A Succubus for Halloween

by Many-Eyed Hydra

Copyright© 2011 by Many-Eyed Hydra

Horror Sex Story: Mike Landis wasn't going to go to the Halloween reunion party. As a lowly coroner, he had no desire to hear his former university acquaintances bray about the fancy lives their privileged backgrounds had gifted them. Then, during a routine autopsy, he came into possession of an unusual black stone tablet. The tablet came with a beautiful and sexy succubus, and she came with a very naughty plan. Perhaps the party might be fun after all...

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Magic   Horror   Paranormal   Group Sex   Caution   .

Mike Landis wasn't going to go to the Halloween university reunion party, not originally. He had no desire to see his old university associates and he suspected the feeling was mutual. And there was always the thing hanging over him...

Then something happened.

Landis examined himself in the full length mirror. Perfect, he thought. The top was exactly the right shade of blue and the badge above his left breast was a good facsimile. He'd been concerned the pointed ear prosthetics would look silly, but they looked good now he'd put them on.

"Live long and prosper," he turned and said to the girl sitting on the end of his bed. He held up a hand, palm outwards, fingers split two on each side in a 'V'.

The girl on the bed clapped her hands and giggled.

She looked younger than Landis. Late teens to turning twenty would be a reasonable estimate. In contrast, Landis wasn't far off the big four-o.

"It's a shame we couldn't get you a costume in the same theme," Landis said. "You'd make a hot Romulan or green-skinned alien babe."

The additionals weren't really needed. The girl would make a hot anything.

Currently she was a hot horny devil.

A pair of dainty red horns emerged from waves of silky, flame-red hair. Her full breasts, large in comparison to the rest of her slim build, were contained within a skimpy black bra. The bra was matched by an equally skimpy pair of black panties. That was all she wore apart from a pair of black boots with laces that twined up to her knees.

Her face didn't really fit her suggestive costume. Cute and innocent, she resembled more the classic girl next door ... if next door happened to be on the set of a Hollywood movie.


There was the hint of something else in her smile. A little bit of mischief. A little bit of dirty. The smile of a girl who wouldn't have any qualms about wrapping those moist, pillow-soft lips around a man's penis and sucking until the owner collapsed in a state of blissful exhaustion.

The rest of her costume was surprisingly detailed and realistic. A pair of black bat wings was folded behind her back. A long red tail terminating in a 'devil's' point hung over the side of the bed. She'd even gone to the trouble of putting in contact lenses that made her eyes resemble empty black pools.

There was good reason her costume looked so realistic...

"Oh. But I like Halloween because it's the one night of the year I can be me," the girl said.

"I know, I know."

It wasn't a costume.

She was a succubus. His succubus to be precise and the reason why he'd decided to go to the party after all.

How he'd ended up with her, well that was a little more complicated...

"What do you have for me here?" Landis asked.

"Not sure. Heart attack, maybe," John Volk said, wheeling the body into the autopsy room.

"Looks young for a heart attack victim," Landis commented.

The body lying on the gurney looked to be a young man in his early twenties. Lean and muscular. Not your typical heart attack victim.

"That'll be the reason for the 'not sure'," Volk said. "They want a full tox."

Tox, toxicological. Healthy-looking young men did sometimes keel over with heart attacks for perfectly natural reasons, but it was an infrequent occurrence. Landis wouldn't know for sure until he'd opened him up and taken a look inside. Corpses were very much like books in that regard; you couldn't judge either by the cover.

"Did they find anything with the body?" Landis asked.

Volk's eyes lit up and he smiled.

"You're gonna love this," he said. He reached under the gurney and pulled out a cardboard box. "They found a whole bunch of spooky shit with the corpse."

"Spooky shit?" Landis said, raising an eyebrow.

"Satanic paraphernalia," Volk said, putting the box on a low desk next to Landis.

Landis looked through it. The box was full of black candles, old scraps of parchment and other satanic accoutrements, all carefully wrapped in clear plastic evidence bags.

