It Happened at the Lake

by Happenstance

Copyright© 2011 by Happenstance

Incest Sex Story: (This is an extended version of my earlier story, Auntie, Mom and Me.) I, with the help of auntie and cousin, help Mom rediscover herself.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Sister   Daughter   Cousins   Niece   Aunt   Nephew   Group Sex   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Foot Fetish   Big Breasts   .

I was in kitchen when she came out of her room and started helping me with breakfast.

"You got up late today?"

"Yes, I did. It took me until two in the morning to finish that report," she said tying her long brown hair.

"You know, you're now working from home, so could've done it later."

"I just wanted to get over with it. Don't forget we've to go to Auntie Sharon's house in the evening."

"I won't. Please buy some new dresses."

"Why? What's wrong with my clothes?" she asked looking at me with her deep-blue eyes.

"Well, you're always wearing these long drab skirts. You should change your wardrobe."

"Thanks, Mr. Armani, but I like them and that's what I'll wear."

"Fine," I said as I got up to go to school.

On the way, I kept thinking about her. She wasn't the same person she used to be. When I was a kid; she used to have parties at home, went out a lot and was always smartly dressed. But after Dad's death, she stopped inviting friends over, hardly ever went out and simply stopped caring about herself. I wanted to bring that mom back to life.

In the evening, I went with her to Sharon's house. Sitting down in the living room, Mom asked her about my cousin Kim.

"She's in her room," answered Sharon as her dark brown eyes studied Mother from head to toe.

"Are you working out?"

"Of and on," replied Mom.

"Touch your toes?"

Mother, who at five foot and five inch was just one inch shorter than her sister, Sharon, got up and was about to bend down but realized something and sat down. Although she didn't say it but it was apparent to us that she sat down because she knew if she tried to touch her toes a good part of her breasts would be visible to us.

These sorts of thoughts never crossed Sharon's mind. Although she was, as usual, wearing a low-cut top she went for her toes, giving both Mom and I got a good view of her boobs, except for the nipples hiding under a blue bra. She then went back to sofa and was talking when Kim arrived.

"Auntie Megan, I'm going to buy you some clothes," she said without even looking at Mother.

"That's exactly what I told her this morning. All she has are these skirts," I said before Mom could even reply.

"Kim and Nick are right. You need a complete overhaul," added Sharon adjusting her shoulder-length black hair.

Mother just nodded her head in agreement and continued to sip the red wine.

We all got up for dinner and Sharon told us that she was going to a party tomorrow and asked us to join her. I was game, but Mom wasn't. So Sharon asked her why she didn't want to go.

"You know, I don't like parties. I get bored there."

"It's a small party, just dinner and drinks. Don't worry there won't be any loud music."

"I've never seen you attend a small party, and both men and music are always loud there," replied Mother smiling at Sharon.

"No, there'll be just few friends."

"I want to come, too," pleaded Kim as her brown eyes searched her mother's face for positive response.

"Of course, honey. I know you can't leave me alone, not even for a second."

Hearing that, Kim arched her eyebrows, threw her long black hair back and crossed her hands across her chest.

The next evening Sharon came with Kim to pick us up. Although Mom was a year younger than Sharon, she appeared a lot older because of the gray and white long skirts and equally drab blouses and tops she always wore.

Sharon, on the other hand, believed in 'if you have it, flaunt it'. Today, she was wearing a pink shoulder-less dress that was revealing all the charms of her full-figured body.

Kim, who was nearly as tall as her mom and was developing into a curvaceous woman, was wearing a green tank top that left her midriff exposed and a short black skirt that barely covered her smooth thighs. Both of them were looking gorgeous.

Mom and I got into their car and went off to the party.

I was dancing when Sharon dragged me to a corner where Kim was waiting for us. She handed us a joint, lit one for herself and we headed toward where Mother was sitting. I asked her whether she wanted a drag but she refused.

While Kim and I were busy with the joint, a man came up and asked Mom whether she was enjoying the party.


"You come here often?"

"No," replied Mother.

