Dad's Oops Phone Call

by Lauren

Copyright© 2011 by Lauren

Incest Sex Story: While on the road, Frank goes to a strip club and comes back to his hotel seriously horny. Against his better judgment, he calls his wife to tell her about it. While on the phone, he gets himself off. But when he gets home, he finds that it wasn't his wife on the phone with him. It was another woman. But who?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Masturbation   .

Frank knew it wasn't a good idea to call his wife so late at night from the road. Furthermore, he knew that most of the time, she was less than thrilled when he told her that he had visited a strip club. But this night, he was a little too drunk, and way too horny to let his better judgment win out. So call he did.

"Hello?" he heard his wife say.

"Hi, it's me," Frank said. "Don't say anything, OK? Just listen for a minute. I know you might not really like this, but I just had to tell you. And I think ... I hope ... you might actually like it. I want you to like it. Will you listen for just a minute?"

"Um ... O.K."

"O.K., thanks Honey. So, look, I knew you wouldn't like me going to see strippers. I know that. But ... well, tonight, I just did. I was just so in the mood and all. I just ... well I just did, like I said. And it was O.K. I mean, it was fine. It was good, actually. But then this one special girl came out. Oh shit Honey, she was just unbelievable. I swear, you would have just flipped out for her she was so hot!

She was this petite little blonde thing. Short hair, sweet little tits, awesome ass ... really tight little body. And man, she looked so fucking young! Of course she wasn't underage obviously, but she looked like she could have been."


"Just wait Honey. So she had on this baseball t-shirt, and jean shorts with a black thong underneath, and gym shoes. She was so fucking hot. So I watched her strip, right? And like, my dick is getting harder and harder while I'm watching. And for some reason she stopped right by me and bent over. I swear, I could almost see inside her pussy! So finally I ... I'm sorry, Honey, but I put a twenty in her g-string. I couldn't help it!

So then when she was done, she came down on the floor, you know ... to do lap dances. And damned if she didn't come right to my table! I don't know if it was because of the twenty or what. But she came right over to me! And well, like I was gonna tell her that didn't want a dance? Yeah, right! I just couldn't!

So not only does she dance for me, but she lets me put my hands on her hips and on her ass! I don't know if she was supposed to let me, but she did. And she was grinding all over my hard dick. She climbed onto me and stuck those adorable little boobs in my face. It was all I could do to keep from kissin' em."

"I ... um..."

"I know, Honey, I know! I'm terrible! But I'm telling you, you would have loved her just as much as I did. You would have wanted to bring her back to the hotel and eat her pussy all night long! When she was riding my lap, I thought I was gonna cum right in my pants, but I didn't. You know why?"

"Uh ... no, but..."

"Because more than anything, I wanted to tell you all about it, while I jerked off. I hope you don't mind, Baby. But I've already got it out. Oh Honey, I'm so fucking hard! I want you to do it too, O.K.? Is this making you hot, Honey? Is your pussy wet? Tell me ... please tell me?"

​"I ... I..."

"Oh Honey ... don't be embarrassed! I know you get that way. But it's O.K. Just tell me if your cunt is wet."

"I ... I guess."

"Awesome, Baby. Put your hand in your panties and touch yourself while I ... oh, fuck! It's not gonna take long at all! Oh, Honey ... that girl was so fucking cute. But I promise, all I really wanna do is come home tomorrow and put my cock deep inside you! Oh fuck, Baby! Ohhhh I'm gonna cum! Ohh ... ohh ... ohhhhh FFFFffuuuuuck! Ohh ... ohhh ... aaaahhhhhhh..."

After Frank caught his breath, he realized there was silence on the other end of the phone. He wondered if his wife had gotten disgusted and hung up.

"Are you there, Sweetheart?"

"Yeah," came the quiet voice from the phone.

"Oh good. I thought maybe you were pissed off at me. Well, thank so much for letting me do this, Honey. It was so fucking cool. Now I'm gonna go and get some sleep, after I clean myself up. And tomorrow night, it'll be your hand on my dick, O.K.?"

"Oh, well, I..."

"Thanks Honey. Good night! I love you!"