"Different," Landis commented.

He pulled out a black stone tablet about the size of his fist. One side was engraved with a picture of a ferocious-looking female demon. She had grotesque exaggerated breasts and vagina. The other side was covered in worn and illegible writing. An ugly thing, Landis thought, putting it back in the box.

"You're thinking the candles?" Landis said. "The wax could be steeped in some kind of drug or poison."

Volk nodded. "Although some of the lads reckon he got over-excited at the thought of summoning up a hot demon babe and wanked himself to death."

The detective inspector guffawed, slapped Landis on the shoulder and left him with the body.

The real explanation was far more prosaic. Mr Healthy-looking Twentysomething had an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. A little extra excitement and boom, no more Mr Healthy-looking Twentysomething.

The source of that extra excitement was also trivial to work out. There was clear evidence the young man had been engaged in vigorous sexual activity right before he'd died.

With who, now that was the interesting question.

It should have been 'with what', as Landis was to discover later that night as he was sewing the corpse back up.

"He's dead, isn't he?"

Landis jumped in surprise. There was a girl sitting on the next autopsy table. Where had she come from? You needed a keycard to get into the lab and Landis was the only one on duty tonight.

"I only wanted to give him pleasure," the girl said. Tears ran down her cheeks. "I didn't know his heart was weak."

She was quite a pretty girl, if dressed a little provocatively in a black leather bra and panties.


Landis looked more closely. Were those horns on her head? And her eyes ... what was up with her eyes?

He thought it was shadows at first, but then his eyes accustomed and he realised those inky black pools really were her eyes.

Something moved behind her, dark and leathery like the wing of a bat.

"What are you?" Landis asked.

He looked at the box-the black candles were still safely wrapped up in clear plastic bags-and then at the corpse. Could an airborne hallucinogen be involved here? Some kind of exotic drug evaporating from the corpse?

He didn't feel like he was under the influence of any foreign substance. Everything felt as it should be ... aside from the semi-naked girl with horns and empty black holes where her eyes should be who'd appeared out of nowhere.

... and a tail.

He saw it, red and long like a whip or snake, dangling over the side of the stainless steel table.

"I'm a succubus," she answered. "He summoned me." She looked at the cadaver, currently split open from crotch to sternum, on the next autopsy table. "He was to be my master," she added, more tears running down her pale cheeks.

"Summoned you, to do what?" Landis asked.

"To give him pleasure, in any such way he desired," the girl answered.

She stared directly at Landis and for a moment he felt the full force of her sexual attraction burning on him like the light from an interrogation lamp. Only for a moment, before she glanced coyly away.

Landis gulped.

"I didn't mean for him to die," the girl said, her petite frame rocked by a series of sobs. "Now I have no master and without a master I can't stay here. I'll have to go back ... unless..."

She looked back at Landis and gave him a smile winsome enough to melt the craggiest of hearts.

"Will you be my master?" she asked.

She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. It fell away and the most perfect set of ripe round breasts Landis had ever seen bounced free. They were pale, almost milky-white, and topped with the points of inviting pink nipples. Landis's fingers twitched involuntarily, his hands eager to cup her smooth flesh.

"I'll give you whatever pleasures you desire."

The succubus opened her legs wide. Her tail curled round, hooked the edge of her panties and stretched them aside until the hairless folds of her sex were visible.

Landis dabbed his lips with his tongue. His mouth felt dry. It had been a long time since he'd last had sex. An erection was already stirring in his pants.

"This is sudden," he said.

"I'm sorry," the succubus said. She brought her legs together and folded her arms over her breasts, covering her nipples. "I didn't mean to be so forward."

She stared down at the floor.

"I don't want to go back," she said, on the verge of tears again.

She looked so lost and vulnerable something tugged at Landis's heart.

"What do I need to do," Landis asked, "to stop you from being sent back?"

The succubus fixed him again with her deep black gaze. "Have sex with me," she said. "Your seed fulfils the contract. It binds me to this world ... and to you, to do anything you desire."