"I used to live in this neighborhood but now I've moved to Michelin Street."

"Okay," said Mom.

With Mother talking in monosyllable and displaying no interest, he looked sideways, sat silently for about a minute, got up and melted away.

"That man wanted to talk to you," whispered Sharon.

"Well, I didn't want to talk to him. I'm happy sitting here."

"You'd rather stay alone than talk to a man?"

"I don't like talking to strangers. I've you guys and that's enough for me."

I turned toward Kim but she shrugged her shoulders and continued enjoying the joint.

We stayed there for another half-an-hour and after several drinks and couple of joints, we decided it was enough, so got up and Mom being the only sober person drove us home.

When I got up in the morning, Mother was drinking coffee and working on her laptop in the kitchen. I asked her whether Sharon and Kim were still sleeping. She said yes.

A little later, Kim came out of room wearing my brown T-shirt and pajamas. Behind her was Sharon, who was wearing my white shirt with the top two buttons open and no pajamas.

"Aren't you wearing pajamas?" queried Mom.

"Blame your son. There was only one clean one, all others were dirty," she answered looking at me.

"I'll wash them today," I replied hastily just to placate Mother.

Mom, who was not enjoying the sight of Sharon standing there wearing a shirt with two buttons open and purple panties clearly visible, asked her if she would like to borrow her's but Sharon said she was fine and sat down to have breakfast.

Now, I had seen Sharon's thighs and legs many times before, so the sight of her walking around minus pajamas didn't come as a big surprise, but watching her with her cleavage fully exposed and her thighs naked in front of Mom and Kim was a new and exciting experience.

"You're a mamma's boy," stated Kim when we were playing a video game in my room after breakfast.


"You're always following her, looking after her and doing whatever she says."

"I want her to be happy, that's all."

"So, you're a mamma's boy?"

"She had a really hard time after Dad passed away, but now she's feeling much better. I try to keep her happy, that's all. You, on the other hand, try to dress like your mom, wear jewellery like her and follow her around," I said putting the game on hold and turning my face toward her.

"I don't do that."

"Of course, you do. I'm not complaining. I think Auntie Sharon really knows how to dress. All I'm saying is that you copy her."

"Mom knows how to carry herself, that's true."

"Even they are becoming like your mother's," I added.

Kim looked down at her top and gave a light slap on my back. I smiled and started playing the game again. She leaned back on her elbows on the bed and said: "Please ask your mother to go out more often, change her wardrobe and she really needs to stop being so serious."

I turned my face toward her, took a quick glance at her tight and perky breasts and replied: "Will do."

"She should be more like my mom," said Kim.

And that got me thinking. Kim was right. Mother should be more like Sharon.

Kim and Sharon stayed until lunch and after taking shower and changing clothes went to their home. By the time they left, I knew what I had to do to make Mom look more like Sharon.

The next day after school instead of going home I went to Sharon's house and stayed there until late evening. Later I told Mother that I already had dinner at Kim's place and went straight to bed. After that, I started spending more time with Sharon and Kim than with Mom.

"You're spending a lot of time at Sharon's place. I hardly ever see you," said Mother one day.

I didn't even reply and went straight to my room. Although feeling bad for not spending time with her, I knew I had to do it if I wanted her to change. The next day, I had just come back from Sharon's place and was lying on bed, heard a knock on the door and Mom walked in and sat down.

She again asked me why I was always at Sharon's place. At first, I didn't respond but when she kept asking, I commented: "At Auntie Sharon's place I've fun. She, Kim and I go out a lot, have parties and watch movies. Here, you don't do anything except work and cook. I get bored."

"We can go out and have fun, can't we?"

"Go out where? You never go out anywhere. I used to love hanging out with you, but not anymore. I like it at their place."

Mother took a deep breath and left the room.

What I didn't tell her was that for the past one year I was making love to Sharon.

Although I was trying to make Mom jealous by going to Sharon's house nearly every day, this way I was not only getting the chance to regularly have sex with Sharon, it was also providing me an opportunity to watch Kim develop into a beautiful woman.

