I Can't See You

by stetson

Copyright© 2011 by stetson

Romantic Sex Story: This is the second story about Sandy Banks. Each story stands on its own, but you might want to read the first story (“It Started in Drivers’ Ed Class”) to get a background about the relationship between Sandy and Tim before reading this. Here, Tim helps Sandy get ready for their date. A romantic story of teenage love.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Masturbation   Petting   .

Tim would freely admit he was a nerd. As such, he prided himself on being on time. It's probably not surprising, therefore, that it was exactly 6 PM when he rang the doorbell at the Banks' house. He and Sandy were going to the baseball game downtown. It started at 7:30, but they wanted to catch something to eat at the stadium before the game started.

While waiting for someone to answer the door, Tim noticed that things were unusually quiet around the Banks' household. Usually, Sandy's two younger brothers were out wreaking havoc on the neighborhood, and her father was tending to the lawn or otherwise working on the place.

The lawn looked perfect, but it was unusual that there weren't any garden tools scattered about. "Everyone must be out back," Tim thought, while he reflected on how lucky he was to be dating Sandy.

If it weren't for her, he knew he would be sitting at home by himself watching Star Trek and eating Cheetos or something exciting like that. Instead, he was going out with the most amazing girl in the world. "God is good," Tim thought. How else would a nerd like him be able to date a 5'9" (175 cm), 135 pound (61 kg) brunette beauty with a body to die for, like Sandy? From those long legs, through that perfect ass and those gorgeous B-cup breasts to those hazel eyes and pixie haircut, she was truly Tim's paradigm of pulchritude.

"Damn, I'm weird," Tim thought, "Who else would come up with a phrase like that? But who would have thought she would have such a wild sense of humor and be so adventurous? I've known her less than a year, and she's gone from being a wallflower who barely spoke at all, to being an outgoing, self-confident girl who's not at all afraid to let you know what she thinks. It's almost as if she's trying to make up for lost time. The scary thing is that she's probably smarter than I am. I'm going to have to really take care of her if I want to keep her."

Not getting an answer to the bell, Tim was reaching up to ring it again when the door opened. It was Sandy, wrapped in a robe.

"Hi, Tim, sorry it took me so long to get to the door. I was upstairs and had to find something to put on."

"It really wouldn't have bothered me if you couldn't find anything."

"Oh, har, har, you jerk," Sandy laughed. "Come on in. My parents have left already, and the two brats went with them. I got home late from swim practice and I thought I'd better wait until you got here to get in the shower. No one else is here to answer the door, and I figured you would be on time, as usual."

"Well, I think being on time is only the polite..."

Sandy immediately cut him off with a quick kiss. "Tim, I'm not criticizing you. I'm just explaining why I'm not dressed. Ok? Why don't you watch some TV and relax while I get ready."

"Now, in my vast experience with girls, which, as you know, means that from living with my sisters, I would guess that's probably going to be an hour-long process. Am I right?"

"Boy, you're really ON tonight, aren't you," Sandy teased. "Yes, it's going to take a while. If you don't want to watch TV, though, what do you want to do while you wait? I promise I'll be as quick as I can, but I need to shower and wash my hair before I get dressed."

"Why don't I come upstairs with you? I can sit outside in the hallway and harass you while you get ready. Maybe I could wash your back or something, too."

Sandy broke down in laughter. "Oh, it's going to be a fun night, isn't it? Listen. I don't mind if you come upstairs and talk to me, THROUGH THE DOOR, but I DON'T want you trying to peek at me, or grabbing me, or trying to pull my towel away, or tickling me until I drop..."

"Ok, I get the point," Tim laughed. "Since you insist, I'll go up to your bedroom with you. I've never been there, though, so you'd better lead the way. Besides, that will give me a chance to look up your robe while you're walking upstairs."

Shaking her head and smiling, Sandy led the way up to her room, being careful to hold her robe tight against the backs of her legs as she climbed the stairs. Tim still enjoyed the view. "What was Lou Gehrig's famous saying? 'Today, I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth, ' or something like that? Well, right now I am absolutely the luckiest guy in the world," he thought. "Just look at those legs!"

