by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Evil Stacy is at it again when she house-sits fraternal twins Janey and Josh, a couple teenage virgins who have never heard of a little game called Make-A-Wish.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   .

We were too old for a babysitter, but our parents didn't think so. Not when they were going to be gone all night and out of town. Dad called it house-sitting instead and Mom hired a college student named Stacy to hang out with us. My twin brother thought she looked cute, but since I'm a girl, I didn't think much about her at all.

After dinner, after my bath and halfway through a boring movie, Stacy returned from her shower. She wore a small t-shirt and some old jeans. I didn't think she bothered with a bra though. The cotton liked to cling to her damp body and her tits were large and heavy and obvious, moving around as she got comfortable on the sofa. Stacy tucked her long legs beneath her butt and combed out her hair while we pretended not to look at her.

Josh was at that age where every girl seemed more beautiful than the next. I'd heard him talking with his friends plenty of times, whispering and giggling as they compared their juvenile fantasies. Once in awhile they'd talk about me, but not because I was special or anything. Sometimes his friends would try to talk to me. Not at school, but when Josh invited them over, and they never quite knew what to say. Mostly they just wanted to look at me.

I liked boys, but I wasn't crazy about them. I thought they were strange and funny, and I wondered what it would be like to fall in love. My friends talked about kissing, but never anything beyond that. I'd started worrying over my body more than anything else, wishing I'd grow up more quickly than I seemed to be. Looking at Stacy, I felt envious and self-conscious, even though I knew it was silly to compare myself to a girl six or seven years older than me.

"What are you guys watching," she asked.

"Uh, I don't know," Josh replied, taking the excuse to look at her. He turned his head quickly when Stacy smiled at him and I saw my brother's face turning pink.

"Maid in Manhattan," I said. "It's okay."

"Why don't you come here," she suggested. "I'll comb your hair for you."

"I already brushed it."

"So?" She shrugged. "I can braid it, if you want."

"Mmmm..." I didn't really like braids very much.

"Come on," Stacy said. "It's something to do anyway, right?"

"I guess so," I sighed, not yet making up my mind if I was going to like this girl or not. After my parents came back the next day, I figured I'd never see her again.

"You're so pretty," she said, sitting behind me on the sofa. We were sideways on it, with Stacy's knees up and her legs spread so I could sit between them.

I'd put on my nightgown after my bath. It was long and very soft, white with pink flowers embroidered around the sleeves and where it buttoned closed in the front. I hugged my knees while Stacy began braiding my black hair. Her fingers felt kind of nice and Josh would turn his head to look at us every now and again.

"Do you have a boyfriend yet?" she asked.

"No." I smiled, but she didn't believe me.

"I bet you've got a bunch of them," Stacy teased me, and I blushed because I didn't.

"Do you, um ... have a boyfriend?" Josh wondered. He'd been listening, of course, and probably imagined himself in that role.

"Sometimes," she replied. "What's your girlfriend's name?"

"Mine?" He smiled shyly. "I don't have one."

"Right!" Stacy giggled. "I don't believe you either. It's okay. We won't tell, will we, Janey?"

"Nope," I said, enjoying the way Josh could be happy and sad at the same time. He liked the attention, but really didn't want to insist that he didn't have a girlfriend.

She let him off the hook anyway, saying, "Well, if I went to your school, I'd definitely be your girlfriend."

"Really?" He smiled back at her and there was something like adoration in my brother's dark blue eyes.

"Have you ever kissed your girlfriend?"

"No," he admitted, since he'd never had one in the first place.

"How about you?" she asked, leaning forward to see my face. "You've kissed a boy before, right?"

"Me?" I giggled. "Um ... no."

"Oh." Stacy shrugged and went back to braiding my hair. "You guys ever play Make-A-Wish?"

"What's that?" I asked, looking at Josh. He didn't know what it was either.

"It's a game, like you take turns and make a wish," she explained. "The other person has to make it come true."

"What kind of wish?" Josh asked.

"Easy ones!" Stacy said with a smile. "Nothing really hard or complicated. It's fun. You guys want to try? It's good with three people."

"Um ... I guess so," I said, and my brother nodded.

