The Grand Halloween Ball

by Dreamwalker

Copyright© 2011 by Dreamwalker

Horror Sex Story: My name is Wolfgang, you may call me Master. However my love, I will soon be crowned King of Darkness and I want you by my side to be the Queen of Darkness

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Magic   BiSexual   Horror   Vampires   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

Her name, is Natasha, she runs a small costume store on the outskirts of Nashville. She looked to be about fifty years old, and it was a known fact around this part of the country that no man has been able to "tame" her. Her long red hair and a full figured body was alluring and the envy of many men and women. However, it was her seductive green eyes that set her sexy figure off, they seem to pull you closer to her.

Meet Candice, a 35 year old single woman with shoulder length black hair and sapphire blue eyes. Her perky breasts are 38C with large nipples and her pussy is always smoothly shaved. She has never had sex with a woman at all as she prefers men with long hard cocks. She had come to the costume shop in search of that perfect Halloween costume.

She stood there looking at a variety of costumes; Dancing girls, Witches, Hookers, Policewoman, Queens, Tarzan and Jane matching outfits and everyone's favorite, the Vampire. She herself wanted to be a sexy maid with seamed stockings, which included a short maid uniform that barely covered her assets.

When she looked over at the counter she saw her, an exotic redheaded woman with emerald green eyes. As she watched her for a moment her self-confidence made her even more beautiful.

There was a small group of men around her trying to talk to her. One guy put his hands near hers as if to touch her and she just raised her eyes and glared at him.

She did not utter a word, she just smiled and tapped her long red fingernails on the counter ignoring them all.

When their eyes met, hers seem to pierce right through Candice. She has an overpowering, but sexy look. She walked over to her and said, "Hello, my name is Natasha. Can I help you?"

When I looked around, we were in the corner of the shop alone. The crowd had moved off looking at other Halloween items.

Candice blinked and replied, "My name is Candice. I am looking for a French maid type costume, I hope you have one."

Natasha pointed to a chair near her and instructed her to sit down, she would go and look for the costume and see what they had.

Candice sat down nervously not knowing why she was so apprehensive. If she had the choice, she preferred men. So why was she drawn to Natasha?

Natasha looked at Candice, her eyes gave the impression of radiance shrouded by darkness and it seemed she looked right through her.

Candice shifted nervously and was about to stand up when their eyes met again. When Candice looked into Natasha's eyes instead of a darkness, she saw soft blue eyes with flecks of gold.

Natasha shook her head and Candice sat back down. Then

Candice looked into Natasha's eyes again, and this time saw soft green eyes looking back at her.

She felt awkward and confused telling herself, "This is too strange, that woman gives me the creeps. Why do her eyes look green now?"

Natasha walked back toward Candice with a French Maid outfit in her hand. She said, "Candice," as if to savor her name as it came from her red velvety lips the color of a deep red rose.

Candice tried on the outfit and it fit her like a glove. She loved the low neckline that showed off her 40D breasts and the short frilly skirt that barely covered her ass.

Candice looked at Natasha and said, "Wow, this is the perfect costume for me. How does it look on me?"

Natasha's replied, "Honey, you look sexy as hell. They will love seeing you in this at the Halloween Ball. If you do not mind me saying so, you make me want to eat that pussy of yours."

Candice accepted the complement and quivered, what the hell was she doing? Things were getting too weird for her. She started to move and found it difficult. There was a strange heaviness creeping through her body. She reached out with her arm to steady herself and tried to sit down.

Candice's eyes met Natasha's again and felt her skin begin to tremble. Oh my god, Natasha's eyes were like flames of fire, bright red, blazing at her from under thick lashes.

Natasha walked over to Candice and reached out to her. Without effort, Candice raised her own hand moving as if by itself and took hold of Natasha's arm. She seemed to be in a trace unable to control her own actions.

Together they walked arm in arm as Natasha guided Candice through the crowd and out the front door of the shop. Then they walked around the side of the building to a big black car. Natasha opened the back door and Candice submissively climbed in, then Natasha closed the door. She then walked around to the driver's side climber in and drove off.

Candice sat back in the seat, held there by some unknown force. She wondered where they were going. Then she thought about Natasha's eyes and could not make any decisions she was too frightened to think straight.

Soon the car stopped and when Candice looked out the window there was nothing but trees around them. They must be deep in the woods.

The front door of the car opened and closed. Then the back door opened and Natasha climbed in the back seat beside Candice.

She looked at Candice and whispered, "Do you want me?"

Natasha's piercing eyes made it too hard for Candice to think straight. Candice still could not move, the strong force pinned her to her seat. She just stared at Natasha, then found herself nodding in agreement.

Natasha reached out once more, this time her hands were touching Candice seductively. As Natasha's finger went between Candice breasts she grabbed hold of the fabric and without warning tore the costume from Candice's body.

Candice then tried to scream, but found she could not. All she could hear was a Natasha's devilish laugh echoing through her ears.

Then a strange power came over Candice and she began to shake and she felt released from what was pinning her to the seat.

