World Information: Planes

by Luvirini

Copyright© 2011 by Luvirini

Fantasy Story: World information is a series about features of Myaasia that are not suitable for presentation in story form but help in understanding the stories. Be it geography, cultures or other things. This is about the planes and the cosmology of Myaasia.

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The planes of existence are different realities with interwoven connections. Except for rare linking points, each plane is effectively its own universe with its own natural laws. The strength of the walls between different planes is different in different locations.

But in general the whole world of Myaasia is a place with weak walls, making Magic, transplanar travel and summoning in many instances too easy. Most magic is the application of Elemental planes or emotion planes.

There are two man categories of planes: Full planes and Demi planes.

Full planes are huge, either limitless or with limits so large they do not matter.

Demi planes are small planar fragments varying in size from few yards across as smallest to a normal of few hundred yards to the largest that are few thousand miles.

The planes break down into a number of general types as given below


These support life in much the same way as is familiar, utilizing solar light, food, water etc. But many have striking differences in the flora and fauna present, the existence and power of magic present, natural laws and many other things.

What makes a plane a prime is the fact that the six building blocks are all present and mostly in balance. Further the corresponding spirit planes are in reasonably balanced between the different emotions.

Semi elemental planes

These are planes with abundance of some element and lack of the opposing but not full dominance. The beings from primes can survive most for short periods and with proper protections extended stays are possible.

Elemental Planes

These planes are the source of mages power and each has one of the six natural forces that make up the primes. Thus: plane of earth, fire, air, water, life, unlife. No beings from Primes can survive here, except with help of protecting spells, but beings from these plane can usually survive on primes, at least a short time since their element is part of the prime mix.


These are the planes "Superimposed" on the Primes and thus quite close, so strong spirits can reach over. There exists one for each prime.

Each living being has two parts, the body and the soul. Body consists of the part on the Prime and soul in a Spirit plane. A living being has a strong link to his soul and thus is alive. When someone dies, the soul "hovers" around with the link cut, and the wall gets stronger and stronger for that spirit depending on the time spent dead. Thus someone who has been dead a short time and raised, might "remember" events happening close to him while he was dead, but these will always be hard to interpret. The longer one has been dead the harder it is to create the link to the body and the less the being is aware of events.

Emotion planes

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