I Won?
Chapter 3

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 3 - John's life goes through some changes when he buys the winning lotto ticket and that's before he's even been paid.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Humor   Incest   Brother   Sister   Pregnancy  

Kristina already had a bag packed so it was just a matter of helping her into the car and getting her to the hospital. We raced to the emergency room and I helped wheel her in. Things started to happen even faster after that because the baby just didn't want to wait any longer to get born. Cynthia left to park the car in the visitors lot. By the time she returned Kristina was already in the delivery room giving birth to her daughter. I was an uncle!

I wasn't able to be in the delivery room with Kristina but I can't honestly say I was disappointed. I was relieved about it but I wouldn't admit that to my sister.

"Isn't she beautiful?"

"She sure is," I agreed. Actually I thought she was kind of ugly but I think all new-born babies start out that way.

"Would you like to hold her?"

"Ah! No, thanks!" I was afraid of hurting her or something. "When are you bringing her home," I asked hoping to change the subject.

"Tomorrow morning."

"That soon? Holy smokes! We don't have anything for the baby."

"I have everything I need from the baby shower. The friend that hosted the shower let me store it at her apartment. I already called her. You can pick it up tomorrow morning and still have time to pick up me and the baby."

"By the way, what's the baby's name?"

"I was thinking about naming her Jacqueline or Jackie in honor of her uncle. What do you think?" I was pleased and embarrassed at the same time. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

"It's all right with me, but I'm pretty sure Rick won't like his daughter being named in my honor."

"As it happens, his mother's name is Jackie and I've never called you Jack in front of him so he won't know the real reason and should be pleased. It'll be our little secret.

"So, you have the motel room to yourself until tomorrow. Why don't you invite Cynthia and her daughters to spend the night with you?"

"I don't believe they're into orgies, but I'll think it over." I kissed her and left to join Cynthia who was in the waiting room.

"How are mother and child doing?"

"They're doing fine. In fact they'll be ready to be picked up tomorrow. We have to pick up the baby furniture and other stuff before that."

"I was wondering about that. I called the car dealer. They'll have my car ready in a couple of more hours. After I drop you off I'll drive home, get the pink slip to my junker and then pick up the new car. We'll get to use it tomorrow morning."

"That sounds fine. Bring the girls back with you tonight and we'll go out to dinner. In fact, pack an overnight bag for the three of you." The woman blushed when she realized what I was implying.

"Uh ... what would the sleeping arrangements be?"

"There's a king size bed in each bedroom; two in one bed and two in the other."

"And who will be in bed with you?"

"Carol says it's her turn."

"Does that mean you've already been with Elizabeth?"

"That's right."

"Well, Elizabeth is an adult. I'm not sure Carol is ready to become sexually active."

"She thinks she is."

"She's only fourteen years old."

"Carol wants it and so do I. Now the question is, are we upfront about it with you or do we sneak around behind your back?"

"It sounds like I'm on the losing side of this argument. Will you at least be wearing a condom?"

"I'll wear a condom if she wants me to."

"I wish I had a stick so I could beat you over the head with it."

"That would work with me probably about as well as it would work with Carol."

"That little, huh?"

"I knew you'd understand. By the way, how old were you when you first did the nasty?" Cynthia blushed deeply.

"I was fourteen years old and afraid of dying a virgin. So sue me."

"I guess you could just decline my invitation and come by tomorrow."

"That would just be putting off the inevitable, but Carol and I are going to have a nice long mother-daughter talk about safe sex before tonight. Also, it better be a nice restaurant you're taking us to because I'm ordering steak. I haven't had a steak dinner in ages. And perhaps a bottle of wine to go with it."

"You'll be the only one able to drink the wine."

"That's right," Cynthia responded with a smile. "Elizabeth or you will have to drive us back to the motel." I wanted to fuck Cynthia when we got back to the motel, but she said there wasn't enough time.

