The Neighborhood
Chapter 8

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Sex Story: Chapter 8 - A story about a man who wins the lotto which brings about a number of changes in his life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  

The incident with Kim now had Bret considering his mortality. Couple that with his lotto winnings and now having learned that he had a daughter, had him thinking long and hard about what he should do. He came to a conclusion that he should revise what he initially did as to estate planning. He needed to take care of his daughter and possibly grandkids as well as make some provisions for other charities.

Maria kept him up to date not only by sending him her bills and grades, but she also told him about things that were going on in her life both socially and at school. Jessica was also keeping him up to date on what the goings on with her were.

One thing he decided to do was to set up a permanent endowment to his high school. It had given him a good education and a fine start in life.

Bret stopped by the school and asked to speak to the principal. He was shown into her office and she asked what she could do for him. She said her name was Claudia Barnes, and had been the principal for two years. In view of how she talked she seemed like a very educated person but her physical appearance, with her hair in a tight bun and the large black rimmed glasses she was wearing, was not enticing and gave her a somewhat mousy appearance. She was of average height and the clothes she was wearing did not give any hint to what was beneath them.

She asked what she could do for him again.

He said he had been fairly successful and wanted to set up a permanent endowment to the school. He handed her his personal check made out for one hundred thousand dollars. This was an amount the school could expect to receive every year, as long as it was in existence. He also said he had some requirements as to the use of this endowment and handed her a sheet of paper which contained those requirements.

The sheet said that the funds could solely be used to help pay the tuition of worthy students. It would be up to a five person panel made of teachers and counselors to decide who the recipients would be, and whether it would be a full or partial assistance. Bret would also be on the panel, but it should be rare that he would be involved in any of the decision making. Further, need was only a minor requirement, it wasn't the main requirement and could be waived. The main requirement or the one that bore the most weight and eliminated the need requirement was if the student's parents had served in the military. Further, if a student's parent had been awarded the Purple Heart, that student was an automatic recipient of full tuition.

Ms Barnes was a little amazed by the size of the donation and the requirements, but said they would be happy to comply with them. As she continued to look at the check she noticed Bret's address and said, "Hi neighbor."

Bret gave her a puzzled look. She said that she had purchased a townhome at the end of Bret's same street and was moving in this weekend.

Bret welcomed her to the neighborhood and told her she would like living there. When he asked her what her husband did, she told him she still was single. He thanked her for her time and started to leave her office feeling that he had accomplished something good with these funds.

Before he walked out the door, she asked him if she could publicize his donation. He stopped and told her that there should be absolutely no publicity, he wanted to remain anonymous. After a quick thought, he said this should be called the Kimberly Jackson endowment and she could publicize it that way.

He started to leave and thought he heard her say under her breath, "I tried."

Again he stopped and asked her what was that she just said.

She said, "Oh please excuse me, it's a habit I have of taking to myself. It was not that long ago I had an alumnus come in and give a donation to the school. He also told me that we were constantly praising former athletes and should give some acknowledgement to alumni that have been successful in business and contribute back to the school. This donation would indicate that you have been successful."

"Well, I can see his point but I want absolutely no mention of my name in this."

She said she would comply.

The following day, Bret was pulling out his garage, going down his driveway, when he saw Abby from across the street walking to her car. He stopped his car and opened his window to say hello. He also asked her what kind of law she practiced. She told him all forms, but mainly trusts, wills, small estates, and real estate. He told her he was thinking about purchasing some real estate and would like to stop by her office next week to talk about it. She gave him her business card and told him just to give her a call when he wanted to come in and she would tell him if she was available. As he drove away, he thought her butt and legs looked good in that tight skirt she was wearing.

When he was leaving the subdivision he noticed a moving van stopped by the townhome Claudia Barnes said she had purchased. Today apparently was moving in day. Bret made a note to purchase a fruit basket and a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift.

After two on Sunday afternoon, he stopped by Claudia's townhome and pressed the doorbell button. When she opened the door and invited him in, he presented her with the fruit basket and bottle of wine.

He said "Welcome to the neighborhood, neighbor."

She laughed as she accepted the gifts.

Bret noticed a marked change in the appearance of this high school principal. Instead of the mousy type appearance there now was a totally different person. She was wearing her shoulder length hair down instead of in a tight bun. The dark rim glasses were gone, and she either was without glasses or was wearing contacts. It was obvious that she was braless and amply endowed under the tee shirt she was wearing. The denim shorts she had on showed she had a very nice pair of legs.

He remarked to about this transition in her appearance which caused her to blush slightly.

With the boxes scattered about, it was obvious that she had just moved in and was trying to get organized.

"How is it going with the moving in?"

"Slowly, but I am getting there. I should have it all put away in a few days. I will say it is hard work."

"Well, it looks like you could use a break and I don't think you want to cook. How about if I take you out to dinner tonight? Can you be ready at six?"

