The Neighborhood
Chapter 5

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Sex Story: Chapter 5 - A story about a man who wins the lotto which brings about a number of changes in his life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  

The next day Bret phoned Don Adams, who he had met while in college and stayed in contact with. Don had gone into the advertising business. After exchanging some pleasantries, Bret asked him if had met Agent 99 yet. Don said no, but he still was looking.

Bret told Don that he was going to be e-mailing him some digital photos of a young, attractive, Hispanic female. Bret said he hoped Don could use her and give her some work or maybe he could refer her to someone in the modeling business which Bret would appreciate. Don said that because of the shift in population, there was a growing need for this type of model and he would give the photos a good look.

Bret was having a tough time writing the great American novel. What he wound up writing were somewhat short erotic stories based on his, or someone else's experiences which had been related to him. For the most part, the stories were based on true incidents, and while some of the sex did happen, there was some fantasy sex incorporated into the stories.

He submitted his stories to a website. The stories were rated by the readers and received average ratings. Some of the raters submitted e-mail comments back to him. Most of the comments were complimentary, some had constructive criticism, and one told him not to give up his day job. After receiving these comments, Bret thought it was apparent that he didn't have any great writing talent but he would complete one story he was working on and then put an end to that endeavor.

Bret was still dating both Sally and Kim and things were going fine in his lovemaking life. Sally was starting to make some remarks that seemed to infer she wanted a more permanent relationship. Bret wasn't in love with Sally so he didn't respond to her comments in the way he thought she wanted him to. Kim wasn't saying any of those things and Bret was taking her out fairly regularly. He was really enjoying her company and making love with her. Maybe something there was developing between them was a thought that ran through his mind. Kim asked him to attend various social functions with her and he was happy to do so.

One day, he happen to notice the brochures Sally had given him about tours or vacations that catered to singles. He went through the brochures and thought he could use a change of scenery and a break in his daily routine. There was one brochure that offered one week in the Dominican Republic for singles only. It was an all-inclusive resort and the price seemed reasonable.

He phoned Sally who immediately volunteered that she couldn't go with him. The relationship he had with her was cooling and with her thinking that he was asking about a single trip told her he wasn't planning on asking her to go with him. After some further discussion she said she would make the arrangements.

The flight down was a little bumpy but the landing was smooth. After collecting his baggage he spotted a young lady holding a sign which named the resort he was booked into. There were eight passengers from this flight that were going to this resort.

Arriving at the resort, the check-in was fast and well organized. In his room, Bret found an information package explaining the various amenities that were offered. It was indicated that today the dinner was at six and there would be an orientation afterwards. He had time to shower and shave and maybe have a cocktail before dinner.

At dinner, he sat a table for eight and had a chance to study the guests. He counted about 100 guests who ranged he guessed in age from 20 years to 65 years of age. The ratio of men to women seemed to be one man to every two women. There were a number of women in his age range but the number of women he thought that were attractive was small.

During the orientation, the host indicated what the many activities that the facility offered. He also indicated what they expected of the guests. Bret looked at the reaction of the guests when the host mentioned the nude beach and that camera photography was prohibited. Brad had the thought that it would be interesting to see how a few of the guests looked like in their birthday suits, but then again these guests would maybe also be checking him and his package out. If he was aroused when they checked him out would be very embarrassing. He decided he would take a pass on the nude beach. Snorkeling, maybe golfing, talking a tour of the island, and just soaking up some rays were items that he put on his agenda.

After the orientation, a small band started playing and the drinks started to flow. One of the ladies Bret sat with at dinner asked him if he wanted to dance. Bret did enjoy dancing and he accepted her invitation. That was a mistake on Bret's part because a number of other ladies observed Bret dancing and now were constantly asking him to dance. The number of men who could dance decently was limited which put the men who could dance at a premium. It was only when the band took a rest break that Bret was able to take a break as well. He thought that while it was nice he was so popular, he needed to do something to avoid a repetition of this in the coming days.

Bret went into town the next morning. He wanted to purchase some gifts for Sally and Kim and something for Maria as well. When his shopping was done, he returned to the resort for lunch and thought he would catch some rays at the pool instead of the beach.

There were a few people at the pool as it seemed that most of the guests were at the beach. There were a limited amount of tables with sunshades and he spotted one where there was only one lady reading a book sitting there.

He walked up to this table and as he pointed to the empty chair at the other side of the table and asked her, "Is someone sitting here, or do you mind if I do."

"No, it's free, make yourself at home."

Bret put his camera and book on the table and sat on the chair. One of the waiters was walking by and Bret signaled for him to come over and he ordered himself a drink. He asked the lady if he could order her one and she asked for a rum and coke.

When the drinks arrived, Bret picked his up and motioning to her said 'Cheers.'

"Let me introduced myself, my name is Bret Frazier. This is my fist trip down here and so far, so good. I am somewhat impressed by what I see and I like this all-inclusive resort vacationing, how about you?"

She took her large sun glasses off and said, "My name is Katie Reagan. I am from Long Island and this is my first trip here as well. I would have to agree with you that so far it has been as good as advertised."

Bret was impressed by Katie's looks and her mannerisms. She had a nice little figure in the two piece bathing suit she was wearing and an attractive face. They talked some more about themselves and what they planned to do during the week.

When the nude beach was mentioned, both of them indicated that they weren't planning on visiting that place. She laughed when he told her it could be embarrassing for a guy to be looking at all that female flesh. She caught on right away to what he was saying.

Katie mentioned that she saw Bret out on the dance floor the previous evening and was impressed by how good of a dancer he was. Bret said he enjoyed dancing but last evening was a little like work. He asked her if she could do him a favor and she asked what it was.

"Could we go to dinner together, then after the evening's entertainment maybe go in the lounge together? The reason I am asking is that maybe those women who were asking me to dance will give me a rest if they see that I am with someone. I really don't want to be turning down their invitations to dance, as they then would be embarrassed."

"Sure, that presents no problem. I will meet you in the lounge for a before dinner drink and we can go from there."

Bret was in the lounge having a drink when Katie arrived. She was wearing her hair down and had on a loose black shift which was cinched at her waist and looked good on her. He gave her that 'You clean up nice' line and she blushed and thanked him.

They talked after she placed her drink order. She asked him what he did and why was he single.

"Well, I was a schoolteacher but that got to be a little boring. A friend of mine works for a book publisher and he asked me if I wanted to do some editing which I did and am now doing full time. I work from my home so my hours are my own. The pay is comparable to what I would have made if I continued to teach. As to being single, I never just found the right woman that I wanted to take that big step with.'

Bret thought he had found the right woman once when he was in college but he had no problem in telling Katie this white lie.

"How about you?"

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