"I need to get home and tell the girls what tonight's plans are and then pick up the car from the dealership. I'm sure you'll get plenty of action tonight and I'm making a point of buying a pack of condoms for you."

"Better to be safe than sorry. See you in a bit." As soon as I got into my motel room I checked my email and then wrote Mom telling her she now had a grand daughter. I cleaned up a bit and lay down for a nap. I wasn't sure how much sleep I'd get tonight. I must have napped some because the next thing I knew I heard knocking at the door. Carol was standing there when I answered it with her mother and sister standing behind her. She leaped into my arms.

"You know I'm going to fuck your brains out tonight, don't you?"

"Tonight?" I asked. "Why not now?"


"Settle down you two," said Cynthia as she came through the door. "There's not going to be any hanky panky until we've established some ground rules."

"Don't worry, Mom," Carol responded. "John is going to be wearing a condom. I don't want to get pregnant. I'm too young for that."

"I'm glad that's straight," her mother replied.

"It might be too late for me," said Elizabeth.

"Well, you made the decision to sleep with John as an adult," Cynthia lectured. "I hope you're prepared to act like an adult in the event ... you are pregnant." She was blushing when she said it. I was wondering if she thought it was too late for her also.

"By the way," Elizabeth added, "I'll do whatever it takes to get you to buy me a car like the one you bought my mom." She smiled and winked.

"Honestly, Elizabeth!" Poor Cynthia. She was totally mortified.

"Sorry," I replied. "Only one car to a family. Shall we all go out to eat?"

I didn't know of any restaurant in our part of town that served great steaks. Cynthia knew of a couple good restaurants where the attorneys in her office met with clients, but they were downtown and we didn't want to drive that far. We decided to take a chance on a nearby restaurant in a better part of town and it turned out pretty good. We all had New York strip steaks and Cynthia had her bottle of wine, a Cabernet. Elizabeth and I ordered iced tea and Carol ordered soda.

"What did you hear at school today?" I asked Elizabeth.

"About what?"

"You know about what; about me." I tried not to sound annoyed, but I guess I didn't succeed.

"Oh, about you? Let me think for a moment. Well, first off, this pregnant girl has named you as the father of her unborn child and is going to sue you for child support."

"That's total bull," I responded.

"That may be, but it should give you pause about going around having unprotected sex ... and especially with under age girls." Elizabeth grinned as she looked directly at her sister. I knew she was trying to get a rise out of her sister, but Carol didn't seem phased.

"If John had to worry about every girl that offered to spread her legs for him, then he'd never get laid. And that includes over age girls, too. Don't you agree, dear sister?"

"Elizabeth! Carol! We're in a public place. Please try to act like ladies," their mother begged. She took a big gulp of her wine.

"I just don't like Elizabeth trying to talk John out of having a turn with me, Mother." She clenched her butter knife and glared at her older sister.

"Obviously you can dish out the teasing, but you can't take a little teasing." Elizabeth wasn't smiling now.

"I was just teasing, too," Carol responded with a big grin. "You don't have to worry about us, John. We won't cause any trouble for you if even if you get all three of us pregnant." Elizabeth finally laughed, but Cynthia gasped and gulped her wine again.

"You might need another bottle soon," I ventured.

"What I need is a less chatter about pregnancy," Cynthia responded. "I'm already nervous enough about tonight."

"Well, I guess I could tell him about the rest of the gossip and rumors," said Elizabeth.

"There's more?" I asked.

"Of course there's more. There's the one where you quit school telling the principal to take it and jam it because you didn't need no stinkin' diploma. And another girl claims she's your fiancée. The only reliable news I've heard is that the guy that took a swing at you got a three day suspension from school. He and some of his buddies went looking for you at The Pool Cue of all places."


"Yeah. There happened to be a plain clothes cop in the bar and he arrested them for disturbing the peace after they refused to leave."

