Sue Cheated on Me

by maxmarieuk

Copyright© 2011 by maxmarieuk

True Sex Story: I shared Sue and usually watched - this is the true story of how she cheated on me.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   NonConsensual   True Story   Slut Wife   Rough   Anal Sex   .

Last year my wife had a fling with another man. This may not sound so unusual but it was for us as we had previously only involved other people when we were together, having had a threesome with another man and swapped with two other couples.

She told me she had met someone in the course of her work and that he had propositioned her. This in itself was not unusual but what was unusual was that she wanted to take him up on it and in this instance, I would not be involved and she asked for my permission to proceed.

To be honest, I was very surprised and initially upset as it was contrary to everything we had agreed ie that neither of us would ever get involved with someone else unless we did it together. Sue used the argument that if you keep a bird caged you cannot call it your own - only by letting it free and having it return could you be sure it was really yours. After a lot of cajoling from Sue and her promise to share with me but after the event this time, I agreed and I must admit that I derived some pleasure from the arrangement.

It appeared that the man (she would not tell me his name although I subsequently found out as I shall explain) had a reputation with women. He was a wealthy businessman who had the use of a flat in central London where he took women. Although he spent a lot of time chasing after women, he did not have a high opinion of them and Sue's intention was to show him that she was better than anyone he had experienced before and to make him change his view of women who enjoyed sex. I smiled about this – thinking she is trying to prove she is different while all the time he has solid proof that she is just another slut, same as all the rest – the more she tries to make her point, the more he will enjoy my wife.

Anyway, I agreed on the condition that she would tell me when she was going to be with him so I did not wonder about where she was every day and we agreed that she could spend one day a month with him. This suited her as she could "lose" one day a month in London on business without anyone noticing.

The first day she spent with him I deliberately arranged a very full schedule so I would not have time to be thinking of her with this, at that stage, unknown man. When I got home that night, she was already home but a girlfriend had called and it was a little time before we could get rid of her. I took Sue straight up to bed and undressed her and lay beside her. I could still smell their sex and when I made love to her I was surprised to be able to feel his spunk still inside her.

What surprised me most was that it was cold whereas I would have expected it to be warm. She told me how she had been met at the station by Fred (as we agreed to call him) in his Jag who then took her to the flat. He had arranged for the housekeeper for champagne and food to be ready for them and that they would not be disturbed for the day. I know what she told me was true because Sue talks in her sleep when she has had a lot to drink. Not only does she talk but she answers questions but has no recollection next morning. I know this sounds strange but I promise you its true. As a result, I got to know Fred's name and where the flat was before Sue realised that I knew. However, to keep his name out of it, I shall continue to call him Fred.

Sue will normally only experiment if I am there so she can let myself go without any worries but in this case she told me there was something about Fred that made her want to go ahead on her own and see whether she could beat him at his own game. She had put on a pair of silky French knickers and a lacy bra under her business blouse and suit and drove to the station to get the train to London, arriving about mid morning. She had arranged to go to the front of Waterloo station where Fred would be waiting for her in his car. He had been very blunt about what he wanted - a day of sex with her. This was partly what appealed to her, a man who knew what he wanted and should be experienced enough to do it properly. He was quite dominant which again appealed to her as she liked the man (or men) to be in charge so she had no choice but to go along with whatever they tell her to do.

She told me about the day :

I read my magazine on the train but found it hard to concentrate. I felt like a whore on my way to an assignment - I had often said that I would not have minded being a high class call girl but it would have to be high class with well groomed men in luxurious surroundings. I am sufficiently confident of what I do to believe that I would have been successful. Anyway, as I got out of the train and walked to the front, my heart rate went up in anticipation. It is always exciting starting a new relationship as everyone is different and its fun exploring each other's bodies and doing things a little differently.

Fred was there in his car and he leaned over and opened the door for me - I noted that he had not bothered to get out to open the door for me but passed no comment. As I sat down he said "you look great - I wasn't sure whether you would keep to the arrangement or not." He then seemed to test me by being deliberately crude. "You know why we are here. I want to fuck the arse off you" and he patted my thigh as he drove out of the station.

