After the Rage

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: A story of rape and revenge. (See my blog.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape   Coercion   BDSM   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   .

A Story of Rape and Revenge

Carlotta Immanuelito worked late that Tuesday. If she hadn’t it might have all been different, but with fate in charge, it might not have. It’s a toss up. She closed down and headed out for her car in the garage and a late dinner before home, tv and bed.

She worked as an assistant accountant and was pleased with her job. But then Carlotta was simply pleased. She had a green card, and would tell anyone who was interested that she did and was working, legally, toward citizenship in her adopted country.

She fashioned herself as a ‘career woman’ and was not looking constantly for romance. She kept to herself but for a few ‘friends’ among the women with whom she worked.

She had lovely dark hair and a very pleasing figure, that ran a little to plump but she frequently exercises to keep the ‘plumpness’ under control.

She took the short walk to the garage and ascended to the third level, where her car was. Her mind was occupied with thoughts about where exactly she’d have her dinner that night. It was as she was engrossed in thinking about dinner, when she heard the first call:

“Chica! Hey, Chica!”

It startled her and she turned to see two guys walking toward her across the almost empty garage.

Then came the second call: “Hey, bitch! We’re talking to you!”

She looked at the approaching guys in a panic and then her head swiveled around and saw that her car was going to be too far away for her to get there, get it unlocked and started before they caught up with her. She made and instant decision and began to sprint toward the other exit ramp, as fast as her extremely high heeled black shoes would allow.

“Don’t run, honey,” One of them said, as they continued to pursue her but didn’t run themselves.

She was looking frantically over her shoulder at them, advancing on them but she knew that she’d make the exit ramp before they did. She began to hope. It was then that she head the other voices:

“Where you going in such a hurry, bitch?”

Her head now swiveled around to the front, where she saw two more of them coming up the exit ramp that she had been aiming for. She tried to change her direction. The only thing that she could think of now was indeed her car and she tried to move in that direction.

The two who’d been behind her had her cut off. The other two, the two who’d come up in front of her, up the exit ramp, were almost on her. In her panic she didn’t know what to do at all.

Then they had her surrounded. She looked at the grinning, leering faces frantically.

“What?” she said and only managed, beside that one word, another word: “Please?”

“Please?” a voice said, “Please, what, momma?”

She just shook her head ‘no’, not knowing, in her fear and panic, what she was even doing.

One of them slapped her face. It stopped her and focused all her thoughts.

“Please?” the voice said again. “Do you mean, ‘please fuck me?’, or ‘please let me suck your cocks?’ Is that it, momma? Is that what the please means?”

She just looked at them owl eyed. The one who’d done it before, slapped her face again.

“Answer us, you fuck!” he growled.

“No!” she whispered.

“No what?” he said.

“That’s not what the ‘please’ means!” she said as softly.

He slapped her again; it was enough to at least prompt her:

“I don’t mean ‘please fuck me’ or ‘please let me such your cocks’,” she said.

“Maybe be it’s ‘please hurt me?’ or ‘please strip me and beat my ass?’” she was asked.

“No!” she said quickly and, realizing that he was going to slap her again, went on:

“I don’t mean ‘please hurt me, ‘ or ‘please beat my ass’!”

“Good,” came the answer, “Then we’ll decide what’s going to happen. You’ll like that won’t you?”

“No,” she said softly, and he slapped her face, this time twice.

She was crying then but said obediently: “Yes, I’ll like that.”

“Thought so!” he said. “Now let me tell you how this is going to happen. Are you listening?”

She shook her head ‘yes’ and realized it was a mistake, almost immediately. He slapped her face.

“Yes,” she said desperately, “I’m listening.”

He pulled a knife and Carlotta involuntarily stiffened and kind of whimpered.

“Afraid bitch?” he asked, a sneer in his voice.

“Yes,” she said quickly and realized that she’d made a mistake. Her fear, her anxiety prompted her to make a correction immediately:

“I mean, yes, sir! I am afraid!”

“Better be, bitch!” he growled. “What’s your name?”

“It’s Carlotta Immanuelito, sir!” she said quietly.