Her black eyes smouldered and something wilder and far less noble pulled at Landis's heart. Pulled hard. She was incredibly attractive. Right then he wanted nothing more than to drive his hard manhood up into the moist warmth between her legs while fondling those enticing breasts.

He remembered the cadaver lying on the table behind him and paused.

"Forgive my hesitancy," Landis said, "but it didn't work out so well for the last man."

The succubus looked at the corpse. Water welled up in her black eyes. "I was too wild," she said. "It was what he wanted, but his body couldn't take it. I won't be like that with you."

She slipped off the table, shrugging off her panties with snakelike grace. She turned and bent over, stretching over the table like a cat. She pushed the smooth white flesh of her buttocks up into the air, revealing the clamshell slit of her sex between her legs.

"I'll be passive," she whispered.

Landis's heart thudded in his chest. She was perfect-lovely lithe legs, ass like a peach-absolutely perfect, and she was offering herself up to him on a platter. Still, he made no move towards her. Right above the perfect swell of her ass emerged a red tail and further up her back were a pair of sable-black wings. It was hard to disregard them, or the remains of the last man to have sex with her lying behind him on the stainless steel autopsy table.

"Would these help?" the succubus said, her voice as smooth as velvet.

She placed her hands behind her back and snapped on a pair of handcuffs.

"I'm harmless now," the succubus said, "completely at your mercy."

She was, Landis thought. What could she do to him? She was bent over the table, her arms cuffed behind her back. He stroked the bulge at the front of his trousers. His gaze was fixed on the perfect curves of her behind.

It had been a long time.

He undid his belt and his trousers fell to the floor. His pants followed and his erection bobbed free. Landis followed it like a divining rod to the treasures that lay hidden between her legs.

The girl bent over the table purred with pleasure as he ran a hand over the smooth flesh of her ass. Flawless. He gave her ass an experimental squeeze and she trembled. He grabbed her other buttock. Her warm skin seemed to hunger for his touch and he didn't want to pull his hands away. He felt a tingle in his fingers, like a pleasing crackle of electricity that passed from her to him. He wondered if he would feel the same if he pressed his erection against her.

Yes, but stronger. A low level buzz of pleasure tingled across his glans and down his shaft as he rubbed his dick against the soft flesh of her backside. She wriggled her hips, eager to steer him into the groove between her legs.

She was wet with anticipation. The musk of her arousal rose up around Landis, so strong as to be almost overpowering. He couldn't delay any longer. He inserted the head of his dick into the entrance of her vagina, gripped her hips and eased forwards.


The head of his penis slipped between her folds. She was tight inside, but her vaginal walls were so slick that even though they pressed snugly all around him, he felt no resistance as he slid all the way inside her. She was warm inside, hot even, and that heat transferred to his member and passed down through his shaft and into his balls, where he felt an extremely pleasant tickling sensation.

That felt ... nice.

Landis squeezed her buttocks and began to thrust back and forth, slowly at first and then picking up speed. His manhood slid in and out of her velvet depths, each stroke sending pulses of pleasure back down his shaft and into his balls. The succubus wriggled and rocked, her movements magnifying the wonderful sensations he felt.

Landis wanted to draw it out, savour each stroke, drag out the pleasure for as long as possible, but it had been far too long since he'd last buried his dick in the soft flesh of a woman. The pleasurable tickling sensation in his balls grew and grew until it could be denied no longer.

He grunted and drove his hips forwards, burying his phallus all the way inside her moist warmth. The soft flesh of her ass pressed back against him as he thrust against her, trying to go deeper. The wet muscular flesh of her vagina tightened around him, holding him in place. He felt suction against his manhood and the walls of her vagina bunched up around him, pulling him deeper into a heat that throbbed and pulsated around him.

What was she doing in there? It felt like skilful hands were sliding up and down his dick-squeezing, tugging. Such control.

Landis moaned as he released inside her, his semen erupting in a flood. She milked him. Her vagina sucked and rubbed against him, lengthening his ejaculation, encouraging more.

