Owning Charlie's Mom

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: He fixed her computer and read her diary, discovering a true submissive. What should he do?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Incest   Mother   Son   MaleDom   Humiliation   .

(The following is a work of fiction, entirely the product of the author's imagination and does not represent any actual reality. M.W.)


Dominica Sheffield made her way down the street, absolutely sure that everyone was staring at her. She knew, somewhere within, that it wasn't true and tried to cling to this knowledge but the feeling was there. She felt eyes staring at her. She was happy for the breeze that was blowing on that April morning because it gave her a reason to be wearing her coat.

"It gives me sufficient reason to be covering my nakedness!" she said to herself with a giggle.

She was indeed naked under the coat. He told her to be that way, and in this developing relationship, she found that she was more than happy to comply.

Her pretext for the early morning visit was to see Alice Cox for morning coffee, and at any other time it would be, a visit to Alice, a turn on, just thinking of making Alice do those sexy things that Dominica had learned that Alice would always do for her. But today it was different, Alice wasn't on her mind, Alice with tits to slap and nipples to pinch and her so, so polite attitude. No, Danny had assured her that he would be the only one home. She was certainly counting on that.

She found herself nervous, excited, turned on--actually she could feel wetness on the inside of her thighs, from the anticipation of going to see Danny this morning.


Danny Cox coming into her life, at what seemed like just the right time, was one of the major joys for Dominca; it was a much a surprise as it was a joy for her, if she were to tell the truth. It had happened by the accident but Dominca wasn't sorry for the accident at all.

She'd been having computer problems, and Ben wasn't any help. But then, truth to tell, Ben wasn't help with much anymore. Older, set in his ways, non responsive, at least to Dominca any more. Ben was moving into old age more quickly than Dominca had ever imagined, and it left her with little, very little indeed.

Dominca Sheffield had always managed to keep her own desires in check, under control, as long as she had attention from Ben, even periodic attention. But that wasn't the case any longer, and the secret longings grew.

In absolute desperation, she reverted to writing a kind of diary to herself about it. She had titled it "Dominating Dominica" with an accompanying giggle.

In the diary she admitted her feelings, her longings, her desires. She talked about someone coming into her life and just ordering it, making her do the things that she longed to do, but had to be ordered to do. She'd know it because he'd make a demand. She recognize the demand and simply give in to it. It was the way that it would go. She put down secret words about wishing, longing to be a kind of slave, and when she was really honest with herself, it wasn't only 'kind of' slave just a 'slave' to someone. She longed, somewhere in the back of her mind, to return to the joys of being the tomboy, as a girl, who played with the guys, and, when the game was a game of cowboys and indians, being the white woman who is captured, tied up, and gradually, slowly until it grew in her mind to full bloom, being the white woman that was stripped and had to submit.

Those thoughts of the cowboys and indians were coursing through her mind now as she walked down the block, forcing herself to walk slowly, smiling at some she met, on the way to Alice Cox's. Dominca could hardly hide her smile.

Charlie had been away, that fateful time, and Ben, of course, at work, unavailable, maybe traveling. It all seemed rolled into one. Danny Cox had stopped by for Charlie.

"Hey, Danny! He's not here, I'm sorry." Dominca had said.

"Okay, Mrs. Sheffield," Danny had said politely, "Tell him I stopped."

As he had turned to go, Dominca had a thought:

"Uh, Danny," she said, "I'm having trouble with my computer; Charlie tells me what a whiz you are. Could you take a look at it for me?"

Danny was tickled. He knew that Charlie wasn't home. He'd come over to see Charlie in order to try to catch his sexy, big titted Mom in her nightie. She was dressed, much to his disgust, when he got there. But he thought that it had been worth a try; Dominica was certainly worth a try.

Danny Cox had set his sights on Dominca Sheffield. He sensed, he thought, that she was different in a way that he was trying to discover. He simply had no idea that the computer help that morning was what would do the trick.

He logged into her computer and found the e-mail address tangle right away. Danny, at 15, was half geek and half athlete and big for his age. His computer skills were almost by natural instinct.

