First Times

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2011 by Thesandman

Incest Sex Story: This is a story I was asked to write on behalf of a woman who contacted me after reading my work. And though I have indeed added to it, where I thought it appropriate, this is a true accounting of a young woman's exploration and self discovery. We both hope you'll enjoy it, and let us know if you do.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Brother   Cousins   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Before we begin here. I wanted to personally take a moment and thank The Sandman for doing this for me. I'm no writer, but I thought it might be fun and interesting to relate some of my own "first-time" personal experiences. I've thought about doing this for some time now, going back as far as I can remember to those moments in time that I considered as the first time I did something or explored something. So again, thanks Sandman for helping me tell this story, and for your "poetic license" as you said in keeping it interesting hopefully.

A bit about myself. My name is Shelly. (No last name) I am now twenty two years old. I am five foot five, with what I guess you'd call light brown, reddish brunet shoulder length hair. It looks more red than brown in the sunlight, though I am not fair skinned by any means and tan fairly easily. I have what they call hazel colored eyes, though I think they usually look more green than blue, though that depends a great deal on what I happen to be wearing at the time. Although I've been told I have nice breasts (34C cup) well rounded (tear drop shaped from what I've been told) and certainly proportionate for my frame, I honestly believe my legs and thighs are my best feature. I played a lot of soccer in high school as well as tennis, and still enjoy playing tennis whenever I'm given the opportunity to do so. Like I said, my thighs are well muscled, perhaps a bit larger than a lot of men (or women) would prefer, but I like the way they look, and I think the men I've been with have enjoyed the way they feel whenever I have them wrapped around their bodies. Ok, so enough about me for now. Onto my earliest recollections:

For starters, I have to say that my very first time experience was (sexually speaking in a sense) was when I had just turned thirteen. I remember it clearly even now. Maybe it wasn't a huge first time for some of you as you read this, but I clearly look back on it with fondness, and even now some small measure of excitement in recalling that particular evening. As was tradition in my family, my older brother and I were always allowed one of our friends to sleep over on the weekend (as part of our birthday celebrations). As it turned out Friday was my birthday, and my best friend Doreen, who I had basically grown up with as she lived right next door to us, came over to spend the night. She was six month's older than I, and became my source for learning about things (as they began to happen to her) and as I would of course learn to expect as they began happening to me. Sure, mom had given me the 'birds and bee's' story the year before. So I knew all about that stuff, even though at the time it seemed a bit yucky to me at the time having heard about it. (Honestly, I just couldn't imagine it. But then again, I was pretty naive when it came to anything with regards to sex in the first place. So once again, thanks to my old friend Doreen who basically started me down that path, even though that first time (again) was basically pretty innocent in retrospect.

Although we managed to sleep over at one another's place usually once or twice a month during the summer, for whatever reason, we'd never really seen one another completely naked before. Usually tees and panties were our sleeping attire, though I do remember that it was during one of those times I happened to notice that Doreen's nipples/breasts seemed to be pressing against her tee shirt a bit more than usual, though I didn't really comment on it at the time. On this particular night however, my curiosity got the best of me, especially as I had noticed than my own young boobs had indeed started to change as well. I wouldn't exactly call them breasts yet, but they had started to get a bit rounder, though it was my nipples in fact that had seemingly started to grow first. Something that initially I felt a little uncomfortable about, as I honestly thought they looked somewhat deformed and ugly looking. I was honestly worried they would get worse as time when on. Thankfully, they didn't.

As we usually did, we scurried up to my bedroom with some snacks and a movie to watch. And then again as we also usually did, we got undressed and into our sleeping attire. For whatever reason, rather than going into the bathroom to change first the way she usually did (though as I recall, I think my brother happened to be in the bathroom at the time) Doreen decided to undress right there in front of me. I got the first really good look at her "boobs" which I have to qualify as actually being boobs, and not just mounds with ugly looking nipples attached like mine were.