Suddenly she panicked, here she was alone in the woods in the middle of no where with a crazy woman.

Candice then screamed as loud as she could, "Oh my God, help me!" However no one was around to listen to her plea.

Candice then felt Natasha's hands on her left breast caressing her nipple. She struggled and held her legs together tightly sobbing hoping Natasha would let her go.

Natasha's touch was gentle and soft as she rolled and pinched Candice's nipple. Natasha then shoved a slender finger between Candice's legs in search of her pussy folds.

Candice's mind was in a state of total confusion. She could do nothing but sit there and feel the caresses of the crazy woman. However, somehow the hidden inner folds of her pussy were becoming wet and hot. Her clit was beginning to swell and throb with desire.

Natasha then closed her bright red lips around Candice's left nipple. Her finger had worked its way deep inside Candice's hot, wet pussy.

Candice cried out, this time with a mixture of pleasure and panic, "Oh God! Aaarrrggghhh!" Natasha's touch was turning her on.

Candice's eyes looked about for something to distract Natasha

All she could see was the soft glow of the clock on the dashboard. It read, 11:55pm. She knew now it was not impossible for her to get Natasha off her.

Little by little her arousal took over and she tilted her head back against the door and parted her legs giving Natasha full access of her pussy.

Candice cried like a baby, frightened and yet so--aroused.

After all Natasha had asked if she wanted her and now she was taking her, using her and driving her toward her first earth shattering climax.

Natasha spread Candice's pussy lips and then pressed two fingers against her swollen clit. She started rubbing Candice's clit vigorously as her lips moved from one nipple to the other.

Natasha's mouth then moved upward to Candice's neck. Her sharp teeth nibbled at the base of Candice's neck as the other hand went behind Candice head and pulled her closer.

Candice cried out as her climax rippled through her trembling body. She was turned on past the point of no return. In the quiet darkness that surrounded her Candice looked at Natasha, panting, gasping for breath, wanting her to continue.

Natasha's green eyes stared back at Candice with a burning desire in them. Their unwavering hold on Candice held her in its grip she could not move or scream

Natasha asked again, "Do you want me?"

Candice nodded and with a weak voice said, "Yes."

Natasha threw her head back and laughed, a deafening sound that seemed to come from the very center of the earth itself. She then leaned over to Candice, this time kissing her throat as she fingered Candice's pussy at the same time.

Candice gave up the urge to fight and let her body respond to Natasha's touch. Her eyes went wild with lust as she glanced into the darkness. Then she saw the clock on the dashboard, it read, "Midnight." However, she did not care, she felt pure ecstasy now.

Candice tilted her head back more and leaning into Natasha. Natasha's lips brushed lightly over Candice's throat then her sharp teeth pierced the skin and she began to drink Candice's blood.

Candice felt no pain as Natasha's teeth penetrated her skin, all she felt was a warm fuzzy feeling. At the same time Natasha's fingers on her clit triggered another earth shattering climax that took her out of this world into a realm of indescribable pleasure.

Candice turned over and looked at her clock radio by the bed. It read 6:45am. She shrieked, "Damn-it! I am going to be late for work again. I must have forgotten to set the alarm."

Candice jumped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom to take a quick shower. However when she passed the big mirror that covered the wall above the sink she felt odd, she looked once more and sure enough, she had no reflection.

She reached out and touched the mirror, well it was real. When she looked again she could see the mirror image of the bathroom.

Candice screamed, "Where the hell is my reflection?"

Confused and scared she took her shower put on her bathrobe, then fixed her hair the best she could after all she had no reflection in the mirror to look at. Then she hurried into the bedroom to look in the mirror over the dresser.

Again no reflection, Candice screamed in horror, "What the hell is going on?"

She looked at the mirror once more and her mouth went dry, in the mirror was a pair of burning eyes staring back at her. Then she heard it a low laugh which she seemed to know from somewhere, but she was not sure where.

Candice grew frightened and put her hand in her head and cried, "What is happening to me?"

When she glanced up, there was her reflection. She groaned a sigh of relief.

However something was different all the sudden she felt something or someone overpowering her. As Candice watched her black hair grew longer and flowed like smooth silk, her lips changed and were now the color of a deep red rose, and her eyes changed from blue to green and sparkled with flecks of gold.

As she watched in amazement her outfit changed too and she was wearing the French Maid Outfit. Wow, she looked beautiful and would definitely go to the Halloween Ball, dressed this way.

Candice then vaguely remembered last night, was it real or a dream?

A strange but sexy woman, had taken her deep in the woods and used her. Biting her neck and making her cum like she never had before.

Candice then looked at her neck and saw in horror two puncture wounds. Oh god, it was not a dream. Her mind was in a turmoil she then opened her mouth thinking she would see fangs. To her relief their were no fangs, just her own teeth.

Candice racked her brain for a moment trying to remember the events of last night. All she could remember was the exotic redhead named Natasha from the costume shop.

Then she remembered that Natasha had shown Candice unbelievable power and pleasures beyond the realm of this world. Somehow Candice now knew that these powers would be at her beckoning call to use when ever she wanted. The pleasure the power was hers for the taking.