Dominca had asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee or a piece of coffee cake. He opted for milk and coffee cake. It was just after she left the room to fetch the cake and milk that he found the diary, and began to read.

Danny was thrilled at the discovery. The title itself turned him on, 'Dominating Dominca'. The more he read, the hotter it was. He had his handle on Dominca Sheffield at last. His plan formed in his mind quickly. He heard her coming and, just as she entered the room, and was in the doorway, he began to read out loud:

"Dominating Dominica': I know that he'll come for me. I know it! I feel it! Sense it!' He will know about me and how I long ... just long. At times, wicked times, I sense that it will be that gorgeous Danny Cox, or, wickedly, even my own Charlie. Standing there ... just standing over me giving orders, making me the slave that I need to be, long to be, want to be, beg to be. I always end up with tears when I think of how long it's been, wanting this, never really seeking it fully or actively but waiting for it. He'll make that first major demand, and in giving in, I'll be his and he'll know it."

He stopped reading and looked at her, frozen in the doorway, not moving, hardly breathing, not sure if this was, at last happening. She could tell from the look on his face that it was happening. Right then she knew, Dominca Sheffield just knew.

Danny regarded her inaction with a smile. She was smitten. He grinned; he had her and he knew it.

Dominca Sheffield had been the object of his lust for as long as he could recall, with her shorts and skirts, big tits and lovely rounded ass, all of which he wanted to know more about, hell--wanted to see and feel. And now! Now! The time had come.

He knew that the first order was the most important, and, with courage that he more hoped he had, than felt initially said:

"Put the plate and glass down, and kneel!"

"She did it! Fuckin' A, she did it!" he sang out to himself.

She recognized the tone of voice; she saw the look in his eyes. She had been shocked into being a stone statue, when she heard him reading to her from her diary but, for her, it was like walking through a doorway, and closing the door behind you. There was no going back for her, not now. And then, what he said next, the order to put the plate and glass down, maybe in other contexts so innocent, but right after the simple word 'kneel' and her world opened up.

"Yes," she said, going to her knees, and seeing the look of joy on his face, a look that made it worth everything to her.

"You wrote these, Dominca?" he asked softly.

"Yes..." she said, not completing that thought but he hadn't missed that either:

"Yes???? Dominca?" he said inquiringly.

"Yes, sir," she said, giving in immediately, not hesitating at all.

"Get me a digital camera," he said simply.

She nodded and said: "May I get up?"

He smiled at her attitude and said: "Yes, do."

She went and came back quickly with the camera and gave it to him. He took it and said to her:

"I want to record this; you don't mind?"

At that point, Dominca knew that she wouldn't mind anything at all, and said so, causing him to comment:

"Wonderful! This is like a dream come true; here with my beautiful Dominca. I've thought about this so many times."

"You have?" she asked, with a bit of wonder in her voice.

"Yes, I have," he laughed, "And now you know," he said.

He had the camera ready then and said to her softly:

"Dominica, kneel!"

She knelt without hesitation.

He started then, recording all the while: "Dominca, why did you just kneel?"

"Because you told me to!" she said simply.

"As easy at that?" he asked next.

"For you, yes," she said, "You ... You know!"

"Yes, I do," he answered and then: "Especially since I read what you've written."

"Yes," she agreed.

"What do you call it?" he asked, wanting her to mention its title.

"Dominating Dominica!" she said clearly.

"Lovely," he answered, "Is that what you want? Is that what Dominca wants?"

"Yes," she said with her head down and then she raised her head and looked at the camera, which was running and recording all of this delicious humiliation. She concluded then, still staring at the camera:

"Yes, sir, that's what Dominca wants."

What she'd called him wasn't lost on either one of them at all.

"How long have you been this way?" he asked next.

"For as long as I can remember. It kind of began with my family, my brothers, I mean."

"How's that?" he asked, knowing the answer, since he'd read her material.

"They were older," she began, "I wanted to play with them, we lived in a remote place and there were no little girls to play with. I was in their care for a good bit of the time. I begged them to let me play with them and they answered that they needed a captive for their game. They were to be the indians and they didn't have a captive. I told them immediately that I'd be the captive. They were pleased, and then they said to me that I must wear my prettiest panties because often the captive white woman would have to have her clothes taken away from her."

