Am I Really That Bitter?

by Huedogg

Copyright© 2011 by Huedogg

Flash Story: How a man deals with his cheatin wife, parents and divorce

Tags: Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Humor  

Eight years of marriage down the drain and for what. She just couldn't keep her legs closed. I find it hard to believe that men stay with slut wives just because they love them so much. I have given my all to this woman and the best she can say is "I'm sorry". Is sorry going to make the pain go away? Eight fucking years wasted on this slut. Well as man grandfather all ways told me, Life is what you make it.

"Oh shit", I didn't introduce myself, I'm Mike James from Memphis, Tenn. and the slut that I'm referring to is my wife Janice, she's from the third level of hell. Now how can I say that about my wife of eight years, "S L U T", it just rolls of my tongue. It's like saying "DIVORCE" it's said so smooth and harsh at the same time. How did we get to this point in our marriage? You'll have to ask the slut, I can only tell you my side. But it's not that hard to figure out, I came home early and BLAM right in the kisser.

I was coming home early from a long day on the docks. You see I'm a forklift driver it doesn't pay millions but I gets the bills paid. I not the type of guy that yells, "honey I'm home", it's just not me. But I'm not a moron either so when I saw a strange car in the drive way I got worried. It's not that I don't trust my wife, I don't trust anyone. I guess it's just my up bringing. My dad told me son, "believe half of what a woman says and believe everything you see her do." So what did I see was Janice's face in some woman's pussy and getting her pussy plowed from the back. He had to be had to be about 6' 3". I'm only 5'10" so backed out with out making a sound. I went down to the storage room and grabbed my son's bat. No use in getting hurt over a tramp but be damned if your going to fuck that slut in my bed. They were still going at it and no one heard me come in.

BLAM, it sounded like a homerun, to me any way. The guy looked like he was about to shit himself, Janice jumped so hard she bit the woman's pussy and she screamed.

Well, well, well what do we have here, hummmmm a slut and her toys, it was the best I could come up with.

"Mike", honey it's not what you think. Please let me explain, Mike Please said Janice.

This should be good I said. The man started to move. I slammed by bat in to the door again. Don't move dumb ass I'd love nothing more than to beat your ass. So stay put, and no one will get hurt so that way when you leave you can take the whore with you. The woman on the bed said Please don't hurt my husband besides she invited us. Why did she have to say that, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! I felt like the world biggest moron, married to a slut. Could my day get any worse?

As we all stood there, I asked the guys wife, was the whore any good? She said, yes, and she has been getting better each time we fuck. That was news to me, my soon to be ex wife was a carpet munched.

I looked at the lover's wife and said, thanks for that. At least you're honest enough to let me know this wasn't the first time

Is there anything else I need to know, am I the kid's father or is that another lie you told me. As I said this she looked a little pale. (Note to self get a DNA test done on the kids) It was time to wrap the happy little gathering up.

I don't care who you are or where you go but when you leave to the trash out with you. The male just looked relieved. His wife was still shaking but other wise okay except for that bite mark on her clit. I couldn't help but notice the blood. It wasn't major but she would need some medical help.

"Mike" Please don't do this said Janice. Is that the best you can come up with you fucking slut, I said it a little louder than I wanted. Janice backed up onto the bed.

Now as I said before "GET THE FUCK OUT!"

As I turned to leave Janice tried to get to me before I started down the stairs. I was faster that she assumed. By the time she got down the stairs I was heading out the door.

For the next 3 hours I drove around looking for nothing, just wasting time. I really didn't want to see Janice.

My cell phone start ringing, I looked at the ID. Yes mom what's up? Mike what's going on with your family? The kids are here and Janice is at home crying. What did you do?

"MOM" let me get this right, my wife is crying and you think it's something that I did. Really mom, something I did.

I guess she didn't tell you about my run in with her lovers today. There were a few minutes before she spoke again.

Son sometime a woman gets restless and does the wrong things but it doesn't mean she doesn't love you. Wow, was all I could say, the only thing left to be said was Bye Mom.