"Wow Doreen, when did you grow boobs?" I remember asking, laughing, feeling both embarrassed, shy, and yet curious ... not to mention more than just a bit jealous as I stood there openly looking at them. I remember my first ever sexual thrill at this point, because I watched my friend turn, cupping them in her hands (yes she had just enough to be able to do that with) turning towards the mirror to catch her reflection with me sitting just behind her there on the bed watching her. I didn't realize it at the time, but as she stood looking at her own breasts (obviously proud and pleased with my comment and the way they did look), she caught my reflection in the mirror as I pulled up my own tee shirt, looking at my own still childish mounds in obvious despair and disappointment. Thank god for knowing kind friends. I am sure she knew exactly was I was thinking and going through.

"I'm willing to bet, that your tits will look just like mine do in four of five months," she informed me. "Trust me, I know Shell. Because mine used to look just like yours do right now."

That did make me feel a little better. Especially because Doreen was usually right. Just enough a head of me in age, she seemed to go through things just shortly before I started doing so myself. But the big surprise of the evening was yet to come too. And though I am pretty sure I had NO idea what masturbation was at the time, let alone even hearing that particular word before, what Doreen did after that, and then what I did in addition to that, had I known at the time ... would have left me wanting to masturbate like crazy as good as things felt.

"Wanna see something kind of interesting?" She asked. I thought I already was. Sitting there on the edge of my bed actually looking at her boobs as she held them in her hands had been interesting enough. I was actually feeling a little light-headed and giddy.

"Sure. Like what?" Just the tone of voice she had used, along with my own response was like this secret signal we had whenever we were about to share something that we both knew without going into specifics, was to remain a well-guarded secret between us.

I remember her grinning, wickedly I might add. A look on her face I honestly don't recall ever seeing before. Not like this one anyway. She walked over to stand directly in front of me. And as she did that, she reached down and started rubbing each one of her nipples with her finger-tips. "Watch this."

I watched. Fascinated, excited ... though I didn't know why at the time, not to mention a little anxious and afraid and yet so totally mesmerized by what she was doing, that I could have watched her do it forever. "Wow!" I clearly remember saying. I sat there watching her nipples actually harden and grow. I saw how her areola's which were a light pink in color, started to pucker and crinkle up, actually growing a bit smaller, though her nipples themselves sure as hell didn't. They both got fatter and a bit longer, though even that wasn't the best part of what was to come yet.

"I like doing this to them," she shared with me. "It feels ... tingly good," she blushed laughing a bit. I automatically reached down doing the same to my own nipples, though I'm not sure I really felt much of anything at the time. Sure, I had touched them before of course, exploring them as to how they looked more than anything, as opposed to doing anything to them in order to make myself feel good. But then again, I was on brand new ground here too. "Go ahead, if you want to," she told me.

"Do what?" I had asked nervously, though knowing full well what she'd just implied in asking me that. But I wanted to also make sure I had heard her right, and not go leaping to any conclusions about what we were actually doing here. Again, this had that "naughty" feel to it for some reason, which was a new emotion that I would soon embrace as often as possible after this.

"Touch them. See how they feel. See how yours will feel before too long. Just like mine I bet."

I reached out, running my fingers over and around those hard little nipples. It was amazing, how different they felt from my own. Indeed twin little prick-points as I think of them now, small nubbins of flesh that were rubbery hard, and felt interesting to touch as I allowed my fingers to pass back and forth over the top of them.

"Go ahead Shell, pinch them a little. Not too hard, pull on them some ... like this," she now instructed, showing me. Which I did, surprised that it didn't seem to hurt when I did that, especially again by the look on her face as I continued to do that for a moment more. Finally she sat down next to me on the bed. And then before I realized it, she was helping me take my tee shirt up and over my head so that we were now laying back on my bed with nothing but our panties on.

