The Neighborhood
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about a man who wins the lotto which brings about a number of changes in his life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  

While driving home from school, Bret Frazier knew that spring fever was in the air. He thought he could say that because of the way his students were acting. The warmer weather coupled with just a few days left in the school year had his students thinking about other things instead of American History, the course that Bret taught at school.

Bret had been teaching this high school course for the sixteen years he had been a teacher. Teaching the class was not much of a challenge because nothing changed, it was history. Bret was forty years old and was hoping there could be a break in this routine which could fire him up about his teaching duties. The only change he experienced in teaching this subject was the fresh new faces he would see at the start of the school year.

Normally, the classes were pretty evenly split between boys and girls. Bret had to admit that in his classes there were some attractive young ladies who would one day blossom into fine examples of womanhood. Some already had as evidenced by their physical attributes or their antics. The short skirts that they sometimes wore had them flashing him their white panties when they sat. Some of the female students took it a step farther when they teased him by deliberately spreading their legs so that Bret could see that they weren't wearing panties or if they were they were flesh colored. They were sadly mistaken if they thought this antic would give them a higher grade. Some of these students who flashed him were very attractive, but they were also jailbait and not worth the ramifications of Bret taking them up on what they were apparently offering.

As he was driving his car on his way home some of these flashing incidents were running through his mind. Bret glanced at his gas gauge and thought he should fill his tank up. He pulled into his regular gas station that was on his right and went about filling his gas tank.

While he was waiting in line to pay for his gas purchase, the man in front of him asked the clerk for some lotto tickets. He told the clerk that because of the large multi-million dollar payout, he wanted to have a chance to win some of it.

After this man left, Bret paid for his purchase and on a whim asked for five quick pick tickets on this lotto. He knew this was probably just a donation to the State, but he thought that someone had to win, why not him.

Pulling in and parking his six year old Camry in his driveway, Bret thought about what he needed to do this weekend. He knew that the usual food shopping was on his list, but he also needed some new shirts and a haircut. He remembered the townhome association newsletter he received inviting all the residents to a block party in Bob Mason's backyard this Saturday.

Bret lived in one of the newer townhome developments that were popping up. It wasn't a gated community, but the way it was situated with one road in and the same road out, the automobile traffic was reduced to just the residents and their guests. The residents of this 78 unit complex ran the gamut from young families to empty nesters. It was through Bob that Bret had met some of the neighbors and they generally appeared to be nice people. Bob, in introducing Bret to the neighbors had mentioned that Bret was quite handy around the house. He mentioned the wood flooring he had put in his townhome and the excellent finishing of his walkout basement that he had done. Those projects just kept Bret busy during the summer vacation months and he didn't think they were that difficult. His uncle had taught him quite a bit about carpentry and electricity.

Bret completed what he needed to do Saturday and after a shower and shave, he walked over to Bob's townhome. There he saw about 30 to 35 people had already gathered. This was a good turnout, since a number of the neighbors avoided these types of functions because they feared they would be asked to become involved in the townhome association's activities.

Bret saw Bob was talking to a fairly attractive lady and he waved him over. The lady appeared to be in the neighborhood of forty which was in the same ballpark as Bret's age.

"Bret, let me introduce you to Sally Dawson. Sally just moved into the Crimmon's townhome, you do remember that they moved to Arizona."

Bret shook her extended hand and said, "Nice to meet you, Sally, things seem to be improving in the neighborhood."

She laughed at his remark and said, "Flatterer, tell me a little about yourself and what you do?"

"I teach at the local high school and have been doing that for a while. There is good and bad in doing that, but having the summers off is one of the goods, how about you?"

"I have a little travel agency. It does okay and there are some nice travel perks that come with doing that kind of work. If you and your wife have some travel plans, please stop by my office and I will do what I can to make your plans a reality."

"Thanks, but if I stop by it will only be me as I am single."

"Oh... , I just assumed, please forgive me."

"Nothing to forgive and if I may ask, what is your martial status?"

"Divorced for about seven years now, no children."

Bob brought another neighbor over to introduce him to Sally, which enabled Bret to visit with some of the other neighbors. He made some small talk with the neighbors and then he quietly slipped away going back to his townhome.