We all sat on the floor, kind of close together, but not too much. I wasn't totally naive, like I had an idea that maybe this was sort of a sex game. I figured Stacy probably played it at college or something, because I'd heard stories before. One of my friends, Kelly, had an older sister who went to college and she'd told us about going to parties and kissing boys that she didn't even know. We thought she was kind of a slut.

"I'll go first," Stacy said. "Remember, you have to make the wish come true. Okay?"

"What if we can't?" Josh wondered.

"Don't worry," she smiled at him. "You won't have any problems. Ready? I wish Josh would take off his shirt."

"You do?" He smiled back at her. "Uh, okay. That's easy."

My brother quickly pulled his t-shirt over his head, but I could tell he was nervous. This was like a stripping game and he had more clothes on than we did. I only wore my nightgown and a pair of panties. Stacy had her t-shirt and jeans, and maybe nothing else underneath. Josh still had his pants and underwear and even his socks!

"See? Your turn, Janey." she said, both of them looking at me.

"I wish Josh would take off his pants!" I said, giggling.

"What? That's not fair," he protested. "I just did a wish thing!"

"Now you have to do another one," Stacy said. "I told you it's fun with three people."

"You guys are just gonna gang up on me," he said, but he started undoing his jeans too.

It soon became obvious why my brother had made a fuss. He had a serious boner in his briefs and Josh tried to hide it from us. I'd seen him like that before, but never on purpose. Like sometimes when he was asleep I could see he had an erection because Josh always ended up kicking his blanket off in the middle of the night. Once I even saw his penis naked as it poked out through the opening, but I'd been so afraid of getting caught that I turned right around and ran to my room.

"I wish, um..." Josh swallowed hard. "I wish Stacy would take off her t-shirt."

"Yeah?" She gave him a grin and the boy's face turned red. "I'll make your wish come true."

We both stared at her as Stacy pulled her t-shirt upward. She did it slowly too, like teasing us with it. Her jeans rode low on her hips and we could see the thin waistband of the pink panties she wore underneath, and then we saw her tummy, flat and tight because she was lifting her arms. She pulled the shirt up just enough to show us the pale swell of her breasts, the undersides with her nipples hidden, when she stopped.

"Are you sure, Josh?" Stacy teased him, and my brother nodded dumbly.

He seemed to be holding his breath and I glanced down to see his fingers pressed against the tent in his briefs. He was sort of tapping his erection and that interested me more than seeing another girl's boobs, but I looked anyway. Stacy pulled her shirt all the way off, shaking her blonde hair loose, and her tits were nice. They were maybe even bigger than my mom's, shaped like teardrops, sort of, with long brown nipples pointing straight out. She made me feel very small by comparison and I couldn't help but glance at my own chest and with my nightgown on you wouldn't even know I had tits.

"I'm glad it's warm in here," she said. "Is it my turn again? Let's see..."

I really thought Stacy was going to make Josh take his underwear off. That's what I would have done, but she surprised me.

" ... I wish Janey would kiss my belly button." She grinned, showing me the tip of her tongue as she leaned back onto her elbows.

"Um..." I blinked at her.

"Oh man!" Josh laughed, covering his crotch with both hands as he looked back and forth between us.

"Come on," Stacy said, cajoling me with her soft voice. "All kisses are French kisses too, that's the rules."

"What kisses?" my brother asked.

"French," she told him, but her eyes stayed on mine. "That means you have to use your tongue."

"I know what it means," I said, hardly getting the words out. I felt warm all over and my heart was going fast, my tummy tight. Why would she want me to kiss her belly button?

"You gotta do it!" Josh said.

"Right here..." Stacy whispered, drawing a circle around her navel with her finger. "Kiss my tummy, Janey."

I almost quit right then and there, but only because I felt embarrassed and I wasn't sure why. Probably because I'd never even thought about fooling around with another girl. I'd touched girls, you know, like my friends or whatever, but never sexually. I'd definitely never kissed any part of a girl, except maybe a peck on the cheek once at Julie's birthday party. We were best friends though, so that didn't count.