I usually went to Sharon's place when Kim was out and we would make love without any shame, guilt or boundary. But sometimes I would go there and watch Kim walk around in tight jeans, spaghetti tops or, if she was feeling naughty, in a cropped tank top that left her stomach and beautiful cleavage exposed. I would either spend time talking to her and Sharon or play video games with her in her room. She was turning out to be a very desirable girl and was sure to leave many hearts broken.

When I went to meet Sharon today, Kim was out with her friends, so Sharon welcomed me at the door with a tight hug and led me to living room where we lay down on the carpet. I took off her nightie and slowly started kissing her lips, her cheeks, her ears, her neck and then ran my tongue all over her naked back, her legs, her stomach and her big breasts. Cupping her boobs, I began kissing her belly button, her inner thighs and then lifted her right leg and began sucking her toes.

She was loving it. She dug her blue nails deep into my back and said: "Suck them nicely, make your mamma happy. Pinch my nipples, bite them, caress me, please."

I lifted her left leg, felt her wet pussy with my finger and started sucking her left toe. While my finger played with her vagina and my mouth sucked her toe, she started caressing and squeezing her breasts. Moving my mouth away from her toe, I brought my tongue near her pussy and started tasting her delicious juices.

When my tongue went deep inside her, she tightened her naked thighs around my neck and said: "Eat me, fuck me hard."

I kept fucking her with my tongue, while my hands were all over her boobs and that made her more excited. After eating her as much as I could, I turned her on her stomach and spreading her legs wide apart pushed my erect throbbing cock into her back hole, which made her squirm in pure ecstasy. We kept making love to each other until both of us came and then we went to bathroom and took turns in applying soap and washing each other's intimate parts under the shower.

It was a Saturday and I was going to Sharon's place when Mom told me that she was going to Zoe's place in evening and won't be back before dinner. (Zoe's her old friend). It was the first time in several months that she was going out and it was apparently thanks to my plan. When she came back from Zoe's place, she had a smile on her face and was looking happy, although she was still wearing a long skirt and a nun-like blouse.

She wanted to sit down and talk to me, but told her that I was going to sleep as had to go to gym with Sharon early in the morning.

"You can go to gym with her, but not me?" she responded angrily.

"What will you wear in the gym? These clothes?"

"I can wear something else, you know."

"Yea, right."

"So, let me get this straight: You're avoiding me because of my clothes?"

"No, it's not only your clothes. As it is, it's such a small town and, on top of that, we don't do anything."

"Okay, I'll show you I can change."

"You were a totally different person when I was growing up – and I miss that," I confessed staring at the floor.

She came near me, ran her fingers through my hair and went inside her room.

Four days later, Mother and I were passing through Sharon's neighborhood, so we called her up and went to meet her. Opening the door, first she hugged Mom and then me, tightly pressing the front of her yellow top and the clearly visible black bra against my chest.

Quickly glancing at Mother, I saw that she wasn't looking, so as soon as Sharon turned around I ran my hands over her bums, which were looking lovely in an orange wraparound. Sharon being Sharon stopped in her tracks and stood with her back toward me, giving me ample time to feel her ass.

We sat down in the living room and Sharon told us that Kim was out with her friends. There were shopping bags lying on the table, so Mom asked her whether she had gone out shopping.

"These are all Kim's bags. She has brought something for you, too."

"For me?" wondered Mother.

"Yes, but can't tell you what it's because Kim wants to give it to you herself."

Then they started talking about Mark, Sharon's ex-husband, and other stuff, while I busied myself with TV. They were in middle of conversation when I motioned to Sharon to bend down a little as I wanted to see her boobs. Sharon, who was sitting straight, hunched down a little and offered Mom and I a view of her breasts and black bra.

A little later Kim came, wearing a leather jacket with a white T-shirt that had the words 'Like Them?' splashed across her chest and tight jeans. Not only were her perky breasts looking inviting in the T-shirt, her ass was also looking fabulous in those tight jeans. She gave us a light hug and gave one of the shopping bags to Mom. When Mom opened it, she found an ash colored backless top with its sides open and a short red silk skirt. The top and skirt were my idea. I had roped in both Sharon and Kim into my plan and had decided to give Mother a makeover.