"How did you respond?" he wanted to know.

"It ... it kind of made me excited," she said, "And all that I said was, 'my prettiest panties, yes'; they seemed to be really happy about my reaction. There was a secret spot in the woods that they would take me. They'd make me strip to my panties and tie me to a tree. They even had a plan worked out, if Mom came looking for us."

She hesitated then and finally went on: "It just got more and more exciting."

"So, the Indian fantasy!" he said.

"Yes," she said and went on voluntarily. "I saw a cowboy movie once with a scene where the indians captured a white woman. She was trying to play dead but one of them poured sand in her mouth and she coughed. They got her up and with great glee began to throw her from one of them to another but each time she was thrown, one of them would rip off a piece of her clothing. I got immediately wet watching it; it was my fantasy come to life. But then they ruined it."

"How?" he asked.

"The indians stopped stripping her, when she offered one of them a necklace and they killed her by making her swallow it."

"What should they have done?" he asked.

"They should have kept on throwing her and stripping her until they had her naked."

"Totally naked?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered with conviction, "Until they had her totally naked. Showing them her ass, her tits and her pussy!"

"Is that what she'd be showing them?" he asked.

"Yes, she repeated, "She would then be showing them her ass, her tits and her pussy."

Her interrupted her then, saying:

"Say that again, Dominca, but make it 'you', use "I" to tell that part of the story."

"Ohhh, yes," she said, "thank you for telling me to do that."

"They threw me from one of them to another, continuing to strip me until they had me naked, under the sun, in the middle of these savage indian braves, I was totally naked, showing them my naked ass, my naked tits and my naked pussy."

"Is that the way your fantasy should go?" he wanted to know.

"Yes, sir," she said, "That's the way that my fantasy should go."

"And then what?" he wanted to know, prompting her.

"They'd make me do what they wanted," she said next. She hesitated and he prompted her to go on. She did:

"They'd fuck me, pussy and ass hole; they'd make me suck their cocks! I'd swallow! I was the captive, it's what the captive does."

He jumped in at that point:

"Do you suck Ben's cock?"

She looked a bit surprised at the shift in the topic but didn't hesitate to answer:

"Yes, I do," she said, "It's the only thing that he still likes."

"Swallow?" he asked.

"No," she said, "I don't ever want to with him." She thought for a few seconds and said, almost ruefully: "He doesn't deserve that."

"But the captive would swallow?" he asked softly.

"Oh, yes, the captive would swallow!"

"Ever suck Charlie's cock?" he asked, shifting gears again.

She was initially shocked but actually giggled then: "No," she answered simply.

"But you've thought about it, Dominca?" he asked, "Truth!"

"Truth!" she replied, "Yes, I have; he's like you: handsome, lovely build and not a stick like Ben."

He smiled at her.

"What's the dirtiest thing you've ever done, Dominca?" he wanted to know.

She blushed immediately and he said: "Tell me."

"It was with Charlie," she said softly.

He laughed.

"He was young and I used to tickle him, once he'd been bathed. I began a habit of making raspberries on his stomach. His giggles were almost like food for me. Once I finished off by taking his little penis and balls into my mouth and kind of raspberrying them."

"Nice picture!" he said.

"But one time he surprised me," she went on, averting her eyes now.

"Look at me, Dominca!" He demanded, and she began to stare at him, as she continued her story:

"One time just as I was doing that and he was laughing, he peed! Without hesitating," she said still struggling to look at him, "I took his penis into my mouth and let him finish that way!"

"Piss slave!" he said.

"I guess so!" she said.

"Only once?" he asked.

"No, actually it became a part of our game now and again. It went on for over a year, when I stopped."

He smiled at her. "Good information to have," he said.

"Yes, sir," she answered.

"Are you wearing pretty panties today, Dominca?" he asked, keeping her a bit off balance.

"Yes," she said simply, blushing, "Pink today."

"Well, it's time for you to be the captive again, Dominica," he said.