When they got to Sandy's bedroom, Sandy quickly showed him around. It didn't take long. "Ok, you wait out here," she said, gesturing to the hallway, "and I'll go take a quick shower."

"Sandy, does your shower have a glass door, or a curtain, or what?"

"The shower is in a tub, and it has a curtain. Why?"

"Can you see through the curtain?"

"No. Why?"

"Well, I was thinking that once you got into the shower, I could sit in the bathroom and talk with you while you're showering."

"I doubt that I'd be able to hear you over the noise of the shower. I don't mind your being there, as long as you behave, but I don't think it would work."

"Oh. Ok. How about this, then? I'll step out into the hallway, and you close the door. When you get undressed, open the door."

"You wanna run that by me again?"

"Hold on, give me a second. You might find it fun. You open the door and stand behind it, but peek around the edge. I'll give you a kiss. I promise you I won't peek or try to force my way in, and," Tim said as he looked around the room, "there aren't any mirrors that will give me any views, so I won't be able to see anything."

"And just why would I want to do this?"

Thinking quickly, Tim replied, "Just think. Next week, when the girls on the swim team are talking about what they did this weekend, you can tell them that you and I came up to your bedroom, you took off all your clothes and were kissing me. Think about what that will do for your image as the shy, quiet bookworm."

"I don't think I want the reputation that will give me."

"Don't girls always exaggerate about their experiences?"

"NO! What do you think we are, guys, or something? Girls don't talk in public about things like that. We wait until we're in private, with our close friends."

"Well, if you won't do it for yourself, how about doing it for me? Think of what that would do for my reputation as a dork!"

"And why should I worry about your reputation?"

"Well, if we ever broke up, I'd need to start looking for dates. A good reputation might help me."

"If we ever break up," Sandy said, laughing, "I'll just tell everyone that you have a little dick and you're no good in bed, so I had to let you go. Don't worry, I'll take care of your reputation, little boy."

"Oh, come on. I promise I won't try to pull anything on you. Just a quick kiss."

Sandy stared at Tim for several seconds, the expression in her eyes changing from mirth to love. "Ok. But if you don't behave, you are out of here, forever. Understand?"

Not believing his luck, Tim simply said "Understood."

Closing the door, Sandy slipped out of her robe and was naked in her room. "If he knew I wasn't wearing anything under my robe, I think he would have had a heart attack. It's his fantasy, all over again."

Opening the door, she stuck her head out and looked at Tim with bedroom eyes. "Hi, Tim," she purred. "Will you give me a little kiss? I want something to remember you by when I'm rubbing my hands all over my hot, hot body in the shower."

"God, you are a mean girl. Do you have any idea what you're doing to me?"

"Oh, Tim, I just need to feel your touch. Please baby, please! Give me what I need," she teased.

"You little wench. I'll give you what you deserve!"

Leaning into the room, Tim planted a kiss on Sandy that he hoped would curl her toes. His tongue caressed her lips and teeth and fought for space with hers. Capturing her tongue, Tim sucked on it until he had to catch his breath. After what seemed like minutes, Tim finally broke it off and pulled back from her gorgeous face. Sandy pulled her head back from the opening and leaned her head against the still-open door. "Oh God, Oh God," she thought. "I shouldn't have done that. This is so hard. I don't WANT to stop, but I HAVE to, before I get the to the point where I CAN'T. I need to maintain my self-control."

Tim, on the other hand, was equally drained but was still plotting. "Sandy?"


"Thank you. That's the first time I've ever kissed a naked girl, and it's something I hope I always remember."

"Thank you Tim, that's a very nice thing to say. It ... It meant a lot to me, too." Recovering, she teasingly added, "And just for the record, that was the first time I've ever kissed a boy while standing naked in my bedroom." Peeking around the corner, she teasingly added, "Congratulations, you were my first."

"She's ba-ack," Tim thought.