His offer of dinner caught her a little by surprise but it was nice of him to make the offer. She told him she would be ready.

As he was walking out the door, Bret stopped and turned to Claudia to say, "One more thing, can you do me a favor and not wear those dark rimmed eyeglasses, and please wear your hair down." He turned and walked out and closed the door without giving her a chance to respond.

She was slightly stunned by his request but there was a smile on her face as she thought about it.

When Bret came to pick her up for dinner, her hair was down and she was wearing contact lenses. She was also wearing high heel shoes and had on a black sleeveless dress cinched at the waist which showed that she had a very nice figure.

He hadn't pulled out of her driveway yet, when she asked, "How come you wanted me to wear my hair down?"

"Claudia, you are a much more attractive woman when you wear your hair down. I like going out with attractive women. Does that answer your question?"

After a few seconds in a subdued voice she said, "I guess it does... , where are we going?"

"Rossi's, they have a special discounted menu for high school principals."

She hesitated and then looked at Bret and when she saw him smile a little, she knew he was kidding her. She started to laugh which caused Bret to laugh along with her.

Claudia was a different person at dinner than his first impression of her in her office. She could talk on any subject, was funny, and an overall good dinner companion. She again thanked him for his donation to the school. He said he was thinking about something which could result in an increased donation. He would get back to her if what he was thinking about came to fruition.

Bret dropped Claudia off at her townhome after dinner and asked her if she would like to do something like this again. She told him she would.

After the weekend, Bret phoned Nancy at her office. He told her he was interested in purchasing some rental properties. The properties he was interested in were either townhomes or apartment buildings. They should be newer properties in good condition and the price should be right.

She told him that there were six townhomes up for sale in his subdivision, but on a price basis only two of them deserved serious consideration. She asked if he wanted to see them. He told her that he did and she said she would get back to him as to when they could do that.

Nancy called back fifteen minutes later and said she would be over at one.

Nancy came over at one and they walked over to these townhomes. As they were walking, Nancy asked why the sudden interest in buying rental property. He told her he thought it would be a good investment with property values low as well as the low mortgage rates. When property values went up he should see a nice increase in his investment. There were also tax considerations and a positive cash flow from this investment.

What he didn't say was that this was a good investment that he could convert into other investments when real estate prices rose which would generate revenues and he could use to expand his scholarship program.

The two townhomes were similar to Bret's, with one looking to be in move in condition and the other requiring some interior painting before it could be rented. He discussed the asking price with Nancy and told her to make an offer of twelve percent less than what they were asking. She said she would get back to him.

The next day Nancy phoned to say that his offer was accepted on one of the townhomes, and a counteroffer of five thousand dollars more was made on the other townhome. He told her to accept that offer. She said she would and would be by at twelve with the contracts.

Bret phoned Abby at her office and told her about the properties he was purchasing and that he wanted her to handle the transactions. She told him to bring the contracts in about two today for her review before he signed them and to bring his checkbook with him.

When Nancy dropped the contracts off he told her Abby needed to review them before he signed them. He then drove to his bank and asked to speak to the senior mortgage officer. Bret told the mortgage officer of his plans to buy a number of properties and that he would put twenty percent of the purchase price down and wanted a 30 year fixed rate mortgages at the lowest possible rate with no pre-pay penalties.

Marty Carson, the mortgage officer said, "The amount you say you will put down is sufficient for us to make the loan, but since you are unemployed we will need to ensure that you have the ability to make the monthly payments."

"Mr. Carson, between you and me and no one else, I am a winner of a lotto. For the next twenty eight years I will be receiving after taxes a total of about seventy million dollars. I think that should confirm my ability to pay, and here is a letter from the State confirming my winnings."

The loan officer reviewed the letter and apologized saying that there would be no problem in granting the mortgages which he would personally handle and thanked him for his business.

Bret stopped by Abby's office with the contracts. She warmly greeted him and asked what she could do for him.

He noticed that she looked very good in the black silk blouse and the black leather skirt she was wearing. He told her she looked very nice in the attire she was wearing which caused her to smile.

Bret couldn't resist, so he said to her. "Do you know why men are attracted to women who wear leather skirts?"

"No, why?"

"Because they smell like a new golf bag."

Bret wasn't sure if she was going to laugh, but she did and she had a big smile on her face.

She asked what legal help Bret needed. He told her about his purchasing rental properties and wanting her to do the legal work on those purchases. She reviewed the offers to purchase that Nancy had given him and made some minor changes. She said he could sign them and write his check for the earnest money. Abby made a copy of the contracts for her file.

After this was done, she asked him if there was anything else she could do for him. Bret was tempted to say she could, and he thought that maybe he caught something in her eyes that said she would. He passed on saying anything that could be wrongly construed. She was a confident and an attractive female which made for a nice package and maybe something could develop between them but now was not the time for a wise remark.

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