On Sunday, Bret graded some papers while he watched a baseball game on the television. In surfing the channels, Bret heard that there were two winners of the lotto that totaled $348 million dollars. Bret thought they were two lucky people and nothing more of it in hearing this news.

Later that evening, Bret was watching the evening news and he heard that one of the winning lotto tickets was sold in Florida, and the other was sold in his home state. He still didn't have the urge to compare the numbers on his lotto tickets to the winning numbers.

The next day at school, he heard that the winning ticket sold in his state was sold at the gas station where Bret had purchased his lotto tickets.

At lunch time, Bret went out to his car and took out the lotto tickets he had purchased that he had put above the sun visor in his car. He walked into the lunch room and found a newspaper on top of a table. He found the winning numbers listed on the second page of the paper and he hesitantly compared those numbers to the numbers on his tickets. At first glance it seemed like the numbers matched, but his vision went a little blurry and he broke into a cold sweat. His heartbeat increased and his mouth went dry. He tried to calm down and compared the numbers again. The numbers were a match and he was one of the two winners of the $348 million dollars.

Bret went back and taught his last two classes, but he didn't remember doing it. His thoughts were on what this money meant, what he would do with it, and on how it would affect his life. When he was done for the day, he stayed in the classroom and thought more about what he would do. He knew from what he remembered that prior winners had said that winning wouldn't affect their lives. To him that was an unrealistic statement to make. This amount of money would affect his life and he hoped for the better.

One thing he knew for sure and that was that he didn't plan on teaching anymore. He wrote a short letter to the principal indicating that he would not be returning to teaching in the fall. There was a bounce in his step and a smile on his face, as he walked to place the letter on the principal's desk.

Back at his townhome, his thoughts were all on these funds and what he would do. How would he handle this large amount of money was another question he pondered. Turning to the internet he surfed it for information and answers to the numerous questions that were popping up in his mind.

Bret came to a few conclusions as to how he would proceed. Indications were that he could request that he remain anonymous as the winner. That was a no-brainer as far as he was concern and something that he would request. Hopefully, he would avoid people and organizations pestering him for some of these funds. He also thought he would wait a few months before he made the claim for these funds, thereby avoiding much of the publicity that there would be in claiming these funds.

Taking a lump payment or a periodic payments was another decision which needed to be made and he leaned toward the periodic payments. These were all tough decisions to make but Bret was very happy that he was fortunate to be making them.

The first thing in the morning on the next day, Bret called in sick to school. He drove to his bank and rented a safety deposit box in which he placed the winning ticket.

With two weeks left in the school year, it was difficult to continue to teach, but Bret felt he owed it to his students and to himself to do it to the best of his ability. A number of his fellow teachers heard that Bret was leaving and asked him why and what was he going to do.

He gave the generic response of, "I have an opportunity to go in a different direction and I think it's best that I do so," to all of his co-workers. "I'd rather not say what it is for now, but I have enjoyed teaching here, especially working with all of the fine professional teachers and administrators here." Bret saw no reason to burn any bridges.

The information that Bret was able to find on the net indicated that his yearly share of the winnings paid over thirty years after taxes would be about 2.6 million a year. Bret was happy with his lifestyle and didn't want to change it because of the money. Maybe later he would do some traveling but purchasing a new car was something for sure he would do now. How to spend or invest these funds were thoughts that were constantly on his mind.

Since the school year had ended, Bret now thought of what he would say when people asked him what he was doing now that he was no longer teaching. He also thought he would get some travel information and remembered that Sally, his new neighbor, was in that business. He phoned her and told her what he was interested in and she told him to stop by her office tomorrow.

Bret did stop by and was impressed by the office as well as Sally. Some of the things that impressed Bret about Sally were her large breasts that were confined in the white satin blouse she wore and her nice bottom that was displayed by the tight dark gray pencil skirt. All in all, she was a very attractive lady and dressed to show it.

"What kind of travel are you interested in?"

"I'm not sure, maybe tours of the Far East or Europe, or maybe some cruises."

"Since you are single, cruises are expensive because of the single supplement they tack on. One cruise line charges you more than they charge a double as they figure they are losing out on the money they make when it's only one in a cabin instead of two. Tours for single people are a new and a developing feature of the travel industry. Singles are a large segment of the traveling population and one that has never been catered to. There now are tour operators that are developing tours for single people and are not pairing you up in a room with someone you don't know. Most of this is in the off season but you get your own room and there is no single supplemental charge. Unfortunately as I said most of these tours are offered in the off season, and since you teach that limits what is available."