"Mmmm..." Stacy nodded and her hand slipped into my hair as I bent over her stomach. She smelled like peaches and I closed my eyes, thinking I'd just stick my tongue into her belly button real quick and that would be it. I couldn't believe I was really doing this and I giggled at the last second.

And then my lips touched her skin and I'd never felt anything so soft, or so it seemed at the time. I kissed her too, making a soft kissing sound, and Stacy's fingernails scratched lightly at my scalp. She held me there and I kissed her again, this time pushing my tongue outward to lick across her belly button. I sort of flicked my tongue back and forth and she didn't really taste like anything, so I did it some more. I pushed the tip of my tongue into that small hole and that's when Stacy pulled my face against her tummy with both hands.

"Kiss it," she whispered. "Kiss me nice, Janey."

I sort of didn't have a choice and it seemed really strange, but I didn't even try to get away. It wasn't like the girl was hurting me, she just held my face against her stomach. My lips were spread around her belly button while I wriggled my tongue for about fifteen or twenty seconds, maybe a little longer, and then she let me go.

I sat up, red-faced and wet on my chin and cheeks, and smiling too. I was laughing and I felt tingly inside, which only confused me more. I saw her skin wet with my spit and my eyes wandered upward to see her nipples stiff and a bit larger than they'd looked before. Don't ask me why, but I almost kissed her there, on her nipples, and when I saw Stacy smiling at me ... I wondered if she knew what I was thinking. The idea made me blush and I pushed myself away from her, sitting back in my spot as I caught my breath.

"It's your turn," she said, still laying on the floor and looking up at me.

"Um..." I didn't know what I wanted to wish for. "I wish Josh would kiss, um ... you."

"Me?" She giggled, making it sound like she'd expected something else. Like I'd wish my brother would kiss me.

"Really?" Josh grinned, and then looked at Stacy.

"Yeah," I said. "That's okay, right?"

"It's perfect," Stacy replied. "Come here, big boy."

She crooked a finger at Josh, still laying on her back, and he hesitated, but only for a second. I held my breath as Stacy pulled him close and my brother had to lie down next to her. She whispered something, reminding Josh that he was supposed to be kissing her, I think, and not the other way around. Whatever, the girl said, I could hardly believe it when his lips touched hers.

"French kiss, remember?" she whispered, and Josh kissed her again, except this time he really went for it.

My tummy felt all knotted up, but in a good way, an excited almost guilty way, as I stared at them. My brother was making out with a college girl. I could see their mouths open and their tongues wrestling every now and again. They would turn their head sometimes, breaking the wet seal of their lips, taking a quick breath maybe, and I'd get to see some pink tongue action. Stacy must have been a seriously good kisser and Josh was learning quickly. I'd never imagined that just watching two people make out could be so sexy or whatever, but it was making me crazy hot inside.

Stacy must have really liked it, too. She didn't stop Josh when his hand started playing with her boob, shyly at first. He only touched her lightly, almost accidentally, but soon enough my brother's fingers were squeezing Stacy's breast and even rubbing around her long, dark nipple. She arched her back off the carpet and moaned, like pushing herself against his hand, and I couldn't help but wonder what that would feel like. My boobs were smaller than hers, but my nipples felt hot and itchy under my nightgown, and wanted to touch myself, but I felt kind of embarrassed by it.

"You're a good kisser," Stacy breathed, pink faced and smiling after five minutes of making out.

"So are you," Josh said, panting and grinning, and just as pink. His eyes were shining, even adoring as looked at her, pushing himself up slowly. I wished a boy would look at me that way.

"It's your turn," I said, hoping he would wish for something involving me. I was nervous, yeah, but excited and feeling kind of left out, as well.

"Okay," Josh said, licking his lips. "I wish you guys were naked."

"Both of us?" I looked at Stacy. "He can't wish for that, can he?"

"Well, I think he has to wish we were all naked," she replied with a shrug. "That would be fair, right?"

"Yeah." I nodded, even though I didn't want to take of my nightgown. I really wanted to see Josh naked though, and Stacy as well. That would be pretty cool, I thought.

"Okay," my brother agreed, much more easily than I expected. "I wish we're all naked."