"Yes, sir," she answered, "I guess it is."

"Stand, Dominca," he ordered her and his best friend's Mom, now totally under his control, stood. "Pull your pants down, Dominica," he said next.

Dominica Sheffield didn't hesitate, she did as she was told. She stood and without being told again, unbuttoned the waist band button of her jeans, she unzipped them, all the while staring at Danny, who'd so completely captured her, and was bringing her out. She pushed at the jeans and sent them to her ankles. Her panties were pink, nylon bikinis. They had a bit of lace about them. They showed the shadow of her pussy hair.

"Hairy, I see," he said.

"Yes, sir," she said, transfixed, "I hope that is okay."

"It is, Dominca, I like it that way," was his response.

"Thank you, sir," she said.

"Go and close the closet door, Dominca," he said, "Show me how you shuffle with your pants down around your ankles."

She made her way with difficulty to the closet door and closed it; the effect of her shuffling with the pants around her ankles was to make her ass cheeks wiggle enticingly beneath the fabric of the panties.

"Very nice," Danny said then to Charlie's Mom, now on display for him. "Now jeans off, Dominca."

She reached down and had her jeans pulled off and set aside. She also removed her sandals.

"Did I say you may remove your sandals, Dominica?" he asked, severely.

"No, sir, sorry, sir!" she said, wide eyed.

"Spanking for that!" he said.

"Of course, sir," she said with a sigh.

"Rest of your clothes now, Dominca," and she complied right away, removing first her tee shirt and then her bra. She stood naked now, except for the pink panties.

She hesitated then and said earnestly to him: "Danny, sir, I have to say, have to tell you that this is so exciting for me. I've been through this about a hundred times or more in my fantasies, and also in the writing I've done but here we are and it is even more than I have ever anticipated. I hope that I can, hope that you'll allow me to show you."

He grinned at her and said: "Dominica, I've really got you; don't I?"

"Yes, sir, you do!" she said, crawling toward him.

When she reached him, she said, looking up at him all the while: "I need to do it, want to do it this way."

She bent over his shoes and, before he really knew what was happening, began to lick the toe of his running shoes.

"Oh, yes!" he said. "That says it best."

"Thank you, sir," she said.

(Dominica was now lost inside of her world of lust; a world that usually was only make believe, for play, playing with herself. Now it was as real as she could want, more real than she ever imagined it might be. She was almost acting on instinct at this point, as she began, with her tongue, to lick his shoes.)

"This is the way it should be," she said, having licked his one shoe and going to the other.

She performed the same obeisance to the second shoe and then, without hesitating, said: "Please!" and lifted up his shoe. She began with vigor to lick the soles of his shoes.

"This is me, this is Dominica doing this! This is Dominica making this statement here," she crooned to him.

Danny had a look of total triumph on his face just then. He was looking at her and it was apparent that a thought crossed his mind.

"Well, let's see," he said, smiling at her.

He moved his hand and took the belt off of his shorts. She sat, obediently looking up at him from her kneeling position. She made a kind of throat noise, as he looped the belt around her neck and made a kind of leash of it.

"Come on, Dominica," he said, "I want you to use your mouth on me but maybe first we should rinse it, eh?"

"Yes, sir," she said, crawling along where he was leading her by the leash around her neck.

He took her into the bathroom and said to her, the smile never leaving his face:

"Now, Dominica, rinse your mouth."

She made a move as if to get up at the sink but he kept his hand on her shoulder and said to her: "No." He reached over and flipped up the toilet seat and said:

"Now rinse!"

She gave him a dismayed and almost fearful look and said, involuntarily:

"Please no."

"Okay," Danny responded, "You rinse twice now. Care to keep going?"

Dominica was caught; she knew, inside, that she was going to do whatever he wanted her to do. She kind of sobbed and gave in to the pressure of Danny's hand on her head, pushing her face into the toilet. Her head moved until her face came in contact with the water in the toilet. She opened her mouth obediently, when he said again "Rinse!" and took a mouth full of water from the toilet. She made a rinsing, sloshing noise, as she moved the water around and spit it out.

"Once more, Dominica," Danny said.