"Thank you, honey, but I can't wear these," said Mom.

Kim looked at us for a second, held Mother's hand and took her to her room, saying: "You're going to wear it."

As soon as Kim and Mom were out of the living room, I went near Sharon, lifted her top and was cupping her big breasts when I heard Kim's door open, so jumped back on the sofa and sat down.

Kim shouted from her room that Mother was refusing to wear the clothes, so Sharon got up, wriggled her beautiful bums in front of me and went to help Kim undress Mom. After around fifteen minutes they came out of the room, with Mother wearing that top and skirt. She was looking a totally different person.

Her long brown hair were caressing her naked back, her lips were bright red, the kohl was making her deep-blue eyes look bigger, the soft smooth skin of her shoulders was simply exquisite. Her breasts? Well, they were hidden under a brown bra, but the sides were exposed and it was pretty obvious that she had a perfectly shaped pair. Since the skirt barely came up to her thighs, her legs and thighs were totally bare.

"Next time don't wear this bra, wear a strapless one. This one's spoiling the look," said Kim as she saw me admiring my own mom's boobs.

"I'm wearing something so revealing after so many years," whispered Mom as her pink cheeks turned red.

"The good old days are back," added Sharon.

Mother came and sat down on sofa and I wanted to see the color of her panties but, unfortunately, she kept her legs closed.

I sat down next to her, Sharon and Kim were opposite us, but by turning my face toward her I could enjoy the view of her naked back, her bare stomach, the side part of her left breast and her thighs. I knew that Sharon and Kim could see me watching Mom but after noticing how beautiful she was looking I had lost all sense of shame.

Mother thanked Kim for the gift while Kim told her that from now on she would help Mom select clothes. I asked Kim whether she had brought anything for herself. She replied she has but will wear it when she goes out.

"Screw it; I'll also buy a top like that," exclaimed Sharon. "Let's see how these babies look in it," she added looking down at her chest.

"Mom, please, keep those babies under wrap," pleaded Kim.

"We'll buy them tomorrow, one each for both of us," said Sharon tapping her feet in excitement.

That cheered Kim up.

We sat there for some time and then left for home.

Just before leaving their place, Mom borrowed a satin stole from Sharon and wrapped it around her neck as she did not want people to see her dressed like that. On reaching home, she took it off, sat down on the couch and asked me to get a drink. Bringing the drink, I sat down next to her. Putting her head on my shoulder she asked how she was looking.

"You're looking exquisite," I answered placing my hand over her bare shoulders and stealing a glance at her exposed cleavage.

"Really?" she queried lifting her deep-blue eyes and looking at me.

"Yes," I said hugging her naked shoulders in a tight embrace and bringing her closer and kissing her cheeks.

For the next few days, Mom was busy with her work and I with school, although I did continue my visits to Sharon and Kim.

On Friday evening, Kim came to our place and took Mother for shopping, while I went to Sharon's house and made love to her. During dinner I asked Mom about her trip and she replied that Kim wanted her to buy loads of stuff but she bought just some personal stuff.

She told me that Kim was going to her dad's place tomorrow and Sharon was coming over to stay with us. The next day Sharon came to stay with us but arrived late in the evening and spent most of her time talking about her ex with Mother.

Although I did get a chance to feel her big breasts and run my hands over her lovely bums under the deep-neck satin nightie she had on. I wanted to do more but she stayed in Mom's room and even slept there.

"Come on, hurry up, Auntie Sharon's waiting for us," I said to Mother.

"Why do we have to get up so early in the morning?"

"Because she wants to get there before it gets too hot."

"Okay, let's go," replied Mom.

She had packed her bikini but Sharon and I decided to go without our bathing suits as it was too early for anybody to be there. We could see the sun rising over the horizon and from the deserted path it was apparent that people were still sleeping. On reaching a secluded spot near the lake, Mom began walking behind a big rock to change into the bikini, but Sharon asked her to forget it and just jump into water.