"Can we do the same thing in the shower?" he asked. "I promise again that I won't try to push things."

"Oh, God," Sandy thought, "What should I do?" After a moment of indecision, she responded.

"Sure. Since you were a good boy, I'll trust you. Tell you what we're going to do. I'll close this door, and go into the bathroom. Once the water is warm and I'm in the shower, I'll give you a yell. You come in and I'll give you another kiss. And don't worry; I'll be sure to take out an ad in the school newspaper letting everyone know that I was kissing you while I was taking my shower. You'll be set for life, or for your last year of high school, whichever ends first. Ok?"

"Well you don't have to be mean about it," Tim laughed. "A simple airplane pulling a banner above the beach on Saturday would have been sufficient."

"You are such a jerk," she said as she closed the door.

After leaning against the closed door for a second, Sandy picked up her robe and walked into the bathroom. Turning on the water, she waited for a minute for it to warm up, then got in and pulled the curtain closed.

"Ok, Tim, I'm in," she called.

Tim was in front of the shower in about 8 nanoseconds. "I've got to stay cool," he thought. "It would be really upsetting if I drooled or came in my pants or something. Breathe, Tim, breathe."

"I'm here," he said. "Which end of the curtain are you going to open?"

"Over here," Sandy replied, pushing her arm out into the room. "And remember, one kiss, and no tricks, or you're a dead man. Ready?"


When Sandy poked her head around the shower curtain, Tim nearly fainted. It was the most beautiful sight he had seen in all his sixteen years. "There's just something about a girl in the shower," he thought. "So beautiful, with the wet hair. So natural, with the absence of makeup. So vulnerable, with the absence of clothing. So sexy, knowing that she's naked and is going to be rubbing herself all over. I think I've died and gone to heaven. Breathe, Tim. Don't fall over, don't faint."

Sandy saw the expression on Tim's face and nearly melted. "If I weren't wet from the shower, my thighs would probably be wet from my juices," she thought. "He looks like he's seeing an angel or something. I don't think I've ever seen that expression before. I sure want to see it again, though."

"Tim, will you give me a kiss?," she asked with all the innocence she could muster.

"God, you are beautiful," he replied, leaning in to give her a kiss he hoped she would remember forever. Their lips touched gently, their tongues dueled, he bit her lower lip and she tried to use her tongue to discover whether he still had his tonsils. After what seemed like five minutes, she finally pulled away.

"I need to get going before I run out of hot water," she said. "Thank you, Tim. This is kind of an odd situation to be saying this, but thank you for being a gentleman. Now get your butt out of here and let me take my shower. Close the door behind you. You can wait in my room, but behave yourself. NO SNOOPING AROUND, ok?"

"I'm on my way, love, just as soon as I can get my body to move." Looking at her yearningly, he added, "And thank you for being you."

Sandy pulled the shower curtain closed and leaned against the wall while she recovered. Pumping some fragrant body gel into her hands, she applied it to the front of her body. When everything was slicked up, she started massaging and caressing her B-cup breasts. Pulling on her nipples. Rolling them between her thumbs and index fingers. Rolling the palms of her hands over the rock-hard nipples and reveling in the sensations that flowed down to her leaking pussy. Moving her right hand to her hotbox, she continued mauling her tits with her left. When her right hand arrived at its destination, three fingers immediately thrust into her gushing channel, while her thumb and palm pressured her clit. "Oh my God," she repeatedly gasped as her knees buckled and she slowly sank to the bottom of the bathtub. She finally came with the most intense orgasm of her young life, leaving her a melted mass curled into a ball on the floor of the tub as the warm water of the shower washed the gel off her body.

Sandy's strength slowly returned; her coherent consciousness took a moment or two longer. "Oh, my Lord," she thought, I have just GOT to experience that feeling again. Soon. That was easily the most amazing thing I have ever felt. I hope I wasn't out for too long, though; Tim is going to start worrying about me." Once she had tested her strength and equilibrium, she quickly finished her shower, dried herself off and got back into her robe.

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