"I love you too..." she answered before hanging up the phone.

Frank returned home on schedule the next day. His wife greeted him warmly, though she made no mention of their phone rendezvous the night before. Their teens, Tony and Beth seemed unimpressed that Dad had returned home, but he was used to his kids being much more interested in their own lives than in when or how he came and went. They weren't unfriendly, rather they exhibited what seemed like their regular level of teenage distractedness.

But the kids did respond when called for dinner, and the family ate together as usual. Frank was glad to catch-up on what everyone had been up to while he was gone for a few days, but his mind was really on what would happen later than night, once the kids had gone to bed and he was alone with his wife, and could talk to her about their erotic phone conversation.

Time seemed to move at a snails-pace for Frank, but finally everything had been put in order for the night, Tony and Beth were in their own rooms, and Frank was with his wife in bed.

"Oh, I couldn't wait to be alone with you!" he said.

"Oh yeah? Why's that?" she replied. "Did you miss me?"

"Well, of course, but ... you know ... it's because of ... you know..."

"What are you talking about, Frank?"

"Honey! Last night? The phone call?"

​"What? What phone call?"

"Come on, now. Are you just messing with me? The phone call? Last night? I called you from my hotel? Remember?"


"I ... seriously?" Frank queried. "You're not kidding are you? Were you asleep or something? Were you talking to me in your sleep?"

"I still don't know what on earth you're talking about, Frank. You called me? Last night?"

"Yes! Yes, I..."

Suddenly Frank thought that, since his wife didn't remember the call at all, he should probably take advantage of the opportunity to drop the whole thing. It would have been one thing if she was willing to talk about what had happened, and had sounded like she thought it was fun. But if she was pissed about it, which she didn't seem to be, or if she had been actually talking to him in her sleep, Frank thought he had nothing to gain by talking any more about it.

"Frank?" his wife said looking at him quizzically.

"Never mind, Honey," he replied. "Maybe I was the one who was dreaming or something."

"Was there something you needed to talk to me about?"

"No," Frank said. "Don't worry about it, Honey. It's no big deal."

His wife gave him a smile, a quick kiss, then said goodnight and snuggled down under the covers to go to sleep. However, Frank just lay there shaking his head back and forth on his pillow.

"What the fuck?" he murmured to himself, though he needn't have worried about his wife hearing him, because as was usually the case, she was asleep and snoring softly within seconds.

Frank tried to let it go himself. But he was just so certain she had talked to him the night before. He was about to dismiss the whole incident, either to her being mostly asleep when she talked to him, or him having imagined the whole thing, or having talked to his wife in his mind during a wet dream. But then he thought he should check his phone, just for kicks.

He got out of bed, went to his dresser and picked up his cell phone. After waking it from sleep, he tapped his way to the call log. He scrolled through the list of the day's calls to the previous night. He saw the record of the call, placed by him around 1 a.m. the previous night. And then he let out a loud gasp.

BETH was the name to the left of the call time. Frank's head felt like it was spinning wildly as he tried to hold on to reality. He had been certain he had spoken to someone. And in fact, he had. But he realized he had only thought it was his wife, when it was actually his daughter on the other end of the phone, hearing him talk about the stripper he had seen, and hearing him masturbate.

"No!" he said aloud, not caring if his wife heard, which she didn't.

Frank stood frozen on the spot for what seemed like a long time. He had no idea in the world ​what he should do. A myriad of thoughts raced through his head, but nothing was concrete, until his instincts said he should check and see if by chance his daughter was still awake. He had no idea what he could possibly say to her, but at the very least he figured he could apologize for an hour or two while begging her not to tell her mother.

Frank stood outside his daughter's door, straining to hear anything inside that would tell him if she might still be awake. Finally he rapped gently several times, fully expecting to hear nothing back. To his surprise, a few seconds later he heard a reply.

"Come in," Beth said.

Frank opened the door as quietly as he could, entered his daughter's room, then closed the door behind him. His eyes remained glued on the carpet as he walked to the side of her bed.

"Beth, I ... I..."

"Why did you call me last night, Dad?"

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