"There's nobody here. Stop being a prude. Take off your clothes and let's go," said Sharon.

Mother saw me make a face, so came back and took off her green T-shirt and brown shorts, revealing green bra and matching panties. But she quickly covered her bra and stomach with T-shirt. While Mom was undressing, Sharon got rid of her sarong, which left her wearing nothing but red bra and matching panties.

With both of them down to their basics, my eyes kept darting from black haired and full-figured Sharon to my sharp-featured and brunette mother. While I was busy admiring Sharon's beauty, Mom caught me looking at Sharon's big breasts and immediately started acting as if I was busy taking off T-shirt and blue jeans and within seconds I was in underwear.

With that done, all three of us hit the water for a bit of swim. After fifteen or twenty minutes, we came out and sat down on our towels.

"Your Mom looks very straight and pure but she's naughtier than me," said Sharon turning toward me, which meant her breasts were facing me.

"What do you mean?" I asked shifting my gaze toward Mother.

"I've always had more boyfriends than your Mom and she used to peep whenever I was with them. She likes to watch."

"That's a lie," exclaimed Mother sitting up straight in surprise.

"Didn't you peep when I was with Steve?"

"That was once and it was by mistake."

"Mistake? You were watching us from the window."

I had no idea that my mom was like that.

"How did you get caught?" I said to Mother.

"I caught her watching us, but pretended as if I hadn't seen her," pointed Sharon.

Both Sharon and Mom laughed at this.

"It wasn't such a good experience," revealed Mother.

"Yes, Steve wasn't that good. But Tim was, wasn't he?

"He was. Even now I haven't forgotten that sight," admitted Mom lying back on the towel and taking a deep breath, making her breasts rise under the green bra.

By now I was openly admiring them and both knew I was looking at them. But instead of asking me to stop staring at them they were, I suspect, enjoying my attention.

Later in the day, Sharon saw me watching TV alone in living room, Mom was busy in kitchen, and coming near me whispered: "We'll have to be careful."


"At my place, there's nobody in the afternoons but your Mom's here, so we'll have to be careful."

"Okay," I said putting my hand over her bums and enveloping her voluptuous body.

After dinner, drinks and TV, we went back to our rooms. At around 11, I got up and slowly opened Sharon's room door, which she had purposely left unlocked, and tip-toed inside. From the faint light coming from window, I could make her out curled up in bed under a duvet.

Getting under the duvet, I hugged her from behind and when my warm hand touched the bare skin of her thighs, she woke up and turning her big breasts toward me kissed me on my lips. Opening her cream colored shirt, I started kissing, caressing and sucking her lovely boobs and pink nipples, while her lips, tongue and hands played with my cock.

Slowly moving my lips from her neck to shoulders and then to her soft stomach, her shapely thighs and down to her legs and toes. After caressing her whole naked body with my lips and tongue, I moved toward her hairy pussy and my tongue tasted her juices, while she sucked and played with my cock.

Then turning her on her stomach, I spread her legs as wide as I could and cupping her big breasts pushed my cock deep into her pussy, something she always loved and enjoyed. My dick went deeper into her vagina, while my hands squeezed, caressed and pinched her boobs and nipples. When I was about to come, I took my cock out from her hole, turned her on her back and came over her neck, breasts and mouth and she licked it off with her lips.

We lay there on bed, naked, and shared a cigarette.

I got up to go back to my room, but Sharon said: "Sleep here because I want to go for a swim early in the morning."

"Okay, but don't forget to wake me up. I don't want Mom to catch me sleeping here."

"Don't worry; I'll wake you up early in the morning."

I was in deep sleep when she woke me up but since we hardly ever got chance to swim together, I quickly got up and went to swim with her. After swimming nude for twenty minutes or so, we got out of water and lay down on a mat.

She had put on white panties but left her big boobs uncovered, while I was still naked.

I was admiring her when she asked me: "What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking that Kim looks a lot like you."

"In what way?"

"She has your brown eyes, your face and she's developing like you."