“Didn’t hear you, cunt; want to get your face slapped again?” he yelled.

“No, sir,” she said quickly, tears running down her face, “I don’t want to get my face slapped again.”

“Then listen,” he said ominously. “Here’s the plan. If you don’t cooperate; if you’re not our good little girl, doing what she’s told and asking, asking very politely for the goodies that she wants, know what’ll happen?”

“No, sir,” she barely choked out between her sobs, “I don’t know what’ll happen.”

“Then I’m going to take your right nipple home with me! That’s what’ll happen,” he said with quiet menace.

Carlotta began to cry. Through her tears, she said softly but clearly:

“I will behave, sir, sirs! What you tell me to do, I’ll do. I’ll ask, nicely, politely for the goodies; I promise!”

“Good,” said, and pulled the crying woman into a kiss.

She flinched, involuntarily but obviously. He reacted immediately. Before Carlotta even know what was going to happen, one of them grabbed her by the arms and held her and the speaker punched her in the stomach. They let her collapse.

Then they hauled her up, still winded and struggling for breath and he punched her again. This time, they let her lie there.

One of them put his shoe on the side of her face. The speaker bent down and said to her, his face immediately in front of hers:

“Want to get hurt more, do we? What about that promise you just made, bitch?”

“I meant it,” she struggled to say. “Please let me show you; please. I’ll ask so nicely for the goodies! You’ll see.”

“Good,” he said, “Up then. Kiss, Carlotta!”

This time she made sure that she was ready; the fear, total fear was driving her. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him like it was their honeymoon night. As they kissed, someone was playing with her ass cheeks through her skirt. She moved her ass ever so slightly, to, hopefully encourage what was happening.

The kiss broke and he was smiling: “Better, our Carlotta, better.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said.

One touched her shoulder then and she knew what had to be done. The kiss, passionate as ever, was repeated with all three of the others there. It left her a little out of breath, when she was finished with the kisses.

They were all smiling, when the round of kisses was finished.

“Now, Carlotta,” he said to her, his hand stroking her face idly, which caused her to flinch and him to chuckle, “I want you to tell us, very nicely, very politely, that you want to play. Understand, Chica?”

“Oh, yes, sir,” She said, “I understand.” She then launched into what she hoped would be what they wanted:

“Sirs,” she began, “Since our fortuitous meeting here...”

“Fortuitous! Fuck!” one said and the leader cut him off:

“Shut it, fuck head; the lady’s talking!”

“Since our fortuitous meeting here,” she began again, “I thought it might be nice, pleasant, if we took a little time to play, maybe some nice games, passionate games; I hope I’m not being too forward in this, sirs.”

They laughed and clapped. The leader leaned in for a kiss and after an initial flinch, Carlotta pressed her lips to his.

“Very nice, girl!” he said. “Now I think that you should ask us, again very nicely, very politely, if you might strip for us.”

“Oh, yes, sir,” Carlotta said, beginning to almost shake, and knowing full well what was going to happen.

“Sirs,” she began again, “It might help our time together, the playing that we’re going to enjoy, if I were to maybe take off some of my clothes. Would that be okay? Would you mind terribly?”

“Good idea, Carlotta, honey,” one of them said with a snicker.

“Do it!” the leader said then.

This time she didn’t hesitate. She already knew full well, what would happen, were she to hesitate to do any of these things. In the back of her mind there was a kind of hope of getting away but she couldn’t see it. She couldn’t reach her car, and they were too far away in this garage to get away or attract, at this time, any attention. The only thing around, apart from her lonely car, was a kind of metal truck used to transport chairs. She knew she had to go through with this and hope for the best.

She began, amid their leering stares, to unbutton her blouse. She tried to project a smile for them, as she got it unbuttoned and spread it wide. She made a little show of it, and that seemed to please them. She held the sides of the blouse out wide, showing, in the process, her flat stomach and a lovely beige, lacy bra. It showed off her large breasts quite well, and also showed her nipples poking against the material of the bra.

“Sexy, Carlotta!” one said, and the others agreed.

She had the blouse off now and, after saying a quick ‘thank you’, looked at them for direction.