Again, I don't think my breasts were as mature enough yet to be doing (or even feeling) as good as hers were, but I have to admit, they felt different, though I am sure that was by in large to having someone else pulling on them and playing with them a bit. They certainly didn't get all crinkly hard like hers had, my "puffy nipples" seemed to fatten up a bit more than usual yes. And yes, it felt good too. Again, that "naughty" sensation that you knew damn good and well, if mom had come walking in on us while we were laying there on my bed like that, would have caused a major uproar, and no doubt grounded me for life. Thankfully, that didn't happen. Though the fear of it was enough, and the sudden onslaught of guilt at the little we had done, that finally caused me to pull back a bit. More out of confusion about what I was feeling more than anything I think. And it would be a while before Doreen and I ever engaged in any further activities with one another again. Though that too would eventually happen. But not for nearly another year yet.

A couple of months went by before anything else actually happened that I can say officially made my "first-times" list. But there was no denying that this one certainly did. I finally saw my first hard cock. Sure, I'd seen a penis before, by accident obviously a few times, but never one like this. Hard. And though it also happened to be my very own brother's cock, it was the first one I had ever really seen like this. And the image of it, and the circumstances surrounding it, stayed with me for a very long time after this. And it was only the beginning.

Summer vacation had started a couple of weeks back. So my brother Danny and I were pretty much left to fend for ourselves during the day, as both of our parents worked. I was involved in a summer soccer league, so had headed off to practice that morning. However, upon arrival, we all learned that some idiot had left the sprinklers on all night long, so the field was damn near flooded, and impossible for us to practice on. Needless to say, coach cancelled practice and sent everyone home. It was only a twenty minute walk for me, though I was admittedly bummed out. It meant having an entire afternoon a head of me, no doubt fighting with Danny over what to watch on the TV. With him being two years older than I was, there wasn't much chance I'd have my way, especially if he was in the middle of watching something. As I usually did, I came in the back way. The family room/den being at the opposite end of the house, so it was always difficult to hear anyone coming home if one happened to be down there at the time. Sure enough, when I entered, crossing through the kitchen, and then into the hallway, standing for a moment trying to decide if I should just go on upstairs to my room, or head down to the den where I now knew Danny was, I could hear something on the TV. However, what I heard wasn't something I was used to hearing, nor was I totally sure of what I was hearing either. But again, my sixth-sense told me that whatever it was Danny was watching, was probably something he shouldn't be. And maybe in a way, the porn movie he had on could also qualify as one of my "first-times" for that too, and though I only vaguely even remember seeing it, glancing at it ... it wasn't that so much as it was what my brother was currently doing as I snuck down the stairs.

The TV was located at the opposite wall from across the door. We had a large "L" shaped couch, so I was pretty sure of where Danny would be sitting as I entered the landing and crept quietly down the hall towards the open door. Peering through the crack in the door as opposed to actually peering around the door itself, still gave me an excellent view of where he was, and what was actually taking place. Like I said, I just barely glanced towards the TV itself, which was much harder to see at this angle. Just enough to know that what he was watching, had a lot of naked people involved. But that wasn't wear my interest was suddenly drawn to. It was seeing what he was currently doing to his cock. My first ever experience, actually seeing a very hard stiff cock, even though it happened to be my brothers at the time.