"I guess they lucked out not getting pounded by the bikers." I couldn't hide my disappointment.

"What I can't figure out is how they thought they'd find you at The Pool Cue."

"I have no idea."

"I have some gossip for you," Carol said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"There were a couple of reporters at the apartments today. They were looking for you." Shit! I didn't want to deal with any reporters. They asked the stupidest questions. One asked me how I felt when I was told my dad got killed by a hit and run driver. 'How do you think I felt? Asshole!' He didn't like my response.

"Anything else?"

"Yeah, I heard one of them say your brother in law is packing up and moving out of the apartment." I sort of expected that. I'd let Kristina know when I picked her up at the hospital. I wondered what kind of bullshit Rick told the reporters. I decided to not let it bother me for now and just go ahead and enjoy my meal. Cynthia finished her bottle of wine and then had an extra glass after that. She was feeling pretty tipsy so I drove us back to the motel. Everyone was excited and nervous when we returned to the motel room including me. I was half expecting Cynthia to freak out and call the whole thing off. After all, she knew I was going to deflower her youngest daughter this very evening.

"May I talk to you privately, John?" Cynthia asked.

"Certainly," I responded. I turned on the TV set loud enough to assure us privacy from eavesdroppers. Elizabeth and Carol didn't seem to mind. Carol started switching channels with the remote. I led Cynthia into my bedroom and she closed the door behind us.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"I want to talk about fucking."

"That's already settled, isn't it? Don't worry about Carol."

"I'm not worried about my daughter. I'm worried about me."


"You said you were going to fuck me today and you haven't." Cynthia leaned into me and started fondling the bulge in my trousers.

"We did get kind of sidetracked, didn't we?" My prick responded immediately to her caress.

"We're alone now. So what are you going to do about it?"

"Uh, we're not exactly alone and I was kind of saving it for Carol."

"You're 18 years old," Cynthia responded. "I'm sure you'll have plenty left for her. Please?" Well, it might have been the wine talking, but I didn't want to avoid that type of challenge, especially from a horny woman. She wasn't waiting for an answer anyway. Cynthia kicked off her shoes then reached under her skirt, pulled down her panties and jumped on the bed. I took my time taking off my clothes, but didn't waste any time crawling between her legs. No foreplay needed. A wet spot was already forming on the bed cover below her pussy and it was growing. She shrieked and giggled when I penetrated her. Perhaps the shriek was a little too loud because the television audio was muted and someone knocked on the door.

"We're still talking," Cynthia called. "Go away."

"It doesn't sound like you're just talking," said Carol.

"We're really just talking," I said and thrust into Cindy causing her to shriek again.

"Gosh darn it!" the teenager exclaimed. "John's doing you! I know he is!"

"He is not."

"He is too! You're going to wear him out and this is my night with him."

"I'm not going to wear him out."

"You don't get the whole night with John," I heard Elizabeth say. "I want a turn, too."

"Gosh darn it! It's my turn now."

"But not all night. I didn't have all night with John and you won't either." I stopped listening to the two girls outside and started fucking the girl underneath me.

Cynthia giggled. "We're not after you just for your body, John. It just sounds like that. We really do love you."

I had a sudden attack of conscience and stopped fucking her again. "I wish that's all you guys are after because I like you three an awful lot, but I'm not going to be falling in love with you or Elizabeth or Carol. Now should I call things off before someone gets her feelings hurt or worse, gets pregnant?"

"God no! Don't do that," Cynthia exclaimed. "Forget I said anything. The girls would hate me forever if I somehow cost them your friendship."

"We can still be friends," I responded.

"I'd rather be your slut." That statement made me laugh.

"That's okay with me. What about the girls?"

"Why don't you ask them?" She held me close and said, "You can both stop trying to listen at the door and come on in." Cynthia grinned as she saw my startled look. The door opened immediately. Elizabeth and Carol both peered in.

"I told you they were doing it," said Carol.