"Yes, she's growing up fast."

"She's turning out to be a beautiful girl. You should warn her about boys."

"Maybe, I should warn her about you," she said looking down at my cock.

"Nah, but you should teach her things."

"What things?"

"You know, about how to do stuff and how things are done."

"I think she already knows all that."

"What do you mean?"

"She's not a kid, you know."

"Maybe somebody's teaching her."


"You're more than enough for me," I said as I turned my body toward her and began running my hand over her naked stomach, white panties and started circling her pink nipples with my fingers.

"She's getting naughtier every day. First, she wanted to pierce her belly button, somehow I talked her out of it, but now she wants to wear thongs."

"What did you say?"

"I don't want her to wear thongs, but I think she'll buy them."

"You should allow her, after all with the kind of skirts she wears; it doesn't leave much to imagination."

"That's true. Her tops aren't any better either."

All this was making me horny, so got up and had sex right there on the mat. After making love, both of us went back to house and later all three of us spent the day in town.

At night, I again got up and tip-toed to Sharon's room and was busy making love when I felt that somebody was watching us, so lifted my head and looked at the window but nobody was there. We again got busy but again felt that somebody was watching us, so again looked at the window but saw no one.

This time Sharon asked me what was I looking at.

"Nothing", I replied and shifted my attention back to her.

We spent the whole next day inside the house because it was raining heavily. At night, I was with Sharon in her room when again felt being watched. The next morning I went to school and when I came back the house was empty as Sharon and Mom had gone for shopping and didn't return until late evening. The thought that somebody was watching us hadn't left me the whole day and was freaking me out so decided to take some action.

After dinner, I took out a video camera and hid it under a tree in the garden, where the room window opened, and angled it directly at the window and just before going to Sharon's room switched it on. That night I again felt that somebody was watching us but instead of lifting my head to see who or what it was, I began paying all attention to Sharon and did not stop before filing her pussy with my cum.

After making sure that Sharon was sleeping, I came out, went to the garden, retrieved the camera and went back to my room. When I saw what was on the tape, it took me by so much surprise that I had to watch it thrice just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating or dreaming. After confirming and reconfirming the image on the tape, I took it out and hid it under the bed, but not before making two copies of it.

The next day Sharon was going to her house as Kim was coming back from visiting her dad, so Mom went to drop her off, while I went to school. After dinner I saw that Mom's room was open and was she adjusting books, so went inside and hugged her from behind, putting my hands around her stomach.

Now this is not something I had done before, so her first reaction was surprise and then she tried to get out of my grip but I didn't budge.

"Let me go. I've so much work to do," she said turning her face toward me.

I didn't want to let her go but was afraid of making her angry, so gave a peck on her red cheeks, loosened my grip and let her go. When I returned from school in the evening, Mom wasn't there, so took out one of the copies of the tape and although at first I wanted to tell her personally about it but couldn't summon the courage, so went to her room and kept it on bed.

A little later she came back from shopping, went into her room to change into her favorite black knee-length nightie and at dinner table asked me what the tape was doing on her bed.

"It's for you, watch it."

She looked at me in surprise, but I kept my eyes on the delicious fish she had cooked.

After dinner we usually sat in living room to watch TV, but today she didn't come out of her room and when I knocked on her door she didn't reply and then, in a muffled voice, told me to go away. In the morning she again stayed in her room and when I came back from school she wasn't in the house. For the next two days, she continued avoiding me and all my pleadings and knockings on the door went unanswered.

Then, on the third day, I saw a message pasted on my door saying: "I'm sorry."

That morning I decided to talk to her even if it meant skipping school, so waited for her to come out of her room and when she did I caught her hand and told her that it was not my intention to hurt her by showing her the tape and that I wasn't angry.

After several apologies and pleadings, she sat down and I made a big drink for her. Finally, she calmed down and said how sorry she was for watching me and Sharon together.

I wanted to spend the day with her but she gave some excuse about work and went out, so I took off to Sharon's place. Kim was in school.