She watched as the enhanced image faded. Once again Candice could not see her own reflection in the mirror, except for her own sexy fiery green eyes. She then became aware of the price this power had over her.

Then out of the blue a figure appeared next to Candice. All that was visible in the mirror were a pair of sexy fiery green eyes, just like hers.

When Candice turned and looked there stood Natasha. The two women reached out for each other and as Natasha's lips kissed Candice and warm fuzzy feeling overtook her, and she felt a release.

Natasha broke the kiss and uttered, "Welcome to my world lover. Happy Halloween!

Candice knew then she belonged to Natasha, heart and soul. She could not wait to go to the Halloween ball

Candice went to work as usual and did the normal things she did when she got home. She still had no reflection in mirrors, but she was starting to adjust to her new life. She soon discovered her senses were more acute and ever her sexuality heightened. She could smell a wet pussy or hot cock a mile away, this part of her new life she loved.

Ever since her tryst in the woods she started going to bed earlier in the day and was always naked.

Candice soon fell asleep and dreaming of the pleasant encounter with the red haired vampire from the costume shop. This time, the dream took a different twist. Natasha was telling her that she would have men as well as woman visit her during the night. They will ask you for sexual favors and if Candice did what they wanted, she would be justly rewarded.

Natasha then reached out and Candice felt her ardent kiss upon her lips. She then looked into Natasha's fiery green eyes as she spoke saying, "My sweet love, one particular man, will come and see you tonight. He is called the Prince of Darkness. He has been watching you for a long time now."

"He will not harm you, for he loves you child of darkness. Do as he says. He will bring you happiness beyond your wildest dreams."

All the sudden Candice awoke with a start. She felt the presence of someone in the room with her. When she turned over, she focused on a large man dressed in a black cape. He appeared to be naked as she could see the largest cock she had ever seen. His cock was at least twelve inches in length and three inches around and he was already dripping precum.

Candice then looked into his blazing eyes and saw a deep love and compassion for her and she felt at ease. His mind told her that his only desire was to fuck her and make her his. She responded by getting on all fours offering her ass and cunt to him for his pleasure.

She then felt him spread her ass checks apart and rub his cock from her clit to her ass. She quivered and moaned in delight, as it had been too damn long since she had a good hard fucking.

Her senses were heightened and she could hear what he was saying when he did not utter a word. She heard him in her mind saying, "My darling, I am going to fuck you like you never been fucked before! I will not harm you, because I love you like no other man will ever love you. ".

She thrust her hips into him as his cock parted her pussy lips and went inside her hot wanton pussy. He fucked her deep then pulled his cock all the way out and plunged it in further and further with each thrust.

Candice reached back and rubbed her clit. She rode his cock hard pinched her clit and screamed, "Ooooh fuck, I am cumming master!" She did not know why she called him master, but if felt like the right to do.

He nodded his head in agreement and said, "You are learning quickly my Queen of Darkness."

She then felt him then move upward and spread her ass cheeks apart. She trembled with fear at first thinking his cock would rip her virgin ass apart. However, in her mind she heard his calm assuring voice saying, "Just relax honey. I will not harm you."

He then placed the head of his cock on the crack of her ass and moved it up and down to spread his precum for lubrication. Then Candice felt the head start to open her pink ass hole as he began to enter her. Just as the head of his cock was inside her, he withdrew it and began again, waiting for her anal ring to relax. Each time he fucked her, he slid his cock in a little farther. This continued for a minute, each time his cock went in more until it was all the way and his large hairy balls were against her ass.

Surprisingly, Candice felt no pain. Which was odd, then she realized that ever since Natasha had bitten her she had felt no pain, at all.

His cock felt good inside her ass. He remained still for a few seconds then withdrew his cock until just the head remained and then slammed back in hard and started thrusting faster and faster.

Candice was getting hot and meeting each thrust with a back thrust. Faster and faster they went until she screamed with another earth shattering climax.

He thrust his hips forward spewing his cum inside her ass so full that it was squirting out around his monster cock.

Then he threw his head back and howled like a wolf and Candice felt claws instead of fingers on her sides. When she glanced at him she saw a wolf, but for some reason she was not freighted.

Candice then threw her head back and howled like a she wolf, climaxing harder than she ever had before. His desires became hers and they did not just fuck, they made love all through the night both howling with a sense of fulfillment.

He then collapsed on top of her with his cock still in her. He then leaned up and softly bit the back of her neck and she saw him change back into a man.

He then said, "My name is Wolfgang, you may call me Master. However my love, I will soon be crowned King of Darkness and I want you by my side to be the Queen of Darkness

Candice I have been watching you from a distance and have fallen deeply in love with you. I had my Princess of Darkness, Natasha come to you and initiate you into the family. For I knew that if I met you, our first time meeting would scare you off and I would lose you for an eternity. I now belong to you and will never leave you, except on the night of the full moon when I must go.

It would be the night where everyone celebrated the autumn holiday known to us all as Halloween. Candice had celebrated this holiday every year with everyone at the office.

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