Brat Girl - BFF

by Bakerman

Copyright© 2011 by Bakerman

Fiction Sex Story: Brat Girl puts herself in a potentially dangerous situation to help her friend Jenny and her mother.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Sometimes you just do what you have to for your best friend.

My parents and I had been invited to a relatives wedding and I saw this as a great chance to score a new outfit but my mother was being stubborn and using the old "money is tight" line but there was enough credit on some card for her to get a new look.

You don't get a reputation like mine without knowing how to play people so I faked acceptance of her argument and then replied that if Grandma (mother in law) asked why I didn't have a new outfit then I'd just tell her "money was tight". My mother suddenly blanked on me as she mentally pictured the whole wedding explaining to Grandma why she had new clothes and I didn't.

I knew I had her close to cracking then my friend Jenny piped up that she had an unworn outfit I could have. Now I have been a friend with Jenny all my school life, a situation that still baffles me, and on her good days she is just silly and on her bad days she is the poster child for "Dumb Blondes".

You could see the mental gear change of my mother, faster than an F1; she went from flat to flat out excited in a nano second.

Suddenly she and Jenny were discussing this unworn outfit and how my mother could alter it to fit me. Jenny had suggestions on accessories she also had that would go with it. Me, I was left to fume in silence as my chance for a mall shopping spree vanished in a haze of home craft excitement.

Ok, now we jump forward a week and after lots of nagging from my mother I arranged with Jenny to come over and collect what turned out to be a LBD (little black dress). Jenny's mom had bought it in the hope she would one day fill it out. More luck putting it over an ironing board. Jenny has so far ignored biology and failed to have a teen growth spurt in any direction.

I was standing outside Jenny's house, smart phone to my ear, trying to wait out one of her involved explanations for why she is not here.

It seems yesterday at school when I told her I would be over tomorrow to collect the dress actually meant some other tomorrow because today Jenny was off with her mother. She went on to explain that I could get into her room through her window (as we had before) and the dress was in her wardrobe. I clicked my phone off and made way to the side of the house.

Lucky for me there was a hedge between the houses and that the neighbours worked because I was not exactly dressed for climbing through a window with a crowd watching. A red and black check mini skirt and a midriff baring t-shirt left little unseen as I contorted my body through the window without making too much noise.

Several minutes of fruitless searching had me once more on the phone to Jenny whose memory just had a "D'oh" moment as she remembered it was in her mother's wardrobe. I kept the call open as I headed down the hall, which was extremely useful because Jenny had another memory drop into place.

"Don't make too much noise, my mother's boyfriend might be asleep in there. That's why we came out shopping."

"Geez Jenny, any other news flashes before I go in like booby traps or rabid dogs"

I'd met this guy (Ric) a few times and while he is pretty buffed and tanned he comes from the shallow end of the gene pool so any sudden noises may spook him.

"Ok, I'm going to hang up. Don't call me in case the phone wakes him. I will call you when I'm done in there." Oh ... truer words were never spoken.

The bedroom looked fabulous, minimalist black and white. The bed with its contrasting black sheets and white pillowcases looked straight out of a magazine. Well except for the semi naked man laying in it but I suppose there are magazines that have those pictures,

I decided to snap off a few photo's because this is how I want my room to look the next time I can convince my parents to do a make over. I took a couple of pictures and then Ric, still asleep, rolled over onto his back and flung the sheet away. Change the previous paragraphs semi naked to totally naked and totally H.O.T.!!!!

Ric's cock was semi hard and maybe five inches long already. It was slightly reddish and there were spots of cum in a sort of white line around the base, I think he must have had sex with Jenny's mother before they went out.

Seeing that cock made me want to fuck him now but seeing as he was asleep I just needed to take a photo and was I really grateful digital cameras don't make the noise of old fashion film cameras.

I should have used the zoom function but instead I eased into the bed to get the camera nice and close to the subject. My slight extra weight was enough to wake Ric and it was only a second until he was wide-awake and wanting to know "what the fuck" I was doing here.

He didn't bother to cover himself up and I noticed his cock give a twitch. He noticed that I noticed and then he grabbed my phone and was trying to find where I had the photo's stored. Ric found the picture of him naked and wanted to know why had taken the picture of him.