"That is no longer a problem, as I am no longer teaching."

"What happened?"

"I'm now trying to be an author. I have wanted to do that for a long time and it is something that I am now able to do. My parents died in an automobile accident a number of years ago. The settlement I received from that, along with a small inheritance, was invested in some stocks. People would say that I didn't invest these funds correctly, since I concentrated my purchases only in a few stocks. McDonalds, Microsoft, and Apple all turned out to be some very good investments and now so did Google. These investments are going to enable me to pursue my passion for writing. If it doesn't workout, I can always go back to teaching."

This was bullshit of course, but Bret thought it would explain why he was no longer teaching. Maybe when people started asking him if he had published anything he would need to change the story, but this explanation should work for now.

"Well, you are fortunate to be able to pursue your dreams. I hope it works out for you. Here, let me give you some brochures on those single tours I mentioned."

"Thanks, but I wonder if I can ask you something else? I don't mean to sound presumptuous, but do you have a significant other? I was wondering that maybe we could go out to dinner. The reason I'm asking is that I do like to go out to restaurants, but going out by oneself to a restaurant is uncomfortable to say the least."

"I couldn't agree with you more. There is no significant other, at least not at this time and I would enjoy going out to dinner with you. When do you want to go?"

"How about this Saturday?"

"You can pick me up at six."

Bret left Sally's office with some travel study material and a smile on his face. She seemed like she would be an interesting date and he was looking forward to taking her out.

It turned out that he was right about her being an interesting date. Because of her profession, the conversation centered on travel for the most part, but other subjects that were covered showed her to be an intelligent lady. Besides the stimulating conversation, Bret was also stimulated by the clothes she was wearing, especially the cleavage she displayed. He had a good time and when he asked her if they could do this again she agreed to doing this again. There was no indication from her that more than dinner was going to be involved on this date and there wasn't.

Bret thought that he needed to do some preparation before receiving these lotto funds. He visited an attorney he knew and asked the attorney to draft a living trust for him and a pour over will. For now, he asked that the beneficiaries of the trust be the high school and college he graduated from. He thought he would add other beneficiaries later. Once this was done, Bret went online and downloaded applications for opening an account with three different brokerage firms. He submitted the applications to open trust accounts at all three firms and enclosed a check for one thousand dollars with each application.

Sufficient time had gone by since he had won the lotto. There was no interest anymore being displayed as to who the remaining co-winner was. He made a phone call to Lottery headquarters to collect his winnings. He was put through to the woman in-charge, who he told about his winning and that he wanted his identity to be shielded so as to protect his privacy. She didn't much care for his request as she thought the publicity of him winning would generate more sales, but she did agree to do it. She told him that besides presenting the winning ticket she would need his specific banking information in order to periodically make electronic transfers to his banking account. A time for Bret to meet with her at her office was agreed to.

Armed with the required information and winning Lotto ticket as well as wearing a false mustache, goatee, baseball hat and dark sunglasses, Bret was ready to go to the lotto office. He had looked in a mirror and chuckled as he thought he bore a close resemblance to the Unabomber.

At the office he received some funny looks but the required paperwork was handled and Bret was told the funds would be transferred into his bank account in two days. Bret left the lotto office and went to his bank.

At the bank, Bret asked to speak with an officer. Bret explained to the officer that there was going to be a large amount of money transferred into his account in two days and that he didn't want the hassle of someone thinking this was a mistake. Bret told the officer the approximate amount of the transfer which suddenly caused the officer to pay more attention. Bret said he was going to transfer some of these funds into his brokerage accounts and he wanted that to happen with no problems. The bank officer told him that he would personally ensure that these transactions went smoothly.

Three days later, Bret checked his bank account online and saw that the funds were there. He stopped by the three brokerage offices and stunned each of the receptionists when he handled each of them his personal check, made out for seven hundred thousand dollars that he wanted to deposit in his account. He continued on to the Lexus dealer, where he traded in his Camry and purchased a new LX570 SUV.

When he was back at home he made online purchases of individual stocks, mutual funds, and some municipal bonds. He then sat back and thought of other things he now needed to consider.

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