She felt the pressure of his hands on her head again and allowed her head to be pushed into the water in the toilet bowl again. She took a mouth full of water one more time, sloshed it around and spit it back into the bowl. He let her up back on her knees again.

"Good girl!" he said, running his hand down her cheek, "Getting closer to serving my cock, Dominica."

"Good, sir and thank you!" she said, breathlessly.

He tugged on the 'leash' and said to her: "One more little item in our mouth cleaning campaign. Come with me."

He led her through the house into the kitchen this time. The idea of it, the very thought of how it looked for her to be led totally naked through her house by this friend of her son Charlie's, was pushing Dominica into even greater lust. What had just happened in the bathroom almost didn't count but in a way made it even more exciting; she knew that. Her being on this leash, naked and owned by Danny Cox was the main thing that counted for her right then; being 'his' put it all into perspective.

Once they were in the kitchen, he led her to the sink, and opened the cupboard under the sink. He took out the green dish detergent bottle and held it out:

"Open up, Dominica," he said.

She didn't hesitate, and he squeezed dish soap into her mouth. He reached then into the sink and got the hose from the sink and filled Dominica's mouth with water.

"Ten minutes," he said. "Ten minutes to clean Dominica's pig mouth. Ten minutes."

She shook her head 'yes' in agreement.

He sat across the kitchen on a chair and smiled at her. "Slosh it around!" he ordered her and she did.

(This was her kitchen! It made the humiliation of her predicament that much more acute and, for her, lovely. She was being toyed with. It's what all those fantasies were about, the indian fantasy and all the times she was tied to a tree by her brothers and their friends. She was being toyed with right here and now and Dominica loved it, every sexy, sensuous, humiliating, lovely minute of it.)

She sloshed the soap in her mouth around periodically, as she had been told. Finally, Danny got up from his chair and said: "Well done! Get up, love, and spit it out."

Dominica got up from her knees and, hanging her head over the sink, spit the soapy water out of her mouth. He had a glass of water for her.

"Rinse, Dominica," he said softly.

She rinsed her mouth five or six times to begin to get the soapy taste out, and then she turned around and almost sprang at him. Her arms were around his neck and she kissed him as though there were no tomorrow at all. She rubbed her pussy against the front of his shorts, feeling his erection growing. She ground her tits against his chest. At first her hands were intwined in his hair but then her hands moved down and pushed inside the waist band of his shorts, until they came in contact with his naked ass, which she began to squeeze, as she continued to kiss him.

"Damn you, damn you, you magnificent fucker you!" she wailed at him, when the kiss was broken.

"Yes, I'm a pig, a hog! Someone has finally discovered it! Finally! Finally someone knows what to do and what to make me do! Finally!"

"Happy, Dominica?" he asked, grinning at her.

"Ecstatic!" she proclaimed to him, her lips against his. She went on then fervently:

"You make me crawl! Use me! Make me stick my hog face into the toilet and rinse my dirty mouth, rich from licking your shoes! I don't care! 'No' is not in my vocabulary here. Do you understand that, Danny, my master? 'No' doesn't exist. Make me do things. Fuck! Give me to your friends. Sell me! Make me show you what a hog I am! My great god you are exciting!"

She got down on her knees then and actually clenched her hands in front of her and continued:

"Please, please do something sexual to me now! I hardly care what! I'm a hog, Dominca the Hog. Your Hog to use and abuse! There is only the two of us now, only you and me."

Danny smiled at her and said: "Oh, yes, I thought so, Dominca; I thought so."

Having said that, he began to take his own clothes off. She was watching and making crooning noises, as he slipped off his tee shirt and then down went his shorts.

"Ohhhhhh, lovely! Beautiful! This master is beautiful!" she said excitedly.

He removed his boxers then and his large erection sprang up against his belly.

"Time for the captive to swallow now!" he said.

"Swallow, oh, yes, sir!" she said.

"May I have him, sir?" she asked, and then added: "Master?"

"Crawl around the room once first for me, Dominca," he said, "then come to me and show me that Dominica, my Dominica, the Dominica of all my fantasies is a cock sucker."