She was, as usual, in the mood. As soon as she opened the door, she hugged me tightly and started kissing me on my lips, my face and neck. I locked her bright red lips in a passionate kiss and began caressing her shoulders, neck and long black hair. Within minutes, we were in her room making love.

After coming, both of us started smoking a cigarette and were talking when Sharon told me that Kim hadn't listened to her and had bought thongs.

"Let me see them."


"I just want to see them, that's all."

"They're just thongs."

"That's what I'm saying."

Reluctantly, she got up and brought three pair of thongs and two pair of transparent bras.

I took them from her, felt their smoothness and wanted to imagine Kim wearing them but with Sharon there I handed them back to her.

"Let her wear them, if she wants to. Nobody would know she's wearing a transparent bra except her boyfriend. He must have seen everything already."

"Do you think she has a boyfriend?"

"I don't know, I'm just guessing."

"Do you think she has done it?"

"No idea, but one day she will, so why worry about it."

"I don't want her to do it so soon."

"Well, she will suck cocks, take them in her pussy and give blowjobs and your worrying won't stop her."

"That's a very crude thing to say," said Sharon staring at me.

"That's reality," I replied placing her mouth back on my cock.

With Kim on my mind, I fucked Sharon and left her lying on bed naked, with my cum inside her moist vagina.

Back at home, Mom had come back from work and was reading a book in living room, but didn't sit with her. Instead went straight to bathroom and after shower came out with only a towel around my body. This was the first time I had gone in front of Mother in just a towel but she didn't say anything, at least not until we were about to sit down for dinner when she asked me whether I planned to put on clothes. I smiled and went into my room to change.

The next morning, I again came out of my room in just a towel but this time she didn't ask me to wear clothes, although she didn't come anywhere near me, not even when she was laying out the table for breakfast. I finished the boiled eggs, changed and went to school.

In the evening, I was coming out of my room when saw her going into her room, so went and hugged her from behind, putting my hands just below her breasts, and pressed my crotch against the back of her green skirt. She instantly tried to get away, but I tightened my grip and kissed her sleek neck.

"Stop it," said Mom turning her face toward me, her cheeks were bright red and eyebrows raised.

I was in no mood to listen. Moving my hands to her boobs, I cupped them tightly and started kissing her neck and cheeks. She again struggled to get out but I continued kissing her and rubbing my crotch against her skirt. I squeezed her breasts, her nipples and as her breathing increased her heaving boobs began feeling more sensuous and aroused. After enjoying the feel of her boobs as much as I could and kissing her to my heart's content, I loosened my grip and let her go.

"Are you crazy? What were you doing?" she said, with her breasts heaving, face turned scarlet red and lips pursed.

"You can watch me, but I can't touch you?" I retorted taking a step back because I thought she was going to hit me.

As soon as I said that, she bowed her head in shame, slowly walked toward her bed and sat down on it, with her hands on her knees.

"Please don't be angry. I'm sorry if I've hurt you. I'll not do it again," I said as I went near the bed, knelt down in front of her and took her face into my hands.

She started crying, but somehow I convinced her that I wouldn't do it again, so she cheered up a bit. Although I did promise her that I wouldn't do it again, I had no intention of stopping.

The next morning before going to school, I went to her room and hugged her from the front, with my chest pressed tightly against her blue blouse and my hands encircling her back. She made an effort to get out of my grip but it was a much feeble attempt than the previous one. Her breasts were crushed against my chest and my lips were feeling the soft, smooth skin of her neck, her cheeks and shoulders, while my hands were all over her white knee-length skirt.

I was getting bolder and she wasn't throwing fits anymore.

In the evening, she was sitting on couch watching TV when I came from behind and started massaging her neck. At first, she didn't say anything but when my hands started moving toward her breasts, she quickly moved her hands to stop me, but I simply ignored her and cupped her boobs over orange T-shirt. I began playing with her breasts, her nipples and then bent my head down and started kissing her neck, her cheeks and her exposed shoulders. I could see she was wearing a gray bra under the T-shirt. She tried to move my hands away and escape, but I was too strong for her.