Neither of us wanted to go first, so we just sat there. I giggled and Josh smiled, both of us waiting for the other. He only wore his underwear and his stiff penis was totally obvious, like a tent pole beneath the cotton, and he had a wet spot there for some reason. Like maybe he'd peed himself, but only a little. I'd never seen a boy's naked boner before, except for that glimpse when he'd been sleeping and that didn't count. Not compared to this! And it had been a long time since Josh had seen my pussy, not since before I'd gotten my first period. I felt sort of wet down there, too, but I knew it wasn't pee.

"What are you guys waiting for?" Stacy wondered, teasing us as she'd already undone her jeans.

We watched as she pushed the faded denim down her legs, long and smooth and still tan from summer. She wore the smallest panties I'd ever seen in my life. They were pink and the front barely covered her sex parts. I could even see some curling brown pubic hair. When she lifted her knees, pulling them up and bending them so she could get her pants over her ankles, the bottom pointy part of her panty didn't cover much more than her slit before it disappeared between her butt cheeks.

Stacy smiled when she caught me staring and I looked away, pulling my nightgown over my head just to hide my blushing face. The air felt cold on my tits and my nipples throbbed suddenly, feeling six times bigger. As my nightgown came off, I found myself looking at Josh. He was pushing his underwear down, already past his knees, and his dick stood straight up in the air. It looked a lot bigger than it did when I caught him naked in the bathroom or changing his clothes sometimes. Even bigger than those few times I'd seen it poking out of his underwear when he slept.

"Take off your panties," he said, looking at my small, round boobs mostly. They weren't like Stacy's, although hers weren't huge either, just nice and big. But my nipples were puffy, a lot more than hers, and not as dark.

"See?" Stacy said, grabbing my attention as she tossed her pink thong across the living room. "It feels good. Do you need some help?"

"No," I breathed, blinking at her completely exposed pussy.

I could see everything, even though she had more hair than I did. I could see her slit and even her pussy lips hanging out, kind of wrinkled and more brownish than the rest of her. She had tan lines, so mostly her skin was pale between her thighs, and she wasn't very shy. As I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my plain white panties, Stacy rubbed and scratched at the top of her slit, flicking the knot of pink flesh where her clitoris was hiding. I sort of knew about clits, but I'd never seen mine, or anyone else's for that matter.

"Yeah," Josh breathed, mostly to himself as his eyes widened.

He held his dick in his hand, not rubbing, but only squeezing the shaft every now and then while he stared at my little pussy. I had a bit of pubic hair on my plump mound, but not very much at all, and my pussy looked more like a peach, since it had that color and my vulva was kind of fat and round. My pussy was just a smooth crease splitting myself down the middle, with no lips or a clit or anything like that. I felt like a little girl compared to Stacy and I closed my legs so Josh couldn't see me.

"I wish you would play with my pussy," Stacy said, looking at me.

"Wha-What?" I swallowed hard, because at first I thought she'd been talking to my brother.

"Come here," she said, reaching for my shoulder. "Just touch me, that's all. Have you ever played with another girl?"

"No," I breathed, thinking I should probably just run upstairs and get in my bed. Why was I letting Stacy pull me closer?

"It's okay," she whispered. "Down here. It's fine, Janey. Don't you like my pussy? I like yours."

"Oh man," Josh sighed, definitely rubbing his dick as the girl pulled me down, between her spread thighs.

Her voice was soothing and gentle, like her hands. Maybe that's why I didn't try and stop her. I had butterflies in my tummy and goosebumps on my arms. I shivered, but I didn't feel cold. I felt hot, inside and out, scared and thrilled and guilty and curious all at once. I'd never been so confused in my life and when my fingertips touched the insides of Stacy's thighs, it felt ... nice. I'd half expected to get a shock or something, like when you rub your feet on the carpet and touch somebody, but I only felt her soft and warm.

"Touch my pussy," she whispered, encouraging me with her fingers in my hair and a steady hand moving from my shoulder to my back.

I did touch her. I giggled nervously as I brushed my palm over her pubic hair. I circled around her pussy with just the tips of my fingers. I'd never felt anything so soft in my life. The swell of her vulva felt buttery, but firm as well. I'd touched my pussy a million times, but only when I washed myself in the bathtub and I'd never paid attention to how it felt. My hands were practically shaking as I touched Stacy's labia, glancing up to make sure she wasn't going to be mad or something. I mean, I knew she wanted me to, but it seemed so strange touching another girl that way.