Danny was obviously too engrossed in the movie and what he was doing at the moment to worry about anything else. Mom and dad wouldn't be home from work for hours yet, and soccer practice for me, assured him he had well over an hour or more before I was due to come home again. Surprise, surprise. Initially, after satisfying my own morbid curiosity that he was indeed up to something, I was still somewhat in a state of shock at what I was seeing, and almost turned heading back up stairs to my room again. The thing was, seeing "it", especially since I'd never ever seen one like this before, was too much of a temptation for me. And I was now curious as to what he was doing to himself ... and why. OK, so I had a "little" knowledge (again thanks to Doreen) that guys "jacked off" something she had told me only a few days ago in fact. So it was pretty ironic, that I had come home to find my own brother doing just that. (And I still didn't know what the word masturbation was at this time either.) All I knew was, was that sometimes guys jerked, or jacked themselves off whenever they got horny. (Horny for me, was that "naughty" feeling, which I was feeling now!) I remained hidden behind the door, peeping through the crack, just wide enough to get a reasonable glimpse at what was going on, though eventually getting bold enough to cautiously ease the door a bit more open than it was, thus widening my crack just a little. Again, Danny was way too involved in the movie, and the pleasure he was bringing to his prick to worry about anything else. And I was damn good and careful not to make any sound while standing there either. I honestly believe that for a moment, I was holding my breath. Eventually, after the initial nervous/fear passed, excitement and arousal once again took over. And this time there really was arousal, which came in the form of my young virginal pussy actually getting a bit moist (which I would explore at length a bit later). However, at the moment, it was just about looking in, secretly spying on Danny, prepared to bolt (as quietly as possible) in a heartbeat if I had to. At least the noise and sounds coming from the TV would have masked any minor noise, or even breathing I was making, which admittedly was becoming harder and harder for me to control. All the grunts, groans and moans, seemed to accompany the way Danny was stroking his dick, pausing occasionally, just sitting there holding on to it. And then just as suddenly, pounding it up and down fast and furiously, as though imagining he was doing whatever to one of the women, that he was doing to himself. It was honestly fascinating, especially as I have to say, my brother had a fairly nice-sized cock, that I would (much later) have something to compare it to, and thus reconfirm my earlier assumptions.

I almost gasped. Hearing Danny as he sat there, moaning now himself, and then hearing him say, "Oh fuck!" Wasn't something I had expected to hear coming out of his mouth. Even dad, the few times he'd absentmindedly spoken the word in front of us, had received an immediate disapproving look from mom. A word I had never once heard her utter in front of us (not until many years later). So hearing Danny actually say it, was yet again a bit of another shock to me, but it had simply added another level of "horniness" to the situation that I hadn't anticipated. That, and then watching him pour what was obviously some baby-oil that he'd gotten out of the bathroom we shared, and began really lavishing his dick with it. Now, not only could I hear the TV, and Danny's even deeper moans and groans as he pleasured himself, but the sound of his now very slippery, very slick cock as he continued to stroke it up and down. It was one of the most decadent sounds I had ever heard, and it thrilled me to no end to be standing there watching him, hearing this, and yes wondering what was no doubt about to happen. (And no, I had no real clue there either, and nor had Doreen ... until I told her what I saw.) All we knew was, guys jacked/jerked off until they felt good. Whatever that meant. So I was standing there waiting to see if he would indeed soon feel good, or whatever, which by the weird sudden grimace on his face told me he'd be feeling very soon now.

And then I was seeing something the likes of which I hadn't expected. And not only that, but then Danny said the word "fuck" again, only like four or five times in rapid succession, and as he did, I stood there watching this white cream suddenly shooting out of the end of his dick like a fountain erupting. Several of them in fact, which shot up, and then began landing everywhere, or so it seemed anyway. And Danny didn't seem to care less that he was, or where it was landing, which included the couch. He was too lost in his obvious pleasure to care about that, that much was for certain. But I too was just as much amazed by what I was actually witnessing, though I also remember asking myself while seeing him do that.

"What the ... fuck ... just happened?"

I was now more anxious than ever to go pay my best friend a little visit. I had something special to tell her, and share with her. And as it would turn out, it would prove to be another interesting afternoon, when I would finally find out and discover what the word Masturbation meant, what sperm was, and that of course filled in a few of the blanks I'd actually been wondering about.

