People:the Village Vampire

by Luvirini

Copyright© 2011 by Luvirini

Fantasy Story: “People” is a series of stories about people in Myaasia. Some are in journal form, others are told by by the person him/herself and some are told by others. The people described all somehow cross paths with the characters in the main stories and thus support those stories. This is the story of Neseric Boro and how he became a village vampire in the journal found by Luvirini.

Tags: Fiction   Violent  

The events described start about the same time as Luvirini's story. Only relevant parts are reproduced to leave out much pointless whining by the original writer.

Year twelve of ninth period of owl

Thirty-second Sunday

I really should have learned to keep my mouth shut around idiots who have high rank. Of course when your title is "head of survey in Magnimar county" you are apparently allowed to be a drooling idiot that is likely not capable of signing his own name.

The fine "Reorganization for greater efficiency" plan he had approved forced everyone to work harder to accomplish the same. When he asked for comments on how to improve it at the end of survey year party last week, I was drunk enough to answer honestly. Though the part about pushing it where the sun does not shine might have been a bit over the top.

So here I am, destined to do a full land tax survey of twelve villages during the rainy season when everyone else in the survey service is inside drawing maps from last summer's survey data.

Thirty-fourth Friday

One miserable thorp in middle of nothing surveyed, eleven more to go. If I survive this ordeal I will make sure to transfer to some other county or duchy to get away from the idiot.

Forty-seventh Monday

Only one week until I can take my two weeks free time at end of year in some semi civilized place. I need to be finished with the miserable backwater thorp and get back to civilization as fast as possible. If I finish this survey fast I might stretch that free time a few days and no one will notice.

I guess it will be few long days, but it will be nice to go to a real theater to see some quality play.

Forty seventh Thursday

Almost done, if I stretch my day today I should be able to start my journey out from this hole tomorrow early, not one day too soon.

Forty-seventh Sunday

I have not written anything in few days as I have tried to come to grips with what happened to me. Hopefully this writing will help me formulate my thoughts.

I was doing last few measurements late last night when suddenly I felt compelled to look away from my instruments and stare at a strangely captivating face. It was a man in dark robe, with lifeless blood red eyes and a cold smile on his lips.

He said something like "You have been chosen to take over", came to me, opened his mouth, bit me in the neck and after initial pain I lost consciousness.

I do not know how long I was unconscious, but as I opened my eyes I found myself in a place that looked somewhat like a church, but the decor was all black and there was no windows.

Only light source seemed to be half a dozen candles, yet the whole place seemed to be fully lit.

I felt both strong and weak. Strong as in feeling more physically strong and fit than ever before. Weak as in feeling of verge of dying from hunger and thirst.

Just as I had gotten up, I felt a presence behind me and turned to look.

I saw the most charismatic man I have ever seen, dressed in full black. He was clearly shorter than me by almost a foot, but yet it felt somehow like he was much bigger.

He handed me a bowl with some thick dark liquid telling me that it would strengthen me.

As I drank it I felt my weakness leave, so I drank it all despite the somewhat unpleasant taste.

He then proceeded to give me the biggest shock of my life.

He told me that I was now a vampire.

After a moment he continued and told me that he had made me a vampire to become the village vampire instead of him.

Apparently vampires are bound to obey the vampire that created them and his creator had been the previous village vampire and tasked him to do it until he could find a suitable person to continue.

He then told me that since the village is really in middle of nowhere, finding a suitable person turned out much harder than he though, until I came along.

In the following two days he trained me in the basic skills of being a vampire and told me the most important things about the village.

He then left after having ordered me to be the village vampire until I could find, convert and train and suitable replacement.

Year one of ninth period of otter.

Second Thursday.

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