I decided to play slightly submissive and did not say "I hope you are good enough to fuck the arse off me" as I was thinking but instead said "whatever you fancy." He grinned at this and drove fast through the traffic. Eventually we came to a car park belonging to a block of flats near Regents Park and he grabbed a briefcase and told me to follow him. He walked quickly to the lift and we went up to his flat. There was no hanky panky in the lift, he was very matter of fact until we went into the flat.

He put his briefcase in the hall and lead me into the lounge where a table was set with a buffet and empty glasses. Fred went to a fridge and came back with a bottle of champagne which he opened and filled the glasses. We both raised our glasses. "To sex" he said and I said "I'll drink to that."

After we had emptied our glasses he took control of the situation. "Since I last saw you I have been wondering what your body is like so now I'm about to find out. Get your clothes off so I can see what you've got" he told me.

My juices were beginning to run with the anticipation of a good day's sex with a man who seemed to know what he was about. I slipped my jacket off and draped it over the back of a chair. I unfastened my cuffs and then unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it from my skirt. I did not do the kind of strip-tease I would normally do for an audience as he did not seem to want that. He just wanted me to strip off so he could see me.

My blouse joined my jacket and I reached behind to unfasten my bra and slipped it off. As I dropped it on the chair I stood up straight so my breasts were thrust out slightly. I stood and waited for a response from him.

"Don't stop girl, I want to see you starkers" was all I got which surprised me a little as I was standing in high heels, naked to the waist. I kicked my shoes off and took off my skirt and pants before then standing in front of him stark naked.

Now he did take notice. I stood with my feet a little apart and hands on hips as I felt I had now shown how good my body was and I was challenging him to match me.

"I always get a kick out of seeing another man's wife stark naked, especially when she knows she is going to be fucked. Come here so I can feel you."

He was keeping up the masterful approach which amused me slightly but also aroused me as I like the man to take control of me.

With that I moved nearer to him. I wanted him to touch me. I wanted him to be rough with me and to take me crudely. I wanted to give myself to him to do whatever he wanted. He was enjoying his power over me and I got a real thrill from standing stark naked in front of a fully clothed man who I knew was going to fuck me later. I enjoyed his instructions to move this way or that, to turn, to bend over - this so he could see and feel how my breasts hung and then he kept me bending over while he went behind me to see what I looked like.

He kneeled down to get a full view of my fanny as I was bending over and I knew from photos that Dave has taken of me like that that my cunt and large lips look really crude from that angle so I felt good about him seeing me like this. He kept up his crude commentary. "Well girl, you've certainly got a cunt built for fucking by the look of it and your tits are delicious as well. I hope you fuck as well as you look." "I don't get many complaints" I told him.

As I stood there, he grabbed my breasts and squeezed them quite hard. He pinched my nipples which are large and were hard and prickly. He rolled them in his fingers then stepped back to look me all over. He walked around me, running his hands down my back and over my bottom before coming to the front again. He cupped my breasts and jiggled them in his hands, playing with me with a look on his face which dared me to complain or comment. He ran his hand down my stomach towards my cunt. I enjoyed his brusqueness and his crudity to me.

I enjoyed being there just for sex - it was so uncomplicated. This wasn't actually true - it was complicated in a way because he thought he was using me but did not realise that I was using him just as much if not more.

I wanted sex just as much as he did. I wanted to be dominated and treated crudely just as much if not more than he wanted to treat a woman like that. However, it was very simple in that I just played my role and enjoyed every moment of it.

"I like the way you have trimmed your hair short - makes it much easier to get at your cunt and its because of your cunt that you are here today. Talking of getting at your cunt, open your legs for me." I obliged. He ran his fingers down through my trimmed pubes and into my cunt.

"God you're wet. What a randy cow you are." He poked a couple of fingers into me quite roughly and sloshed them about so my juices made a noise. The feeling was exquisite. He was rough and in command but not too rough.

He stepped back. "Kneel down in front of me." I did. I knew what he wanted.

Without being asked I reached for his zip and pulled it down. I reached in for his cock but he held me back and unfastened his belt and dropped his trousers and pants and stepped out of them. His cock was not very long but quite thick. I have a large cunt and have taken some very big cocks in my time so size never bothers me but by choice I like a thick cock as it stretches my cunt and I can feel more.