As I would soon find out, computers and the Internet, opened up a brand new world for me. At the time however, neither Danny or I could afford one. Luckily, Doreen's father did, and very often allowed her to use it whenever she'd done home work. (No wonder she got almost straight A's in school!) Excited as all get out, I called to see if she was home ... and alone, which thankfully she was. I told her I had something secret to tell her about, and needed her help in getting some additional information. Needless to say, she was as anxious and excited to hear about it as I was to tell her. Though even when I did tell her what I had seen, I think at first she thought I was joking around with her. She quickly realized I wasn't however, which is when we then got on line, and though (at the time) we didn't dare access any porn sites (not even sure we'd have known how to back then) we were able to access "dictionary" type definitions, and even some on line manuals regarding specific kinds of subject matter. We spent the next hour looking up specific words, finally finding out their meanings, and more importantly, the what, how and why the white stuff I saw shooting out of Danny's cock, which suddenly made a whole lot of sense to me.

"Now I'm really horny!" Doreen confessed. "I can't believe you stood there and watched Danny jacking himself off. Even more importantly, that you actually saw his cock shooting sperm too!"

Once again, she had that funny look in her eyes, but I sort of got the same impression from her that I did as well.

"Come on, I want to show you something else I've recently discovered," she informed me, taking my hand in hers, racing up to her bedroom. The problem was, only her dad worked, her mom had gone out shopping to the grocery store, so we had no real idea when she might be home again. Whatever Doreen was about to show me had an air of danger attached with it. I somehow knew that what was about to happen, or hopefully happen however, felt like one of those really "naughty" tingly moments. I was damn fucking horny after everything I'd seen, and everything we'd found out about. And it was now obvious to me, that Doreen had yet another surprise in store for me as well.

Slipping into her room, though she in fact had to leave the door open as it was the only for sure way we would hear it if and when her mom came home, Doreen unabashedly stripped right down there in front of me! It was the first time I had ever seen her completely naked. Aside from the fact I got to see her far more mature tits again, I now saw what was obviously her pussy, a thin fine layer of dark fur covering it, not too bushy or really hairy, or anything like that. And somewhat surprisingly, not that far off from my own at this point. I too had a wisp of hair now covering my own feminine mound, not quite as much perhaps as she did, and certainly not nearly as dark, as the rug matched the curtains as they say. But ... at least looking at her, and as she soon looked at me, I had nothing to be ashamed of.

"So Shell, do you masturbate yet? Are you?"

Now that I was more familiar with the term, and what it actually meant, I was still in the dark as to what a girl did when it came to masturbation. Now, I know, silly as this may sound, and yes ... I had in fact touched myself on occasion, especially while standing in the shower, or taking a bath. But that had always been one of those "touch it - leave it" kind of interesting sensations that for whatever reason, I never thought of pursuing much beyond that. Now, here I was, half sitting, half laying on the bed as Doreen actually lay back, spreading her legs, with my face literally only a foot or so away, glued to her very exposed pussy as she sat there touching herself, and telling me what it was she was doing, and how it felt.

It was obvious she was enjoying it, though once again, I also think there was something about her doing that with me watching her, that got her even more excited. I'd never seen my best friend this randy, this horny before. And it was of course making me that way too.

"Go on Shell. Hurry. Take your clothes off, and do what I'm doing," she told me. "Before mom comes back."

Once again, that added element of excitement and danger seemed to intensify the moment for the two of us, not to mention that I was about to embark on my first true sexual experience of any real kind up until now. Though again, unfortunately, at the time resulted in nothing more than feeling really good as we both sat there, me watching Doreen, doing to myself whatever she did, but never quite getting to that special place, the way she eventually did. I think I was simply a bit too nervous even then to actually relax, and discover what it was that brought about having an actual orgasm. Watching Doreen actually climax was almost a bit freaky. Seeing her thrash about there on the bed, her fingers swirling rapidly around her clit as she played with it, had me wishing and yearning I was doing the same. Having almost made up my mind to do it, no matter what, is about the time we heard the door to the downstairs kitchen open, and her mother calling up to her. Needless to say, our time came to an end, but I later experimented at home later on that evening for quite some time. Once more however, as good as I made myself feel, and as fun as it was ... I still hadn't figured out what it took yet to actually experience my first orgasm. That actually didn't happen until a few weeks later. And then when it did, it was brought about almost accidentally in a way. And the thing was, after that, I never did look back. I think I honestly became addicted to masturbation after I found out how it was truly meant to feel.