Landis's heart thumped in his chest, louder and harder as his balls pumped great streams of cum into her sucking heart. Oh my. He'd never felt anything as intense as this. He temporarily lost his balance and swayed forward, about to topple on top of her and maybe lie there-his chest against her back, his arms around her, his hands cupping her breasts-in post-orgasmic bliss.

He saw the black wings emerging from her back and recoiled.

She was a sex demon. He was having sex with a sex demon. He was having a sex with a sex demon who'd induced a heart attack in the last man she'd had sex with.

As pleasant as the inside of her vagina felt, its muscular walls held his penis in an awfully tight grip, as if it wasn't about to let him go anytime soon.

A cold tide of fear washed over Landis. This didn't seem like a good idea, even with the handcuffs.

Then her vagina relaxed and released him with what felt a little like a tender kiss. She turned her head and stared back at him with her big black eyes, a contented smile on her supple lips. Her tail looped up and lazily tickled the end of Landis's nose.

"Did you enjoy that?" she purred.

Landis's fear drained away. A girl with a face as cute as this was not something to be scared of.

"Was it enough?" he asked. "Seed," he added.

The succubus gave him a mischievous smile. "I don't know," she said. "Maybe we should make certain."

She turned around and sat up on the autopsy table. She twisted her body and swung her legs round until she was lying on top of the stainless steel table as if it was a bed.

Landis needed no invitation. He kicked off his rumpled trousers and underwear and climbed up on the table on top of her. Cock in hand, he was about to push it back between her velvet gates when he paused. A rather unpleasant thought entered his mind.

There was a possibility the young man's death had been caused by an exotic hallucinogenic drug. There was a possibility the drug was still present in the man's corpse. There was a possibility some of the drug had evaporated and Landis had been breathing it in for most of the evening. There was a possibility he might now be under this drug's influence and hallucinating all this.

And if he was hallucinating all this, there was a distinct possibility what he was about to do was...

... well too gross to contemplate actually.

The succubus sighed and flexed her hips, pushing them up to meet him. Dew drops of arousal glistened between her labia.

No, there wasn't any way he could hallucinate a girl this sexy, or as much pleasure as he'd felt just now.

He slipped the fleshy head of his cock back into her delicious warmth. He didn't so much push down as her silken pussy wrapped tightly around his manhood and sucked it all the way inside her. Once within her, his cock was subjected to a barrage of pleasures as her moist flesh throbbed, undulated and pulsed around it.

Landis had come explosively only a few minutes ago. Normally that would be it for the night. Not with the succubus. His erection had lost none of its stiffness and his balls were already stirring with a growing tingling sensation.

The succubus bent her legs beneath her and pushed back at him with lithe thrusts. The pale swells of her breasts bobbed upwards and outwards. Landis's fingers twitched. He looked from her breasts to the succubus's face. She nodded.

Landis placed his hands on her lovely round boobs. He squeezed them, gently, relishing both their softness and weight. He rubbed the stiff points of her nipples between his fingers. The succubus sighed in pleasure, closed her eyes and turned her head away.

Landis's first orgasm had been intense. The second was even stronger. He felt it well up in his balls and the succubus anticipated it. The moist walls of her vagina wrapped tightly around him and pulsed. He groaned and spurted a thick stream of semen into her throbbing suction.

The wet walls of her sex convulsed around his cock, squishing and rubbing against his over-sensitized flesh. Waves of bliss flowed back down his shaft and permeated his whole being in a warm glow.

Wonderful ... and bloody tiring.

Really spent this time, Landis collapsed onto the soft pillows of her boobs. Within her, her exquisitely dextrous vagina sucked the last drops of ejaculate from his erection, unwilling to let any go to waste.

Landis lay on her for a while, his breath coming out in wheezes as he struggled to bring his breathing back under control. In a few months he'd pass his fortieth birthday and right now he felt every single year.

"Are you okay?" his succubus laughed. She put her arms and legs around him and hugged him to her body.