"Yeah, like that," she said, nodding her head and rubbing my shoulders with both hands. "Stroke it, Janey. Like petting a kitten. Just pet my pussy, uh-huh ... That feels so good."

I moved my fingers up and down, all four of them pressed together, and her pussy lips were dry and sort of rubbery. I could feel Stacy's heat, like a fire radiating outward, and as I started to move my fingers in a circular motion, she started moving her hips. She told me to do it a little harder, a little faster, to rub her pussy nicely. My own sex felt hot as well, moist too, and I could actually feel some wetness between my thighs as I rubbed them together. My boobs ached the way they do when I get my period sometimes and I found myself laying across Stacy's left thigh, pressing my chest against her.

"Come here," she said, talking to my brother. "Don't jerk off, just save it for later."

I didn't even realize they were making out again for about a minute. I was too interested in Stacy's pussy. I didn't feel afraid anymore and her pussy lips had started getting even longer, thicker, too. I pulled them apart mostly by accident and caught a glimpse of the inside, all pink and wet. A bit of clear fluid, Stacy's pussy juice, stained her labia as I pushed and pulled them from side to side. I rubbed her hard enough that my middle finger would split her lips and touch the flesh inside. I did that more and more, deliberately, until I wasn't really rubbing her at all. I was fingering the girl.

Stacy and Josh were kissing like crazy all the while, but her hands stayed on my shoulders or in my hair. She wiggled her butt and jerked her hips, moving against my finger as I curled it inside her pussy. I could smell her now, sort of a tangy, slightly bitter smell, like nothing else in the world. She felt like a wet furnace inside, like Jell-O sort of, except I could feel little bumps and ridges, the odd contour of her vagina. I probably fingered her for five minutes, until my wrist started to hurt and I had to turn my hand.

"Kiss me," she breathed, but Stacy wasn't talking to Josh. She pulled me lower, pulling my face to her pussy so that I felt her oily labia touching my nose at first.

I wasn't sure I wanted to do that. Some of my old fear returned and I even wondered if I wasn't turning into a lesbian or something. I felt stupid and confused, but I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to make her feel good and especially like me. That's what I remember most, feeling suddenly desperate that Stacy would always like me and if I didn't do it, maybe she'd just tell me to go away. Josh was licking and kissing her tits, watching me while he did it, and I knew he'd kiss her pussy if Stacy asked.

So I did it. I closed my eyes and pursed my lips, kissing her slit. I did it again and again, until Stacy reminded me...

"All kisses have to be French kisses, Janey." She giggled and I pushed out my tongue, quickly, in case I chickened out. She held my head with one hand and cradled Josh in her other arm, making out with my brother as I began licking her pussy.

Stacy didn't taste bad at all, not like I'd been expecting, anyway. I kind of liked the flavor, I decided, but maybe I only wanted to. Mostly I concentrated on working my tongue between her lips, licking upwards along her slit and across her stiff clitoris. It had gotten bigger, but was still pretty small, and every time I touched it with my tongue Stacy would lift her butt off the floor. She'd brought her knees up and her thighs would close against my ears sometimes, but only for a second. Her fingernails scratched my scalp and Stacy would move my head around if she wanted me to lick her someplace in particular.

My tongue got tired and my face was hot and wet with spit and girl juice. I'd been swallowing a lot and when Stacy had her orgasm, I really didn't know what was going on at first. She closed her legs and lifted her butt high, trapping my mouth against her pussy so I could barely breathe. I was laying on my tummy by then, between her feet as she'd bent her knees, like I said. My fingers squeezed her hips and all of a sudden her flavor got a lot stronger and her pussy got a lot juicier, and I got a mouthful of really tart girl cum. Like my tongue curled and I swallowed the stuff, I had to, but most of it ran down my chin and neck.