Both Danny and I had specific chores assigned to us to do during the week. Mine was dusting and vacuuming, which I usually did on Wednesday as it was the one day we didn't have soccer practice. But the really nice thing was, Danny couldn't stand to hear me doing that, so he usually left to hang out with his friends on Wednesdays, which also served the purpose of leaving me plenty of alone time. As such, it felt nice (yeah, and again a bit naughty too) to simply wear a pair of panties, and maybe an old tee shirt and nothing else whenever I did that. Mom had an old "Hoover" vacuum, that I swear had been around for as long as I remember, which is what I used. It was heavy, and hard to lug around the house, especially up the stairs. But, doing my chores, and doing them right, kept me in pocket money, so it was worth the additional effort. I was doing the living room area as usual, and stopped when I had pushed the vacuum towards the bottom of the living room couch. The noise it made, immediately telling me it had grabbed onto something it perhaps shouldn't have. I leaned forward, simultaneously pulling the vacuum back and away, when the incidental contact surprised the hell out of me. After I had cleared the vacuum, turning it on again, and ensuring that it was still functioning properly, I was now however intrigued by what I had just felt a few moments ago. I actually sat down on the couch, placing the handle of the vacuum against my mound, and once more turned the almost ancient contraption back on again. There was just enough of a vibration up through the handle to stimulate me, pleasure me. And thus doing so in such a magnificent way, that I knew without any doubt, if I continued to sit there and do this, I was sure as hell going to feel something. Which obviously, I did!

Suffice it to say, that moment in time for me opened the door to exploring myself and finding a myriad of ways to get off. Though one of my favorites early on, was simply laying beneath the water faucet in the bathtub, and feeling the water as it pounded down on my pussy and clit. It was nice just laying there and let something else do all the work. And though I had indeed enjoyed the mini-vibration of the vacuum cleaner handle, I was at the time unaware of actual "vibrators" themselves. So the water for me back then, became my most favorite way of masturbating.

Once again, jumping a head a few month's. And though there was much I did and enjoyed during this time, the next "first time" moment for me came about a year later when I first saw anyone actually fuck. And once again, it was my own brother Danny and his then girlfriend, whose name I honestly now can't remember. He didn't date her very long, long enough I suppose, as I never did think her all that attractive looking. What she did have however, was enormous breasts, so I am fairly certain that's why Danny started seeing her in the first place.

It was during the holiday season. Mom and dad had gone to a company office party, and would be spending the night in town at a hotel as opposed to driving home afterwards, since there would no doubt be a lot of drinking. I had gone out to dinner and a movie with Doreen, coming home late, sort of on purpose as Danny had in fact warned me earlier that he'd invited his big-titted girlfriend over that evening. I was aware, or at least had my suspicions they were indeed having sex. But this was the first time I was fairly confident, that with mom and dad away for the evening, as well as me being out, that they would no doubt take advantage of the situation. Even then I certainly wasn't expecting to see what I saw upon my arrival home that evening.

I walked up the drive of our home heading towards the back door. As I did, I happened to glance over in the downstairs window of the basement where my brother's room was. Obviously there was a light on, but the angle of the blinds allowed me to actually get a pretty decent look inside the room. I stopped, standing just outside the window-well peering in, and saw the two of them on my brother's bed. They were currently engaged in a "69" with one another, Danny ... was eating a woman's cunt! Now that again was something I had only imagined, though Doreen and I had in fact discussed it once, but neither one of us had had anyone do that to us of course, nor did either one of us think that something like that would be happening any time soon either. But ... here I was, watching my brother eating out this woman's cunt, and it got me hotter than hell! That was when I actually climbed down into that basement window well for a better and closer look through the blinds. Once situated, I actually undid my jeans, pulling those along with my panties down around my knees and proceeded to finger-fuck myself, all the while watching the two of them. Eventually, they changed positions, and Danny fucked her doggy-style from behind. I had visions, and fantasies as to how that might feel having seen this. I had in fact used and played with various objects myself, none of which I had ever used to actually penetrate myself with, though I had gotten close. Silly as it may sound, when the time came for me to actually lose my virginity, I wanted it to be with a man, and not some inanimate object I had used on myself. So I was always very, very careful about taking things too far. The thing was however, once again seeing my own brother's hard stiff cock as he plowed in and out of this young girls cunt, made me both a little jealous, and envious of him. And if nothing else, made me even more determined now than ever that I needed to finally touch, feel and play with a real cock of my own.

