After School Special

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: When a teenage boy brings his black girlfriend home after school, it isn't so they can do their homework together. That would be silly!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   .

"Oh yeah! Ugh! Fuck me! God, your cock was made for my pussy! Fuck it! Fuck my black pussy!"

I was panting, bent over a stool in Allen's basement with my long legs spread and straight to the floor. He was holding my hips, standing behind me and driving his cock into my cunt hard, taking long strokes too, the kind I really love. I could feel him pull back so his swollen cockhead was just at the mouth of my hole and then he'd slam that thick, white penis deep, reaching for my cervix and the soft bottleneck leading to my tender womb.

"Take it, Natalie! You slut, you black whore! Fuck my white cock!" Allen breathed, telling me all the nasty little things I love to hear during sex.

My tits were swaying like small brown pendulums beneath me, my swollen nipples pointing at the floor, half an inch long and nearly black with excitement. I held the legs of that tall barstool with my fingers almost turning white in my efforts to keep myself steady. The padded cushion pressed comfortably against my soft tummy and I was riding that cock eagerly beneath Allen's passionate efforts to make us both cum.

"I thought I heard something down here," his father's voice echoed in the unfinished basement and I heard his heavy footsteps approaching.

"Hey ... Dad," Allen panted. "I brought ... ugh! ... Natalie over for ... oh! ... dinner!"

"Followed you home, did she? Hi, Natalie," he chuckled. "You mind if I give her a little after school snack?"

"Hi Mr. Summers." I smiled weakly up at him, tossing my head to get my hair out of my brown eyes. It was coarse, black and straight and in my eyes as it swept the floor.

"I don't mind ... Fuck, Dad! She fucks good!" Allen slapped my ass playfully and I yelped softly.

"You want some of this, Natalie?" Mr. Summers smiled and he had his cock out already, hard and long and even bigger than his son's. A nice white penis that made my black mouth water, just like it was supposed to.

"Oh yeah ... Yes sir..." I moaned, licking my lips and staring at his white cock as he stroked it just out of my reach.

He teased me with it and I jerked forward with my entire body, feeling the insatiable desire to nurse on the man welling up inside me. The stool creaked and tilted forward and Allen was right there to pull back on my hips, driving his cock once more into the depths of my hungry hole.

"What do you say when you want a white man's cock, Natalie?"

"P-Please? May I ... Ugh ... Please suck your cock ... Sir?" I asked him, wincing slightly as the tip of Allen's cock brushed the bottom of my sex, but the pleasure was indescribable.

"You want me to fuck that mouth of yours, Natalie?" He grinned and stroked his penis slowly, wiggling it up and down so that the smooth glans barely slapped my extended tongue.

"God yes! Yes ... Fuck my mouth, sir," I begged loudly.

"Mmmm ... Fuck your mouth ... Is that what you want me to do?" he wondered, and I nodded quickly.

"Yesssss..." I hissed, feeling my orgasm coming any moment.

"What a cunt ... Jesus! You're tight in there, Natalie ... She's squeezing the ... Ugh! ... hell out of my cock!" Allen said between grunts. I was too, working my pussy the best I could, like I was drawing my sex right up into my belly.

"Let me have that cunt mouth of yours. Open up, you little whore." Allen's dad stroked my hot cheek with his cockhead. "Show me some love, baby..."

Mr. Summers grabbed my head with both hands, tugging painfully at my scalp as his fingers became entwined in my hair, and he pushed himself between my lips hard and fast, crashing the head of his cock against the back of my mouth. I choked and gagged and he pulled back, letting me recover for a brief second or two before doing it again.

"Open that throat, Natalie. Show me what you can do, baby!" Mr. Summers told me and I made muffled sounds of agreement as I worked to swallow and open the way for his fat prick.

I was getting it from both ends now; this white boy and his dad fucking his black girlfriend after school. We did this a lot and I loved it. Allen was the best boyfriend I had, and even though I was just sixteen, I already had a lot of them. Most of the boys were inexperienced though and didn't know how to treat a girl like me properly, how to give me what I really needed. Allen hadn't known either at first, but his father knew. Mr. Summers had grown up with a little black housegirl for a pet and it hadn't taken long before the man was teaching his son how to properly fuck a slut who needed it hard and often.

"Give it to her hard, Allen," Mr. Summers said. "Open that cunt nice. I think I'm going to want a little after you're done with it."

"I'm ... Yeah ... I'm almost there, Dad ... Jesus ... I love fucking this, bitch!" my boyfriend said, laughing breathless and I rolled my ass for him, screwing my cunt onto his prick like I'd never let him go.

"She's a good one alright," Mr. Summers agreed and he pushed his cock into my mouth again, catching me right this time and I groaned as his thickness pressed into the tight confines of my delicate throat.

"Christ ... I'm going to cum ... Fuck! I don't wanna cum yet!" Allen practically shouted with urgent frustration, but he wasn't stopping. He fucked me even harder, driving his cock in and out of me fast now, with short strokes deep in my pussy. His heavy balls slapped my clit and she was buzzing crazily as I felt my orgasm coming on quickly.

"Ummmm ... I got her..." Mr. Summers sighed and I felt his hand beneath me, stroking the soft skin of my neck, rubbing me there so that he could feel his cock stretching me. I tried to swallow around him, my delicate muscles rippling along the length of his prick and the man was loving that.

And then I was cumming, just like that, and it was scary fun because I couldn't breath. My lungs were heaving uselessly as my heart burned beneath my aching breasts. The weight of my breasts was unbearable, like the sensation of my pussy clamped around the cock in my pussy, trying to hold it in place while my cunt spasmed with pleasure. I thought I'd pass out and I was lifting my hands to push Mr. Summers away when he finally pulled back, sliding his cock from my throat and letting me cough and drink cool air as a wash of precum and saliva spilled onto the cement floor beneath me.

"Good girl, Natalie ... What a good slut you are. Here it comes again ... Open up!" he warned me, and this time it was easier and I knew after a few more minutes he'd be fucking my throat as easily as his son plowed my pussy. He'd done this with me before and we were both good at it.

"I'm cumming ... Fuck! Take it Natalie, you bitch!" Allen groaned, pushing his cock inside me as far as he possibly could, enough so I felt his cockhead nudging the soft pillow of my cervix.

It brought me off again, even before my first climax ended, Allen's orgasm lifted me like a rocket. I had to close my eyes and my feet came off the floor, my toes curling against the intensity of the moment. I was balanced on the stool, held in place by the cock embedded in my cunt at one end, and in my throat at the other. I was in heaven, there's no other word for it. This was the rapture stealing my senses and loosing the flood of my unbridled passion.

I could barely focus on what I was doing, I was being fucked so well by those two guys, a man and his son, working me over like the little slut I was. Somewhere in the middle of my orgasm they switched places and I gasped with renewed energy as my pussy was stretched a little more than it had already been. Mr. Summers was in my sex now, straining the soft walls of my cunt with his larger cock, getting a bit deeper so that instead of just touching the bottom of my sex, he was plowing into my cervix with every third or fourth stroke, making me squeal loudly and writhe with a glorious mixture of pleasure and pain.

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