“Put it into your car,” the leader said, “Back seat.”

He had her keys and with the remote, opened the locks of the car. She walked across the garage to the car, trying to swing her hips for them as she went.

“Nice ass, Carlotta!” one said.

She stopped and turned to say another ‘thank you’ for the comment.

The thought crossed her mind that if she were going to ‘get away’, it would have to be on a trip to the car, if they intended to send her to the car with every article of clothing. She was pretty much afraid to try, however.

She kind of sauntered back to where they were waiting for her, and then stood waiting for directions.

“What do you think, Carlotta?” a voice asked, “Skirt next or bra next?”

“I think,” she said softly, “That what is next is for you to decide and I will do what you wish.”

“Good girl!” the leader said, and then said to her: “Skirt!”

The one word command was enough. Carlotta, her face really red now from the embarrassment, reached for the zipper of her skirt and let it flutter to the ground. She turned a bit, showing them her ass, hoping it would please them, and bent over to pick up the skirt.

“Nice, nice ass!” was the general comment, when she was in the process of lowering the skirt and bending to retrieve it.

She held the skirt out and looked at them for instructions.

“Car!” the voice said.

Carlotta went to the car again, causing the same kind of stir among them that she had previously. She was still too afraid to make a break for it, and so sauntered back to where they were waiting.

“Turn, show!” the leader said, when she was back.

She began to turn, as she was told. Another voice broke in and said: “Arms and hands up in the air.”

She complied with this demand too.

“Let’s get basic here,” the leader said, “Panties and bra off!”

She hesitated a fraction of a second and she saw him begin to react and quickly took off her bra, to their obvious delight, and then skimmed the panties down her legs and off.

“Car!” she was told and she went to comply.

Then came the unplanned moment. She forever after couldn’t understand why she waited until she was naked except for her shoes but she didn’t think about doing it at the time, she just did it.

They were watching her turn to come back to them and she broke to the right, sprinting for the ramp down and out of the garage. There was a few seconds of hope, when she realized that she’d taken them by surprise. But the hope lived a short life and died fast, as they, with a corporate yell, began to chase her.

They caught her of course, over by the wall to the garage ramp, near the old green metal chair cart. She shrieked and was crying immediately from frustration, as a hand grabbed her by the hair and stopped her progress of running away.

“Cunt!” the leader said, slapping Carlotta’s face three times.

Arms grabbed her from behind and, before she had a chance to be ready for it, she was punched in the stomach again and sunk to the ground. They left her there this time.

“Stay there, cunt!” the leader said, and looking up, Carlotta saw them take small black tubes out of their pockets.

She moaned and ‘oh no’, when she saw that by flicking the tubes they turned into long thin rods.

“Oh, yes, Carlotta,” the leader said.

“You fuck with us and we’ll fuck with you; by the time we’re done here you’ll want to beg us to fuck you, beg us to stick our cocks in your mouth!”

“Please!” Carlotta whined but got only a “Shut the fuck up!” from him in return and she was quiet.

Then the world exploded. The first blow from the evil looking black sticks landed on Carlotta’s thigh, leaving an ugly red mark. She jumped and screamed.

“Shut her the fuck up,” the leader growled, and one of the others retrieved a bandana from his pocket and gagged Carlotta’s mouth with it.

Her eyes, as he tied the bandana around her mouth were as wide as owl eyes, the terror was on her. Her attempt at running away had been, in the last analysis, by instinct and now she knew she’d pay for the try. She shrieked against the bandana that was binding her mouth, as more of the four of them began to hit her about the side of her ass and her thighs with their ugly black weapons.

The beating went on for many minutes, unrelieved. Carlotta slowly lapsed into a kind of almost comatose state of terror and pain.

“You’re gonna behave now, Carlotta?” the leader asked.

She shook her head ‘yes’ immediately and fervently.

“You’re gonna ask to suck our cocks?” he asked then.

Again the ‘yes’ indication was total and immediate.

“You’re gonna let us fuck you Carlotta?” he asked.

On each of these occasions, as he asked her his questions, they, for emphasis, landed blows from their weapons on her ass, thighs and her tits and nipples.