She didn't let me go for a minute probably, but it seemed a lot longer than that. I drank cool air into my lungs, panting and smiling, although I didn't know why. Stacy was smiling at me, so maybe that explains it. She looked seriously happy, flushed and breathless the same as me. I'd made her cum and I actually felt kind of proud of myself for some reason. I also realized that I'd just had sex for the first time in my life. That seemed totally strange and I giggled, feeling a little self-conscious as Josh grinned at me. He'd been watching the whole time, seeing his sister licking another girl's pussy and making her cum.

"That felt goooood," Stacy said, stretching her body and straightening her legs. She wrapped them around me as I sat up, rubbing her heels along my back.

"Who's turn is it?" Josh asked, and he couldn't stop touching his dick.

I really wanted to rub my pussy and it felt like someone had drugged me. I just wanted to have more sex. even though my tongue hurt and my lips felt bruised, and I had that sharp, metallic taste of Stacy's cum in my mouth, I wanted to do more. This was the most fun I'd ever had in my life, except it didn't feel like any kind of fun I'd ever heard of. It wasn't happy laughy playground fun, it was serious feel good adult kind of fun. We were growing up quickly, I thought, and that made me feel pretty good inside.

"It's my turn," I said, sounding kind of funny because my tongue felt thick. "I wish, um ... Josh would let me kiss his, uh ... dick."

"Really?" He blinked at me as a huge Christmas grin spread over his face.

"Look at you!" Stacy giggled. "Go for it, Janey. Suck his cock."

I'd really wanted to see her do it, but I didn't want to just watch. It's hard to explain. I felt horny, like for the very first time in my life. I'd never cared about sex stuff before. I always thought it was stupid, but now wanted to touch someone, and be touched, and I couldn't help looking at my brother's penis. I mean, it was right there and he kept playing with it, and I'd already kissed Stacy's pussy, so ... It wouldn't be that much different, would it? I was curious and selfish and nervous. I'd been that way all night, it seemed like, and now I was going to kiss my own brother's dick?

"Yeah," I breathed, nodding my head. "Except, um ... Do I just kiss it?"

"You want me to show you?" Stacy asked, making me feel dumb, but I nodded again. "Sit on the sofa, Josh. And stop playing with it, Janey's gonna make you feel good."

I giggled nervously as Stacy took charge. She had Josh sit on the sofa while I knelt between his spread legs. I thought maybe she'd kiss it first, even suck it or whatever, but she didn't.

"Take it in your hand," she whispered, caressing my back as she knelt with my brother's left thigh between us. "It won't bite. Dick is our friend, so you have to shake hands with him."

"You're crazy!" Josh said, laughing as he watched us. I giggled, too, because Stacy was being kind of funny about it.

"Say hello, Mr. Dick. How are you, Mr. Dick? Oh, you look so tense, Mr. Dick!"

"God," I breathed, closing my fingers around my brother's penis.

It wasn't terribly big, I realized, but his cock definitely filled my small hand. Maybe five inches long? I don't know, it wasn't like I had a ruler handy, and it didn't matter anyway. I thought Josh's dick looked nice, kind of sexy almost, and it felt hot and heavy as I gave him an experimental squeeze.

"Move up and down, slowly," Stacy whispered. "Nice and slow. Jerk him off for a minute, boys like that."

"That's awesome, Janey," Josh said, smacking his lips as I pulled upward, watching his funny scrotum being tugged upward at the same time.

He had a fuzzy sack, and a thatch of thin pubic hair growing above and around his dick. I could see his balls, vague beneath the wrinkled skin, but definitely in there. They looked like marbles and I knew they must have been full of his sperm stuff. I thought that was pretty cool and when Stacy suggested I play with them, I didn't hesitate. I cupped my brother's balls in my left hand, giggling at the sensation as I carefully rolled them between my fingers. I kept jerking him off at the same time, pumping his cock slowly and making his balls tighten, marveling at how everything seemed to be connected.

"That's his precum," Stacy told me, meaning the large dollop of clear fluid at the tip. "Rub it with your thumb. Spread it around the head of his dick."

"I'm gonna cum pretty soon," Josh told us, shifting on the sofa and wincing as my thumb circled the smooth glans.

"Kiss it now," Stacy said, sliding her hand upward to my neck. "It doesn't taste like anything. Just kiss the tip."

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