And that would come in the most unusual, unexpected of ways a couple of months later.

Every year for as long as I could remember, mom would take a week, sometimes two, to drive down and stay with her sister and help her out around the small farm, and I mean small farm that she owned. Usually, Danny would accompany us as well, but this particular year, he was working a fairly good part-time job, and couldn't afford to quit, so he opted out of going. My Aunt had divorced (who I thought was a bit of a pervert in the first place) a couple of years back. My Uncle Dick (yes, that was his name, and I used to think of him as a perverted dick too, the way he'd always stare at me whenever I was around him.) I was just glad he wasn't around to stare at me now, especially as I was indeed filling out quite nicely at this point. And admittedly, I was also anxious to see my cousin, a year younger than I was, but as mature looking in appearance and attitude, perhaps even more so than my older brother Danny. Eric was also tall, well muscled from working out on their farm. They had chickens, a few pigs, two cows and even a couple of horses that I enjoyed taking for a ride whenever we weren't busy doing "chores" and helping out around the place while we stayed there. It wasn't exactly a vacation either, there was always plenty of work to do, long days that very often left me exhausted at night. But my Aunt Joanne was one hell of a cook, so I always looked forward to her amazing breakfast (even if it was always served promptly at five in the morning) and her likewise amazing dinners. I could always count on putting on a few pounds during our visit there.

I think that in hindsight, there had always been this flirtatious attraction between the two of us growing up, though Eric and I had never done, or said anything to further that. It was just there. Sure, we teased one another a bit, occasionally tossed out suggestive innuendos and such, but that was about as far as it usually went. That and the fact that Danny was very often around as well had kept things in check, or I had very often wondered if things might indeed have happened between us, prior to this particular visit.

It was on our third nights stay when once again, a major "first-time" experience happened for me. It was late in the afternoon. Eric had gone out to the barn to clean and muck up the stables, lay down some fresh hay for the horses. I'd been in the kitchen with mom and my aunt rolling out dough for some pies we were making, when they suggested I go out and see if Eric needed any help as my Aunt wanted to get the pies in, and dinner started soon after. I headed out towards the barn, initially not seeing my cousin until I heard noise coming from up in the hayloft. It was a sound I was vaguely familiar with, though one I hadn't ever heard coming from my cousin before. Quiet as a mouse, I slowly climbed the ladder until I was able to peer up and over the top rung. Across the way, Eric was sitting on one of the bales of hay that was stacked up there, an open magazine of some sort sitting there in front of him, and sure enough ... jacking off his cock. I thought briefly about simply heading back down again, but as I hovered there looking on, my earlier desires and hopes suddenly took over. He might have been my own cousin, but it was now or never the way I saw it. This chance, this opportunity might not come again any time soon, and I sure as hell wasn't about to pass it up either. And besides, I was pretty sure that Eric wouldn't freak out when he soon discovered that his older, sexy (at least I now thought I looked sexy) wanted to actually play with his cock.

The thing was, I didn't want to freak him out either. Though I was pretty sure things would go fairly smoothly once he saw me, it was getting through that initial stage of me catching him playing with himself that posed the problem. The answer came in the form of me undoing the halter-top I had on, and tossing it up and over into the loft. When he saw that, he immediately turned in my direction of course, his hands automatically trying to cover up his erection, all the while calling out to me.


I appeared over the ladder, boobs showing, a smile on my face.