"I already knew that," said her sister.

"It looks like they're still doing it," Carol added.

"I guess John has brought out the exhibitionist in her," Elizabeth responded.

"I guess John has brought out the eavesdropper in you two," their mother countered.

"Touché," said her older daughter. "Did you invite us in to watch, talk or join in?"

"I wanted to ask you both how you feel about giving up any hopes of marrying John and just be content with being his sluts. I personally think it's a good idea since we don't want to chase him away. As far as you watching or joining in, that's not up to me. I'm only his slut."

"I'm your slut too, John," Carol exclaimed. "Look!" She pulled up her skirt and showed off her bare pussy. I felt my prick stiffen even further inside Cynthia and started moving again. This was kind of kinky. I liked it. I sped up and finished inside the older woman in full view of her daughters.

"What about you, Elizabeth?" I asked. "Would you be content with being my slut?"

"Uh, can't I just be your friend with benefits?" she asked.

"It amounts to the same thing, doesn't it?" That wisecrack was from Carol. Elizabeth ignored her little sister.

"That sounds all right to me," I responded even though I agreed with Carol's assessment of what a "friend with benefits" meant. I pulled out of Cynthia and motioned both girls to join us on the bed. Both Carol and Elizabeth got a hug and a kiss from me.

"It's my turn now, isn't it John?" Carol asked.

"It sure is," I responded and gave the girl an extra hug.

"Goody!" Carol grabbed a hold of my prick and started pumping it. I flinched because the head was still pretty sensitive, but she didn't notice. "It's not getting hard," the young teen complained. "I knew you were going to wear it out, Mom."

"I didn't wear it out," Cynthia retorted. "It's just resting for a little bit."

"Or pining for the fjords," Elizabeth added in her deadpan delivery.

"Your mother is right and Elizabeth is wrong," I hastened to add when I saw a confused look on Carol's face. "It just needs a little rest and then it will be as good as new." I pulled away from her questing hand.

"I'll just wait here then."

"I'll just move out of your way. Let's give these two some privacy, Elizabeth," Cynthia said and maneuvered herself off the bed.

"You mean you don't want to watch your youngest daughter get deflowered?" Elizabeth asked. She was getting off the bed, too.

"I don't care if you two stay and watch," Carol responded. "I'm a slut now, remember?"

Cynthia sighed and said, "Even sluts need protection. Please see that the condoms are put to good use. They're there on the bedside table." She was speaking to Carol, but looking at me.

As soon as Cynthia and Elizabeth left the bedroom Carol crawled into my arms and we shared a kiss. "I don't want you to use any condoms tonight, okay John?"

"Your mother is going to be really upset with us and me especially, if you wind up pregnant because we didn't use protection. Besides that, you promised her we were going to use condoms."

"I just said that to avoid getting the safe sex lecture again. Also, if my mother was really worried about an unplanned pregnancy she should have set a good example. I didn't see you using a condom with her just now, did you?"

"I didn't," I admitted.

"So Mom was taking her chances and now I'm taking my chances. Mother like daughter, you see?"

"I do see. Well, don't ever say I didn't warn you."

"I won't," Carol promised. "Say, how much longer will it take for your thing to get hard again?"

"Just a little while longer, I think. I suppose you could speed things up by sucking on it." I expected Carol to make a face. Instead she broke into a big grin.

"Great!" she exclaimed. "I get to be a cocksucker." Carol scooted down, took my prick into her mouth and started sucking. The young teen displayed more enthusiasm than technique, but the old saying about there being no such thing as a bad blow job held true. Little Jack responded favorably and started to stiffen. I reached down and caressed Carol's pussy. That was a stupid mistake. She flinched and bit down not hard, but it scared the heck out of me.

"Ah!" I cried. I guess there can be such a thing as a bad blow job.

"I'm sorry," Carol said. "Did I hurt you?" She was concerned now and near to tears.

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