"Oh, she is," Dominica said earnestly, as she began to crawl around the room, as she was told. It was, for her, a lovely trip, almost like a trip to her place of being dominated; she crawled letting him see the wiggle of her ass and the swaying of her tits; she crawled then to him after she'd made a trip around the room.

She never thought of using her hands. She captured the head of his bobbing prick in her mouth, and held it there. She was super excited and realized that he was also. She began to suck his cock in earnest, forcing more and more of the prick into her mouth and down her throat. As she brought her head up off of the cock, she held onto the skin of the prick and pulled the skin back and forth, jerking his cock with her mouth, which was in constant movement now.

She felt the prick swell in her mouth and heard him cry out, she prepared herself and took it, all of the spurts, capturing all of his cum in her mouth.

"Ben was never like this!" she said to herself with unfeigned glee, "Not this big, not this eager and not this forceful!"

She sank back onto her heels and said: "Thank you, sir for that!"

Danny laughed and said: "Do you maybe need to rinse your mouth out again?"

"If you say that I do, then, yes, I do," she said softly.

"Good girl," he said. "But no, there's something to be done that I've thought of with you in mind for years, ages, and now is the time."

Danny, an athlete, picked up the naked woman with no problem at all and hauled her out of the kitchen. He went through the house, with which he was familiar and turned into the first bedroom upstairs. It was Charlie's. He plunked her down on the bed and, before she had time to move at all, he grabbed the belt from her neck and secured her hands above her head to the head board of the bed.

Dominica sighed in the face of this new assault.

With her hands immobilized, Danny went onto the bed with her. He moved into position and put one of her thighs over each of his shoulders and lowered his mouth to her pussy.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!" she squealed with absolute delight, once his mouth came into contact with her pussy.

Almost like an adolescent, who's had too much stimulation, she came quickly, a sure reaction to all the stimulation he was giving her. She shouted her way through her orgasm. Then Danny moved and, with Dominica still belted to the bed, he came into her, his hands under her ass cheeks for leverage and began to fuck her.

She was ready for him again quickly: "Fuck this hog! Fuck this Dominica!" she squealed at him, as he kept her ass cheeks raised a bit and fucked her.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she wailed, as she came a second time, with him cumming and collapsing on top of her.

He moved after a few minutes and said: "Photos now, Dominica, and then I have to go."

"Yes, yes," she answered, "Photos now."

He took pictures of her fixed to the bed. Then he got her up and, with the belt again, fixed her hands over the bar in the closet with her naked body framed by the clothes in Charlie's closet.

"Other photos, Master?" she said softly, and Danny only laughed.

He led her into the bathroom and told her to kneel. She knew what was going to happen and there was not even a soft protest this time.

She lowered her head until her face was in the water of the toilet once again, while he took photos of her that way. When she got up, he had a wash cloth for her and had her really rinse her mouth with the mouthwash that was sitting there.

Dominica threw her arms around his neck to kiss him then and whispered to him:

"Time for a shower before you leave?"

"Shower, wonderful!" he said.

She gave him another blow job in the shower and washed him thoroughly. Danny took the sd card from the camera with him, when he left. At the door, he gave her one last kiss, she still was totally naked.

"Soon, please?" she said to him.

"Saturday, Dominica; my Mom won't be home; we'll have the place to ourselves, and don't forget what you told me," were his words.

"Saturday, and I won't forget at all," she said, sighing as he left the house. She knew that she meant it. This had simply captured all of her attention.

"Danny, Danny!" she crooned to herself, after held left.


Danny was home later, just having finished downloading the photos and movies of his morning with Dominica Sheffield onto his computer. His cock was bursting out of his pants, when the phone rang.

"Hey, perv," Charlie Sheffield's voice sounded over the phone. "Have you fucked my Mom yet?"

It was the way that they always greeted one another. They had had any number of conversations about undertaking seriously a project to fuck each other's moms.

"Hey, perv," Danny answered. "I have a few photos to send you. Look at them and then call me."

"What's the mystery?" Charlie asked.

"Hey, man, just look at the photos and then call me."

