandy and she was smiling, then looked at her parents who were also smiling at me. I clicked my phone on and called home and in just a few minutes, all was set. Her mom talked with my mom and I was going to sleep overnight with the first girl I'd ever had sex with.

I ended the call as her mom said, "Now why don't you two go off to Brandy's room and enjoy the night together. Don't worry about us, make all the noise you want, all night if you want, just enjoy one another. Oh, so you know, Brandy's laptop will let you watch anything you want. So, off to bed, you two," she said and stood up and they left us sitting at the table.

"You ready, Joel?" she asked as she held out her hand for me.

"I can't believe this is happening, it's so unreal."

"I knew my parents would blow you away. They did me the first time."

"You've been through this before?"

"Yeah, with my first boyfriend, the one I had where I used to live. He slept over at least once a week and everyday after school, well, come on, we'll talk about it while we get naked."

That was all the explanation I needed, my cock was ready for a night full of Brandy.

As soon as we were in her room with the door closed, she was undressing so I did the same. This looked like it was going to be a regular thing with the two of us from now on. It seemed incredible that her parents knew we were fucking, even encouraged us, really, I just couldn't still quite comprehend it all.

"I knew my Mom and Dad would kind of blow you away with their attitude about sex. Just think of all the kids we know who are wanting to have sex and some of them do, sneaking around to do it. But we can just come into my bedroom and do it any time we want. And, Joel, I want. I want you right now, I've been so horny all through dinner knowing they were going to let us be together that I can't wait another second," and she took me by the dick and pulled me into bed.

She got down and spread wide as she patted her pussy, saying, "Right, here, Joel, I want you so bad. And, let's let Mom and Dad know we're having fun, I think they really like to listen, I think it gets them off hearing what we're doing."

"You really think so? No kidding?"

"I'm pretty sure there were times at our other house when they were right outside my door listening. Hey, if it turns them on, why not?" she said as I pushed my dick into her while she wiggled back and forth.

"Mmm, that's what I want. Mmm, you know, when you come over, we can watch TV under a blanket, they really don't care what we're doing under the blanket as long as we keep covered."

"Really? Man, they are some parents," I told her, simply astonished.

"They are, they really are. We used to raise our knees up and I'd jack my boyfriend off while we watched TV while they sat next to us on the long sofa in the family room. And he'd finger me until I cummed. I kept it pretty quiet but they had to know what we were doing, I mean, it was obvious enough."

"And they never said anything, just let you two do it?" I asked, now taking those wonderful, long strokes in and out of her pretty, little pussy.

"Yeah, you'll see. I'll get the blanket out, I'll show you."

"Well, you know them better than I do, whatever you want to do, it's okay with me as long as we can do this," I told her as my cock went in and out of her upturned slit.

"They'll let us do this just as much as we want, I already know that from the way they let my old boyfriend and me do whatever we wanted. We had a pool at our other house and we skinny-dipped in it all the time. That's not all we did in it, either," she said chuckling as she moved her hips around under me.

"Mmm, this feels so good, I can't believe we're doing this, it just happened so fast and with your parents and all, well, it's pretty incredible, really."

"You'll get used to it soon enough, I just love sex, I could fuck all the time and my mom taught me how to suck a boy's dick and make it last until he just exploded. I'll show you in the morning, it's how I like to always wake my boyfriend up each morning. But right now, just fuck me as hard as you can, YES, FUCK ME, JOEL, FUCK ME HARD," she screamed, mostly for the benefit of her parents, I thought.

And it was exactly what I did, right through a screaming orgasm that surely her parents heard. Then, she started up her laptop and we looked at porn while she jacked me and I fingered her. Then she got a video going of two girls doing each other, one of her favorites, I guess, and she had us do the same thing with me playing the role of one of the girls. All this with more screaming.

After that she sucked me off, then had me fuck her one last time from behind, telling me it was her favorite position, doggy-style. Then, we cuddled together, our naked skin pressed together as we drifted off to sleep sweetly in each other's arms.

I woke a few times during the night, it took me few moments to realize where I was and who I was with, then falling back to sleep again.

Then, as there began to be some light filtering in, I quickly became aware of the most wonderful pleasure coming from my dick as I realized that it was inside Brandy's mouth and she was softly sucking me awake.

"Mmm, oh, that feels so good," I groaned as she sucked while her tongue went rubbing circles around the tip while my hand petted her cheek. She plunged her mouth down on me, sucking all the way up and down on me, leaving my cock wet with her saliva, then began jacking me wetly with her hand as she kept the tip between her lips sucking and licking around the head.

I just can't tell you how good that felt, I just don't have enough words for it. All I can tell you is that my dick just exploded its cum into her mouth as she sucked every drop away, sucking and sucking on the tip, then, finally, licking over and over until I was spent and she had consumed every drop.

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