I took his cock in my hand and sucked it, looking up and watching his face to see his reaction. His eyes closed and he moved his feet further apart to get his balance. I enjoy sucking a cock and gave him a good sucking until he pushed me away. Neither of us wanted him to come like that, not so soon.

He kicked his shoes off and quickly removed the rest of his clothes. I stood up. He was a large man, a little overweight but I would rather that than too thin. He was tanned and had nice smooth skin with a lovely fragrance which I did not recognise. He took my hand and lead me into the bedroom. There was a large bed with mirrored wardrobes along two sides of the room and a mirrored ceiling. This was obviously a room designed for sex. Later, when we were talking, he told me the room was shared between him and a friend who both used it to take their women to so it had definitely been designed for sex.

He pushed me onto the bed and lay beside me. We spent a long time exploring each other's bodies. He moved me around so he could touch and explore every little bit of me. He was deliberately posing me in positions which were crude. I felt like an animal on display and enjoyed it. I was happy to stretch my legs open for him to explore my cunt and pull my large lips open. Every man I have ever been with has commented on the size of my cunt lips and I am very proud of them. I can pull them open like a butterfly wing shape and did so for him.

After a while, he lay back and told me to get across him. He was big so my legs were stretched open a little uncomfortably when I sat across him but in a way this added to my pleasure. I opened my lips with one hand and guided his cock into me with the other and slowly lowered myself onto him. His thickness opened me easily and I settled in to a steady rhythm. I can use my vaginal muscles to milk a man and did this on him and he lay back in great pleasure as I did so.

After a while he took a more active role and reached up to grab my breasts. He squeezed them very hard now until I had to ask him to ease off. He seemed to enjoy having caused me pain and I realised that this turned him on.

I have a high pain threshold and can stand quite a lot of squeezing or smacking but I let him think it was worse than it was. He told me to get off and I lifted my leg over him. My inner thighs were strained a little and sore by now and I started to rub them.

"No time for that. I want you on your hands and knees now" he instructed me. I gladly obliged as I love to be fucked from behind. He grabbed my hips and I reached under for him and guided him into me. He rammed deep and started some serious fucking before coming. He collapsed and we had some more champagne.

He brought the buffet in and we ate with our fingers. We shared food and inevitably dropped food which the other would lick off until we were both covered in mayonnaise and salad dressing.

The he brought the sweets in and I had trifle spread over my breasts for him to lick off. The he dribbled cream down my body and into my cunt and he lay alongside me and licked this off.

I returned the compliment and licked cream from his cock and balls. We then went into the shower to clean off and soaped each other. As I soaped his body I ended up kneeling in front of him again, his cock once more in my mouth and water streaming over my face as I sucked him. He then soaped me and slid his fingers into my cunt again and then turned me round and soaped my back. As he did so, he slid his finger into my bottom, something I am not keen on except in rare moments.

He felt me tense, which I realised was a mistake as he then chose this as his target to get one over me. Determined not to let him win I had already decided to go along with anything he proposed, as far as I could, to show him I could take whatever he could do and still come back for more. I was going to beat him at his own game and then finish it when it suited me, not when it suited him.

To this extent, I succeeded as I ended the arrangement after four monthly visits, by which time I was beginning to be bored as I knew him too well. I was pleased that it was him trying to persuade me to see him again and not the other way round.

During the shower, I let him push his finger into my bottom and did my moaning in discomfort act to let him know he was hurting me - he was really hurting as I am very tight there, but I writhed on the end of his finger in a suitable way until he pulled out, having scored one over me as he thought although I was thinking I had scored one over him.

Back in the bedroom he told me to stand facing the bed then bend over with my hands on the bed, feet wide apart. He held my hips and fucked me from behind, standing like this.

I found that this was his favourite position which suited me as it was sufficiently close to my favourite of rear entry while on my hands and knees. After a couple more hours of sexy play, a lot of it with me sitting across him, it was time for me to go and he had me dress, again quite matter of factually, then he ran me back to the station.

Once I was away from him, I wanted to be back with Dave to tell him all about it. I sat in the train, dying to say to my fellow passengers - "I bet you don't know what I've been doing all day!"

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