"Cool," Charlie sand and they hung up.

Then Danny picked one photo of Dominica tied to Charlie's bed with the belt around her wrists and one of her with her hands tied above the bar, nestled in among Charlie's clothes in the closet. He sent them out, and waited.

The phone call came in a few minutes. Charlie's voice was almost strangled:

"I'm coming over!" he said. "Can't fucking believe this!"

"Hey, perv," Danny said then, "I fucked your Mom today."

"Be right there," Charlie said and hung up.

Charlie had a grin on his face from wall to wall, when he encountered Danny. He said 'hi' to Danny's Mom, Alice, who both of them considered a fox also, and the obvious next target for them. The two of them went to Danny's room.

"Tell me, tell me, you pervert!"

"Part one is accomplished!" Danny said with glee. He went on to explain his intention to help Dominica with her computer problem, which led to his reading her diary with its significant revelations.

"You have it?" Charlie asked eagerly.

"Yep, right here," Danny answered.

"Show! Show!" Charlie said eagerly.

Danny already had it on his computer and pulled the file up on the screen.

"Holy Shit!" Charlie exclaimed numerous times.

After a bit Charlie said: "Plan?"

"Yep," Danny said with glee. "I'm going to have her come over here on Saturday morning. My Mom is going to be away the whole day. You need to make some excuse and get out of the house. I'll call you, when it's cool for you to come and join us."


She had only this half block to go but it was a half block that she was thankful for.

"Dominica, what are you doin'?" she asked herself. "Do you know what you're doin'?"

She slowed and thought. Waved to someone on the other side of the street that she knew.

"If only he knew," she said to herself, breaking her former reverie for a few seconds, "What I'm wearing. Or not wearing." She barely suppressed a giggle.

But then she went back to her previous thoughts. She thought of how often she let herself think, no fantasize about being someone's property. It went back as far as she could possibly remember. The thoughts were always scary, frightening, sweet, dark and wonderful. She'd taken those thoughts and projected them out into her future with the thought of someone coming along that would know, would look at her with 'that' look in his eye and just know, know that she was his for the taking.

She'd had those fantasies all along, even and always in the midst of plain, secure, laid back Ben. She just never, ever thought that it would be a--here she hesitated to take it all in--she never thought it would be a friend of her Charlie's. She's had those random thoughts about Charlie himself but this was so close to home, so to speak, that it was frightening a bit.

Dominica smiled at that idea; she liked the 'frightening' part of it. She knew that, admitted it and smiled now because of it. She allowed herself a last word on the subject:

"Yes, I like this! Danny! What an unexpected pleasure! But it's time."

She giggled to herself then: "What would Alice say?" It was a delicious thought. As she walked on, she let her mind wander in that direction: lovely, submissive Alice.

It had come slowly. They often got together for coffee, and usually Alice was wearing only a robe and panties. After a few times, Dominica had noticed. Dominica herself was a subservient and recognized the traits in others. Alice broadcasted the traits loudly and, when Dominica was around her, consistently.

It all came down to that one visit, when Alice was with her, and had made her 'announcement about loving Dominica and secretly wanting to serve her.

It all went from there. So that, when Dominca was frustrated with Ben and life, she went to Alice and got her pussy eaten, got a chance to spank Alice's lovely big ass and the more she did it, the more Alice loved it.

There was a time, when Alice was lounging between Dominca's thighs, Dominica said to her: "I'm going to find someone one day and watch you suck their cock." Alice's response had been to giggle.

"I'm serious!" Dominica said then.

"Yes, ma'am," was Alice's reply, when she realized that Dominica was in earnest.

The thoughts were wonderful, stimulating, Dominica realized, but nothing compared to what was about to happen. Then she giggled and said again: "If only Alice knew!"

She'd reached his house by then. Her emotions were heaving, as she rang the doorbell. He answered immediately, and Domenica realized how happy she was to see him. It instantly put her full force back into the middle of the fantasy.

"Mrs. Sheffield," he said, holding the door open for her.

But as soon as the door was closed, she said to him earnestly:

"Sir, I'm so pleased to be here; may I please take off my coat?"