"Yeah," Landis wheezed. "Just need to get my breath back."

Arms? But wasn't she cuffed? Then he realised it wasn't her arms but her wings, unfurled and folded around him like a cloak. The membranes rubbed against his back like latex.


"Done," he said, smiling down at her cute-as-a-button face.

"Good. Can I take these cuffs off now?" his succubus whispered in his ear. "They're really rather uncomfortable."

"You're a demon?" Landis asked.

It was the next morning. He was sitting at his kitchen table in his perfectly boring little house, while across from him sat something that should, by all rights, not exist at all. His succubus was still with him. This came as a little bit of a shock to Landis, as he'd just about convinced himself last night had been nothing more than a wildly improbable dream.

The question was more for the benefit of Landis's slipping grasp on what he thought was reality. The answer was self-evident from the cute little horns emerging from her temples. And if that wasn't enough, there was also the leathery black bat wings folded up behind her.

"Yes," his succubus grinned, "a succubus."

Landis poured himself a glass of orange juice.

"Are you evil?" he asked.

The answer to that question wasn't self-evident. Yes, she had horns, wings, tail and those unsettling bottomless black eyes; but she also had a cute face and a sweet smile.

Really beautiful girls never seemed to smile much in Landis's experience, at least not at him. Then he supposed-considering what his job was-the beautiful girls he did come across had nothing to smile about.

His succubus didn't look evil. She looked more like the cute little succubi from Japanese anime rather than the rapacious soul-stealing demon of western myth.

Her brow scrunched up as she considered his question. Yes, it made her look cute.

"I'm a sex demon," she answered. "I exist to fuck. That might make me evil according to some moral standpoints."

Mostly those that spent every Sunday in a church, and every other day hectoring people who didn't share their beliefs, Landis thought.

"Not me," Landis said. Whatever faith Landis might have started with had long since lapsed. All superstitious nonsense as far as he was concerned.

"That's good," his succubus said, fixing him with her jet-black eyes, "because I really like sex. Lots and lots of sex."

Landis's cock sprang to attention beneath his dressing gown.

"And you're mine?" he asked.

His succubus nodded. "You gave me your seed. Now I'm yours to do with in any way you desire," she said, her voice a delicious purr.

Landis licked his lips. His mouth felt dry again.

That was the moment he decided he was going to go to the Halloween reunion party after all.

But first there were other things to take care of.

He untied the front of his dressing gown.

The party was at Abigail Steadman's swanky Georgian townhouse on the very posh Parillaud Road. Landis wasn't surprised. The whole purpose of reunion parties was to beat former classmates over the head with the trappings of current wealth and success. This couldn't be accomplished from a shitty little council house in the heart of Coventry.

It was why Landis had been so reluctant to attend. By most standards he was doing very well for himself as a coroner, but that wouldn't be enough for these people. And there was always that thing...

"Oh, hi Mike," Abigail said as she answered the door. Eighties pop music blared out from behind her. "We didn't think you were coming."

"Changed my mind," Landis replied with a smile.

Abigail was dressed in a sexy tiger costume. Like Landis, she was pushing forty. She'd been a real looker once and still had the figure of a fine woman now, but the lines of age had started to scrawl themselves across her face and her eyes sparkled with the hardness of experience rather than youthful exuberance.

Landis would still do her.

Not that he'd get very far. Oh, Abigail might taunt him with lusty glances and teasing smiles-just like she'd done when they'd both been back in university-but the real message was always clear in her eyes.

You're not good enough for me.

She wasn't giving Landis that look tonight, not after seeing he had a girl on his arm half her age and twice as attractive. Instead there was doubt, uncertainty and fear. It was the knowledge the days of being the centre of attraction for all men were waning. Someday soon she was going to look into the eyes of the men she used to tease and see that same look come back at her.

You're not good enough for me.

Hurts doesn't it, Landis thought.

"Who's your friend?" Abigail asked.

Landis paused. "Suki," he said.