After feeling her boobs for nearly five minutes, left her there and went into my room.

The next day after she came back from local store, I handed her a package, which when she opened it caught her by surprise. It was a red, low-cut dress, with slits extending to inner thighs on both sides.

"Where did you get this?"

"I ordered it for you."

"For me?"


"I can't wear this?"

"Why not?"

"It's too revealing."

"Then don't wear it outside the house."

She looked at me quizzically and wanted to say something but I cut her and said: "I'm cooking dinner for you, so please go and change into this."

"You want me to wear this now?"


She smiled, said thank you, took the dress and went into her room, while I got busy with dinner. I was laying out table when she emerged from her room in that dress and was looking gorgeous. The low-cut was accentuating her breasts perfectly and the slits were completely exposing her smooth thighs. When I saw her standing in that dress, I went up to her, kissed her bright red lips and walked her to table.

I was a perfect gentleman and instead of looking at her exposed boobs or thighs, I made sure that she enjoyed the food. After finishing our dinner and drinks, I asked her if she would like to go for a quick swim at the lake.

"Now?" she said looking at the watch.

"Yes, now."

"Let's go like this," I suggested as she got up to change.

"But won't there be people?"

"Not at this hour."

"Okay," she replied giving a big smile and looking down at her dress.

So off we went for swim.

We were in water for more than ten minutes and when she started to come out she realized that the water had made her whole dress transparent, especially the top part, so she hid her breasts with her hands.

"What are you doing?"

"They're completely visible."

"Well, nobody's here."

She continued to walk like that and it was only when she reached the mat that she dropped her hands and lay down on it, with her boobs and thighs fully exposed. I lay down on my side next to her and admired her pink nipples, the roundness of her boobs, smooth stomach and her long legs and gorgeous thighs. I started running my fingers through her hair and soon they were circling her exposed pink nipples but instead of protesting she closed her eyes and allowed me to play with her breasts.

Moving closer to her, I started kissing her all over, from lip to cheeks to shoulders to her nipples and down to her thighs. She kept her eyes closed and did not say a word, while my lips and hands caressed, loved and played with her body. I slowly removed her wet dress, her blue panties and we were soon having sex right there on the mat under the moon and stars.

After making love I stayed on the mat, while Mom went for a dip in water, naked. I joined her in water and we again made love but this time did it in water, which simply made it more pleasurable.

Later we went back to house and instead of sleeping in different rooms we decided that I'll sleep with her in her room.

Around two in the night, I felt her lips on my lips and when I opened my eyes saw her lying on her side, with her naked body resting on her elbow. She looked at me, her lips were curled up in a smile and her deep-blue eyes were searching for my reaction.

Putting my hands around her naked back, I made her lie down and my lips started sucking her nipples, while my hands felt her thighs, her lovely stomach and her round and smooth breasts. I played with her body and then my face moved toward her pussy and my tongue tasted all her warm juices.

She, meanwhile, sucked my cock and her tongue enjoyed its erectness. Pushing me on my back, she sat down on me and opened her vagina for it, while I caressed, squeezed and kissed her boobs and pink nipples. Mom made love to me with relish and continued fucking me until she was completely spent.

"Thanks. I love you," she whispered lying on top of me.

I hugged her naked, sweaty and still warm body tightly and enjoyed our closeness.

In the morning, I went to take shower in her bathroom and asked her to hand me towel and when she stretched her hand out to give it to me I pulled her inside, took off the silk nightie and made her shower with me.

When I came back from school in evening, she had not only cooked my favorite dish, but was also wearing lovely clothes: A short yellow skirt that barely covered her gorgeous thighs and a deep-neck halter top that displayed the beauty of her breasts.

I first kissed her lips, then her clearly visible, erect nipples and then lifted her skirt and kissed the front of her white panties. Then we sat down for dinner and after drinks made love in the living room. We were lying naked on the carpet when she asked me how it all started with Sharon.

"You know, she's not shy of her body, so I used to look at her whenever I got a chance, especially when she was wearing those low-cut tops or short skirts."

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