"Jesus Shelly, what the hell?" He started to turn in an obvious attempt to pull up his pants before I could see anything, though I immediately stopped him from doing so of course.

"No don't!" I challenged. "I want to see it Eric, I want to have a nice good look at your penis." (Yes, at the time, I thought it far more appropriate in calling it by that name, as opposed to something a bit more vulgar or obscene.) Hearing his cousin telling him that she actually wanted to see his dick, and especially as she was obviously willing to let him have a nice close look at her bare breasts as she did, sort of sealed the deal.

He turned back around, staring at me, mouth open, his eyes now firmly locked on my boobs, though mine were just as focused on his hard stiff cock, which I thought in comparison, actually looked a bit thicker, perhaps harder, though maybe not quite as long as Danny's was. Even so, it was the first real cock I had ever seen quite this close as I now sat across from him on that hay bale.

"Can I?" I asked, already reaching out to touch it. Which he said nothing about either way, only groaning as I actually wrapped my hand around his steely firm softness, taking delight in the sensation of what it now felt like to me, to finally get to actually touch one.

As I did that, he likewise reached out to toy with my tits, again without asking permission, though I think having bared them for him in the first place had already done that. It felt heavenly, having him playing with them too, and though somewhat rougher, a bit more awkward perhaps than the way Doreen had touched them in the past, it felt even better, far naughtier for some reason. Though again, sitting up in the hayloft, the danger and excitement of what we where now doing simply adding to that. I loved playing with his cock, and began exploring it in ways I had only fantasized, and dreamed about. Unfortunately, I think Eric had long been entertaining many of those same thoughts, not to mention well on his way to having an orgasm by the time I appeared in the loft.

"Fuck Shelly, keep doing that, and you'll make me cum!" He grimaced almost apologetically. The way I saw it, this was only the beginning of things to come, literally and figuratively speaking, and besides, at the moment, that was exactly what I did want to do, and see. Make my cousin's prick spurt, so I continued working it, pumping it, and even began talking dirty to him about it, which was something else I had quickly discovered about myself. I enjoyed talking dirty, really dirty, whenever I got this excited or aroused.

"God you've got one fucking hard dick Eric!" I announced stroking and squeezing it, enjoying the fat dribble of pre-cum that I managed to produce, now smearing that, and using it to further stimulate his prick with. Once again he moaned deeply, loudly, his eyes closing just a bit as he leaned back, my hands working his prick up and down now, slowly ... methodically. "You gonna cum for me baby?" I asked. "I want to see you squirt Eric, I want to watch your cum shooting out of this nice hard cock of yours. Would you like to cum all over my tits? Want to see your cum splashing all over these nice big boobs of mine?"

Ok, so maybe they weren't as big as Danny's girlfriend's were, or even my Aunts for that matter (as she had fairly big tits herself) but hearing me say that, and maybe in Eric's eyes, they were plenty big enough, he managed to open them, looking down, just as I was, as that first (of many) amazing cock-spurts began saturating my tits.

"Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah baby, yeah! Keep squirting, keep cumming baby, that's it, cum all over my fucking tits!"

Did he ever!

What I really liked, and enjoyed afterwards, was that Eric wasn't in any big hurry to cover up or put things away after that either. Not only that, he reached out once again, this time massaging my breasts which were covered in his hot sticky cream, enjoying it as he did so, which I certainly did too of course. It was extremely erotic, very sensual to me to have them played with that way, using his own cum to enhance the stimulation and sensations. Time was of the essence however, so I knew we couldn't dawdle much longer up here, either my aunt or mom could come looking for us if we didn't head back inside before too long.

"I want to do this again, and soon too!" I informed him, putting on my top again, though enjoying the feel of my rapidly drying, caked cum-covered tits as I did that.

"Yeah, me too," he grinned sheepishly. "That was ... fucking hot! And you're ... fucking hot too!" He added to that, which I think in a way, was my first ever real compliment from a boy.

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