That was a waste of time, 5 minutes of you need to understand that women get restless. That was another Oprah/Dr Phil moment. Another half hour driving around and it was time to face the viper. I pulled in to the drive way and their sat three cars that I really didn't want to see, my mom, her parent, and my uncle. The save the marriage committee. My uncle's wife has cheated so many times she has a room at the YMCA. She has been through every form of counseling except for one that works. As I walk through the door Janice ran to my trying to give hug me, the look I gave her said "Not Happening!"

PLEASE MIKE! Why have to work around this, we can be a stronger couple after this, said the slut. WOW, I'm just thinking about how fast love can turn to hate.

I needed to calm down, so I walked past everyone. The kitchen was calling me in for a nice cold one. Bud Lite on a hot day or in this case it would help me keep my cool. So into the kitchen I went, popped the cap and started to drink my nice frosty brew. I threw it back like a long lost friend. It went down so smooth that for a moment I forgot I wasn't alone. The trio just stood there looking at me as I finished my brew.

"I needed that to be able to deal with this slut!" Opps, did I say that out loud.

Why are you guys here, never mind you must be here to help her pack. If we work fast she can be gone before night fall.

Mike we don't know what you're thinking said my mom. But we believe that you're a smart enough to try and save this marriage. You guys will be the better for it said Uncle Joe. Just as he finished my mom started in. This went on for about 2 hours straight.

I think at some points my ears started bleeding.

Ok enough, I got up from my chair, headed for the door and opened it and there stood my back up. My dad was standing there just about to ring the door bell when I opened it. He looked at my mom and told her to get her ass home. She started to say something but thought better of it. My uncle looked at my dad and started to say something, but he got scared and left.

My dad looked me in the eyes and said son, do what is best for you. Don't do it for your mom, uncle or your wife, do it for yourself. Then just like that he walked out got in his car and left. My dad had always been that way, he always got straight to the point and always did what he thought was right. Now with everyone gone, I was left to deal with the slut.

Okay Janice, how do we handle this divorce nice and easy or hard and fucked up? It was up to me but I wanted to know where we were headed.

Mike, I know you're mad, I can see it in your eyes. You hate me at this moment but what about next week, or next month. You could change your mind and want to work it out. So why don't you take some time and figure out what you really want.

Janice just stood there waiting, for my answer. Against my better judgment, I said ok. She would give me time to think. I said check back with me in a couple of weeks. Janice packed a suit case and left. I didn't ask her where she was going and didn't care either. Over the course of the week Janice called me three times to see how I was feeling. I did really say much, I just grumbled and hung up. This went on for about a month. Then one first Friday of the next month, a man walked up to me and handed me a brown envelope and Said I was served.

What the hell do you mean, I am served. He said your wife is filing for divorce under the grounds of mental cruelty.

I opened the package. She was asking for half of everything, spousal support and some of my 401k. I was stunned to say the least. So this bitch wants to play hard ball huh. Let's play ball bitch. I went to my best friend in the world, Josh. When he got a divorce from his ex-wife, he would have eaten the kids to win. Josh hates his ex-wife so much he pays his child support in pennies. His ex-wife gets 680.00 in pennies, it take him about 15 minutes to carry them to the front door. Josh tells her it's a good work out. When his ex-wife was about to get married, he found out where the boyfriend's stag party was, and replaced the porn film with one of his ex wife getting fuck by her boss and another man. Needless to say the wedding was called off.

I told Josh what was going on, and in typical Josh fashion, he asked what was I prepared to do?

I must have looked confused because he had on his game face.

Mike divorce is war, it's like a full out battle. This bitch has drawn first blood, she has drawn a line in the sand said Josh. She has a plan and will take all you own if you don't get your head out of your ass and fight back. So once again ask Josh, what are you prepared to do?

Josh I said, I'll be a homeless maggot before I give that slut my house.

Mike, sit down and ask yourself if you are that bitter, because, if you are we must come up with a battle plan.

Well it took about 30 seconds to say, "Fuck that slut" it's time for war.

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