Again I knew exactly what to say and in a slightly bashful voice I told him "because I have never seen one SO big before." I don't know how I kept a straight face.

Ric was thick, not between his legs, but between his ears. He fell for my statement immediately and casually tossed my phone on the bed and then propped himself up on the pillows.

"Oh yeah, I can't wait to see that bad boy at full stretch." I stepped off the bed.

I pulled up my skirt to show Ric the front of my panties and rubbed myself with my free hand.

"Wow, I'm wet already just thinking about your big cock."

It twitched again and started to rise so I undid the button over my hip and as my skirt went down his cock came up.

I crawled onto the bed like a predatory big cat, slow fluid movements so as not to spook my prey. While Ric was diverted by my hand cupping his balls my other hand casually wrapped around my smart phone keeping it close to me.

As my hand worked up and down his shaft the heat and friction of cock and hand caused the cum residue to become tacky. (As if this situation wasn't tacky already. ha ha ha)

"So Ric, I hear some men take a while to be ready to go again after sex. I hope your lady friend didn't take too much out of you."

Ric is 26, maybe 27 which makes him 10 years older than me but also 10 years younger than Jenny's mother and he had his own theory on older women with younger men, which he decided to tell me as part of his foreplay I presume.

Older women with younger men fall into two groups according to the world of Ric.

Number 1 is women who want the man but are less interested in the sex, which is where he put Jenny's mother. She was giving him free food and a place to sleep just so she could show him off to her friends and say, "I still have it and can get a man like this." In exchange she would, in the words of Ric, lay back, spread her legs and let him pump away.

Number 2 is women who want the sex and are desperate to keep the man so they will agree to do anything. All the man has to say is "babe, this isn't getting me off ... why don't you let me do this."? Soon she is his sex slave and will do any down and dirty trick he suggests.

By now his cock was hard and I was sucking the head as he continued to sprout his words of wisdom on women. Then he went too far and my whole attitude changed.

Ric was hoping to move Jenny's mother from a number 1 to a number 2 woman and then when she was desperate to keep him he'd move on Jenny. Oh no way mister not if I can screw up your little plan.

With me on my knees between his legs all Ric could see if he looked down was the back of my head, but I knew he was looking elsewhere, tracking his hand as it followed the curve of my spine to the point where it met the waistband of my panties. Ric had only eyes for the thin strip of material emerging from between my butt cheeks and where it joined the equally thin strips coming from both hips.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and this could all go horribly wrong if Ric got wise to what I was doing. But wise and Ric do not often get mentioned in the same sentence so I picked up the pace working on his cock.

Because I am part of the tech generation I had no trouble multi-tasking, which involved taking photos while cocksucking (there's a skill combo that should be on my CV). Ric had a scar high on his thigh and whatever caused it must have gone close to slicing a bit off his cock. Anyone who had seen Ric naked or even in a pair of briefs would have noticed it and being in a photo made sure you knew who it was.

His hand came off my butt and began gathering my hair to the back of my head so I knew what was coming next. He pulled my hand off his cock and replaced it with his own. He gripped it tightly at the base and then came the "push" as his hips came off the bed and his hand held my head in place.

I was ready for it and his cock wasn't all that much bigger now it was hard. I made some gagging and coughing noises and slapped my hand on the bed a few times, which got Ric excited.

"Yeah, little girl, that's the way I like it. The old lady never does this without me asking."

He held everything still for a few more seconds then pulled me completely off him. I was able to push the phone under the sheet before he saw it. Hope I had it pointed the right way as his hand had a distinctive ring and tatt's on the knuckles.

"OK lets get you naked, see what you got and have some fun" was Ric's way of asking nicely.

T-shirt, bra and panties soon joined my skirt on the floor. Ric slid down the bed and had me sit on his face. Pretending to loose my balance I was able to scoop up my phone and by holding onto the bed head it was out of Ric's eyeline.

He was good with his tongue and fingers so it was hard to concentrate on taking happy snaps and not dropping the phone. Oh!! he was better than good down there.

I do wish he would just shut up and fuck me and stop telling/comparing me to Jenny's mother.

He slapped me on the butt and said, "hands and knees if you please". I grabbed a pillow to hide the phone and got on all fours as Ric got in behind me.

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