Goodnight Moon

by Lemonbelly

Copyright© 2011 by Lemonbelly

Erotica Sex Story: Shy girl Grace, 14, goes to a fancy dress Halloween party dressed as a bunny girl, when a bitch dressed as a witch takes a dislike to her, Grace finds herself desperate for sex until the spell can be broken.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Magic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Paranormal   Gang Bang   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

"Come in Grace, welcome to the party!"

Rick held the door open as I edged inside. I saw his eyes look me up and down and he tried to hide the smile on his face. He wasn't alone; all the guys were looking at me. Some were just looking at the amount of skin I was showing, others were trying to match my face, known to belong to the shy, quiet, bookish girl with the bunny girl who had just walked in to the Halloween party.

My sister was right, I may just be fourteen, but I needed to show the boys that this was a girl who was ready to party. Of course, it didn't help that I'd ended up at St Margaret of Cortona Roman Catholic Girls' School a few years ago when most of my mates ended up in the mixed state schools.

Rick was a sweetie, still keeping in contact and inviting me to his Halloween party. I'd wanted to go as something cute, like a ghost or a headless woman, but my sister, who was back from university, persuaded me otherwise. It just happened that she'd been out buying party wear during half term, and it just happened to fit me.

Yeah, my sister was a midget. Well, not technically, but she was small enough that even five years younger, I was taller than her. I also had bigger boobs, then again, at 32C, they were bigger than most girls I knew. I would have liked to say that wearing my red corset and red fishnet stockings with red bunny ears and fluffy tail, I strode into the party, but I didn't. I slipped in, hoping not to be noticed. Lucky that Rick only lived over the road, so I didn't have a coat to take care of.

Bless Rick, he was dressed as Superman and was trying to flirt with me, but even I could see that he needed to have padded up his underpants. As he went to open the door again I found myself talking to a pirate, Allan, one of Rick's new friends from school.

He offered me a can of beer, I'm not a drinker but having been told to get into the mood of things, I took it and necked it back. The export lager tasted good, and bubbly. He started talking to me, flirting badly. His hand traced down my side and towards my arse. I wondered if he would go lower. I hoped that he would go lower. Then she pushed us apart.

She was Kate Spade, a girl that nobody really liked. I can't say if it was because her family were all scum, if it was that she was a hideous fat hose-beast or that she was a massive bitch, but nobody liked her. Somebody had let her in and it was obvious that she had a thing for Allan. Her costume was good though, green skin and a full witch's outfit. Her wand was even glowing.

"Gracey, Gracey good as gold

Should have stayed home like you were told

You came as a bunny to steal my man

But magic Katy will stop your plan

For until a man's seed is planted

Relief from the hunger will me granted

For your pussy will always want more

A virgin no longer 'cause you dressed as a whore."

With that a glowing spark fired from her wand at me, blasting me back against the wall. I saw Kate cackle to herself and then vanish. My eyes closed and I fell asleep.

I woke up with Rick and Allan looking over me, obviously worried. I realised straight away that physically I was okay except for one thing, my pussy really was crying for attention. I don't mean a simple after-school fingering, it really seemed like it wanted a cock in it. I really wanted a cock in me. I knew I was a virgin, I knew I was waiting for the right man, but tonight, I needed a penis.

"What happened?" I groaned.

"It seemed that not only being a bitch, Kate is also a witch, so cast a spell on you." Rick answered.

I kind of remembered that, but after being clonked on the head, I was a bit hazy on the details. "And what did she say?"

"Basically, the gist is that you will keep wanting sex until you are pregnant."

"Well that explains it."

"What?" Rick looked concerned.

"Well, I'm very very horny."

"Ahh" They said in unison.

"Well, if we can help in any way..." Allan said hesitantly.

Music to my ears. "As you've asked, Allan stay here, Rick go outside, round up the troops and form a line outside this room. You at the front." I smiled and they obeyed.

"Are you sure about this?" Allan asked once Rick had left.

"Well, I'm doing this, and I'd like you to be my first." I rolled over onto my front and wiggled my bunny tail at him. I felt like a different girl. "Are you going to undo me or what?"

Allan joined me on the bed, his hands were gentle as he unhooked my stockings and then undid the laces that held by outfit together. Without ceremony I was naked and on my hands and knees. I heard Allan undressing behind me, but I couldn't wait for him, and my hand found its way to my pussy and started rubbing. I didn't have to wait long for the boy to get with the story.

His hand replaced mine at my cunt, and although it wasn't as experienced around my folds, it wasn't lacking for effort. His other hand brushed along my arse then up my back. He kissed my back, which felt great but it wasn't what I wanted.

"No, not now, just get on with it."

He took the hint and I felt his cock, hard and eager behind me, he guided into my cunt and lent into me, his weight taking my virginity and letting out gasps from both of us. He grabbed my hips for leverage and started to fuck me from behind. He felt so good, my young body experiencing sensations that either with plastic help I could have never imagined.

The door burst open and we were confronted by most of the party, with camera phones out. I smiled at my audience, licking my lips at the amount of men there. I longed for all those cocks. I knew now why my sister loves sex, why she tells me about all the guys she's been with, because at fourteen years old, I am a truly dirty slut, fucking a random guy in front of an audience.

"Please Allan, please Allan, Allan, ALLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAN." My cum arrived screaming and my elbows gave way. He was now fucking me with my arse high in the air, but he couldn't last long and I felt him fill me up inside.