She eagerly shook her head ‘yes’ again, in answer to his question.

“Any hole we want?” he asked then.

Carlotta’s head wagged a further ‘yes’.

“I thought so,” he said, lashing out with his black rod and leaving a large welt on the side of her ass cheeks.

Finally, she gave in to the pain totally, and, as they watched, and then laughed loud and long, pissed herself, leaving a puddle on the floor of the garage building.

“Fuckin’ bitch, pissed herself,” one of them said.

Carlotta only cried bitterly against the gag in her mouth.

“Time now, Carlotta,” the leader said, removing now the gag from her mouth.

“Thank you,” she said right away, and they laughed about her being polite with them.

“Ask now, Carlotta,” he said, “Ask politely or the ass kicking continues.”

She went on, as she knew she had to: “May I, would you let me, give you blow jobs?” she asked politely.

“You mean our girl Carlotta’s a cock sucker and wants to show us how she does it?” one asked.

“Yes, sir,” she said, “I am; I am a cocksucker and wish to show you. Please.”

“Okay,” the leader said, “If that’s what you want.”

“It is!” she assured them and they move in on her.

“Good,” the leader said,”Then I want you to ask each of us very politely, to let you suck our cocks. Do you fuckin’ understand, Carlotta?”

“Yes, sir,” she immediately assured them and began right away, since one of them was already standing in front of her.

“Why, sir,” she said softly, “How nice of you to pay attention to me; would you please let me suck your cock?”

“Why,” he said with mock surprise, “Are you Carlotta Immanuelito, the famous cock sucker?”

“Yes, sir, I am,” she said.

“Then say it, be proud of it,” he said poking Carlotta, who didn’t hesitate but said:

“I am, I’m Carlotta Immanuelito the famous cock sucker!”

They all got a chuckle out of that.

What happened then did not resemble so much a woman giving blow jobs, as a gang fuck of a woman’s mouth.

They came at her, all four of them standing around. The cocks were of different sizes but all stiff and ready for her.

Carlotta knew that she was only so-so on giving blow jobs but she was struggling here to not keep being hurt.

They knocked her hands out of the way, growling at her to ‘get her fuckin’ hands behind her head’. Calatta complied with every order and immediately had her hands behind her head.

Then they fairly assaulted her mouth, holding her by the ears, by hanks of hair and forcing themselves into her throat, with her constantly gagging and drooling and making distress noises, noises which only spurred them on.

She clamped her eyes closed only to have her face slapped with the demand that she open her eyes and watch them. With tears streaming down her face, she complied with that order also. She kept her eyes wide open and watched as each prick in turn presented itself for the assault on her mouth and throat.

It was all that she could do, through this, to keep from throwing up, and they had her gagging constantly. They knew enough to back off a little when she gagged, and slowly it seemed that they were penetrating beyond her gagging.

With her mouth constantly filled this way, she was drooling spittle down her chin, until it ran down onto her chest and out to her nipples a bit.

They didn’t make any movement to do her in groups at first. Each of them seemed determined to watch as another one used her mouth.

Her jaw was getting sore and the only noise that she made, or could make, during that time was a kind of muted “Uh, uh, uh, uh!”

“Like your conversation,” Carlotta,” one of them said, and they all laughed.

“Hey but she shouldn’t be talkin’ with her mouth full!” another said, with, again, laughter.

“Cunt has a usable mouth! I will say that,” the latest one to fuck her face said.

Finally, finally, the fourth one came, pulling out at the last moment and cumming on her face.

“Clean it off! Eat it!” he demanded.

And the hapless woman ran her fingers along her cheek and chin and eye brow, cleaning off the cum and stuffing it in her mouth.

“Now you get to thank us, Carlotta!” the leader said.

She looked up at them; her eyes running with tears, cum stains still on her face, her mascara running down her face and said a miserable:

“Thank you very much.” Then, barely more hopefully: “Can I go now?”

This elicited only laughter from the group.

“Go! Carlotta, are you a comedienne? We’re not fucking finished yet!” the leader said.

“No,” another voiced chimed in, “We’re not finished fucking yet!”

They all laughed and she cried.

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