(She had rehearsed this kind of scene in her mind and in her fantasies so many times that she knew exactly what she wanted to do, how she wanted to act and the kind of thing that she to show him, whoever the him might be. And now blessedly it was Danny for her. She knew that.)

He nodded to her and she took off her rain coat, and kneeling in front of him naked said: "Good morning, sir, I'm dressed as you wish."

She took his hand then and kissed his hand fervently.

Danny was tickled. He couldn't get the whole incident and it's possibilities out of his mind for a second. He had planned all day yesterday and last night, after it had occurred.

Danny smiled, and said: "Come in, come in. How's the pig today?"

"Glorious," she said, "The pig is glorious, your pig is glorious."

He thought that it was time for his first little item, one of those that he'd thought about yesterday and prepared for. He had a bag by the door, and from it he pulled out a dog collar, and began to fix it around Dominica's throat.

"Ohhh, yes," she sighed as he snugged it in place, grinning and satisfied with himself.

He laughed: "This is outrageous!"

"Yes, yes, sir, it is," she agreed, "But it's also wonderful."

She sighed again as he took from the bag a long blue dog lead and attached it to the collar that she was wearing.

"You really like this?" he asked softly.

She explained, again: "It was always there. Playing with my brothers, being the stripped captive. Always there, a fantasy that I'd draw upon, especially living with my plain ordinary Ben. I have so often thought of someone finding me out, being the right person, with the right look in his eye. It never occurred to me that it would be you, almost like a son to me. But I'm so happy."

He was standing and she was still kneeling in front of him.

"Good, Dominica, I have some plans."

"Oh, good!" she said. Then she blushed and said: "Master, may we, may I begin properly?"

He grinned at her and nodded, as she reached for his zipper. She had his cock out then and without any further preliminaries except her own inner sense of a need to do this, began to suck on it. Danny was in heaven, and, to tell the truth, so was Dominica. She sucked eagerly, her bright, glowing eyes glued to his. He came into her mouth and she swallowed and swallowed, allowing herself the pleasure of cleaning his cock off then with her mouth.

"Ah," he said, stroking her face, "Dominica, a cock sucker!"

"Yes, sir," she said, kissing his hand. "Your cock sucker, Master."

"Or anyone's that I tell you you are," he said softly.

"Yes, exactly," she answered. "Or anyone's that you tell me."

"Come with me," he said then. "Crawl, I want to watch your ass."

"Crawl, yes, Master!" she said with quiet submission.

As he watched, almost mesmerized by the swing of her naked ass cheeks, he found himself hugely hard again.

"First we'll rinse the pig's mouth!" he said, watching her reaction.

"Ohh dear!' she said.

Dominica had been afraid that these kinds of things would occur again but she was determined to do everything his way, just his way.

"Problem, pig?" he almost barked.

"No, sir, this pig has no problem with the Master's plans; none whatsoever!" she said fervently, and to demonstrate to him clearly, leaned down and began to lick the top of his running shoes.

"Good!" he said, and jerking on the leash, pulled her toward the bathroom.

When they got into the bathroom he pulled her to a position where she was kneeling directly in front of the toilet. He pulled the toilet seat up and looked at her.

"How many times, sir?" she asked softly.

He chuckled. "You're so much fun, Dominica," he said. "Once, love."

"Once, sir!" she said and lowered her head into the toilet, taking a mouth full of the toilet water and then, sitting back on her knees, swirled the water around in her mouth, watching him all the time, though there were tears forming at the edge of her eyes.

"Spit!" he said in a bit, and she did.

He smiled at her and then began to move.

"To the kitchen!" he said, pulling on her leash, while she obediently crawled along with him, both of them absolutely struck by the incongruity of the situation: her almost totally naked, being led by this dog leash by a friend of her son's.

He reached then behind him on the counter and picked up a bottle of Palmolive dish detergent.

"Open!" he said.

She obediently opened her mouth and he spritzed some of the Palmolive liquid into her mouth, adding water from the sink hose, causing her mouth to, once again, fill up with soap suds.

"Ten minutes!" he said, and she shook her head 'yes'.

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