I kissed him hard, dragging him down onto me. I was full of lust and wanted to thank him for helping me in my hour of need, this beautiful boy was my saviour. But no, no, I was still horny. My pussy just wasn't satisfied and I knew I needed more. I lay on my back, legs spread for all to see.

"OMG Allan, that was great. But, it hasn't worked, I still need more fucking. I'm sorry to kick you out of bed, but you've got to find out some way of solving this. Please help me." He nodded, grabbed his clothes then headed out of the room. "Now, Rick you're next."

Rick, the dirty little boy, was already almost totally undressed before I asked him. Not that I could complain, as this meant that he was naked and on top of me only seconds after Allan had left the room. I kind of knew that Rick fancied me a bit, but he was always that slightly immature boy from round the corner, cute, but not happening. Now he had the chance to live out his fantasies.

He was already hard, but this being his first time he didn't quite know what to do next. To spare him blushes in a dozen videos, I took his cock and pulled it into me. He grunted savagely as my pussy muscles tightened on him.

"Come on baby, I need you to fuck me like a man."

He nuzzled into me, kissing the nape of my neck while thrusting into my cunt. I wrapped my legs around his naked butt and pulled him into me. As arched my back for another cum, he licked my tits, bringing my nipple into his mouth. He was still thrusting into me, no rhythm, just awkward pounding, brutal and primitive yet so satisfying.

I looked at my audience. Behind the phones the girls looked horrified and disgusted but the boys looked on with wide eyes, not believing what they were seeing, but also hoping they would be next. I pointed at a rather hot looking tall guy with dark hair.

"FUCK" He growled.

He lent into me, lifting me from the bed and holding me up as he emptied his load into my womb. I hoped for relief but as soon as he began to soften I found myself wanting more.

Ross rolled off the bed and I moved up to let the new boy onto the bed. I gestured for him to lie down.

"My name is Carl by the way." He tried to be polite.

"I don't care." I didn't mean to sound harsh, but my pussy was giving the orders.

I looked at him, satisfied that I'd made a good choice. He was obviously a sports guy with a toned body and he was half a head taller than everybody else in the room. Somewhere at the back of my head a voice said that he'd give me fucking awesome babies.

I wasn't sore, instead I was raring to go again. I straddled the boy and lent down to kiss him, while he entered me. I let him fuck me, bucking his hips to meet me while I nibbled at his neck. His hands, his lovely big hands found my tits and although he didn't have much experience, he was heating me up with his attentions.

He was good, but he did lack stamina, I wanted to be drilled hard and even after a few minutes he was flagging, shame on him. I sack back down onto his cock, bottoming out with his whole length inside me. Leaning back, I pulled him up, mashing his face into my chest. Thank fuck, he found a boob with his tongue, I gasped with the tingles that it sent though me, but even this wasn't enough.

I planted my feet on the bed and arms behind me, lifting myself up on his shaft, then bouncing up and down. I couldn't help but squeal every time I bottomed out. My audience were cheering, loving the show how as I took control, but once again the act was soon over; he dumped another round of babymakers in me. Three boys down and I was just getting going. I looked around for another boy, but instead a girl pushed past the crowd.

It was Toni, my best mate since forever. While I was the bookish brunette, she was the outgoing blonde. Toni was shorter than me, only five foot if that, and certainly doesn't have my boobs or long legs, but has never had any trouble attracting boys, as she tells me constantly. She'd arrived in French Maid's outfit which seemed very short even on her. As she pushed though the crowd, she had a boy in tow. He looked older than the rest of us, then again, Toni always went for older boys.

"Grace! Wow, I never thought I'd see you like this. Well, I have, but let's talk about that later. Meet Ian, he's lovely and sixteen. I was going to fool around with him in a bedroom, but your need is greater than mine, so I'm donating him to you for a fuck! Ain't that cool?"

"Thanks" I panted.

"On one condition."

"Please, I'm dieing here!" It felt like I was, I was in so much aching need of a cock in me as Carl had disengaged and headed out of the room.

"You have to eat me out while Ian fucks you."

I looked at my best mate, I hadn't thought of ever doing that, but in my current state of mine, I couldn't tell her no. I nodded my agreement, which was met with cheers from my audience.

She arranged me back on my hands and knees while she sat at the head of the bed, her skirt pulled up over her waist. I saw Ian take his place behind me. He hadn't even bothered undressing, he'd just undone his jeans (he wasn't in costume) and pulled them and his pants down a bit. I could tell that he was more experienced and also more equipped than the other boys tonight. He wasn't gentle, not that I wanted him to be, thrusting into me, almost ripping me apart. I loved it.

In front of me, I saw these two beautiful pale legs running up to a pair of black panties with white lace trim. She didn't need those I thought, and I took the waist band and pulled it down her legs and off. That little pussy lay there waiting for me, bald and inviting.

I've never noticed how cute her feet are. I took one in my hand and licked her toes, nibbling at each one, then planting kisses on her foot, then her ankle and up her leg. The smooth skin of her leg brushed against my cheek, my fingers brushing along the length of it, stroking it. I carried on kissing up her thigh, her breathing getting heavier as I neared my goal, yet I missed it, kissing around it then up the other leg. Only now she reached out and grabbed my head, I let her pull my head back to her crotch, but that anticipation had worked, as soon as I touched her pussy with my lips she exploded in orgasm. I'd gone over a whole fuck without a cum and so was due one too, and she triggered my third of the night.

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