"That's a fantastic costume, Suki," Abigail said. "You really didn't need to go to all that effort. I hope that wasn't Mike's fault."

She put a hand against her mouth as a mock screen.

"He was always so competitive back at university." She winked at Landis. "Took things way too seriously."

Competitive? Landis thought.

"I like intense," his succubus said, her voice low and filthy.

That's right, you tell her, Landis thought. Too serious, indeed.

Abigail laughed and ushered them into the house.

"I'm so glad you could make it, Mike," Abigail said. "It's been what, years?"

She took them into the living room where most of the other guests were gathered. It wasn't exactly like one of those movie scenes where the whole room stops dead to take in the new arrivals, but it was close enough to tickle Landis. The chatter died down; people stared in their direction. He knew what they were thinking. Is that Mike Landis and who is that gorgeous girl on his arm?

Not everyone came to the conclusion Landis was hoping for.

"So is this your lovely daughter?" John Stern asked him once they'd gotten the obligatory reacquainting and catching up out of the way.

The intervening years hadn't altered John much. A few strands of grey had crept into his mop of curly blond hair, but he still had the same boyish good looks and ungainly charm he'd possessed as a student. He was dressed up as Superman.

Daughter! The cheek of it, Landis thought. Oh wait, he supposed his succubus did technically look young enough to be his daughter.

"Only when we're playing the really naughty games," his succubus said, cuddling up to Landis.

If the purr in her voice and the pout of her lips hadn't made the nature of their relationship clear, the kiss that followed would have removed any lingering doubts.

That's that cleared up, Landis thought, a little giddy from her kiss.

He looked at John. Yeah, she's my lover. How about that then?

"Nicely done, you jammy bastard," John whispered in his ear. He gave Landis an affectionate tap on the shoulder and moved off with a wink and a smile.

It was so weird. He'd been terrified by the prospect of this reunion. Landis had grown up in a village encrusted on the arsehole of nowhere. Moving onto university-with its swarms of confident upper-middle class students already chummy with each other through a shared education at a posh public school-had been a massive culture shock. The sense of being looked down upon had irked Landis considerably. What had sustained him was the knowledge he was smarter than them. They might have the advantages of inherited wealth and a privileged upbringing now, but in the future Landis was confident their positions would be reversed.

It hadn't happened.

At first he'd thought it was the thing. It held him back. If he stepped out into the light of fame and importance there was always the fear the thing would be revealed and destroy him with crippling embarrassment. He blamed it for making him cautious, for making him keep his head down. How many opportunities had it caused him to turn down?

Then, with time, he realised it didn't matter. He lived in Great Britain, the island where social mobility stood still. Making coroner was about the best he could hope for. An evening of having this point rammed home by a bunch of privileged brats braying about how well they'd done had not exactly been a tempting prospect.

Of course they'd done well. It's easy when the cards are stacked in your favour right from the start.

Or maybe not.

Where to start?

What about Michael Salthouse, supposed future captain of the England cricket team? Given his current girth, the only service he could provide his country was if they needed a new roller for the pitch.

Or Anne Reynolds. She was going to set the literary world alight ... if they ever took an interest in advertising copy for baby care products.

And Harry Leigh, his old flatmate Harry. At university he'd been the anarchist-all long hair, snarls and spittle. His band was going to be bigger and more notorious than the Sex Pistols. Now he was another faceless cog in the corporate world.

To think he'd been terrified of this. It seemed ludicrous now. They were all as much failures as he was. That's what happened. People grew older and their dreams rotted, unfulfilled, on the branch.

"So what are you up to nowadays?" Harry asked.

Landis loved it when he was asked that question.

"Me? Oh I cut up dead bodies for a living."

The reactions to that one never got old.

Did he even need to go through with the plan? They were hardly intimidating him with their 'success'. He was already thoroughly enjoying the envious expressions he saw on the faces of the men as they stole glances at his lovely succubus, and the catty glares of hate from the women.

Oh, why not. It'd be fun.

"We need to really put them in their place."


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